In the Style of: American Horror Story Freak Show

Freak Show was one of my favourite seasons of AHS.  Although I enjoyed the story and the characters, the thing that drew me in and held me tight was the costumes.  It was the first time that a season of AHS was set entirely within one time period.  The early fifties are the setting for this instalment of the titillating television show.  It was an era that mixed Hollywood glamour with rugged rock and roll and gave us some of the most enviable fashion of all time.  And Freak Show gives us a wealth of gorgeous characters with distinctly different looks to dazzle our senses.  So pull up a seat, grab your popcorn, and feast your eyes on the style of American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Dandy Mott

Spoiled and polished, this dastardly villain’s style is pure preppy.  Tailored lines, pinstripes and razor sharp accessories make Dandy’s look devilishly handsome.  Choose high collars, brogues and ascot ties to copy this look at home.  And don’t forget to add a clown tie pin, a homage to Dandy’s secret desire to run away and join the circus.

Amazon Eve

Eve’s look is down-to-earth but never sloppy.  She evokes the image of the sweet girl-next-door with her shorts and bright red sneakers.  But Eve is anything but rough and tumble.  With her off-the-shoulder blouses and gold earrings, she’s got a sexy side too.  Although she’s the one who has to hang all the lights and banners, her headscarf keeps every hair perfectly in place, so this amazon always looks sinfully gorgeous.

Elsa Mars

If there’s one word that sums up Elsa’s style, it’s “Drama”.  Elsa incorporates rich colours, luxurious fabrics and luscious textures.  This is a woman who dresses to be seen, and she wants to make sure that even the folks in the cheap seats can’t miss her.  Feathers, sequins, splits and prints all make their appearance in Elsa’s wardrobe.  Although ultra-femme with her heels and silk stockings, Elsa manages to incorporate several androgynous elements like fedoras and neckties to take power dressing to it’s glamorous pinnacle.

Desiree Dupree

Desiree is pure, unadulterated sex on a pair of teetering heels.  Her clothes are intended to entice and allure, but never give away too much of the game.  Sheer fabrics and deep plunges are common, but flouncing layers and thick furs make sure that plenty is left to the imagination.  Desiree loves dark shades and leopard print, and is never without a pair of dramatic earrings.  Gorgeous lingerie is a must for this diva, to make sure that the final flourish is as dazzling as possible when she finally disrobes.

Bette and Dot Tattler

Bette and Dot’s style is a study in duality.  There’s a definite push and pull here, and this is the style of a woman who is still very much a little girl at heart.  Sheltered and timid, yet eager to experience the delights of the big world beyond their backyard, Bette and Dot mix mature and innocent elements to create outfits that are pretty but still a tiny bit cheeky.  Soft colours, sweetheart necklines and their ever-present hairbows mix with heels, handbags and silky fabrics.  And of course, the twins are never without their journal to record every day of their adventures.




Jimmy Darling

Jimmy’s look is reminiscent of so many Hollywood bad-boys of the era.  Jimmy takes inspiration from Elvis Presley, James Dean and Marlon Brando for a look that is casual, rough and super masculine.  Jeans, fitted tee shirts and open button-downs are the staples of Jimmy’s wardrobes.  His outfits are unfussy and simple, and the colours are earthy.  The one hint of adornment is the gold chain Jimmy wears on occasion, although this lobster charm is a cheeky addition I made to his outfit.
Which character’s style do you most covet?



American Horror Story: Roanoke style

I have just finished season 6 of American Horror Story and I was completely blown away.  This season was so stylistically different from every incarnation of the show that has come before.  From the way it was presented, to the storytelling and the visual style, Roanoke was grittier, darker and more haunting than the last few seasons of AHS.  I also noticed that the costumes for this season were vastly different from what we’ve seen in the past couple of years from American Horror Story.  After the flash and panache of Freak Show and the vintage decadence of Hotel, Roanoke delivered a set of looks that seemed older, more careworn and somewhat grimier than it’s predecessors.  I thought I’d jump in and take a look at five characters from the series that I liked the most and create a look for each one of them. Starting with the baddest bitch of them all…

The Butcher

The Butcher was one of the most chilling villains AHS has produced.  She’s utterly brutal, single-minded and unconcerned about the prospect of getting blood under her fingernails.  Her look is utilitarian and harsh, with a few feminine flounces left behind from her former life as a proud lady of England.  Colours are muted and stark, boots are scuffed and accessories are few for this terror of the blood moon.




