Daily outfit 16/6/2015

I’m mad about ear cuffs at the moment.  I’ve been toying with the idea of getting another ear piercing, but I’m not sure of the placement.  So until I decide I’m playing around with some beautiful shiny cuffs and studs.

I bought this dazzling beauty from Louvisa a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been wearing it a lot.  It’s very eye-catching and makes me feel like an elf princess. It seemed like just the thing to brighten up a muted winter outfit.

I am wearing:

– Ear cuff set from Louvisa

– Camisole from Luka

– Velvet blazer from Tree of Life

– Pleated skirt from CKM

– Black cage stockings from Dangerfield

– Black lace-up boots (thrifted)

I’m so chuffed that the season of tights, leggings and stockings is upon us.  I get bored with basic black tights in winter so I like to mix things up with interesting textures and patterns.  These cage stockings look rough and tough, and add an edge when worn under a sheer skirt.

On days when the temperature isn’t too extreme, I like to wear a pretty blouse under a blazer made from a tactile material like velvet or sateen.  This gives me more wear out of my light summer pieces while adding warmth, interest and texture to my outfits in the cooler weather.

How are you sprucing up your wardrobe for winter?  Do you have any old favourites that you like to pull out when the weather gets cold?


5 Fandom Friday: My favourite things about Winter.

It’s more than a little bit ironic that I’m writing this post in front of the blasting air-conditioner while outside it’s a scorching 40 degrees.  Ah well, it’s time to cast my mind forward to icy days and chilly nights and thing about my favourite things about Winter.


1. Cozy knitwear


As a total yarn-a-holic, I can’t help but list knitwear as my number 1 Winter love.  I adore wrapping up in a cozy jumper and a silly hat and braving the elements.  I scour the op-shops months before the weather begins to turn cold so that I have a great collection of jumpers to wear as soon as the first chilly morning hits.


2. Layering on the blankets



Few things make me feel cozier than a pile of squashy blankets to cuddle up under.  When the wind is howling outside, I love to wrap myself in a crocheted blanket to watch a movie or read a book.  And in Winter my bed more closely resembles a nest with all the blankets and quilts I pile onto it.


3. Endless pots of tea



Although you can drink tea at any time during the year, in Winter it’s particularly warming.  I stock up on many different varieties and make endless pots of Oolong, Earl Grey, Melbourne Breakfast and Jasmine White to get me through those cold days.



4. Night time walks

There is something pretty magical about bundling yourself up in all your coats and scarves and going out for a night time walk in winter.  It sounds a bit mental, but it’s actually amazing.  I like to go at about 11pm, and there is nobody else around.  The sky is dark and the air is just so clear and crisp.  I feel like I’m the only one on the planet and I go home with a head full of ideas and a heart full of happiness.


5. Comfort food


Winter is definitely the season for good food.  One of my favourite ways to warm up is to cloister myself in my kitchen and whip up some serious comfort food. Soups, stews, curries, cakes, cookies and puddings are all perfect winter foods.  They’re deliciously warming, and they leave you feeling happy and satisfied.


What are your favourite things about Winter?  Leave your own list in the comments or send me a link to your own 5 Fandom Friday post.

Things I Love Thursday 24/7/2014

After a slow start, winter has well and truly arrived in Benalla.  This past week has been flippin’ freezing!  Normally I don’t deal well with cold weather, but this year I feel as though I’m doing a pretty good job of keeping my chin up and powering on.


This week, I love:

– My grandmother.  She and I haven’t always had the closest relationship, but over the past year I’ve had a lot of opportunities to get to know her better.  I’ve grown to respect and appreciate her a lot more and I feel as though we have a much stronger bond.  I feel so grateful for the support she’s given me since I split from my ex last year and I’m so pleased to have her in my life.  It’s her birthday today, and I want to make an extra effort to tell her how much she means to me.


– Going to a Fawlty Towers dinner show with my gentleman friend and having an absolute blast.


– Two people and two cats in the one bed when it’s icy out.

-Finishing this knitted scarf for my Mum.  She took it on holidays with her to Philip Island last week and wore it every day.


– Taking my lunch to the lake and sitting in the sunshine to eat.  Yesterday I had lunch with three very friendly ducks.  They came right over to me and settled down to take a nap while I ate.  I shared my apple with them and they enjoyed the crunchiness.  It was a lovely way to unwind.


– My new workmate.  A new woman has started working at my office and I think she’s awesome.  We work really well together and I’m having a great time training her.  Plus she has the most gorgeous Irish accent.


