What I wore: 18/4/2017

Once upon a time I owned a gorgeous pair of black boots.  They were leather with silver hardware and a stack heel. They found their way into my life after a chance encounter at at second hand store.  After countless adventures together, they tragically parted ways with their soles last winter.


Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of boots to replace them.  I had a clear picture in my mind of what I was after, and yet the perfect boots were somewhat elusive.  But recently I snapped up this pair of vegan leather boots on ebay and they are just ideal.  Supple, soft and comfortable, I believe they are set to become a wardrobe staple.


 photo DSCF1106_zpswb5u8dgq.jpg

I paired the boots with one of my favourite vintage dresses for a drive to take some photos of street art and lunch with my parents.


 photo DSCF1107_zpscokrw4nx.jpg

I am wearing:

  • Black and red floral dress (vintage)
  • Black leopard fishnet tights (K Mart)
  • Black vegan leather boots (ebay)
  • Silver swallow chain link belt (vintage)
  • Turquoise earrings (handmade by my aunt)
  • Silver ring


 photo DSCF1111_zpsdsmgen0m.jpg

This belt belonged to my best friend’s grandmother. It is such a gorgeous and unusual piece.  It always adds a bit of interest to simple dresses, and I love the way it looks when paired with something heavily printed.

 photo DSCF1113_zpskhcvtazo.jpg

My headscarf is actually the sash off my dress.  As I was wearing the silver belt, I thought it would be fun to pull my hair back with the sash and go all matchy-matchy.


 photo DSCF1117_zpsbyjewm7g.jpgThese boots are just what the doctor ordered.  They are beautiful for wearing with my hippie getups, but they will also look great with some of my grittier punk-rock looks.  I have even worn them to work a couple of times over cigarette pants and under prim dresses.  They were a brilliant find and I’m so chuffed with them.

Things I Love Thursday 26/5/2016

Yippee for Thursday!  I’m brimming with gratitude this week, so let’s not waste another second with chit-chat and jump right in.


This week I love:

  • Going Facebook official with my boyfriend.  Yep, I have a boyfriend now, and it’s awesome and scary and fantastic all rolled together.  We’ve been seeing each other for a few months now, but on the weekend we made our relationship Facebook Official.  Which seems like an important step in a modern relationship.

My new hoodie arrived, just in time for Friday night chills. #balalala #baymax #bighero6 #Disney #iamnotfast

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This rad new Baymax hoodie I got from Snarky Shark Studios.  It’s so soft and fleecy and I imagine I will wear this all winter long.

  • Coming home from a weekend away to find that my Mum had cleaned my flat for me.  I’ve been really flat-out at work the past few weeks and I’ve struggled to keep up with housework and chores.  So Mum surprised me by giving the flat a once-over while I was gone.  It looks amazing and I feel like I can manage to keep it looking good now.
  • My new markers.  I got a set of cheap fine-point felt tip pens for colouring with and they are fantastic.  The colours are so vibrant and they’re perfect for getting into the tiny spaces in some of my adult colouring books.
  • New (to me) vintage clothes in the mail.  I decided to treat myself to a few special pieces to kick off winter.  I found this amazing green Pendleton wool pencil skirt in Aviena’s etsy store and I had to have it.  I’ve been after an emerald-green pencil skirt for a long time,and this one was just perfect.  In the same store I found a red wool pencil skirt and a 60’s wool dress in bubblegum pink.  The items arrived in pristine condition and perfectly packaged.  So far, I’ve only worn the green skirt but it made me feel like a foxy bombshell.
  • Cadbury hot chocolate
  • Daiso shopping sprees
  • Coffee and pancakes with old mates
  • Getting the ball rolling on my birthday plans.  I turn 30 next month and it was one of my new-years resolutions to celebrate in style  Well, I’ve got many very special things planned and I’m very much looking forward to it.
  • Tea on the balcony.
  • Quoting Red Dwarf and giggling like an idiot.

New recipe 18: Vegetarian chilli con carne. #dinner #resolutions #vegetarian.

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  • This vegetarian chilli con carne.  It was a brand new recipe and my goodness was it easy and scrumptious.  I’ve added this to my recipe file (which is a very high honour, as very few recipes are deemed delicious enough to go in my regular recipe rotation).

What do you love this week?  Leave a comment and tell me all about the awesome things that have been happening in your world.

