What I wore 13/2/2018

I recently found out that a local Thai restaurant that I used to frequent is now doing all-you-can-eat banquets during the week.  So naturally my parents, my aunt and uncle and I wasted no time hopping in the car and hauling ourselves to sample the dinner fare.  And we were not disappointed.  But before I headed out for an evening of deluxe food and first-rate company, I had to decide on what to wear.

I often make the mistake of overdressing for events such as this.  It’s so easy to get carried away and winding up wearing something that’s much too much for the occasion.  For this particular dinner, I wanted to look dressed up, but not over the top.  My solutioin was to pair a fairly casual tee shirt with a simple skirt and then jazz it up with fancy hosiery and shoes.  And I think it worked a treat, don’t you?

I am wearing:

  • Cruella De Vil tee shirt from Threadless
  • Emerald green skater skirt from Princess Highway
  • Nude fishnet tights from Razzamatazz
  • Gingham heels from Scooter
  • Drop pearl earrings from Louvisa




Nude fishnets are one of my most favourite types of legwear.  They look effortlessly vintage, they go with every colour and they are so easy to wear.  These ones have lasted me so many years and they’re ideal to wear in summer when you don’t want to be completely bare-legged but it’s too hot to don full stockings.

I was so comfortable and cool in this outfit, but I still felt dressed up enough for dinner out with the family.



Daily outfit 15/11/2010

I don’t always get elaborately dressed up.  I don’t spend hours every single morning working my hair into a perfect coiffure or applying dazzling makeup.  Some days, I just want to relax and wear something casual.  On my chillax days, I like to wear something that is low-key, comfy, but still looks cool.  I tend not to forego makeup altogether, but just add a swipe of tinted moisturizer, a little lipgloss and a touch of mascara.  Rather than leave my hair totally disheveled, I just whip it into a plait or bun.


Yesterday I went for a quick shopping trip with Ross.  We then spent the afternoon watching South Park and eating fries.  It was bliss.


This is what I wore:


I am wearing:

– Silver egyptian earrings

– Ghost World t-shirt from Pulp Kitchen

– Black harem pants from Remember Me

– Black Havianas thongs

– Amethyst ring.


It was an awesome day.

Daily outfit 14/7/2010

Today was a pretty disorganized day.  I had intended to get up, do a little writing, finish some pre-reading for next semester and then treat myself by going to the cinema to see Shrek.  I needed to wear something comfortable, casual and funky.


I am wearing:

– Black and white striped bodysuit from Factorie

– Black harem pants from Remember Me

– Lucy shirt from Target

– Converse Hi Top sneakers

– Blue wave silk scarf (thrifted)

– Plectrum earrings

– Snake ring

– Amethyst ring

– SIlver ring

– various bangles.

I also carried my record bag today, which Ross bought me a while back.




My plans for the day were thwarted by the evil Hoyts Cinemas, though.  A few months ago,  Ross and I went to Hoyts to see a film, and the experience was truly sub-par.  The cinema was filled with people talking to one another throughout the entire film.  These people weren’t whispering either, they were having full-blown conversations at a normal decibel level.  There were mobile phones going off, children running back and forth across the cinema and teenagers taking pictures of one another with their Iphones.  It was appalling. I didn’t see a single usher for the entire two hours that we were in the cinema.  Afterwards I complained, and the manager gave me a voucher for a free movie ticket as compensation.


Today, I intended to see Shrek to use up my coupon, as it is about to expire.  I walked to the cinema and realised that the soonest session time for Shrek was a 3D session.  I tried to purchase a ticket, and the cashier informed me that the vouchers can’t be used for 3D films.  I asked if I could use the voucher and then pay the difference in price between a regular ticket and a 3D ticket, and I was told that I could not.  This particular cinema has eight session times for Shrek a day.  Seven of them are 3D sessions and one is a regular session, but it is at six o’clock, when it is dark and the busses have stopped running.    There is honestly nothing else that I wanted to see except Toy Story 3, but it was the same scenario there.


I think it’s pretty weak to offer a free ticket as compensation and then state that you can only use it for regular showing times.  I don’t see why I couldn’t have paid the five dollars difference between the regular ticket price and a 3D ticket price and been able to attend the film session of my choice.  I would have been happy to do that.  Instead, my voucher will likely expire, because it’s taken this bloody long for a film I actually want to see to reach the cinemas.  Also, so many films are now coming out in 3D, and the cinemas are taking advantage of this by making most of the sessions 3D sessions, so there are very few non-3D sessions available.  Offering such limited service is not the best way to win back aggrieved customers.  Fuck you Hoyts, I’ll be going to Villiage cinemas from now on.

Daily outfit 21/5/2010


Today I am in a great mood.  I am travelling home with my brother this morning to see our Dad for his birthday.  I am really excited about seeing my family and having the weekend with the people I love the most.


I’ve been bouncing around my room, packing and getting dressed to the Across the Universe soundtrack.  Brilliant tunes.

I am wearing:

– Afternoon Delight t-shirt from Threadless.

– Striped jeans (thrifted)

– Dr Martens Boots

– Amethyst ring

– Terget Beret

– Emerald ring

– Alvin watch

– Pac Man Earrings from Diva

– Blue beaded choker (made by my aunt).


I am a little sad to leave Jellylorum for the weekend, but my housemate is going to take care of her, so I know she is in good hands.  She was sitting in my case while I was trying to pack, as if to say “take me with you!’

Daily outfit 18/5/2010


Truthfully, this was my outfit from yesterday.  My website was playing up yesterday, so I couldn’t post any outfit photos.  I couldn’t leave this outfit behind because it features my lovely new shoes!  I fell in love with these shoes over the summer, but they were ridiculously expensive and I just couldn’t afford them.  Last Monday I was at the mall and I saw that they had come down in price from nearly $200 to $24.  I snapped them up so fast I think that the sales girl was a little dazed.  Although they are really high, they aren’t terribly uncomfortable.  I am seriously in love with them.

I am wearing:

– Pucca shirt (thrifted)

– Black and white pucci mini skirt (thrifted)

– Cutout tights from Rubi

– Black and White comic book heels from Betts

– Green and White beaded necklace from Chapel Street Bazaar

– Alvin Watch

– Bubble ring from Surfers Paradise.


I had watched Velvet Goldmine the night before, so I was trying out some glam rock eyeshadow, although it doesn’t really show up in the photo.


I went shopping today for thermal underwear. I feel a little dirty even admitting that.  It has been freezing in Melbourne and I have not been handling the cold too well.  Yesterday, Super Kawaii Mama wrote a great post on keeping warm whilst looking glamerous, and she suggested thermals as a way to stay toasty.  I figure that if one of the most stylish women on the internet can admit to wearing thermals, there is no reason for me not to give it a go.  I bought four thermal tops, in varying shapes, from Best and Less for $18.  I was thanking my lucky stars that I have a tiny build, and therefore could buy from the girls’ section.  If I had bought the same pieces from the ladies section, it would have cost me around $35.  I will let you know how the thermals go, whether they are effective at keeping me warm ,and whether they look utterly ridiculous.

Daily outfit 1/3/2010

Today was my first day of class for the year.  It went pretty darn well.  My class wasn’t too strenuous, I got into the tutorial that I wanted and I had a nice lunch with my brother.

I am wearing:

– Priscilla tank top (that reads “a cock, in a frock, on a rock”)

– Dangerfield striped jeans

– Chuck Taylor all stars sneakers

– Amethyst ring

– turquoise ring

– jade ring

– stripey headscarf (thrifted)

– Snake bangle from Tilka

– Tribal necklace (thrifted)

– Paisley bangle (thrifted)