– Knitting socks.  I’ve always felt intimidated by the idea of knitting my own socks, but on the weekend I decided to give it a try.  I knitted one sock successfully with no mistakes.  It’s so cozy and warm, and I can’t wait until the other one is done so I can wear them with my favourite boots.  I’ll be adding knitted socks to my etsy store in no time!

(Oh, for all you aspiring knitters out there, I used this knitting tutorial to learn how to make socks.  It’s incredibly detailed and I found it easy to follow.  I’d definitely recommend this tutorial if you want to learn how to knit your own cozy socks)


– Sunday driving.


– Awesome things happening to my friends.  People are having babies, getting married, moving house and getting promoted all around me.  It’s brilliant.


– Looking back over old outfit photos.


– Having the hairdresser who works next door to my office tell me that she looks forward to my daily mail run so that she can see what I’m wearing.  Bless!


What do you love this week, sweetheart?  Sing it loud and proud!

Things I love Thursday.

A pinch and punch for the first of the month!  May is here and the chilly winds of Autumn are blowing here in my little country town.

This week, I love:

-Lighting the heater for the first time.  Each year, I try to hold off lighting the heater as long as I can.  I can’t really explain why I do this, it’s just a weird game I play with myself.  But this week I caved in and lit the pilot light on my gas heater.  I’ve only had it turned on a couple of times, but it’s heaven to feel that warmth taking the chill out of my loungeroom.

– Pad thai noodles.

– Dancing.  I’ve been practicing my New Vogue steps and I’m quite excited to head along to this week’s dance.


-My gorgeous friend, Miss Fairchild.  She’s had a very rough time this week, and I wish I could be there with her to give her a huge hug.  She’s such an awesome friend.

– Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits.  I re-watched this film last week and I was blown away by Marilyn.  This is one of the few films where she doesn’t play a ditzy bombshell.  Well, she’s a bombshell, but she’s much cleverer in this film.  I can really relate to her character, Rosaline’s kindness for animals and desire to make the world right.

– All of Miss Piggy’s costumes from The Muppets Most Wanted.  Her style direction now has a distinct 1940’s and 30’s flavour, with lots of amazing hats and stylish up-dos.  Of course, she still wears a smattering of jewels, but I feel that Piggy’s become a bit classier as she’s gotten older.


-Getting out my bobble blanket.  Ringo is happy about this too, because he loves snuggling up in the cozy folds of this blanket.

– Finishing off a pair of yoga legwarmers that I’ve been knitting.  I’m planning on putting some in the Made to Order section of my etsy store, so if you’d like a pair of legwarmers or boot toppers feel free to get in touch with me.

– Vintage brooches

– Flirting with the cute guy who works at the grocery store.

– This Cracked video, which explains the parallels between Game of Thrones and The War of the Roses.


I can’t believe the Tudor nerd in me never noticed this before!


– Watching my garden grow.  We had some rain this week followed by a number of really sunny days which has made my little seedlings shoot up.  The peas seems to be growing the fastest, followed by the broccoli.


– Catching up with my cousin, Jo.


– Wrapping up in a warm dressing gown and slippers first thing in the morning.


– Foggy nights.


What do you love this week?

Pulling yourself out of a winter clothing slump.

I’m officially sick of my winter wardrobe.  I’m tired of being so bundled up in coats and socks that I’ve forgotten what shape my body is.  I’m fed up with having to wear at least four layers to stop myself from freezing.  You too?  Read on.

The bad news is that there’s still another month of winter to go (not counting the chilly weather that’s likely to stick about until Spring finally rears it’s head in earnest).  The good news is that you can break out of your winter clothing slump.  Here’s how:


Embrace cute accessories

Winter brings with it a host of accessory options that just aren’t available in the warmer weather.  Woolly hats, chunky scarves, sleek gloves and fuzzy earmuffs are all great compliments to your winter wardrobe.  If you’re into vintage styles, this is the perfect time to experiment with hats and vintage gloves.  If you’re feeling crafty, you could even try making some of your own.  It’s the perfect way to keep busy on a cold wintry night and you’ll be able to smugly state, “Oh yeah, I made this” whenever anyone asks about your fantastic new scarf.