What I wore: Lazy Sunday.

This Summer I’ve been all about trousers.  The wide-legged variety in silky fabrics and juicy shades.  The kind that billow as you walk, keeping your legs deliciously cool.  Trousers that look glamorous dressed up with heels or take on a bohemian edge when paired with sandals.


Back in June I found two pairs of delightful vintage palazzo pants in the op shop.  One pair was gunmetal grey and the other a rich green.  Both were pleated in the most yummy satiny fabric.  At a mere $3 apiece I knew I had to have them.  As I walked home in sleeting rain, I imagined how often I would wear such trousers once the weather warmed up.  And I was totally right.


These trousers have become a staple in my Summer wardrobe.  This past Sunday I slipped on a pair to wear while reading my book on the lawn, eating dinner with my parents and then doing a spot of yoga.


dscf0870_zpspvfi29poI am wearing:

  • Green satin palazzo pants (vintage)
  • White butterfly studded tank top from Jeans West
  • Tan sandals from Rubi Shoes
  • Art deco earrings from Lovisa

dscf0868_zpss4lgamt7As simple as this outfit was, I felt so comfortable and cool as I relaxed and dined with my family.  I like unfussy Summer fashion, preferring to stick to a few striking pieces and leave the layering for the cooler months.


What item have you been wearing non-stop this Summer?  Or this Winter, for my  Northern-hemisphere-dwelling readers?

What I wore: Suffragette

This past week has been a week of insane weather.  It’s been crazy hot and humid, and it’s the first week of March.  Just as I expected the days to begin to get a little crisper and a little cooler, the temperature has soared and I’ve felt like I’m permanently awash with sweat.


In an effort to beat the heat I made a dash to the cinema last weekend.  Our local cinema can always be counted on to be goosepimply-cold, so it’s a very nice place to be during a heatwave.  I hopped along to see Suffragette, which was a splendid film.


I had a bit of trouble deciding what to wear. I wanted something that evoked the spirit of the 1920’s but I also needed to make sure that i would be cool enough during the sweltering walk to the pictures.  I opted for pants to avoid the dreaded chub-rub situation and a pretty camisole to top it off.  I swept my hair up into a back roll, but my fan quickly rumpled it and caused a bevvy of flyaways before I could smooth it out with hairspray.


dscf0863_zpsstehrdbfI am wearing:

  • Cream lace camisole from Ladakh
  • Black and white printed trousers from Target
  • Black flatforms from Big W
  • Vintage stirling silver earrings
  • Silver filigree bangle (21st birthday gift from my parents)


My lipstick is one of my all-time favourite shades: Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope Collection in Entourage.  Not only is the colour absolutely stunning, but this formula is indestructible.  It lasts through sweltering weather, popcorn, greasy pizza and goodbye kisses without so much as a smudge or a smear.  And it stays feeling velvety and moist on the lips.  It’s magic, basically.

dscf0865_zps68iukwldIn spite of the horrendous weather I felt cool and happy in my cami-and-trousers ensemble.


What have you been wearing to beat the heat?

Daily outfit 26/1/2016

Woo-hoo!  It’s my first outfit post for 2016.  I am excited to show off this outfit, which was worn for a trip down to Melbourne to catch up with friends and do a little shopping.




This outfit comes close to being my dream outfit.  I felt like a million bucks wearing this ensemble, which was inspired by Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin.  Although I love vintage styles from many different eras, the 70’s is  possibly my favourite decade to draw inspiration from.  I love the bright colours and earthy tones.  I adore the contrast between the form-fitting garments that hug the body and billowy fabrics that are lighter than air.  I like the rock-and-roll vibe and I feel so sexy when I wear a 70’s inspired outfit.  It’s the decade that I feel fits me best, and the styles from that era also really flatter my body, which makes me feel even sexier.



I am wearing:

  • Black felt hat from Coo Ca Choo
  • Black tank top  from H & M
  • Black lace trousers from H & M’s Coachella collection
  • Brown Zu platform shoes (thrifted)
  • Red kimono duster (gifted)
  • Body chain from Louvisa
  • Four leaf clover ring from Grandma Funk
  • Moonstone ring from Louvisa


The day I wore this was mostly spent on public transport and lounging in bed at The Windsor with Miss Fairchild.  And I was crazy comfy.  These trousers have loads of give and aren’t stiff or scratchy as lace can sometimes be.  I had so much fun swishing about in this kimono duster, which was a Christmas gift from my parents.  My body chain has become pretty much my favourite piece of jewelery this summer because it is the ideal way to give a little hippie-meets-BDSM vibe to any outfit (an aesthetic that I’m so into).


