Style icons: Harley Quinn

I was pretty rapt with the Suicide Squad movie.  Even though the critics have kinda panned it, I really enjoyed the film. There can be no doubt that a huge part of my love for the film came from the presence of one of my favourite DC characters, Harley Quinn.  After seeing the film, I was so inspired by Harley’s awesome sense of style, and I wanted to dedicate a Style Icons post to the mad clown queen of Gotham City.




There can be little doubt that Harley is the queen of colour blocking.  She likes large panels of bold colour, usually in a half-and-half style.  Her favourite combos are red and black and blue and red with splashes of white thrown in for good measure.  Her two-tone look even extends to her hair, often worn in pigtails with dip-dyed tips for dramatic effect.

Harley’s outfits are usually form-fitting or scandalously brief.  She loves being the centre of attention so eye-grabbing pieces are a must.  But although you might want to touch, you’d better keep your mitts to yourself.  Harley’s relationship with The Joker is anything but open.  He keeps her on a tight reign, and while their relationship is pretty dysfunctional, there are also strong elements of dominance and submission present.  I really liked the way that bondage gear and winks to Harley’s BDsM relationship with Joker were woven into her costumes.  Her “Puddin” collar, ”Yes Sir” cuffs and “Property of Joker” bomber jacket all speak to her submission to Mr J.

It’s the tiny details that are key to Harley’s outfits.  She particularly partial to diamond shapes, which harken back to her harlequin-inspired costume in the original cartoon.  Jagged edges and circus-goth finishings are also perfect for a girl who is more at home on a tightrope or aerial silks than with her feet firmly planted on the ground.


Interestingly, a large number of items in Harley’s wardrobe are inspired by sporting apparel. From her triple stripe sneaker stilettos to her baseball tees, Harley likes to blend a bit of activewear in with her outfits.  This possibly has to do with the fact that her weapon of choice is a baseball bat (when she’s not wielding her comically-huge mallet).  Harley likes to match her baseball jacket with teeny tiny shorts and a liberal application of bling.
I’m head over heels in love with Harley’s look, and it’s so tempting to sprinkle a bit of madcap circus-gal fun into your own wardrobe.  You could quite easily add a few small touches, or go for the full-shebang in two-toned gear, a collar and booty shorts.  It’s up to you how far you take the look, but once you get going, it’s hard not to go a little bit nuts.
Are you a fan of Harley’s look?  Which parts would you like to incorporate into your own wardrobe?

What I wore 4/8/2015: Happy Birthday Ms Rowling.

Last week I celebrated J.K Rowling’s birthday by dressing in a Harry Potter themed outfit.  I bought this rad Quidditch shirt from Jay Jays a couple of months back and I haven’t featured it on the blog before.

I am wearing:

– Quidditch captain tee shirt from Jay Jays

– Red satin jacket (thrifted)

– Black velvet skirt (thrifted)

– Black studded boots from Big W.

– Silver necklace (birthday gift from my sweethearts)

– Silver key earrings from Etsy

– Owl ring from Equip.

This jacket has become a wardrobe staple for me.  It’s the most gorgeous satin brocade and it’s incredibly silky against my skin.  One of the reasons I wear it so often is that it’s reversible.  It’s a rich red on one side and black on the other, which makes it extremely versatile.  It’s just a tiny bit fancier than most of my other jackets and it’s perfect for dressing up a simple outfit.

I had a lot of fun playing with textures when I put this outfit together.  When I think about the clothes worn by the witches and wizards of Hogwarts, I always imagine luxe fabrics and jewel tones.  That’s why it made perfect sense to me to include a heavy velvet skirt and a silky jacket.

I chose these ornate key earrings because they reminded me of the flying keys in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

And this owl ring was a tribute to Hedwig, one of my favourite Potter characters.

A Hogwarts-inspired outfit seemed like a great way to celebrate the birthday of the woman who created one of my favourite fictional worlds.  J. K. Rowling is something of a role model of mine because she is a great example of someone who has lived a very authentic life and follows her own heart and mind.  I was astonished to learn that she was repeatedly turned away by publishers when she was pitching the Harry Potter series.  12 times, to be precise.  But she kept on plugging away, and thank goodness she did!  Whenever I’m feeling upset or dejected or frustrated that things just don’t seem to be working out for me, I remember the tenacity and creativity of Ms Rowling and try to push forward.

