What I Wore: Too pure to be pink

I think that pretty much everyone has a few “holy grail” wardrobe items that they’ve hankered for.  Things that might be slightly impractical or tricky to find, but that you want all the same.  For me, one thing I’ve always dreamed of owning was a Pink Ladies jacket.  Ever since I saw Grease for the first time, I longed to proudly wear one of those pink satin bomber jackets to proclaim my membership of the coolest girl gang ever.


So when a pre-loved Pink Ladies jacket popped up as part of Nerd burger’s annual Instagram closet sale, I nearly swooned with excitement.  I’ve been trying so hard to curb my spending on unnecessary items, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to own a Pink Ladies jacket.


The jacket is pretty lightweight, so I’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up enough for me to wear it.  I had so much fun styling the jacket.  I wanted the overall look to have a 50’s feel, but to be kinda punk-inspired as well.  I started with seamed stockings and a bodysuit, and added rough animal prints and dainty accessories.


I am wearing:

  • Pink Ladies jacket (purchased second hand from Nerd Burger)
  • Black bodysuit from Missguided
  • Black sheer seamed stockings from Voodoo
  • Silver ballet flats (thrifted)
  • Fairest of them All brooch from Erstwilder
  • Dice earrings from Equip
  • Silver signet ring
  • Tiger print mini skirt from Target


I opted for bold pink lips and strong winged eyeliner. I felt a little like Debbie Harry with this heavy eye makeup, but I also really enjoyed wearing strong lips and eyes together.  I felt sexy and tough and certainly not too pure to be pink.


What are your “holy grail” wardrobe items?


What I wore 3/1/2017

Usually in summer time, my style tends to be a lot more bohemian, 1970’s inspired.  But every now and then I want a change.  On this particular day, I was in the mood for something dark with a bit of a gothic touch.  So I pulled out some fishnets and black lace and started building a summer-friendly gothic outfit.


My new brooch was truly the piece that inspired me to dress on the darker side on this day.  I picked this Shining brooch up from Cherry Loco Jewellery on Etsy.  They have an incredible array of acrylic jewellery and I treated myself to this REDRUM brooch just before Christmas.

I am wearing:

  • Black lace corset dress from 7 Angels
  • Black cage fishnet tights from Dangerfield
  • Black flatforms from Big W
  • REDRUM brooch from Cherry Loco Jewellery
  • Diamante drop earrings from Equip
  • Leopard print ring from Equip
  • Christmas beetle ring
  • Black felt hat from Coo Ca Choo



I like that in the mirror, the brooch reads MURDER just like in The Shining.

Later in the day I popped on a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off and headed to the shops.  This hat is my favourite in summer because it takes any outfit to the next level and has a bit of an American Horror Story feel to it.  I think that Stevie Nicks would be proud of this witchy outfit.



Five Fandom Friday: 5 more must see Christmas movies

So, this week’s FFF prompt was must-see Christmas movies.  But I remembered that I already did this prompt two  Christmases ago.  But as I’m a massive Christmas nerd with  huge collection of holiday movies, I didn’t think I’d have any difficulty thinking up a list of 5 more films to get you in the holiday spirit. So, just in case you’ve seen all the ones on my original list, here’s a few more geeky films to sink your teeth into this Christmas.


  1. It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie

Fun fact: I don’t particularly like It’s a Wonderful Life. This Christmas Classic has never managed to warm my heart.  But the Muppet version has been a part of my Christmas festivities for about twelve years now.  After a series of devastating personal failures, Kermit the Frog starts contemplating his place in the universe, and begins to wonder if the world would be a better place if he weren’t a part of it.  Luckily, his guardian angel (played by David Arquette) swoops down from Heaven to show Kermit what the world would be like if he’d never  been born.

Image result for Elf gif

2. Elf

Nothing has ever made me laugh quite as hard as watching Will Ferrell catapult himself off a couch and into a giant Christmas tree in this film.  Although it’s kinda corny, Elf is full of giggles and joy.


3. White Christmas

I’m a sucker for Danny Kaye, and when you pair him with Bing Crosby you just know that you’re in for an all-singing-all-dancing good time.  This film has an array of gorgeous costumes, a sweet story and features the classic song White Christmas.

More Christmas shirts. #geek #Christmas #homealone

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4. Home Alone

Nothing says Christmas quite like parental abandonment and home invasion.  Even with the unsavory subject matter, the moment I hear the opening strains of the Home Alone theme, it feels like Christmas to me.  If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour and grab a copy, then hunker down with pizza and pepsi and check it out.

Image result for The night before gifs

5. The Night Before

Ok, so this one isn’t fun for the whole family.  You definitely want to clear the kids out of the room before you pop this movie in the DVD player.  But even though it’s choc-full of profanity, violence and drug abuse, The Night Before manages to be a really sweet story about friendship and holiday tradition.


What movies do you like to watch to get you in the holiday spirit?  Have I left any off my list that you feel should be here?

