Product review: Anal Fantasy Plug by Pipedream

I’ve always got my eyes peeled for beginner-friendly anal toys.  So many people are interested in experimenting with butt play yet so many of the toys that are marketed to beginners are either too large, poorly designed or unsafe.  So when I find a toy that is genuinely suited for backdoor newbies, I am excited to share it.

The Anal Fantasy Plug from Pipedream is ideal if you’re interested in trying an anal toy but aren’t sure where to begin.  The feature that drew me to this toy is the size. It’s only 9cm long and the girth at the widest point is 4cm.  This is a perfectly manageable size for most virgin backsides.  I generally recommend starting out exploring with a gloved finger, then graduating to two fingers and then maybe a toy.  This toy is about the thickness of two fingers, so it’s the ideal step up if you’ve already enjoyed touching your anus with your hands.

The tapered shape makes this plug really easy to insert.  The tip is narrow enough to ease in gently, and the body widens very gradually to the girthiest point. This gives your backside plenty of time to relax and acclimatise before you try to insert the biggest part of the toy.  The narrow neck means that the plug stays in place nicely once inserted, as your anus can close around it comfortably.

The Anal Fantasy Plug is made from beautiful velvety silicone.  I prefer this finish to shiny silicone for anal toys because the softer silicone tends to grab and your lube is more likely to stay in place.  Lube tends to slide off glossier toys, which is the opposite of what you want when you’re putting something in your butt.  Anal play calls for even, long lasting lubrication.  The toy is a medium/hard firmness which means that it offers plenty of sensation without being too rigid to wear comfortably.

If you want a plug that you can wear for an extended period of time, the base is one of the most important features to look at.  Rounded or square bases tend to put pressure on the skin around the anus and become uncomfortable more quickly.  The Anal Fantasy Plug has a rectangular base that squashes inwards like an hourglass.  I like this design for two reasons.  Firstly, the dents in the base follow the curves of your butt cheeks, so the plug stays comfortably in position.  Secondly, they act as handy finger grips when the time comes to remove the plug.  This is one of my favourite toys for longer wear, because it stays in place easily and it’s super comfortable.

Aside from the shape and size of this plug, the other reason that I recommend this one for newbies is the price.  The Anal Fantasy Plug from Pipedream is priced at around $25, which is perfect if you’re just starting out.  It’s a great quality toy that won’t leave you out of pocket if you wind up not enjoying anal play.  And if you do like it, Pipedream make three more sizes in this range that you can try if you’re craving something larger.

The Anal Fantasy Plug comes with a few handy items to make your butt play more comfortable, including a little tube of water-based lubricant and a small bottle of toy cleaner.  Additionally, the box also contained a tube of Anal-Eze, a numbing agent intended to be used before inserting the plug.  I become absolutely livid when I see toy companies including numbing lubes with anal toys.  Firstly, anal play does not hurt if you do it correctly.  If you numb your anus before play, you might miss out on an important pain signal telling you to slow down, add more lube, try a smaller toy or stop altogether.  Secondly, if you use a numbing agent, you won’t be able to feel pleasure OR pain.  So any pleasurable sensations you might have enjoyed will be dulled.  Including numbing lubes with anal toys plays into a lot of fear that people have around anal play, and actually makes it less likely that they’ll enjoy their experience.

If you’re interested in trying a butt plug, I definitely recommend the Anal Fantasy Plug from Pipedream.  The size, shape and material make it easy to use and comfortable to wear.  It’s an inexpensive way to dip your toe into the vast sea of anal play.  If you do buy one, just do yourself a favour: bin the Anal-Eze and treat yourself to a generous bottle of good quality lube to make your butt play enjoyable and smooth.


5 toys for BDsM play

Most sex toys can be used in a BDsM context, but there are some toys that work better for this purpose than others.  When I’m selecting a toy to be used in a scene, I like to look for ones that have unique features such as interesting textures, powerful motors or beautiful design.  In my book, the toys that are best suited for BDsM play are ones that can be used creatively, or which have an element that makes them intimidating in some way.

Aside from impact toys, restraints and bondage aids, there are so many toys out there that work well for BDsM play.  Here are my five favourites:

  1. Lovense Lush

The Lush is a wearable vibrator that is controlled remotely with a mobile phone app.  It’s great for D/s relationships where the submissive partner has a vagina.  The dominant partner can instruct their sub to wear the Lush while they’re out at dinner, or at the movies or just around the house.  They then have total control over the vibrator, being able to increase the vibrations with a touch of their finger.  This toy is whisper quiet and perfect for exhibitionists and those who enjoy public play.  The Lush isn’t suitable for anal play, but the Lovense Hush is a butt plug that works in exactly the same way.

