What I Wore 11/7/2017

I’ve been craving texture and pattern lately.  I like mixing and matching items that kinda-clash and kinda-match in ways that feel pleasing to me.  I enjoy deep, rich colours and fabrics that feel soft to the fingers.  I love throwing all of these elements together into one outfit that is comfortable and sassy.


I am wearing:

  • Art deco earrings from Lovisa
  • Black tee shirt from Uniqlo
  • Chevron cropped jumper from Mink Pink (thrifted)
  • Satin lounge pants from Target
  • Sparkle socks from Target
  • Loafers from Target
  • Fox pin (birthday present from David)
  • Assorted bangles (all thrifted)

Rocking loafers and shiny socks just like MJ.  If only I also had his moves.


This outfit was worn for an evening of dinner and computer games with my family.  We played several rounds of Murder Trivia Party which has quickly become one of our favourite games to play when my brother comes to visit.  It appeals to both my love of trivia and our dark sense of humour.

This pin was a birthday gift from my love, David.  His nickname for me is “little fox” and for my special day he bought me a whole host of fox-themed gifts.  This pin is just so adorable and the colours are perfect with this jumper.


After dinner I enjoyed a brief snuggle with my dad’s cat, Branson.  Branson is an absolute sweetheart, but he’s got to be the most awkward cat I’ve ever met.  He’s got incredibly long limbs and is super gangly.  When he runs down the hallway there are just legs and paws going all over the place, as he slips and slides.  There isn’t an ounce of grace in him, and yet he’s just the sweetest little friend.  He also has such perfectly white paws that look as though they’ve been dipped into fresh cream, which only adds to his appeal.


This comfy clash of separates was the perfect thing to wear for a family evening of fun.


What I Wore: 12/7/2016

I often struggle to decide what to wear when I go to the theater.  It seems like the perfect occasion to dress to the nines.  But often when I head out to catch a show I grab matinee tickets, so full evening attire is a tad excessive.  And I usually have to travel into the city to get to the theater, so I don’t want to wear anything too uncomfortable or cumbersome.  Such were the dilemmas I faced when selecting an outfit to wear to see Singing In The Rain at the Princess Theater with my mother.

Although it went against my every instinct, I decided to go with jeans for the day.  Jeans?  At the theater?  Surely I’m losing my mind?  Well, I like to think that the jeans were acceptable because they were well fitted, in a fun dark tartan print.  I also made sure that the rest of my outfit was polished so that I didn’t look like I’d just thrown any old thing on.  I wanted to look special but still be comfortable.


I accessorized with this fantastic Erstwilder brooch I got as a birthday gift from my friends Kath and Evan.  It was difficult to get a good picture of it, but it’s a lipstick and hand mirror joined my a chain.  Kath excitedly informed me that it can also be worn as sweater clips!  I don’t own a single set of sweater clips, so I’m looking forward to trying these out in that capacity.


One thing I’ve learned from several years of thinking about fashion and dress is this: striking hair and makeup will take a relatively simple outfit to the next level.  And so I paid extra attention to my coiffure on this particular day.  I arranged the front of my hair into a set of swirling pin-curls and swept the rest back and under a hand-made snood.


I swept on a subtle cats-eye liner and let my lips steal the show. This lip colour is Possessed Intense from Lipstick Queen. It’s my current favourite lippie.


I am wearing:

  • Red snood (handmade by me)
  • Black cardigan with faux-leopard trim (gift from my parents)
  • Silver hoop earrings
  • Black turtleneck from Country Road
  • Forever 21 tartan jeans (thrifted)
  • Black motorcycle boots from Big W
  • Erstwilder Brooch

I was extremely pleased with my outfit choice for the day.  I was comfortable and still felt stylish.  And as an added bonus, my hair stayed intact even during the simulated rain inside the theater and a real windstorm outside.  I call that a win.

What I wore: Suffragette

This past week has been a week of insane weather.  It’s been crazy hot and humid, and it’s the first week of March.  Just as I expected the days to begin to get a little crisper and a little cooler, the temperature has soared and I’ve felt like I’m permanently awash with sweat.


In an effort to beat the heat I made a dash to the cinema last weekend.  Our local cinema can always be counted on to be goosepimply-cold, so it’s a very nice place to be during a heatwave.  I hopped along to see Suffragette, which was a splendid film.


I had a bit of trouble deciding what to wear. I wanted something that evoked the spirit of the 1920’s but I also needed to make sure that i would be cool enough during the sweltering walk to the pictures.  I opted for pants to avoid the dreaded chub-rub situation and a pretty camisole to top it off.  I swept my hair up into a back roll, but my fan quickly rumpled it and caused a bevvy of flyaways before I could smooth it out with hairspray.


dscf0863_zpsstehrdbfI am wearing:

  • Cream lace camisole from Ladakh
  • Black and white printed trousers from Target
  • Black flatforms from Big W
  • Vintage stirling silver earrings
  • Silver filigree bangle (21st birthday gift from my parents)


My lipstick is one of my all-time favourite shades: Lipstick Queen’s Velvet Rope Collection in Entourage.  Not only is the colour absolutely stunning, but this formula is indestructible.  It lasts through sweltering weather, popcorn, greasy pizza and goodbye kisses without so much as a smudge or a smear.  And it stays feeling velvety and moist on the lips.  It’s magic, basically.

dscf0865_zps68iukwldIn spite of the horrendous weather I felt cool and happy in my cami-and-trousers ensemble.


What have you been wearing to beat the heat?

Things I Love Thursday: 19/11/2015

This past week has been a very busy one.  I’ve been quite the social butterfly, flitting from one meeting to the next.  While I enjoy heading out into the world and meeting people, it’s important for me to have time to myself as well to keep grounded.  My weekly Things I Love Thursday post is one of my favourite grounding practices.