Shelby’s look is pure yoga chic.  Comfort is the name of the game, with relaxed cuts and breathable fabrics aplenty.  Choose a form-fitting tank top and yoga pants and layer over a poncho or wrap for adventures off your yoga mat.  Flat shoes are best to maintain contact with Mother Earth, especially if you find yourself traipsing through the woods.  Shelby doesn’t wear a lot of jewellery, but I couldn’t resist these molar earrings, which reminded me of one of the scenes that squicked me out the most.

Cricket Marlowe


Cricket is the epitome of minimalism.  His monochrome look embodies dark colours and body cuts and the end result is striking and powerful.  I’ve added the barest of nods to Cricket’s psychic gift with this horoscope-themed bag.  The blood red pendant is the perfect reference to the blood moon, which is the most dangerous time for the inhabitants of the Roanoke house, as Cricket finds out.  Rather than copy Cricket’s white shag haircut, I recommend topping off the look with a mystical turban.



One of the more mysterious characters in the Horror Story universe, Scathach has an earthy, feminine style.  Her clothes are old fashioned cuts, remnants left from her life before she became the witch of the forest.  Earthy tones and natural materials are woven together to create a look that is both arresting and slightly sexy.  The corset lacings and bare decolletage are enticing, but the long skirts and boots keep the look grounded.  Scathach wouldn’t be complete without her crown of antlers, and a still-beating heart to offer her subjects.

Audrey Tindall


Audrey’s style is deeply romantic, with elements of 70’s vintage and Victorian era lace collars.  She tends to wear long lines, high necklines and sweeping sleeves and skirts.  Her makeup is minimal and shoes are pretty yet functional. She is utterly elegant, favouring drop earrings which show off her long neck and delicate features to perfection.  And of course, she wouldn’t even leave the horrors of the Polk farm without her wedding ring. What a romanic!
Have you watched Roanoke yet?  What did you think?  Did you have a favourite look from the series?
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Daily outfit 10/3/2015

Brrrr!  It really seems as though somebody flicked the Autumn switch here.  The mornings have been quite chilly and the nights are closing in.  It’s good though because I’m starting to get excited about wearing the items from my wardrobe that have been neglected these past few months.  Like stockings, leggings, jumpers and scarves.  And glorious layers!  I’m celebrating by layering some fun prints today.

I am wearing:

– Grey marle cardigan from Cotton On

– Tribal print dress (gift from my parents)

– Pink leopard print tights from Rubi

– Black gladiator sandals from Sportsgirl

– Silk headscarf (thrifted)

– Beetle ring (gift)

– Gold rock ring from ASOS

– Blue beaded necklace (vintage)

I wore this outfit to go shopping for craft supplies and enjoy a coffee at my favourite cafe.

I’m trying out a new blush at the moment.  I usually go for variations on dusky pink for my blush, and this time I felt like something a bit different.  I picked Exhibit A from NARS.  It’s a bright red shade and at first I worried that it was just too darn bright for my fair skin.  But after a bit of playing around I now absolutely adore it.  I’ve also been wearing nude lipstick more often to accommodate the bright cheeks.  It’s very different to my normal look and I quite like it.  Sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone.

What have you done lately that’s pushed you out of your comfort zone?

Daily outfit 20/1/2015

I was lucky enough to unwrap a rad new Dr Who shirt on Christmas morning.  The bright design and the artsy print had me smitten from the moment I tore away the wrapping paper.  I couldn’t wait to wear it.

Multi-coloured TARDIS print?  Yes please!

I was feeling a bit rough and ready when I got dressed this day.  Here is how I styled my TARDIS shirt for it’s debut.

I am wearing:

– Dangling cat earrings (gift)

– TARDIS shirt from The Doctor Who Pop Up Store

– Tartan mini skirt from Target

– Dr Martens boots

– Silver ring (thrifted)

– Leopard ring from Equip

It was super hot the day I wore this outfit.  I have been experimenting with different ways to wear my hair up and off my neck.  It just keeps things breezy and cool.  I am so happy I no longer have my extreme mermaid-hair to contend with during summer.

I wore this outfit to do some shopping, read a book on the grass and do some knitting.

