What I wore 26/4/2017


I’ve been kind of obsessed with printed scarves lately.  I’ve been wearing them looped around my neck, tied onto my handbag and wrapped around my hair.  It’s amazing how a simple square of coloured silk can turn a regular outfit into something that feels a tad more special.

My outfits this week have had a distinct 70’s vibe to them as well. I’ve been dabbling with jeans, earthy tones and hoop earrings.

I am wearing:

  • Red nautical print scarf (thrifted)
  • Collared blouse from Temt
  • Bootleg jeans from K-Mart
  • Red slingback heels from I love Billy
  • Gold hoop earrings
  • Penny Farthing brooch (gift from my friend Tom, all the way from Berlin)
  • Turquoise ring


I wore this outfit to go grocery shopping, and then drink coffee and read for several hours.

These shoes were purchased last year on sale.  I’d been on the lookout for a pair of red wedges after my old faithful polka-dot pair died.  I was instantly drawn to the rainbow detailing on the wedge.  These are great because they’re nice and low, so they are fairly comfortable.

I kept my makeup fairly natural with a touch of gloss and some groomed brows.  I wanted to keep the look fairly down-to-earth and simple.


What have you been wearing lately? Is there a particular item that has been popping up in your outfits over and over again?


What I wore: 18/4/2017

Once upon a time I owned a gorgeous pair of black boots.  They were leather with silver hardware and a stack heel. They found their way into my life after a chance encounter at at second hand store.  After countless adventures together, they tragically parted ways with their soles last winter.


Since then, I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of boots to replace them.  I had a clear picture in my mind of what I was after, and yet the perfect boots were somewhat elusive.  But recently I snapped up this pair of vegan leather boots on ebay and they are just ideal.  Supple, soft and comfortable, I believe they are set to become a wardrobe staple.


I paired the boots with one of my favourite vintage dresses for a drive to take some photos of street art and lunch with my parents.


I am wearing:

  • Black and red floral dress (vintage)
  • Black leopard fishnet tights (K Mart)
  • Black vegan leather boots (ebay)
  • Silver swallow chain link belt (vintage)
  • Turquoise earrings (handmade by my aunt)
  • Silver ring


This belt belonged to my best friend’s grandmother. It is such a gorgeous and unusual piece.  It always adds a bit of interest to simple dresses, and I love the way it looks when paired with something heavily printed.

My headscarf is actually the sash off my dress.  As I was wearing the silver belt, I thought it would be fun to pull my hair back with the sash and go all matchy-matchy.


These boots are just what the doctor ordered.  They are beautiful for wearing with my hippie getups, but they will also look great with some of my grittier punk-rock looks.  I have even worn them to work a couple of times over cigarette pants and under prim dresses.  They were a brilliant find and I’m so chuffed with them.

What I wore 15th September, 2015

I am so relieved that Spring has finally sprung.  We got off to a shaky start here in Victoria, as the weather decided to tease  us with a glimpse of sunshine before dissolving into rain.  But last weekend it felt like Spring at last.  And I was extra pleased because it was warm enough to wear this new peasant blouse I got from the op shop a month ago.

I’ve shaved my head a couple more times since my last blog post.  My hair was growing very fast so I decided to splash out and invest in a pair of clippers so that I could maintain my shaved side at home.  It was a very smart choice.  Although it’s been a bit nerve-wracking wielding the clippers myself, I’m much happier with the result.  I’ve been taking my hair all the way back to a bristling number 1 cut, and then letting it grow out a bit.

The detailing on this blouse is just so pretty.  I’ve been after an embroidered peasant blouse like this one for ages, but most of the ones I found were either badly stained or had a gathered waistline.  As I have wide hips and shoulders and a small waist, blousy tops that are fitted around the hips look terrible on me.  But this one hangs in a lovely way and I adore it.  I picked it up for $3 at my local St Vinnies.

These red clogs are another new thrift store find.  They were just $4 and had never been worn.  They will go so nicely with many of my summer dresses and skirts and look great with jeans.

I am wearing:

  • Bambi necklace from Diva
  • Stirling silver hoop earrings
  • Peasant blouse (thrifted)
  • Jeans from Target
  • Red clogs (thrifted)

I wore this outfit to go out for a bit more op shopping and then treated myself to coffee and cake at one of my favourite cafes.  It felt like the perfect outfit to celebrate the beginning of the new season.



Daily outfit 9/7/2014

I got a bunch of gorgeous new threads for my birthday and I haven’t had a chance to show them off just yet.  One of my favourite pieces was this fantastic leopard-fur (faux, of course!) cardigan.  My parents picked this up from a funky vintage store in Phillip Island on one of their adventures, and I’ve been wearing it quite a bit.

I wore this outfit to head out for an Indian feast with my work-buddy, Madison.

I am wearing:

– Black bodysuit from Remember Me

– Black pencil skirt from Veronika Maine

– Black cardigan with leopard-fur trim (vintage)

– Black and white comic book heels from Betts

-Snake bangle from Tilka

– Gold hoop earrings (thrifted)

I’m a sucker for gorgeous details on clothing.  Interesting stitching, clever pockets and fun patterns are all wonderful little extras that make a piece all the more special.  This cardigan has the most adorable leopard-print buttons which take it to the next level of fabulousness.

