The Disney Tag

One of my new years resolutions was to make at least 3 videos by the end of the year.  And it’s now November and I’ve only done one, so it’s high time I dusted off my camera and made another.  I thought it might be fun to do The Disney Tag, as I’m a massive Disney nerd and I adore chatting about all things Disney.

It was kinda hard to answer some of these questions, especially as they were very princess-centric and my favourite Disney movies aren’t the princessy ones.  But I muddled through and did the best I could.


If you’ve done The Disney Tag I’d love to see it.  Feel encouraged to leave a link in the comments.  Also, if you have ideas for another video, please let me know!  I need to come up with one more before I close the door on 2016.


The Halloween Tag vlog

Halloween might be all done for another year, but I’ve still got one last thing to share with you before I pack up my spiderwebs and skulls for another year. Angie at Sailor July invited me to take part in the Halloween Tag and make a vlog answering a bunch of questions about Halloween.  I was very happy to oblige!


I hope you had a great Halloween!

Disney Villains makeup tutorial: Kaa from The Jungle Book.

This month’s Disney Villains makeup tutorial is actually a reader request.  I had somebody ask me to do a look based on Kaa from The Jungle Book.  I was happy to accept the challenge.

I hadn’t watched The Jungle Book since I was about seven years old, so I had to check out Kaa’s scenes again to refresh my memory. I was instantly inspired to create a look that was very hypnotic, with a strong emphasis on the eyes.

DSCF9393In the end, I decided to create a green and brown smokey eye.  I wanted a look that would really make the eyes pop.  I added a little bit of definition to the cheeks with some bronzer and a touch of wine-coloured lipstick as well.

DSCF9396I used a combination of several warm brown shades and some gold-toned greens.  Both of the green shadows I used are from Urban Decay’s Oz The Great and Powerful Theodora Palette.  The Urban Decay shadows are ideal for creating smokey-eyed looks because they are so smooth and they blend beautifully into one another.

DSCF9398I wanted to keep the green-tones fairly earthy, to reflect the shades of Kaa’s skin.  So these gold-based greens blend beautifully with warm brown shades to create a lovely smokey eye.

DSCF9399I also ringed the eyes with a soft, smudgeable black liner.  This look is great for makeup newbies who aren’t confident with liner yet.  You don’t have to worry about making every stroke perfect because it all gets blended out in the end.


Something hilarious that I noticed while I was watching Kaa’s scenes from The Jungle Book is that the same voice actor did the voices of Kaa and Winnie the Pooh.  It’s so funny when you realize the similarities between the two voices.


If you would like to request a villain for me to base my next video upon, feel free to get in touch with me.  Let me know if you recreate this look at home, I’d love to see how you interpret it.

A Christmas vlog.

I thought it might be fun to make a little video about some of my favourite Christmas traditions and some memories of Christmases past.  I’ve come up with 7 Christmassy questions to answer for you:


If you’d like to, please feel free to answer the questions in a vlog of your own, or in a blog post.  I would love to read your answers, so be sure to send me a link if you do answer the questions yourself.  The seven questions are:

– At what age did you stop believing in Santa Clause?

– What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever recieved?

– When do you open your Christmas presents?

– What do you wear on Christmas day?

– What is your favourite holiday movie?

– Have you ever built a gingerbread house?

– What is your favourite holiday treat?


Have an awesome day and I will catch you soon.

Disney Villains makeup series: Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove.

I can’t believe that this is the final Disney Villains makeup tutorial for 2013.  Where did this year go?  It feels like just yesterday that I was trying to create the perfect graphic eyeliner for my Jafar look, and now it’s December.

This month, I’m taking my inspiration from Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove.  Yzma isn’t one of the most well-known villains, but she is one of my favourites.  I like her because she reminds me of an old woman who was very glamorous and gorgeous when she was young, and has always kept her passion for fashion.  There are just some women who never succumb to the tracksuits-and-jeans look and keep wearing elaborate costume jewellery, turbans and wild eyeshadow until the day they die.  And Yzma is one of them.  She’s also wildly theatrical and over-uses the word “brilliant” which I find endearing.

Yzma’s appearance is similar in many ways to Cruella De Vil.  She has a similar angular frame and sharp features.

For this look, I used a palette of different shades of purple and a splash of blue.  In the film, shades of purple are reserved for Yzma, as it is said to represent madness.  She is almost always shown wearing shades of blue, black and purple.






See you next year!  As always, if you’d like to request a villain for me to interpret, please feel free to let me know.

Marilyn Monroe makeup tutorial

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic women of the 20th century.  For more than fifty years, her films have dazzled audiences.  Her look is instantly recognisable and loads of fun to copy.

I’m a huge Marilyn Monroe fan.  In addition to being fascinated by this singular woman, I am also inspired by her style.  Everything about her reeked of sensuality and a certain air or sex-kittenish charm.  She was the quintessential bombshell, with her curvy figure and round lips.

Today I’m going to show you how to recreate Marilyn’s makeup.  It’s relatively easy and very flattering.  This look is perfect if you’re hoping to dress up as Marilyn for a costume party.  It also looks incredible when paired with your favourite vintage wiggle dress and a killer pair of heels.


Disney Villains makeup tutorial series: Vanessa from The Little Mermaid.

This month’s Disney-villain-inspired makeup tutorial is the result of  a reader request.  You might remember that last Halloween, I made a tutorial showing you how to recreate Ursula the Sea Witch’s makeup.  Well, one of you wrote to me and asked if I could do a tutorial for a look based on Vanessa from The Little Mermaid.

In case you don’t remember the movie (or if you’ve never seen it), Vanessa is Ursula’s alter ego.  When Ursula takes on human form in order to trick Prince Eric into marrying her, Vanessa is her alias.

It’s quite funny because I’d never intended to include Vanessa in this series.  But once I got that request, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would translate her look into everyday life.  I kept her glossy pink lips and defined brows.  I also added contour and highlights to mimic her flawless, youthful visage.

DSCF9002Of all the Disney villain looks I’ve done so far, this one is definitely the most wearable.


I wanted this look to be a real contrast from Ursula’s dramatic diva makeup.  I tried to make it as light and pretty as possible, with a hint of femme fatale charm.

DSCF9006To learn how to recreate the look, check out the video.