P.S: This isn’t the first time I’ve done a Hogwarts-themed outfit.  I wore this one to see The Deathly Hallows Part 1 and this one for Part 2. Oh, and of course, I cosplay as Luna Lovegood on occasion.

Movie costumes I wish I owned.

A few years ago I went to a fantastic exhibition at ACMI in Melbourne called Hollywood Costume.  The exhibition featured some of the most iconic costumes in film history, including costumes from The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Valley of the Dolls and The Seven Year Itch.  As I person who adores films and fashion, it was a very moving experience for me.  I actually teared up as I stood in front of the gingham dress worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz.

Last week, while cleaning out my desk I found the program that I’d saved from the exhibition.  While I was looking at it I started thinking about movie costumes and imagining what it would be like to own some of those gorgeous outfits to wear in real life.  I set myself a creative challenge, trying to imagine which costumes I would choose to stock my wardrobe with if I could…

Scarlett O’Hara’s scarlet dress from Gone With the Wind

This dress takes my breath away every time I see it.  It’s brazen, it’s sexy and it’s the most intense shade of crimson I’ve ever laid eyes on.  I adore the figure-hugging line and the fact that it has feathers AND sequins.  This is a dress to get you noticed.

Elle Driver’s trench coat from Kill Bill

The comic book fan in me adores this trench coat.  It’s so simple and yet so eye-catching.  The hand-drawn details give it a cartoonish look but it is such a classic line and style.

Penny Lane’s boots from Almost Famous

Those incredible lace-up boots are the stuff this hippy-chick’s dreams are made of.  I can just see myself gliding down the street with those boots peeking out from under a denim skirt topped off with a whisper-thin sheer blouse with my hair flowing free.

Elvira’s dagger brooch from Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

There is something delightfully tacky about wearing an enormous, bejewelled dagger pinned to your dress.  But I still desperately want to do it anyway.  I can imagine wearing that spectacular brooch on a luscious velvet blazer, or on the waist of a skin-tight dress to play homage to the Mistress of the dark.

Enid Coleslaw’s glasses from Ghost World

As a Gal with Glasses, I was super excited by Enid’s wardrobe of frames.  She wears a different pair in practically every scene, from Buddy Holly spectacles to sexy cat’s-eye frames.

Mrs Flax’s polka dot dress from Mermaids

I would have such fun shimmying into that hip-hugging wiggle dress and sashaying down the street in a pair of mules and thick-rimmed sunglasses.  Although this dress is very 1960’s, there is a timelessness to the cut that I adore. Also, note the fact that it has pockets.  POCKETS!  How fantastic.

I could go on and on, but those are my top picks.  If you could, which movie costumes would you fill your wardrobe with?

Daily outfit 16/6/2015

I’m mad about ear cuffs at the moment.  I’ve been toying with the idea of getting another ear piercing, but I’m not sure of the placement.  So until I decide I’m playing around with some beautiful shiny cuffs and studs.

I bought this dazzling beauty from Louvisa a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been wearing it a lot.  It’s very eye-catching and makes me feel like an elf princess. It seemed like just the thing to brighten up a muted winter outfit.

I am wearing:

– Ear cuff set from Louvisa

– Camisole from Luka

– Velvet blazer from Tree of Life

– Pleated skirt from CKM

– Black cage stockings from Dangerfield

– Black lace-up boots (thrifted)

I’m so chuffed that the season of tights, leggings and stockings is upon us.  I get bored with basic black tights in winter so I like to mix things up with interesting textures and patterns.  These cage stockings look rough and tough, and add an edge when worn under a sheer skirt.

On days when the temperature isn’t too extreme, I like to wear a pretty blouse under a blazer made from a tactile material like velvet or sateen.  This gives me more wear out of my light summer pieces while adding warmth, interest and texture to my outfits in the cooler weather.

