What I wore: Sick Sad World

I count down to the beginning of October every year.  I like to celebrate Halloween for a full month, and as soon as the calendar flips over to October first, I’m in full-on spooky mode. I get out all my favourite horror movies, flip over to my goth playlist and start working some creepy elements into my wardrobe.

I couldn’t resist wearing this Sick Sad World tee shirt to ring in October.  I love the green spiral detail and the creepy eye peering out from the centre. The fact that it’s an homage to one of my all-time favourite cartoons, Daria, is just icing on the cake.

I am wearing:

  • Sick Sad World tee shirt from Pulp Kitchen
  • Green skater skirt from Princess Highway
  • Diana Ferrari ballet flats (thrifted)
  • Black tights from Target
  • Vintage striped scarf
  • Opal earrings from my grandmother
  • Green beaded necklace from Chapel Street Bazaar
  • Vintage cocktail ring from Faye Bella

I wore this outfit to go grocery shopping, work on some writing and have a coffee date with my boyfriend’s mum.

Do you do Halloween-themed outfits? What do you like to wear when the spooky season rolls around?


Daily outfit 6/11/2013

So, there’s a pair of pants that I’ve been eyeing off for about three weeks.  At first I told myself that I shouldn’t buy the pants, because Christmas is coming up and I should be spending money on things for other people.  Also, I have tonnes of clothes.

But then I started thinking about how funky they are and how well they reflect my style. I started imagining all the things I have that would look cute with them.  I began stroking the fabric and thinking about how light and cool they’d be in summer.

You know where I’m going with this, right?  Sure you do..

DSCF9073I bought the pants.  And they’re just as funky and comfy as I expected they would be.  They’re a lightweight, satiny material that’s so gorgeous and quite stylish as well.

DSCF9074Plus they have pockets.  Pockets!  They’re pretty much perfect.

DSCF9079I am wearing:

– Empire Records tee shirt from etsy

– Blue printed pants from Target

– Green loafers from Rubi Shoes

–  Ornate cross necklace from Diva

– Assorted silver rings

DSCF9077This tee shirt features one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite films: Empire Records.  It reads:

“I do not regret the things I have done, but those I did not do”.

Wise words from the not-so-wise Lucas.

And so, on that note, I’ve decided not to regret buying my pants and instead set my sights on doing some of the things I don’t want to regret neglecting.  I love it when my clothes tell me not to feel guilty for buying more clothes!