Treat yourself to some quality thermals

Thermals don’t have to be ugly, itchy or unappealing.  There are a host of thermal underwear options out there that are comfortable, stylish and fantastically warm.  Thermals come in all kinds of colours, so pick up a few pairs in black, grey, white or neutral tones that will blend in with your regular wardrobe.  Choosing a selection of sleeve lengths and necklines will ensure that you’ve always got something on hand that will look great underneath your outfit.  I’m a huge fan of bamboo thermals, which are super soft and are perfect for layering underneath other items.


Wear something other than pants

When the temperature starts dropping, I tend to wear pants more often than not.  That’s fine, but it tends to get boring after a while.  Pants aren’t the only cosy clothing option when the weather gets cold.  Try a long skirt with leggings or tights layered underneath.  Wear a short skirt with boots and a long jacket.  These items can be just as warm as jeans and they’ll inject a bit more interest into your outfit and perk up your spirits.


Go op-shopping for knitwear

Good quality knitwear can be very expensive.  But it doesn’t have to be.  If your wardrobe is lacking in gorgeous knits, take a trip to the local op-shop.  You might find some awesomely fun jumpers and cardigans for only a few bucks each.  Embrace your inner Bill Cosby and rock out in an ironically ugly sweater. Sometimes, a new jumper is all you need to pull you out of a clothing rut.


Play about with layers.

Layering is the key to getting more wear out of your wardrobe.  If you’re not afraid to work some layers, then you can wear your sheer summery tops in winter, and make all those floaty gypsy skirts work double time when the weather starts to cool down.  You might like to read this post I wrote a while ago about layering, and then have a play about in your own wardrobe to see what you can come up with.

How do you pull yourself out of a clothing slump when you’re sick to the back teeth of your winter wardrobe?

Daily outfit 1/7/2013

Yellow is a colour that I don’t often wear.  While I think it’s a really cute shade, it has a tendency to make me look washed out and sickly.

When I noticed this skirt, I was instantly drawn to the print.  However I debated whether or not to get it because it’s yellow.  After a lot of consideration, I just went for it because I figured that if the yellow tones weren’t next to my face, it just might work.

I’m happy with my decision.


I am wearing:

– Black wool jumper from Target

– Silver celtic knot brooch (birthday gift from Ross’s parents)

– Yellow printed wrap skirt from The Dookie Emporium

– Brown boots (thrifted)

– Black herringbone tights from K Mart

– Gold rock ring from ASOS
– Owl ring from Diva

– Amethyst ring

– Brown resin ring from the Violet Town Op Shop.



I was also mildly put off when I saw that this skirt is a Large.  But then I reasoned with myself that it’s a wrap skirt so it doesn’t matter if it’s a little bit.  Once again I was right.  You can tell how much I love this skirt by the time I spent talking myself into getting it.


I got this gorgeous brooch as a birthday gift from Ross’s parents.  It’s a Celtic knot design, which symbolises eternity.  I unwrapped it at my birthday party and was delighted because it was the perfect thing to finish off my costume.  It was meant to be!

DSCF8505This is a good winter skirt because it’s long and perfect for layering over boots and tights.  The material isn’t so heavy that it will be too hot for summer, so I think it’s going to work double time in my wardrobe.

Have you ever talked yourself into buying something that you thought wasn’t quite right?  How did it turn out?

Daily outfit 19/6/2013

We’re really getting into winter now!  This is the outfit I wore to go to the Violet Town market last weekend.  It was a frosty morning, so I knew that I was going to need plenty of cosy layers.  We’d had a lot of rain in the days leading up to the market, so I needed to wear boots because the ground at the market tends to get quite muddy.

DSCF8350Rather than sticking to boring browns and greys for winter, I like to mix up my outfits with pops of colour and fun accessories.  I’m a firm believer in using clothing to make cold weather more bearable!

DSCF8351I am wearing:

– Pink Tank Girl hat from a random stall at Northland

– Skull scarf from Sportsgirl

– Queens hoodie from Cotton On Body

– Purple jeans from Jay Jays

– Biker boots from Big W

– Black and white armwarmers from Cotton On

– Lucite sunglasses from Jay Jays

DSCF8357I also piled on the thermals underneath this ensemble.

DSCF8352I had a lot of fun at the market.  I saw loads of gorgeous crafts, but I didn’t buy any. I’ve made a pact not to buy anything that I could make for myself, and now that I’m becoming a dab hand at crocheting, a lot of cute crafts are within my abilities.  I did come home with a big bag of vegetables and a couple of blocks of cheese.  Delicious.


DSCF8358All in all, it was a super-fun trip.  I stayed pretty warm and really enjoyed browsing through all the stalls.

What do you wear to put a spring in your step in winter?