2. Magic Wand

The Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the most iconic sex toys on the planet.  It’s extremely powerful and can be used on a range of genitals and body types. It’s gender neutral and rechargeable.  The long handle makes it ideal for using in bondage scenes to lash it to your partners thigh or torso for hands-free stimulation.  It’s ridiculously powerful so it’s great to use for forced orgasm or orgasm-denial play.  And the utilitarian design are perfect if you’re into medical play.

3. Fun Factory Bootie

Butt plugs are a mainstay of BDsM play.  They can be used as a form of humiliation, in preparation for more intense anal play or for public play.  A dominant may ask their submissive to wear a plug for a set amount of time as punishment or reward, and you can even rig a bondage harness to hold a plug in place.  I like the Bootie plug for BDsM scenes because it’s really easy to insert and it’s comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.  The elongated base nestles snugly between your cheeks, unlike plugs with round or square bases which put a lot of pressure around the anus.

4. Icicles glass wands

The Icicles range are ideal for temperature play. The glass can be heated up or cooled down to create unique sensations when they’re placed against the skin.  There are a huge range of sizes, colours and textures to choose from and they’re all pleasing to the eye.  They’re also a tiny bit intimidating because they’re glass, which is both rock-hard and has an element of danger to it.

5. Dix the Destroyer from Geeky Sex Toys

This behemoth of a dildo is inspired by Drax from Guardians of the Galaxy.  It is a medium-density silicone with incredible raised textures.  It is also one of the most intimidating toys I own.  I am yet to review Dix the Destroyer but it is a toy I love to play with.  It’s perfect for creating an element of dread and anticipation in a sub.  It’s harness compatible and great for size queens.  It is definitely a toy that requires a warm-up if you intend to use it for penetration.  It’s also fun to show to a sub before blindfolding them and penetrating with a smaller toy, allowing them to imagine that it’s this giant dildo that they’re playing with.  Dix is definitely a toy that plays with the mind, which is a huge part of what BDsM is all about.


Do you have any favourite toys for BDsM play?  Do you have any questions about using toys during scenes? If so, leave me a comment below.

Product review: Icicles no. 12 glass rose wand

The mental images that are conjured up by the term “BDsM” are usually quite dark.  Black leather, silken latex, whips and floggers of midnight suede.  But not all kinky things are dark and dangerous.  Some are sweet, pretty and delicate. And yet those items can pack just as much punch as the darkly erotic.

Glass toys are appealing to me from a kink perspective.  There’s an element of danger in using something we perceive as fragile inside our bodies, the fear that at any moment it could shatter and  hurt us.  The rock-hard texture is both tantalising and intimidating because we know that our flesh is going to have to yield to accommodate this rigid item.  And then there’s the temperature, the icy chill as the glass glides across the skin, quickly warming as we play.

With Oz Kink Fest just around the corner, September seemed like the perfect time to test out a kinky toy.  Passionate Jade were sweet enough to send me the Icicles No. 12 rose wand to test and review.

When I unwrapped the box I was delighted by how utterly pretty the No 12. is.  Shaped like a delicate pink rose, this massager is like a glass sculpture.  You could display it in your home and it would masquerade as a feminine ornament without anyone suspecting it’s more nefarious purpose.  The detail in the petals is beautiful, and it gives way to a slender shaft with several rounded bulges.

You might be a little concerned about the safety of a glass toy, especially as I mentioned shattering in an earlier paragraph. The beauty of glass is that it plays with our minds, challenging our fear of harm, when in actual fact toys of this kind are quite safe to play with.  These glass wands are made from Pyrex or Soda Glass (which is the same stuff your Nan’s casserole dish is crafted from) and are incredibly sturdy.  They can withstand a lot of force without breaking.  For bedroom play they are very safe and extremely unlikely to break.

The shape of this toy really lends itself to a variety of different kinds of play.  It’s great for stimulating the g-spot even though it’s completely straight.  The material is so glossy and smooth which makes for easy insertion and the bulges along the shaft gently massage the g-spot as you stroke. If you find direct pressure on the g-spot a tad intense, this might be a better choice for you, as it gently glides over that sensitive area rather than pounding at it.  I found the No. 12 so easy to manipulate and thrust because it’s a generous length and has a nice rounded base.  It fit easily into my hand and wasn’t awkward to thrust with.

