What I wore: Lazy Sunday.

This Summer I’ve been all about trousers.  The wide-legged variety in silky fabrics and juicy shades.  The kind that billow as you walk, keeping your legs deliciously cool.  Trousers that look glamorous dressed up with heels or take on a bohemian edge when paired with sandals.


Back in June I found two pairs of delightful vintage palazzo pants in the op shop.  One pair was gunmetal grey and the other a rich green.  Both were pleated in the most yummy satiny fabric.  At a mere $3 apiece I knew I had to have them.  As I walked home in sleeting rain, I imagined how often I would wear such trousers once the weather warmed up.  And I was totally right.


These trousers have become a staple in my Summer wardrobe.  This past Sunday I slipped on a pair to wear while reading my book on the lawn, eating dinner with my parents and then doing a spot of yoga.


dscf0870_zpspvfi29poI am wearing:

  • Green satin palazzo pants (vintage)
  • White butterfly studded tank top from Jeans West
  • Tan sandals from Rubi Shoes
  • Art deco earrings from Lovisa

dscf0868_zpss4lgamt7As simple as this outfit was, I felt so comfortable and cool as I relaxed and dined with my family.  I like unfussy Summer fashion, preferring to stick to a few striking pieces and leave the layering for the cooler months.


What item have you been wearing non-stop this Summer?  Or this Winter, for my  Northern-hemisphere-dwelling readers?


Product review: Bandelettes.

 I’m a card-carrying member of the Chub Rub Club.  I have generous thighs that touch at the top and generate enough friction to start a fire when I walk long distances.  I like to imagine that my thighs like each other so much that they just can’t keep their hands to themselves. But all this thigh-action can cause some pretty painful chafing. So I’ve been on the lookout for something that will prevent the chub rub.

I came across a product called Bandelettes.  Bandelettes are bands that you wear around your thighs to prevent chafing.  The kind folks at Bandelettes sent me two pairs of their revolutionary thigh bands to try out.

My Bandelettes arrived just as the weather in Benalla reached scorching temperatures.  It was perfect timing and I was eager to take them for a spin.


The first step to getting the best performance out of your thigh bands is ensuring that you buy the right size.  To do this, you should measure your thighs with a flexible tape at the point where your thighs touch.  Then, refer to the sizing chart to make sure that you select the correct size.  The reason I got two pairs is because I’m on the cusp of size A and B.  The website recommends to size down if you are in between sizes to ensure a snug fit.

I got two different designs and colours.  This design is called Black Onyx. As you can see, the Bandelettes resemble the tops of stay-up stockings.  They are lined with two non-slip silicone strips to help them to stay in place.

This design is called Beige 1004.  My first impression of the Bandelettes was that they are so pretty!  So many shapewear and utilitarian underwear designs are ugly and matronly, but these look downright sexy.  If I happened to be wearing these on a date and things started to heat up, I wouldn’t be at all embarrassed to let my companion catch a glimpse of these.

To wear your Bandelettes, simply pull them up onto your thighs and position them at the point where your thighs touch.  This will be slightly different for every person.  Make sure that the bands aren’t twisted and are lying flat against your skin.

After I’d positioned my Bandelettes, I threw on a maxi dress and headed out for dinner.  I had to walk quite a long way to get to the restaurant, and I didn’t feel so much as a twinge.  The Bandelettes were so comfortable to wear.  They didn’t rub, slip or roll at all.  I was worried that they might make me feel even hotter in the humid summer air, but actually I felt cooler without the friction from my thighs.

The following day I wore my beige Bandelettes to go shopping.  I walked for hours without any chafing.  Once again, the bands didn’t budge at all.  I experienced similar results with both sizes.  The bands were also extremely discreet, and weren’t visible at all under my clothing.  I had been concerned that the lace might create a static effect that would cause my skirt to cling to them, but this wasn’t the case at all.

The bands are very easy to wash and dry.  I hand-wash them with my delicate items and then lay flat to dry.