This was the perfect outfit for a girly night out.  Between us, Madison and I polished off a bottle of wine, a plate of naan, some chicken tikka and a hearty portion of beef korma.  We gabbed about boys and work and had a jolly old time.

I often struggle to find something to wear out at night during winter, but this awesome cardigan is just the ticket.  It’s cozy and a little bit sexy, plus it will look so fab with all my vintage gear.  What an awesome birthday gift!

Daily outfit 1/7/2014

Hooo boy!  It’s been a while since my last outfit post.  I actually had a brief moment of forgetfulness when I went to take some photos for this post.  I was standing in front of the camera, waiting for the timer to count down when I thought to myself, “Hang on, how do I do this again?  How do I usually stand for photos?  Is my face doing the smiling thing, or am I pulling some weird grimace?”  My first couple of pictures were a total disaster until I got back into the swing of things.  Luckily I took a couple of non-dreadful shots to show off my first winter outfit for the year.

I am wearing:

– Black turtle neck jumper from Country Road

– Purple floral gypsy skirt from Glassons

– Black textured tights from Voodoo

– Black flatform shoes from Big W

– Rock ring (thrifted)

– Square ring (gift from my bestie)

– Swarovski crystal ring (found in the bathroom at the pub)

– knuckle ring from Louvisa

– Crystal bead earrings (handmade by my aunt)

These pictures are a bit grainy because I took them indoors after I got home from work and it was all dark.  Winter brings with it a lot of dilemmas around outfit pictures.  It’s dark inside unless you use a flash and if you want to take pictures outside you only have a small window in which the light will be right. Also, it’s too fricken’ cold to be outdoors without a jacket, and if I wear a coat you can’t see my outfit underneath.  Ah, the trials of being a blogger in Winter.

I’ll admit that I felt a little bit unsure about wearing tights with open-toed shoes.  But then I realised that my hero, the very fabulous Helga Von Trollop does it all the time.  So I decided to give it a whirl and really loved the way it looks.  I might be busting out the open-toed shoes more often over the next few months.

I have to say that I feel so happy to be blogging again.  After a shaky start to taking photos I really got into the swing of it and it feels so good to be pounding on my lappy-top once again.  I’m hoping to do a lot more of it now that I’m settled into my new job.  Thanks so much for sticking with me during this little hiccup.

What are you wearing today?  Do you advocate the tights-with-open-toed-shoes look?

Daily outfit 25/3/2014

Today I decided to wear a fun, simple outfit that would put a bit of a spring into my step.  I just love pairing quirky separates to make a happiness-inducing outfit.


I am wearing:

– Archie “Blondes have more fun” tee shirt from Target

– Red mini skirt from Supre

– Red and white gingham heels from Shoo Biz

– Sunglasses earrings from Diva

– White plastic bangle (thrifted)

– Red beaded bracelet from the markets


It was a very sunny day today, and I got a bit of lens flare while I was taking these photos.  Oh well, these things happen.


I’m also fully aware that this might be the last time that I go bare-legged for a while.  The temperature is starting to drop as we head further into Autumn, so I think I’ll be raiding my tights drawer before too long!


I whipped my hair up into a bouncy pony tail for a simple but fun look.  I just love how much bounce my hair has now that it’s been cut!


I certainly had a blast wearing this outfit.  Cute slogan tees, plastic jewellery and bright colours are my recipe for a cute ensemble.

What do you wear when you want to inject a bit of fun into your outfits?

Daily outfit 18/3/2014

Today I’m wearing one of my favourite dresses.  I bought this at least six years ago and I’ve gotten so much wear out of it.  The thing that I love most about this dress is that it can be worn in so many different ways.  I usually go for a 60’s mod look, pairing it with opaque tights and sooty eye makeup.  But today I’m trying something a bit different, adding some modern pop accessories to give the dress a slightly cartoonish edge.

I am wearing:

– Black and red print dress from Temt

– Black zipper leggings from Rubi

– Red jelly sandals from Rubi shoes

– Gold claw ring from ASOS

– Silver ring (thrifted)

– Green beaded necklace from Chapel Street Bazaar.

I just love the swirling print on this dress.  The colours are perfect for mixing and matching with other shades in my wardrobe, and I find that it goes with practically anything.  For just $30, I’d say it’s one of the best wardrobe purchases I’ve ever made.

I don’t think that I’ve featured these shoes on my blog before.  I bought them as a new-years treat to myself and I’m so pleased with them.  I’d been thinking about getting a pair of jelly sandals for a while.  They make me feel all nostalgic for my youth.  I was worried that they’d be really uncomfortable so I didn’t want to spend a lot on them.  When I saw these for just $1 on sale, I decided to snap them up.  I’m glad I did, because they’re actually pretty comfy.  Not the most comfortable shoes I own but certainly fine for popping on for a trip to the shops.

So today’s outfit is quite a mix of old and new, modern and retro styles.  I like it.  I feel that it’s a good reflection of my personal style.