The ridges created by the petals are lovely for external stimulation.  With the help of a little lube, the head can be gently stroked along the labia or massaged against the clitoris or perineum.  This is perfect if you know your genitals prefer pressure and friction rather than vibration. The hard surface feels amazing on the clitoris, and because the glass is seamless it glides over your skin without tugging or catching.

The flared base makes this toy safe for anal play.  I thought the idea of using a rose to play with my rosebud was kind of cheeky and cute.  Glass is compatible with all kinds of lube and the silky texture makes it ideal for butt play.  Just as the ridged tip felt great on my clit, it also created a really pleasurable sensation against my anus.  If you’re experienced with butt play and are looking to try something a little bit different and daring, I’d definitely recommend giving this toy a try. Again, the longer length of the shaft gives you plenty of room to hold and manipulate this toy.  I did find the super-straight design a little more awkward for anal play but in the right position it works perfectly.

The one downside to the No. 12 is that it’s slippery to hold onto.  Because the surface is so slick, if you’ve got lube on your hands or the toy it’s really hard to get a good grip on it.  It’s a good idea to have a towel nearby to remove any excess lube before you start thrusting to make sure that the toy isn’t going to skid out of your hand.

If you’re into BDsM this would be a great toy for you.  Not only does it look gorgeous but glass makes an ideal material for temperature play.  The wand can easily be warmed up with a heating pad or warm water or cooled down in the freezer for a unique sensation.  The contrast of the ultra feminine design with the rigid glass makes this toy both beautiful and intimidating, perfect for femme-domme scenes.  It also fits very nicely into a harness if you want to try pegging or strap-on play.

At $55, the Icicles No 12 is a bargain for a good-quality dildo.  It’s non-porous and body safe, waterproof and easy to clean.  If you’re interested in trying a glass toy this would be a great option as you could give it a shot without spending a lot of money.  It’s a great quality toy that will last for years with proper care.

I truly adore the Icicles No. 12.  It’s a versatile toy with a multitude of kinky uses.  The romantic design is both practical and gorgeous, and it’s a great choice if you want a dildo that doesn’t look overtly phallic.  It’s unyielding texture is such a contradiction of the delicate appearance and it’s perfect for playing with the mind as well as the body.

Product review: Feeldoe by Tantus

The FeeldoeThe Feeldoe is one of the weirder looking toys in my toybox.  It resembles what I imagine a boomerang made out of a cock would look like.  But the value of the Feeldoe goes far beyond it’s appearance, and it’s a surprising and versatile toy.

The Feeldoe is Tantus’s patented “strapless strap-on”.  The idea is that a person with a vagina can insert the short bulb end into their vagina and hold it in place with their pelvic floor muscles.  They then have a cock that they can use to penetrate their partner without having to fiddle with harnesses.  I loved the idea of a strapless strap-on, because although I don’t mind wearing a harness for strap-on play, there was something very intimate about the idea of not needing one, of being able to be completely naked while still wearing a strap-on.  Another reason that I was drawn to this toy is that I felt it would solve the issue I have with the lack of biofeedback during strap-on sex.  See, when you’re having sex with a strap on, you don’t have the same level of sensation as you would if the toy were actually a part of your body.  And so I thought that having a portion of the toy inside me would make it a more pleasurable experience.

After a few tries to use the Feeldoe for it’s intended purpose, I was ready to give up.  As a strapless strap-on, I feel that the Feeldoe fails woefully for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, once the toy is inserted, it juts out at a strange angle from my body.  The stem that holds the bulb end onto the toy is very flexible and the dildo is quite heavy, which causes the cock to bob about wildly when you move.  It makes it difficult to penetrate your partner, to thrust or change positions during sex because the whole unit just feels wobbly and insecure. In order to give the toy some stability, I have to stand with my thighs squeezed together to hold it in place.  Not only is this not a very sexy position, but it is damn hard to thrust when you’ve got your legs held tightly against each other.  I’m afraid that my partner will think I need to pee, or am indulging in a mid-coital Time Warp break.