Bandelettes retail for $14.99 each  and come in a huge range of colours, including black, red, beige, white and chocolate.  There are even unisex bands if you don’t like the feel or look of lace.  The unisex bands would be a perfect addition to your active wardrobe to prevent chafing while jogging or cycling.

I would highly recommend Bandelettes for my fellow members of the Chub Rub Club.  Not only do they look cute, but they work brilliantly too.

These items were provided for my consideration.  The opinions contained in this review are my own honest views.

Daily outfit 10/12/2014

There’s no doubt about it, Summer has definitely arrived.  It’s been sticky and humid here, with a few thunderstorms thrown in.  The weather has been downright tropical, and I’ve been doing my best to keep cool.

My wardrobe choices lately have consisted of shorts and floaty blouses.  The lighter the fabric, the happier I am.  Today I’m rocking a new blouse that I got a few days ago.

I am wearing:

– Silver butterfly earrings (gift from a friend)

– Star blouse from My Pair of Wings

– Denim shorts from Target

– Tan sandals from Rubi Shoes.

Can I just take a moment to talk about this blouse?  I have a bit of an obsession with star-prints.  I’ve wanted a sheer blouse with a star pattern on it for ages.  I found this one in My Pair of Wings on etsy and ordered it without hesitation.  It arrived only a week later and I am so impressed.  The fabric is so soft and the blouse is hand-made.  I am really happy with the quality of this item and the price was phenomenal.  I am trying to move away from buying mass-produced items and doing my best to spend my clothes budget on small businesses instead.  Often, that means paying a bit more but I’m happy to do it.  However, this blouse cost about the same amount as one that I would buy from a department store, and it is so much nicer.  I’m very pleased with it.

My hair has gone nuts in this humidity.  I’ve been wearing it pinned up most days, but on this occasion I tried leaving it down.  Within a few hours it was a frizzy mess, and I had to try and wrestle it into a bun.  I love summer but my hair doesn’t.  Oh well, at least it’s somewhat better than when I used to have mega-long hair.

I’ve also been opting for sandals rather than closed-in shoes because of the heat.  My feet tend to blister very easily, and I have to be very careful to select summer shoes that won’t rub me raw.  These sandals were a bargain from Rubi shoes and they are super comfortable.  The straps are really soft and I’ve never had any blisters from wearing them, which is a definite plus.

What do you wear when the weather warms up?

Daily outfit 18/11/2014

I am one lucky little duck.  My parents went on a holiday to Sydney a couple of weeks ago and they brought me back a gorgeous new dress.  Lately, I’ve had quite  few new dresses, but this one was extra-special.  It’s the perfect Summer party dress.  Light and airy, fabric that feels beautiful against the skin and a soft wash of ocean colours.  I’m smitten.


I decided to take myself out to dinner to give myself a chance to wear this beautiful floral confection.  I went to Georgina’s, which is a very swanky restaurant in town.  The food was delicious, the service was brilliant and I was content to just chill out in a window seat and watch the world go by.


I am wearing:

– Dress By Vanessa Tong for Timeless.

– Pierre Fontaine sandals (thrifted)

– Gold heart ring (gift from my parents)

– Vintage lily brooch.


I felt so pretty in this dress.  The shape is so classic and the lightweight feel of the fabric was perfect for walking home on a balmy evening.  I felt like Audrey Hepburn, although I doubt Audrey would have stopped at the bottle-o to buy a cheeky bottle of moscato on her way home!

Daily outfit 7/3/2014

It’s Fancy Friday again!  This Friday my outfit isn’t quite as dressy as previous weeks.  The weather has become hot and humid again so I’m back in shorts.

However this week I did make an extra-special effort with my hair.  I took the time to pin-curl my hair and leave it to set overnight.  I really should do this more often, because I love having a head full of bouncy, bombshell curls.

I am wearing:

– Black floral butterfly-sleeve top from Target

– Nude shorts (thrifted)

– Brown Zu platform heels (thrifted)

– Silver bangles (from my aunt)

– Blue beaded earrings (once belonged to my great-grandmother)

– Assorted silver rings.