I think it’s fair to say that this outfit comes darn close to being perfect for me.  It was comfy and sexy, touched on my favourite vintage decade and had some head-turning details. Awesome!


What would your perfect outfit look like?



Things I Love Thursday: 19/11/2015

This past week has been a very busy one.  I’ve been quite the social butterfly, flitting from one meeting to the next.  While I enjoy heading out into the world and meeting people, it’s important for me to have time to myself as well to keep grounded.  My weekly Things I Love Thursday post is one of my favourite grounding practices.


This week I love:

Sleepy Jelly. #cats #kitty #sleepy #adorable

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  • Miss Jellylorum.  My sweet little lady turned eight last Friday.  I know it sounds corny, but Jelly really is my best friend.  She is such a constant companion and she’s been with me through good times and bad.  I think it’s also fair to say that this tortoiseshell diva has saved my life on a couple of occasions.  When I’ve been at my very lowest, and wondering if it might not be better if I weren’t here at all, the though of leaving Jelly alone is too much for me to bear.  When you are depressed, it’s easy to think that the people in your life might not miss you if you weren’t here, but it’s hard to feel that way about animals.  I love her, and I know that she loves me.  She’s precious.
  • Planning dates to the zoo in the near future.
  • Breathing a sigh of relief that all my friends are safe and sound in the wake of the trauma in Paris
  • Getting ready to go out. Mt hair needed feathers. #hair #vintage #birdsofafeather

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  • Wearing feathers in my hair.
  • Lunches down the lake.
  • Getting excited about Christmas.  I adore the festive season, but I make myself wait until December 1st before I will allow myself to get out any decorations or seasonal treats.  And it’s nearly here!  I can’t wait.
  • How do you like them apples? #thrifting #scarves #kawaiiasfuck

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  • The apple-printed scarf I found at the op-shop for a mere fifty cents.
  • Cool nights and thunderstorms.
  • Old school Disney films.
  • Knitting. The click-clack of the needles is so soothing to me.

What do you love this week?

Things I Love Thursday 5/11/2015

Oh Thursday, how I love thee.  Not only do you signal the tail-end of the working week but you’re the perfect opportunity to sit down and count my blessings.  This week I love:

  • The Making of a Man by Maxim Februari. I devoured this book in an evening and I’ve been telling everyone about it since.  It’s written by transgender philosopher who talks candidly about his life as a man and his transition into masculinity.  It gives some excellent discussion points about transsexuality and it’s a fantastic and thought-provoking read.

Halloween hair. #halloween #dailyoutfit #bighair

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  • Big hair for Halloween.  I watched Ghostbusters the night before Halloween and I felt it only right to pay tribute to my favourite character: Egon Spengler.  I miss Spengler’s crazy do’ from the cartoons, and I felt that this massive pompadour was a fitting tribute.
  • Jaffa cake.  Delicious.
  • Bare feet and red toenails.
  • Four day weekends!  My boss decided to close the office on Monday.  Tuesday was a public holiday for Melbourne Cup Day so I got a delicious four days of relaxation.  It was just what the doctor ordered.
  • Scottish accents.
  • Re-watching some of the classic Disney films: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Pinocchio
  • Finding the most perfect present for one of my friends for Christmas.
  • Gorgeous op shop trunk.

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  • This stunning carved trunk I found at the op shop. Sadly it had already been sold so I couldn’t take it home for myself.  It would have made the most perfect home for my winter blankets.  Ah well, I hope it’s new owner has something wonderful to place inside it.
  • Turkey and cranberry baguettes
  • The best part about this vintage babe? Pockets! #thrifting #vintage #dress #pockets

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  • Finding this beautiful floral dress at the thrift store for just $4.  I haven’t worn it out yet, but I promise that I’ll post pictures when I do. It’s made of cotton and it’s so light and cool.  I can imagine that I’ll wear this to work a lot once Summer hits.
  • The final count-down to Christmas.

What are you loving this week my darling?