How are you sprucing up your wardrobe for winter?  Do you have any old favourites that you like to pull out when the weather gets cold?

Daily outfit 10/3/2015

Brrrr!  It really seems as though somebody flicked the Autumn switch here.  The mornings have been quite chilly and the nights are closing in.  It’s good though because I’m starting to get excited about wearing the items from my wardrobe that have been neglected these past few months.  Like stockings, leggings, jumpers and scarves.  And glorious layers!  I’m celebrating by layering some fun prints today.

I am wearing:

– Grey marle cardigan from Cotton On

– Tribal print dress (gift from my parents)

– Pink leopard print tights from Rubi

– Black gladiator sandals from Sportsgirl

– Silk headscarf (thrifted)

– Beetle ring (gift)

– Gold rock ring from ASOS

– Blue beaded necklace (vintage)

I wore this outfit to go shopping for craft supplies and enjoy a coffee at my favourite cafe.

I’m trying out a new blush at the moment.  I usually go for variations on dusky pink for my blush, and this time I felt like something a bit different.  I picked Exhibit A from NARS.  It’s a bright red shade and at first I worried that it was just too darn bright for my fair skin.  But after a bit of playing around I now absolutely adore it.  I’ve also been wearing nude lipstick more often to accommodate the bright cheeks.  It’s very different to my normal look and I quite like it.  Sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone.

What have you done lately that’s pushed you out of your comfort zone?

Daily outfit 3/3/2015

Some days call for comfy pants and crazy tee shirts.  That’s what I think anyway.  So when I have a day off that’s to be spent writing and chilling out, that tends to be the outfit formula that I follow.

I am wearing:

– Ghost World tee from Pulp Kitchen

– Cow pants (thrifted)

– Pink Converse All Stars high-top sneakers.

– Rainbow ring

– Donald Duck ring (gift from cousin from Disneyland ages ago)

-Amethyst ring

– Zipper earrings (gift from my mate Amanda)

I never get sick of these pants.  I know that they are totally ridiculous but I don’t even care.  They are so comfortable and I really like this offbeat print.  They were my go-to pants when I was at uni because I could pull them on with a quirky shirt, add sneakers and feel cute and comfortable.

Also, even though I’ve worn this shirt for so many years, I never get tired of it.  Ghost World is one of my all-time favourite films, not least of all because I love the costumes.  Each time I watch it I want to raid Enid’s wardrobe and Seymour’s record collection.  If you haven’t watched it before, I definitely recommend that you check it out.  It’s perfect for those nights when you want something offbeat to watch to make you feel less like a freak.

What do you wear on casual days?  Do you have a pair of go-to crazy pants that put you in the mood for chilling?

Daily outfit 24/2/2015

Finding outfits to wear to work can be a bit of a challenge when you work in an office without a strict dress code.  My office isn’t super corporate and as long as you’re neat and tidy you can pretty much wear what you want.  For the first few weeks I kept my outfit really conservative, with dress trousers and blouses, and a few prim dresses.  But now that I’m more settled I’ve relaxed my work clothes a little.

One of the women in my office is a fan of gorgeous flowing skirts and sandals, and she always looks amazing. So when I found this lovely black maxi skirt in the op-shop I was keen to take it for a spin to work.

This skirt is so comfortable and has an amazing drape to it. It’s quite fitted at the top but it flares out towards the hem, so it billows and sways with every step I take.  It’s so simple and I am looking forward to styling it with a variety of tops.

I am wearing:

– Black and white star blouse from My Pair of Wings on etsy

– Black maxi skirt (thrifted)

– Black gladiator sandals from Sportsgirl.

– Silver bangle bracelet (gift from my parents)

– Sapphire ring (gift from my parents)

I have such a crush on these sandals.  I had a similar pair years ago which I wore until they fell to pieces.  I spotted these ones on the Sportsgirl clearance page, marked down to $29 from $80.  They are extremely comfortable and look great with all kinds of outfits.  I’ll be sorry when the weather starts to cool off and I won’t be able to wear these lovely shoes any longer.

What do you wear to work?  Does your office have a strict dress code or is it more relaxed?  Would you be interested in seeing more of my work outfits?