Did you get any rad new clothes for Christmas?  Have you worn them yet?

Halloween 2014: Welcome to Pleasantville.

I know it’s still a few day’s before Halloween, but as usual I got into the spirit early.  I held my annual Halloween party last Saturday.  It was a fairly subdued affair, with only a few guests.  But those who attended had an awesome time scoffing lollies and playing Silent Hill with the lights out.  Spooky!

This year I opted for a more glamorous Halloween costume than what I would usually go for.  The past few years I’ve dressed as The Joker and Corpse Bride, so it was a nice change to wear something that wasn’t quite so gruesome.

I took my inspiration for this year’s costume from the film Pleasantville and also from the work of drag queen Detox iCunt.  I have been playing around with special effects makeup a lot lately, and I wanted to see if it was possible to make it look like I was in black and white using only makeup and clever wardrobe choices.

I’m pretty flippin’ happy with how this turned out.

My costume didn’t photograph all that well.  While I still like the pictures, I feel that the effect was much more striking in person.

I did have loads of fun putting this outfit together.  I had originally thought that I would use a wig, but I couldn’t find one that I really liked.  In the end I twisted my real hair up into victory rolls and a french roll at the back and they sprayed the heck out of it with black hairspray.  It didn’t budge all night, but my hair did feel awfully helmet-like.

For the makeup, I mixed a very light grey body paint and used this over my face and any exposed skin.  As is typical of store-bought face paints, it was extremely difficult to apply a smooth and even layer.  One day when I’m rich, I’d love to try this look again with some professional quality products to see the difference.  I set the paint with a generous layer of Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder.

Then came the fun part.  It was so weird doing my makeup all in shades of black and grey.  I started with my eyes, creating a slightly smoked eye with a selection of blacks and greys.  I used a gel liner to create a big wing at the corner of my eye.  I was very generous with my mascara and was sure to add a lick of waterproof grey liner in the waterline of my eye to cover up the skin there.

For my lips I used the NYX cosmetics Macaraon lipstick in Chambord.  I am head over heels with this lip colour, and I now want to wear it as part of my every day look.  My only complaint is that it is a very emollient lipstick which tends to slip and slide all over the place.  I used a black eye liner to line my lips and a lip fixer over the top, but it still shifted all about.  Ah well, it was only $4 so I really can’t complain.

I coloured in my brows with a black eyeshadow and a stiff angled brush.  Then I used a mid-grey colour to contour my cheeks, jaw and brow.  I added a well-blended swipe of MAC chromagraphic liner to the bridge of my nose, my brow bone and the tops of my cheeks for a bit of highlight.

Even though my party wasn’t big or elaborate, I had a brilliant time.  It was awesome to catch up with some of my favourite people and just chill out.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?  Are you having a party this year?

Liptember: a word about mental health and work.

I missed out on doing a Liptember update last week because I was just too exhausted.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about how having a mental illness affects my ability to work.

For a long time I was only able to work part-time jobs.  A couple of hours at work with a constant stream of customers was enough to leave me drained and exhausted.  By the end of my shift I would be too anxious to talk to anybody.  I’d be watching the seconds tick down until I could finish up and go home.  As I left the store, I would screw my headphones tightly into my ears so that I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone.  I felt horrible for being anti social, but the truth is that interacting with people puts a huge strain on me.  I’m extremely sensitive to noise and conflict.  If I had a shift where a customer got angry or frustrated, I would feel agitated for ages afterwards.

This year I took on my first full-time job.  I’ve always felt extremely nervous about working full time because I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to handle it.  I was worried about getting tired and run-down, as my depression gets worse when I am burnt out.  I was also very concerned about the limits on my time, because I do a lot of self-care activities to help keep my mental health on an even keel.  I knew that with less time to spare, I wouldn’t be able to do those things that allow me to function on a day-to-day basis.

More than anything, I was concerned about whether I would actually be able to do my job well.  I’m a clever, well-organized person and I am a very hard worker.  But when I’m depressed, I find it hard to concentrate.  My memory suffers and I can get quite snappish with people.  I become very tired and jittery.  I find it difficult to cope when new tasks are thrown at me while I’m still working on old ones.  I don’t work well under time pressure.  I was concerned that my depression would mean that I wouldn’t be able to do my job well and that I’d be fired.