The other reason the Feeldoe doesn’t work well for me is that it just doesn’t want to stay in position.  See, the funny thing about vaginas is that when they get aroused, they become wetter, more slippery and more open.  And those three factors are disastrous when you’re trying to hold a slick silicone bulb inside yourself while pleasing a partner.  I’m convinced that Xena is the only woman with kegel muscles strong enough to hold this toy in place long enough to fuck her partner with it.  The only way this toy really stays in place is if the person wearing it is lying or sitting and the partner who is being penetrated mounts them.  Which is very fun, but somewhat limiting if you can only use it in certain positions.

On their website, Tantus suggest using a harness with this toy if you have trouble keeping it in place or if you want more support.  Which is fine, but entirely defeats the purpose of a strapless strap on.

So as a strapless strap-on, the Feeldoe really missed the mark for me.  But that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad toy at all!  In fact, I think it’s an amazing toy with several very versatile uses.

Firstly, as a regular dildo it freaking rules.  It’s a nice, firm silicone, it’s got a lovely curve and the pronounced head is wonderful for g-spot play.  It’s also safe for anal play, and the super smooth texture makes it great for going in the back door. It’s also not terribly thick, but nice and long which makes for a very satisfying anal experience if you’re exploring depth rather than width.

The most surprising use for this toy came to me while I was reading this comic by Shelby Criswell for Oh Joy Sex Toy.  In the comic, the author talks about how the Feeldoe opened up a world of masturbation for him by allowing him to masturbate with a penis that feels like it’s part of his body.  When I read that, I had to give this a try.  Now, I’ve never fantasised about having a penis, and I don’t have any kind of dysphoria around my genitals so I can’t speak about those experiences.  But what I can tell you is that the Feeldoe is an amazing masturbatory tool for people with vaginas.  Once the bulb end is inserted, you can jerk the dildo end as though you were masturbating a penis.  The inserted bulb provides internal stimulation on the g-spot and the ridges on the inner shaft generate friction and pressure against the clitoris.  The result is an explosive orgasm that was different to any I’ve had before.  It was a bit of a mind-fuck to be jerking off with a penis, but it was a seriously hot experience.

I definitely recommend the Feeldoe for anyone who has dreamed of having a penis, or for trans men who are finding it difficult to navigate masturbation with a vagina.  I can see the Feeldoe being an incredible tool for healing and empowerment for people who have felt dysphoria around their vagina by offering the opportunity to feel like you’ve got a penis of your own, and derive pleasure from that experience.  If you’re looking for a more realistic version, Tantus also make the Reeldoe, which is a flesh-toned Feeldoe with life-like features (although sadly, it only comes in one shade).

The Feeldoe also features a cavity at the bottom of the toy which can fit a vibrating bullet.  I never use this because the vibrations don’t carry well through the toy and it just gives me the feeling of an itch I can’t scratch.

The Feeldoe is made of glossy, firm silicone which feels super smooth and is easy to clean. It also comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes, including the Feeldoe More, the Feeldoe Slim and the Feeldoe Stout.  Each version comes in only one colour, which is a bit of a bummer but I do love the royal purple hue of my Feeldoe.

It’s difficult for me to give a definitive ruling on the Feeldoe.  For it’s intended purpose as a strapless strap-on, it misses the mark by a mile.  But as a stand-alone dildo it’s excellent.  Best of all, I feel like it’s a really unique toy that offers the opportunity for people with vaginas to experience masturbating with a penis.  The Feeldoe is a toy that opens the door to pleasure for trans men who have felt uncomfortable or dysphoric touching their genitals and I think it has the potential to be a tool for healing and exploration, which is an excellent thing.

Product review: Hero by Tantus

I’ve never been a fan of realistic-looking toys.  I tend to avoid dildos and vibrators that look like actual penises.  I find it really difficult to get excited about a toy that looks like it’s been chopped off a body.  So when I unboxed the Hero which was lovingly sent my way by Tantus, I was surprised that I didn’t immediately recoil at the sight of it.  Further to that, after trying the Hero, I can definitely see the merits of a toy with realistic features.

I think the thing that sets the Hero apart from a lot of realistic toys is the colour.  The Hero doesn’t come in flesh tones, but rather in shades of Peacock Blue and Periwinkle.  These bright and unconventional hues instantly make the toy look less like a disembodied appendage and more like a fun object for sexy play.  I was lucky enough to be sent the Periwinkle incarnation of the Hero, and I instantly fell in love with the colour.