This week I love:

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Sleepy Jelly. #cats #kitty #sleepy #adorable

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  • Miss Jellylorum.  My sweet little lady turned eight last Friday.  I know it sounds corny, but Jelly really is my best friend.  She is such a constant companion and she’s been with me through good times and bad.  I think it’s also fair to say that this tortoiseshell diva has saved my life on a couple of occasions.  When I’ve been at my very lowest, and wondering if it might not be better if I weren’t here at all, the though of leaving Jelly alone is too much for me to bear.  When you are depressed, it’s easy to think that the people in your life might not miss you if you weren’t here, but it’s hard to feel that way about animals.  I love her, and I know that she loves me.  She’s precious.
  • Planning dates to the zoo in the near future.
  • Breathing a sigh of relief that all my friends are safe and sound in the wake of the trauma in Paris
  • Wearing feathers in my hair.
  • Lunches down the lake.
  • Getting excited about Christmas.  I adore the festive season, but I make myself wait until December 1st before I will allow myself to get out any decorations or seasonal treats.  And it’s nearly here!  I can’t wait.
  • The apple-printed scarf I found at the op-shop for a mere fifty cents.
  • Cool nights and thunderstorms.
  • Old school Disney films.
  • Knitting. The click-clack of the needles is so soothing to me.

What do you love this week?

Daily outfit 10/2/2015

This outfit post has been a long time in the making.  Last Christmas I got an amazing pair of trousers from my parents.  They were absolutely gorgeous, but they were miles too long.  My aunt kindly offered to hem them for me.  Although I could have done it myself, I was happy to let someone else do that job so I passed them over to her.  She invited me over for a fitting, pinned the trousers to the correct length….and then forgot about them for a year.

So last week I got my Christmas 2013 trousers back from my aunt, freshly hemmed and pressed.  And I couldn’t wait to wear them.  So I popped them on to go to the movies to see Into the Woods.

See what I mean?  They’re awesome.  They have so much billow and volume. They are also really light which makes them a perfect choice for summer.

I am wearing:

– Blue vintage camisole (thrifted)

– Printed trousers (gift from my parents)

– Pierre Fontaine pucci print heels (thrifted)

– Moonstone necklace (gift from my grandparents)

– Assorted silver rings.

A close-up of the print on these trousers.  Fabulous, no?


I am having a love affair with printed and wide-legged pants at the moment, and this pair ticks all the boxes.  the only thing I don’t like about them is that they aren’t sewn at all along the sides.  Which gives them lovely movement, but it means that when you get a stiff breeze blowing, the front and back of the pants blow apart, flashing your backside to the world.  It’s not ideal.  But I’ll now know better than to wear these on a gusty day!

Daily outfit 10/12/2014

There’s no doubt about it, Summer has definitely arrived.  It’s been sticky and humid here, with a few thunderstorms thrown in.  The weather has been downright tropical, and I’ve been doing my best to keep cool.

My wardrobe choices lately have consisted of shorts and floaty blouses.  The lighter the fabric, the happier I am.  Today I’m rocking a new blouse that I got a few days ago.

I am wearing:

– Silver butterfly earrings (gift from a friend)

– Star blouse from My Pair of Wings

– Denim shorts from Target

– Tan sandals from Rubi Shoes.

Can I just take a moment to talk about this blouse?  I have a bit of an obsession with star-prints.  I’ve wanted a sheer blouse with a star pattern on it for ages.  I found this one in My Pair of Wings on etsy and ordered it without hesitation.  It arrived only a week later and I am so impressed.  The fabric is so soft and the blouse is hand-made.  I am really happy with the quality of this item and the price was phenomenal.  I am trying to move away from buying mass-produced items and doing my best to spend my clothes budget on small businesses instead.  Often, that means paying a bit more but I’m happy to do it.  However, this blouse cost about the same amount as one that I would buy from a department store, and it is so much nicer.  I’m very pleased with it.

My hair has gone nuts in this humidity.  I’ve been wearing it pinned up most days, but on this occasion I tried leaving it down.  Within a few hours it was a frizzy mess, and I had to try and wrestle it into a bun.  I love summer but my hair doesn’t.  Oh well, at least it’s somewhat better than when I used to have mega-long hair.

I’ve also been opting for sandals rather than closed-in shoes because of the heat.  My feet tend to blister very easily, and I have to be very careful to select summer shoes that won’t rub me raw.  These sandals were a bargain from Rubi shoes and they are super comfortable.  The straps are really soft and I’ve never had any blisters from wearing them, which is a definite plus.

What do you wear when the weather warms up?

Daily outfit 18/11/2014

I am one lucky little duck.  My parents went on a holiday to Sydney a couple of weeks ago and they brought me back a gorgeous new dress.  Lately, I’ve had quite  few new dresses, but this one was extra-special.  It’s the perfect Summer party dress.  Light and airy, fabric that feels beautiful against the skin and a soft wash of ocean colours.  I’m smitten.


I decided to take myself out to dinner to give myself a chance to wear this beautiful floral confection.  I went to Georgina’s, which is a very swanky restaurant in town.  The food was delicious, the service was brilliant and I was content to just chill out in a window seat and watch the world go by.


I am wearing:

– Dress By Vanessa Tong for Timeless.

– Pierre Fontaine sandals (thrifted)

– Gold heart ring (gift from my parents)

– Vintage lily brooch.


I felt so pretty in this dress.  The shape is so classic and the lightweight feel of the fabric was perfect for walking home on a balmy evening.  I felt like Audrey Hepburn, although I doubt Audrey would have stopped at the bottle-o to buy a cheeky bottle of moscato on her way home!