I do struggle working full time with my depression.  Lately I’ve slipped backwards because the demands at work have been high and it’s been eating into my spare time.  I had a melt-down at work a few months in when my boss kept piling more tasks into my inbox.  I feel frustrated with myself.  I worry that people think I’m lazy.  I can’t stress enough that depression has nothing to do with laziness.  I like working!  I’m a very hard-working person. It’s just that I get too tired and brain-fogged to do a lot of the work that I have to do.  It’s maddening.

But I plod on. I feel proud of the work I’m doing and the way that I’m performing at work. I try my best to make time for those things that keep me going, like my family and friends, my yoga practice, my blogging and crafting.  It’s hard, but I feel proud of myself for achieving what I have so far.

And so with that in mind, here are my liptember selfies for this week.

On Friday I wore pretty florals and Avon’s “Kiss of Pink” lipstick.

On Saturday I tried out Revlon’s “Ravish Me Red”.  It’s a lot more orange than the reds I usually go for, and I’m still not convinced that I like it.

On Sunday I didn’t take a selfie, because I spent the morning in bed and the afternoon bombed out on the couch watching The Walking Dead.  I was just too exhausted to do anything else.

On Monday I went for hot pink and my PacMan earrings to cheer me up.  It wasn’t entirely successful though.  After spending the day fielding work calls, I had a meltdown at my parents house and spent the evening in bed, crying with frustration.

I struggled to get dressed on Tuesday morning for work.  I ended up wearing a  much more casual outfit than usual and a slick of Rimmel’s Hot Fudge lipstick.

By Wednesday I was feeling  a lot better.  I’m wearing another Rimmel lipstick.  This one is Bright Spark.

Thursday was snakeprint and Chinatown Chase from Lipstick Queen.

On Friday I wore fire engine red and my Nana’s black pearls.

I celebrated my last work day of the week with pretty florals and Choccie lipstick from Rimmel.

On Sunday I wore no makeup, but I did manage a swipe of nude lippie.  This one is Glinda from Urban Decay.

And by Monday I felt recharged and refreshed and ready for a swipe of Liptember Red.

If you would like to donate to Liptember to help raise money for women’s mental health research, please visit my fundraising page.  All donations are greatly appreciated.  You could also buy something from my Etsy store, as 10% from each sale will be dontated to Liptember.

Do you have a mental illness?  How has it affected your ability to work?

Fashion flashback: black corset dress.

Today I’m debuting a new post series called Fashion Flashback.  I’m going to take a look back through my archives to check out all the different ways that I’ve styled some of my favourite items in the past.

For my first Fashion Flashback post, I’m going to put the spotlight on my black lace corset dress from 7 Angels.  I bought this for about $40 six years ago.  At the time,  I was a bit iffy about spending so much on a dress, but I was so in love with the lacings and the gorgeous flamenco-inspired lines that I couldn’t pass this baby up.  As you can see, I’ve definitely had plenty of wear out of this dress, and I’m sure that I’ll be rocking it until it finally falls to pieces.


This outfit, from June 2013 is slightly gothic-inspired.  I wore the dress under a velvet blazer with an awesome pair of lace-up thrift-store boots.

Well, this is a blast from the past!  This outfit is from 2010, when my blog was just a baby!  I added red accessories, gold jewellery and a printed scarf to my black dress for a colourful look.  I still have fond memories of lazing on the lawn at uni while wearing this outfit.

When I put this outfit together, I’d been reading Cyndi Lauper’s autobiography.  The influence that had on my personal style is fairly obvious!

Just a couple of months back, I wore this dress with some pink tights and an epic beehive.  I was really feeling the “Punk Princess” vibe that day!

One of my favourite outfits that includes this dress is the one that I wore to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1.  I layered another floaty skirt underneath the dress and paired with with some witchy accessories.  I miss those Jolly Roger shoes so much!  They fell apart last year so I had to retire them.  The scarf I’ m wearing is my first-year Hogwarts house scarf which I made myself (and you can order one of your own from my shop!).    I remember that I was having a really bad hair day, so I decided to wear the wig to avoid having to wrestle my hair into some form of style.  A bad hair day is a good wig day, in my book.

So there you have it!  As you can see, I’ve worn this dress quite a lot, and I’m still  not sick of it.  I’m sure it will be popping up on the blog for years to come.

Do you have a favourite item that you wear over and over?