Sometimes, being fancy isn’t about getting all dressed up in your glitziest clothes.  It can be as simple as taking the time to curl your hair, swipe on some lipstick or paint your nails a gorgeous hue.  That’s what Fancy Friday is all about: adding a little zing to your style at the end of the week, in whatever way suits you.

These shorts were a recent op-shop find. I’ve been after a pair of soft, silky shorts for some time and these were just the ticket.  They’re so cool and comfortable, and the neutral colour means that they go with practically everything.  Not bad for $3!

What are you wearing this Fancy Friday?

Daily outfit 20/1/2014

Yippee!  I am officially on holidays.  I’ve got two whole weeks off work, and it’s going to be awesome.  I’m planning on taking a couple of short trips to catch up with friends and family, doing a whole bunch of work on my blog and etsy stores and having a whole lot of me-time.  I feel like I’ve barely stopped moving since Christmas so it will be awesome to stop and recharge.

The weather is no longer crazy hot here.  It’s just hot now.  This is what I wore to go to the library to pick up some holiday-relaxation supplies (A book about Gypsy Rose Lee, a doco about the early queens of England and an iced coffee).

DSCF9348I am wearing:

– Peacock kaftan (thrifted)

– Silver bird belt (vintage, used to belong to my mate Adam’s grandmother)

– Tan sandals from Rubi shoes

– Frida Kahlo cameo brooch from Lost at Sea Accessories

– Chiffon headscarf (belonged to my grandmother)

– Hibiscus earrings (thrifted)

DSCF9339Can we take a moment to talk about this Frida Kahlo brooch?  I bought it as a little new year’s treat for myself and I am just in love with it.  As you may recall, I adore Frida Kahlo and I’ve been looking for a gorgeous piece of jewellery to celebrate that love.  This one was just perfect.


DSCF9345I was feeling a bit of a fortune-teller vibe when I put this outfit together.

DSCF9350My sandals are also new.  I got them as part of my new year’s day shopping spree, and they cost a whopping $4.  I couldn’t go past them.  I’ve been looking for a pair of neutral sandals for a while and these are perfect.  They are so comfortable and I can walk for ages in them.

DSCF9351And my kaftan, while not new, is appearing on the blog for the first time.  I got it from the Salvation Army store that I frequent. It was hanging out on the plus-size rack, but the amazing fabric caught my eye.  Being that it’s a kaftan, it doesn’t matter one jot that it’s a bit loose and breezy.  The bigger, the better I say!  It’s the perfect thing for adding a bit of 70’s chic to my look when it’s hot and steamy.  It’s so light it’s almost as if I was wearing nothing at all! (Stupid, sexy Flanders!)

Salt and vinegar soak for soft feet.

My new year’s resolution for this month is to experiment with making my own household and beauty products.  A few nights ago, I was researching some recipes and I found one that was too weird not to try.  It suggested using a foot soak made of salt and vinegar to soften dead skin on the feet.  As it’s summer, and my toes are on display all the time, I figured it was worth a shot.

DSCF7447And you know what?  It worked a treat!  The dry skin on my feet came off easily with a pumice stone after a short soak in this concoction.  My toes are super soft and gorgeous. I just had to share this weird-yet-brilliant home remedy with you.

You will need:

– 1/4 cup white vinegar

-2 tablespoons salt

– 2 cups of water

– Large bowl or bucket

– Towel

– Pumice stone or foot file.

Step 1.

Mix the vinegar, salt and water in the bowl or bucket.  Make sure that there is enough liquid to cover your feet.  If you need to, add a bit more water and a splash more vinegar until you have enough.

Step 2.

Soak your feet in the vinegar mixture for 15-20 minutes.  Chill out with a book, a magazine or an episode of The Office.

Step 3.

Carefully towel dry your feet.

Step 4.

Use your pumice stone or foot file to gently slough the dead skin off your feet.  You might want to spread a towel on the floor to catch all the fall-out.

This method can be used once a week to keep your feet soft and smooth.  You can also use a vinegar foot soak to treat athlete’s foot or to deal with smelly feet (the vinegar will kill the bacteria that create foot odour).

Do you have any weird-but-brilliant home beauty remedies?