As insertables go, I’d say that the Hero ranks at the midpoint in terms of size.  The insertable length is only 5.5 inches, which is plenty to satisfy but still not the largest of the toys I’ve tried.  The diameter of the toy is 2 inches, which is enough to give a nice full feeling, but not so massive that I need to warm up with another toy before I use it.  The shorter length of the Hero makes it great for harness play, because it’s easier to control than a longer dildo.  I find that longer dildos can be more challenging to use in a harness because they can be unwieldy when thrusting and there’s always the danger of being too aggressive and hitting your partner in the cervix (which is no fun for anyone).  The stout shape makes the Hero a great option for strap-on sex.

The other thing that makes the Hero one of my favourite strap-on dildos is those bulging balls hanging from the base of the toy.  I’ve never really understood the appeal of testicles on dildos, other than for aesthetic reasons.  When I strapped the Hero into my harness for the first time, my eyes were opened.  If you’re the partner who is wearing the harness, often you miss out stimulation during play.  But when I’m wearing the Hero, those balls line up beautifully with my pubic mound, which provides pressure and stimulation while I’m thrusting.  If you have a clitoris and you enjoy strap-on sex, I definitely recommend giving the Hero a go.

If you’re using the Hero for solo play, those balls also really come in handy.  They provide an excellent base so that you can stand the toy upright on a chair, bed or in the bathtub and ride it. Even though this particular toy isn’t suction cup compatible (as a lot of Tantus toys are) it’s still stable enough to use on a flat surface without it tipping over.  If you prefer toys that you can mount, the Hero is a great choice.

When I saw the super-straight shaft on the Hero, I was doubtful whether this would be adequate for g-spot play.  I prefer curved toys that really target my g-spot as opposed to straight shafts that tend to miss it.  However, I was totally wrong about the Hero.  Even though it doesn’t hit my g-spot directly, that pronounced coronal ridge strums against it during thrusting, which was something I hadn’t experienced before and really enjoyed.  This indirect rubbing on my g-spot was enough for me to orgasm without even touching my clitoris, something that is almost unheard of for me.  The downside of the pronounced head is that it made the toy a little difficult for me to insert, because it kept catching on my pubic bone.  But with plenty of lube and a little patience, I was able to avoid this problem.

The Hero is made of matte silicone with a fairly firm texture.  The firmness of the toy was the factor that made this toy such a joy for my g-spot, and also makes it easy to control in a harness.  However, there is also a Super Soft version of the Hero if you’d prefer something a bit more forgiving.  I have a Destiny Super Soft from Tantus, which provides less intense internal stimulation but is still great to give you something to clench around during play.  The matte silicone has a slightly sticky texture to it and tends to collect dust and hair readily.  I’m not a fan of that sticky feel, but it does go away when the toy is wet or lubed up.  The high-quality silicone is body safe, easy to clean and can be sterilised in boiling water or in the top shelf of your dishwasher.

After playing with the Hero, I’ve done a 90 degree turn on my opinion of realistic toys.  I’m still not ready to go for something that looks lifelike, but I see how certain features which are inspired by real genitals can provide extra stimulation for out-of-this-world play.  The Hero is a perfect hybrid between fantasy and reality and hits all the right notes.

Product review: Stainless steel princess plug

I started my butt-play adventures with a slim dildo and a small silicone plug.  After countless joyful sessions with each, I felt ready to move onto something more daring.  When I spotted this stainless steel butt plug at Kinkfest I knew it was just the toy I was looking for.  My decision was sealed when I caught the glitter of a giant purple jewel beaming on the base of the plug.  This royal toy was fit for a princess!  I gleefully took my new plug home to play.

I’d been keen to try a stainless steel toy ever since I’d read Erika’s review of the Njoy Pure Plug on Oh Joy Sex Toy.  The idea of wearing something metal inside your butt was more than a little intimidating to me, but it also tickled my curiosity until I knew that I just had to give it a go. And so, armed with a vibrator, my plug and plenty of lube, I embarked on my royal buttplug adventure.

The most noticeable feature of this plug is it’s temperature.  When you pick it up in your hand, that bad boy is freezing.  Inserting an icy-cold plug is a unique experience, and one that I didn’t find at all unpleasant. It’s a totally new sensation that wakes up all of those super sensitive nerve endings in your anus and makes them very receptive to touch.  After a short while, the steel warms up to your body heat, which feels amazing once it’s inside.  Unlike silicone plugs, steel plugs conduct temperature beautifully which makes them ideal for temperature and sensation play.

