Daily outfit 26/8/2013

Today’s outfit post is a slightly sad one for me.  This is probably going to be the last outfit post that I do in front of this mossy wall in the house that Ross and I shared.  This afternoon I’m going to pick up the keys for my new flat, and by this time next week I’ll hopefully be living there.  I’ll have to find a whole new place to take outfit photos.

So here it is: my final outfit post in this house.

DSCF8778I am wearing:

– Red sequinned beret from Sportsgirl

– Red Pucca top (thrifted)

– Black and white striped rag skirt from Temt

– Black cut-out leggings from Rubi

– Red ballet flats from Steve Madden

– Lego ring from Nerd Burger jewellery

– Flower ring from Surfers Paradise.


It’s been a miserable couple of days, made more dreary by the task of packing up all my things.  I hate moving, and I particularly dislike moving away from this place.  The day I moved in I was so excited, so filled with hope and promise.  It feels so hollow to be leaving with things in such a shambles.  That’s why I’ve put on so many bright colours, to try to inject a bit of cheer into my mood.

DSCF8779This shirt is one of my favourite thrift finds.  It’s the perfect mix of cute and kitsch and it suits my style so well.  The little figure on the front is padded so she stands out from the rest of the shirt, which is a fun touch.  It cost me a grand total of $3.


So next time I write an outfit post it will be from my new place.  I’m going to be without internet for a few days after I move, so don’t panic if my posts are a bit slow or sporadic, or if I don’t reply to your comments or emails.  I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth, I’m just in an internet-free zone.

Wish me luck!


Daily outfit 7/8/2013

I’ve been making an effort to wear more dresses and skirts lately.  When winter rolls in, I have a tendency to hang out in jeans and pants because they’re warmer.  But I did a wardrobe clear out last week and realised that I’ve got a drawer filled with stockings and tights that I just don’t wear often enough.  So I’m trying to branch out in my winter wardrobe.


DSCF8682I am wearing:

– Red dress from Free Fusion at Target

– Black cardigan with red flowers (swiped from my friend Kate’s wardrobe)

– Black herringbone tights from Big W.

– Red and black satin stilettos (thrifted)

– Giant black flower ring (gift from my parents)

-Red rose stud earrings



I am a huge fan of herringbone tights.  They’re a great pattern which lengthens the legs and looks a tiny bit classier than fishnets.  They’re perfect for pairing with vintage outfits or for dressing up an otherwise plain dress.  If you like to wear all-black outfits, textured tights are a great way to break up your ensembles and add a little bit of pizazz.


DSCF8685Another reason that I’m sticking with skirts and dresses is that I’ve lost quite a lot of weight lately.  Not intentionally, but I’ve been under a lot of stress and I tend to shed kilos like crazy when I’m under pressure.  My appetite has disappeared too, and I seem to be suffering a case of break-up-orexia.  It really sucks because all of my pants are now fitting too loose.  Hopefully I’ll be back to my usual size soon.  I’m not loving being so teeny-weenie.


DSCF8686Do you love textured tight too?  What’s your favourite pattern?




Daily outfit 17/7/2013

Today while I was getting dressed, disaster struck.  One of my favourite pairs of boots broke.  And I don’t mean that they just broke a little bit, they are freakin’ totalled.  The sole has completely come away from the upper and one of the zippers is busted.

So instead I decided to wear a pair of freak-em heels with this outfit.  I think it works.


DSCF8542I am wearing:

– Black bodysuit from Supre

– Black and white zebra striped skirt from Target

– Red wool wrap (gift from Ross’s mum)

– Fishnet tights from Big W

– Black heels from Rubi Shoes

– Amethyst ring

– Peridot ring (from my grandmother’s jewellery box).

– Long silver tone chain from Diva

– Leaf bangle (birthday gift from Ross’s sister)


I’m feeling a little bit Cruella in this outfit, what with all the animal print and all the diva-esque accents

DSCF8545Speaking of animal print.  I realised that I’ve inadvertently paired two different animal prints together.  I had no idea until I took these pictures.  Oh well, I think it kind of works because the print on the tights is subtle.

DSCF8547My bangle is brand new too!  I got it for my birthday from Ross’s sister, and I love it.


