Where to shop

One of the reasons that I write reviews of sex toys is to help out shoppers who are baffled by vast array of options when shopping for playthings over the internet.  There are so many online stores that sell sex toys, books, lubricants, safer sex supplies and more.  So I’ve put together a handy little shopping guide of my personal favourites to point you in the right direction.

Aphrodite’s Pleasure

Based in Melbourne, Aphrodite’s Pleasure offers friendly and personalised service.  Their online store boasts an impressive array of luxury sex toys for all bodies.  Each item in their store has been carefully hand-picked and they only stock high quality toys.  If you’re not sure what to choose, their amazing staff will answer your questions and point you in the right direction.


Babeland is a women-run sex toy store based in Seattle that prides itself on inclusion and education.  Not only to they have some amazing toys on offer, but they run workshops and educational events for patrons.

Nikki Darling

I’m always drawn in by Nikki Darling’s adorable marketing and website design, but this is just icing on the cake once you see what they have in store.  The Nikki Darling website is set up to allow you to shop for toys for specific body parts, and doesn’t categorise toys by gender.  They also have dedicated sections for beginners, vegans and customers with disabilities.

Geeky Sex Toys

This store is a sex geek’s paradise.  They sell handmade, high quality silicone dildos, plugs and vibrators designed with your nerdy passions in mind.  You’ll find Lightsabre dildos, Marvel-inspired wonders and Power Ranger butt plugs in this quirky, independently run store.

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve is a massive adult superstore.  They have a phenomenal range of toys, DVD’s, lubricants, accessories and lingerie.  Adam and Eve have huge sales every day, discreet and fast shipping and so many toys your head will spin when you see their range.

DDlg World

For kinksers who enjoy a sweeter flavour of BDsM, DDlg world has you covered.  They’ve got pastel-coloured vibrators, animal tail buttplugs and the most luscious range of glass toys I’ve ever played with.  As an added bonus, you can use the code NESSBOW to get 10% off your order!


Passionate Jade

The most sensual lingerie on the internet lives at Passionate Jade.  They’re my first stop for vintage-style stockings, girdles and bralettes.  If you’re looking for some gorgeous underthings as a special treat to yourself, Passionate Jade is the place to go.


Hares and Hyenas

For all your queer bookworm needs, Hares and Hyenas is the place to shop.  They have everything from queer erotics, sex education materials, young adult fiction, graphic novels, queer cinema and even children’s books.


Red Rigger

I adore wax play, but not all candles are safe to use for sensation play.  Red Rigger’s candles are made especially for this purpose.  They burn at a low temperature so they create a great sensation without injury.  They are the perfect shape for pouring and come in a huge range of colours and shapes.



Although not a store, Crashpad is my favourite place to watch ethical, queer porn.  The Crashpad series features a huge range of body types, gender identities and sexual scenarios to titillate and amuse.  You can search for episodes featuring your favourite performer or elect to hide episodes that feature practices that aren’t your cup of tea.



An excellent selection of body-safe toys, sex education books and safer sex supplies.  Vibrant is backed by Planned Parenthood and has a strong focus on adult sex education and sex positivity.


Peepshow Toys

Peepshow are committed to stocking only body-safe sex toys.  They have a huge range to choose from with an easy-to-navigate website and they have regular sales.


RGN Toys

RGN have a carefully curated selection of toys to choose from.  They also have a fantastic blog which features adult sex education articles on a range of topics.