In addition to being cold, stainless steel is also wonderfully slick and smooth.  The surface of this toy has absolutely no seams or marks which means it’s easy to insert and comfortable to wear. There are no rough edges to irritate your backside and it offers very little resistance or drag.  It doesn’t dry out your lube like silicone toys tend to, which means you can play comfortably for longer.

I’m a huge fan of the shape of this plug.  It has a traditional teardrop shape, with a pointed tip flaring out to a rounded body, getting gradually wider.  Then at the widest point, it nips in again to a very narrow stem and flared base.  This shape has a number of benefits.  Firstly, that pointed tip is ideal for warming up the anus, ready for play.  It’s a nice small surface that you can press gently against the opening while you wait for it to relax.   The gradual widening of the body allows you to gently ease the toy into your backdoor, without feeling forced or tight.  I am especially impressed with the narrow stem.  I find plugs that allow your anus to accept the toy and then close behind the widest part to be the most comfortable for long term wear.  If the stem of the plug is too thick, it can result in a stretching sensation that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The princess plugs are definitely heftier than a silicone butt plug.  Stainless steel is rigid and heavy and that weight is obvious when you are wearing the plug.  When standing or walking, it puts gentle pressure on the opening of the anus, the location of many sensitive nerve endings.  This weight and pressure feels amazingly pleasurable without being too intense.  The rigid material gives you a really full feeling, even though the plug itself isn’t very large.  In this way, stainless steel offers a uniquely sensual experience that I’ve never had with any of my silicone plugs.

This toy has a number of uses.  Firstly, it’s a good warm-up for more intense anal play.  Secondly, it’s fun to wear for more extended periods to increase arousal and draw your attention to your butt.  Like wearing a pair of ben wah balls, walking around with a plug in has a feeling of delicious taboo, like  you have a secret that nobody else knows about.  Finally, I love wearing this plug during penetrative play.  The rigid material and sloped shape help to narrow your vaginal canal, so penetration feels tighter and more intense.  The angle of the toy also directs your partner’s penis or dildo towards your g-spot.  If you struggle to stimulate your g-spot during penetrative sex, then wearing a butt plug during sex could be a fun solution.

I also adore the base of this plug.  When inserted, that little gem looks adorable sparkling between my butt cheeks.  It’s like arse jewellery!  The base is wide enough to stop the toy venturing further than it should, but small enough to nestle between the folds of your backside so that it’s not obtrusive and uncomfortable.

Stainless steel is an amazing material for butt toys because it’s non porous and easy to clean.  It won’t harbour any smells and there is no place for bacteria to get trapped and fester.  You can easily clean it in the sink with warm water and gentle soap.

I purchased my princess plug from Black Peaches, an Australian vendor who is sadly no longer operating. However there are a number of similar plugs on the market.  DDlg world has a range of stainless steel plugs, including ones with heart-shaped jewels, ones with tails attached and adorable rosebud adornments.  You can use the code NESSBOW to get 10% off your order at DDlg world, which makes these plugs super affordable.  If you”re interested in something at the higher end of the scale, Lucent makes a very beautiful jewel accented plug with chrome plating.

Product review: OVO L1 Loveballs

I’d been on the hunt for a set of kegel balls when I spotted the OVO Loveballs.  I’d previously tried a set of basic Doc Johnson Ben Wah Balls which I wasn’t taken with.  Then I got a set of duoballs as part of a “free gift with purchase”.  I liked them a lot but they were average quality and I resolved to upgrade to something a bit sturdier.  That’s when I found the OVO Loveballs at the Passionate Jade stall at Kinkfest.   They were only $30, which seemed like the perfect price for an experiment.  So I  snapped up a set and took them home to play with.

Firstly, let’s quickly talk about the difference between ben wah balls and duoballs.  Both are inserted into the vagina with the purpose of strengthing the kegels to provide stronger orgasms, a tighter vaginal canal and even assist with incontinence.  Ben wah balls are a pair of solid balls that are inserted and held in place by the vaginal walls.  Duoballs on the other hand feature a free moving ball encased in an outer shell.   They usually come in pairs and are inserted into the vaginal canal.  While the wearer has to focus on contracting the kegel muscles to keep a set of ben wah balls in place, wearing a set of duoballs is a more passive experience.  The inner balls move slightly during normal activity and this movement is felt by the kegel muscles.  The muscles will contract involuntarily in response to this movement.  So when you wear a set of duoballs, you don’t have to concentrate on actively working the kegel muscles, the muscles basically do the work for you.