My makeup today is from my Urban Decay Theodora palette.  I can’t even express how awesome this palette is.  The packaging rocks, the shadows are really pigmented and easy to blend and the colours are gorgeous.  The lipstick that comes with the Theodora palette is insanely lovely too.  So glossy and long-lasting.  I’m a fan!

DSCF8543So even though this outfit started off with a broken pair of shoes, and it breaks a couple of fashion rules, I’m still pretty darn happy with it.

Daily outfit 3/6/2013

Welcome to winter!  Normally I get really lazy with my outfits when the weather gets cold.  I get sucked into the trap of just wanting to wear pyjamas and trackie-dacks to escape from the cold weather.  It’s silly really because I have a closet full of gorgeous winter clothes that don’t get worn often enough.  So to pull myself out of this little slump, I’m going to aim to do outfit posts twice a week instead of just weekly.  That’s good news for you guys, because according to the reader survey I did at the start of the year, Daily Outfit posts are your favourite kind of posts on this blog.  Hooray!  Everyone wins!


Last weekend, my mother and I went on a vintage shopping trip.  Mum was at a bit of a loss for birthday-present ideas for me, so she decided to just give me money to spend on vintage clothes. It was quite nostalgic because we used to go clothes shopping every year on my birthday when I was a teenager.  It was great to spend some quality time with just the two of us.

DSCF8283Also, I got some incredible clothes.  I will show you some pictures of them tomorrow, but I’m not allowed to actually wear any of the things we bought until after my birthday (boo!)

DSCF8281I am wearing:

– Black beret from Target

– Red and white striped jumper (thrifted)

– Blue jeans (thrifted)

– Red mary janes from I Love Billy

– Silver signet ring (8th birthday present from my parents)

– Amethyst ring (gift from Ross)

DSCF8282I went for a kind of “so Frenchy, so chic” look.  I knew that I was going to be trying on a lot of clothes, so I didn’t want to wear anything that had too many buttons or frills.  I also needed to be comfortable, as there was going to be a lot of walking about.  Also, it was flippin’ freezing that day, so I rugged up with a coat and gloves as well.

DSCF8286I really loved my hair this way.  I’m having a bit of a love affair with French braids at the moment, so I started off with one of those to give the top of my hair some soft texture.  For the bottom of my braid, I tried out a new rope braiding technique.  I was inspired by Game of Thrones, as both Cercei and Sansa were wearing this style in the last episode.  Cercei is such a bitch, but she has fabulous hair. (Although I think Daenerys has the best hair of all, closely followed by Kahl Drogo.  Sometimes I imagine how amazing their baby’s hair would have been.  But I digress).


I had a really fun day shopping with Mum, and I can’t wait to show off all my vintage treasures tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to include them all in outfit posts when I’m finally allowed to wear them too!

Daily outfit 6/5/2013

I’ve been on the hunt for a new winter coat for a while now.  I have a few coats, but none of them are suitable to pair with some of my vintage outfits.  I used to have a gorgeous soft pink pea-coat that was perfect for pairing with vintage.  Sadly, I completely wore it out and it had to be retired a few years ago.  Ever since, I’ve been on the look out for something to replace it.

A couple of weekends ago, I was describing what I was looking for in a coat to Ross’s mum.  I said that I wanted something that was at least knee-length, with large buttons.  I wanted something with a slight flare at the waist, so that I could comfortably wear it with fuller skirts.  I also wanted a nice colour.  Sure, black goes with everything, but isn’t it so much more fun to wear pink, or red or green when everything outside is grey?

The very next day I stumbled across my dream coat in St Vinnies.  For just $8.  Perfect!


I love this coat so much!  It’s got lovely deep pockets, which is a plus for me.  It’s warm without being too heavy or bulky and it’s a great fit.  What a win.



I wore it for the first time with some fun tights and pearls (fake, of course!)

I am wearing:

– Red coat (thrifted)

– Black bodysuit from Supre

– Black and red skirt from Seven Angels

– Black herringbone tights from Big W

– Black patent leather heels from Nine West

– Long strand of faux pearls (thrifted)

– Assorted silver rings

– Red snood (handmade by yours truly)


I made this snood last weekend.  I went to a toy-customising party, but I had decided ahead of time that I wouldn’t be doing any painting.  (You all remember my custom My Little Pony, right?).  Instead, I took along a bag of crocheting, and finished quite a few projects while everyone else painted away.  I fished this yarn out of the bargain bin at Spotlight.  I was instantly drawn to the red colour and the sparkly strands running through it.  I’ve still got a couple of balls left, so if anyone wants a snood of their own, just let me know!