The OVO Loveballs come packaged in a dainty little box.  The box contains two sets of duoballs- a lightweight coloured set and a heavier silver set.   The balls come in three different colours: light blue, violet and lilac.  I got the lilac set.  The kit also contains a silicone casing which holds two balls at a time.  There is also a warranty card (the OVO products all come with a 15 year warranty) and an instruction manual (which seems excessively thick for a booklet that could just read “stick these up your vagina, go about your business, remove, wash, repeat”).

The OVO Loveballs won an honourable mention in the 2013 Red Dot Design awards.  The clever design makes these duoballs really versatile and suitable for a range of bodies.  To begin with, the outer casing is a soft, pliable silicone which is non-porous and body safe.  The balls themselves are made of ABS plastic, which is body safe but can be porous.  Which means that they are safe to use, but not safe to share.

The intended way to use the duoballs is to select the two that you wish to use, slip them into the silicone casing and then insert them into your vagina.  The casing is really soft and it’s easy to slip the balls in and out as needed.  The casing also has a nifty retrieval cord which makes it extremely easy to remove the toy from your body.  However, I noticed that using the Loveballs in this way doesn’t work for my body all the time.  The reason for this is that I have a fairly low cervix, which means that my vaginal canal is relatively shallow.  Like most women, the depth of my vagina changes throughout the month, as the cervix moves up and down during my monthly cycle.  So early in my cycle, wearing the balls in the casing was perfectly comfortable.  Later in my cycle, I found that my vagina was too shallow to insert the balls far enough to be comfortable when they were in the casing.

The OVO Loveballs cleverly get around this issue though, because you can just as easily insert the balls without the casing.  So on days when my cervix is riding a little lower, I can just use one ball instead of two and it’s much more comfortable.  You could also take this approach if you’re finding that two balls is too heavy to begin with, starting with just one of the lighter balls and then working your way up.

Being able to remove the balls from the case also means that you can mix and match weights, starting with the two light balls, then one of each, then the two heavy balls.  I personally love this feature because it recognises that no two vaginas are the same, and every vagina changes a bit depending on a range of hormonal and physical factors.  I am impressed with this toy’s ability to accommodate a range of physical differences and allows you to customise how you use them.

There are two slight downsides to using the balls without the casing.  The first is that you won’t have that handy retrieval cord.  That’s not a big deal, because it’s pretty easy to reach the balls if you squat and/ or bear down a little with your pelvic floor.  But if you don’t like fumbling around in your vagina then this might not be for you.  Secondly, each of the balls has a seam where the two halves have been joined together.  You can easily position the casing so that it covers this seam, but without the case the seam is exposed.  The balls are fairly smooth, but you might find that this seam causes discomfort or irritation after a long period of use.  It also makes the balls tricky to clean, because bodily secretions tend to gather in the seam.

I’ve worn my OVO Loveballs a lot and they’re really comfortable.  I started out wearing these around the house, and quickly felt adventurous enough to leave the house with them.  They stay in place perfectly.  I’ve worn them to the supermarket, on the train, out to dinner and to the movies with no dramas.  You can feel the inner balls moving around as you shift your weight but it’s not a strong sensation.

One thing I will note is that the Loveballs are advertised as being “inaudible” and I don’t think they are.  I have noticed that if I make a sharp movement I can hear them rattling even when they’re inside my body.  While they are discreet, they do make a very quiet noise in response to sudden and dramatic motion.  But I mean, I doubt anyone will notice and if they do, it’s unlikely they’d guess that the noise they’re hearing is something rattling inside your vagina.

The Ovo Loveballs probably won’t rock your socks or feel stimulating to wear.  However, they can be excellent for foreplay as they really draw your attention to your genitals, and can make you feel like you’re doing something cheeky and taboo.  They’re also excellent for BDsM play as a Top might order a submissive to wear them in preparation for a meeting, or in public as punishment for a transgression.  Although they don’t produce an orgasm on their own, they can be a great tool for putting you in a sexy mindset or to introduce during power exchange scenes.

For just $30 I think the OVO Loveballs are an excellent addition to your toybox.  They’re admirable quality for the price and they’re so versatile.  They will work for a huge range of bodies and you can easily customise them to suit your needs.  They’re beautifully designed and can open up a range of play options.  If you’re interested in improving your kegel strength or just want something fun to try, I definitely recommend giving these a go.