It’s been a good week for op-shop finds.  I’m ticked pink with my new coat, especially since it seems that I dreamed it into being.

Disney Villains makeup series: Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians.

Welcome to another installment of my Disney Villains makeup series.  Each month, I choose a Disney Villain and create a look inspired by them.  I’m sharing monthly pictures of the different looks I’ve created, as well as video tutorials to show you how to get the look for yourself.  This month, I’m drawing my inspiration from Disney’s most notorious fashion victim: Cruella De Vil.


I chose to do a Cruella-inspired look this month because Cruella De Vil was the Disney villain that scared me the most when I was a little girl.   When I was small, I had a cocker spaniel named Sasha who had a beautiful golden coat, and I was terrified that Cruella would steal her and then turn her into a coat.  I had a very active imagination as a child.

When I was planning this look, I knew that I wanted to focus heavily on shades of black and white, to mirror Cruella’s two-toned hair.  After a little research, I discovered that 101 Dalmatians was released in 1961, which gave me the idea to do a 60’s inspired eye.  I love the look of a graphic cut-crease eyeshadow, and this was the perfect look to experiment with that.


I also figured that the look should feature a red lip, because that’s one of the signature elements of Cruella’s look.


Although I was frightened of the animated Cruella, I wasn’t as scared of her 1996 incarnation.  When Glenn Close revived the character in the 1996 live-action film, I was mesmerised by her costumes. I love the angular lines and monochromatic elements in Cruella’s look.

My mother actually took me to the cinema to see 101 Dalmations when I was 10 years old.  It was the middle of summer, and the air-con was cranking in the theatre.  I remember looking over at my mother at one point during the film and bursting out laughing when I saw that she had hoiked up her long skirt and wrapped it around her arms to keep her warm.


As always, I’ve made a video tutorial to show you how I created the look.  You can watch it right here.


As always, if you’d like to request a villain for me to do next time, please feel free to get in touch!

Daily outfit 20/3/2013: Oz the Great and Powerful

This outfit post has been a long time coming.  I took these pictures more than a week ago!  This is the outfit that I wore the night that Ross and I went to see Oz: The Great and Powerful.  I wanted to dress up because it was date-night.  Also, I wanted my outfit to have a bit of an Oz twist, without looking too costumey.

DSCF7843I am wearing:

– Emerald green satin camisole from Pilgrim

– Black pinstripe trousers (thrifted)

– Ruby slippers from Payless shoes

– Beetle ring (gift from my parents)

– Butterfly necklace (gift from Ross)


This top is actually part of an outfit I bought years ago to go an see Wicked.  It has a matching emerald green silk skirt with a gigantic slit that I adore.  I decided against wearing the entire outfit, because I thought that it was a tad too dressy for the movies.  That’s why I like buying separates for formal occasions.  You’ll get more wear out of the outfit if you can split the pieces up and dress them up or down for other events.  I’ll have to style the skirt for another outfit to show you how lovely it is.


As funny as it sounds, my green outfit is one that I truly do save for special occasions.  I don’t really believe in having “special occasion” clothes, because it seems like a waste to me.  I try to wear most of my wardrobe on a regular basis.  This was a very expensive outfit though, so I don’t like to bust it out too often.  It’s also nice to have something truly special tucked away for really important events.  When you dress up most days, it can be tricky to find something to wear on an occasion where you really have to look special.  When your everyday wear is dressier than most folks fancy-day clothes, it’s nice to have one truly special thing to wear on important days.

DSCF7848Ross gave me this butterfly necklace for our first Christmas together.  I adore butterflies, and this is one of my all-time favourite pieces of jewellery.


I couldn’t have gone to see an Oz movie without my ruby slippers!

And how was the movie?  Well, in short, I loved it.  I won’t spoil it for you, but I thought it was fantastic.  Although it’s a long movie, it moves pretty quickly, and there were no points where I thought, “Man, this is really dragging”.  I highly recommend it.  It has some pretty scary scenes though, so I wouldn’t advise taking small children to see it.  Seriously, if you thought the flying monkeys were frightening the first time around, let me tell you that you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Do you have special occasion clothes?