Five Fandom Friday: Fandoms you hold dear that nobody else has heard of

Oooooh, the world of lesser-known fandoms.  This is honestly one of my favourite geeky topics.  I think we all have those weird things that we’re really into, that it seems like nobody on the planet has heard of.  But what’s awesome is that when you find another human who not only has heard of, but loves the same thing as you, it’s like *BAM* instant friendship!  There’s nothing like having someone recognise the obscure reference on your shirt, or bust out a quote from that weird film you adore.  So today I’m taking time to celebrate 5 of my lesser-known fandoms.


  1. Hercules Returns


Hercules Returns is a hilarious Australian film about a dude who quits his corporate job to run his own cinema.  His former boss sabotages the opening of the cinema’s premier screening of Hercules by substituting the audio reel with the Italian version of the film.  Disaster!  Luckily the hero and his two mates step in to dub over the entire film.  The rest of the movie is the dubbed-over version of Hercules.  It’s crude, it’s stupid and it’s utterly hilarious.  I was crazy excited when I found that this film was available on DVD, and it’s always the perfect pick-me-up when I’m having a rough day.


2. Heavyweights

Heavyweights was one of those movies that I watched over and over as a kid, and was a little bit scared to see as a grown-up in case it had lost it’s magic over the years.  But when I did finally check it out again, it was just as hilarious as I remembered.  It’s a Disney film starring many of the kids from the Mighty Ducks films about a fat camp.  It holds a special place in my heart, because my best friend growing up was a fat kid, and it was one of the only films from our childhood where the fat kids were the heroes of the story.


3. Freaks and Geeks

OK, so in the Netflix age, Freaks and Geeks isn’t as obscure as it used to be.  But for years it was one of those shows that I was hard-pressed to find another person who had seen it.  Only the first episode aired in Victoria, and I watched it, went bonkers over it, and then was heartbroken when the Ten Network didn’t show any more.  It’s only one season long, but it stars baby-faced versions of Seth Rogan, James Franco and Jason Segel.


4. The Young Ones


When I was in high school, my best friend and I used to spend most of our weekends re-watching The Young Ones and eating scrambled eggs and chocolate chip cookies (the two best dishes we’d learned to make in home ec).  None of the other kids at our school had seen The Young Ones, which made it pretty easy for us to rip off the comedy stylings of Adrian Edmonson  in our drama class without getting caught out.  Even now, I get so excited when I find someone else who likes BBC comedy from the 80’s and will bust out a chorus of “Dr Marten’s Boots” or “The Young Ones” with me.

5. Clone High

My friends Kath and Evan introduced me to Clone High.  Incidentally, Kath and Evan are such fans of the show that they have Clone High quotes engraved on their wedding rings.  I immediately loved the show, which is about a high school populated by the clones of various historical figures.  It’s pretty freakin’ hilarious.


What are your favourite obscure fandoms?

Five Fandom Friday: My favourite fictional foods.

Food, glorious food!  How I adore it.  As a big fan of both cooking and eating, food has a very warm place in my heart.  And as such, I am eager to jump in and share with you my list of favourite fictional foods.  It’s a tiny bit tricky to write such a list when you’ve never actually tasted any of the items on offer, but I’m sure I’ll manage with my imagination to assist me!  Spoons at the ready, and bon appetit!


  1. Butterbeer from Harry Potter

I have a very clear idea in my mind of what butterbeer should taste like.  I imagine that it would be warm, creamy with a butterscotch twist topped with Irish Creme.  I have tried a number of butterbeer cocktails, but none of them have quite matched up to this fantastical idea of what a wizard’s favourite brew should be like.


2. Everlasting Gobstoppers from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

As a kid, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl was my favourite book.  I used to take it home from the library to read every weekend.  The very notion of such a magical place as Willy Wonka’s factory filled me with an indescribable glee.  As a child who had very little pocket money, I adored the thought that I might be able to buy bag of sweets that never ran out, and so Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstoppers were always a wonderful idea in my eyes.


3. The Flaming Homer from The Simpsons.

I love me a good cocktail, so how could I resist a drink that’s the toast of Springfield?  Made with a dash from every bottle in the liquor cabinet, a splash of Krusty brand cough syrup and then set ablaze, this drink is sure to make you lose your wits (and perhaps also your drumsticks).


4. Bluth’s Frozen Banana from Arrested Development

Sure, I could certainly freeze a banana, then dip it in chocolate and nuts and eat it, but it just wouldn’t be the same as a genuine Bluth’s Frozen Banana.  For one, it wouldn’t come from the Big Yellow Joint, and secondly it wouldn’t be crafted by George Michael “Mr Manager” Bluth.  If I could actually pop down to the banana stand for a treat, I’d be tempted to order the Gob, with so much extra chocolate and nuts you need two sticks to support it.


5. Cheesy Blasters from 30 Rock.

Although they kinda sound like a recipe for a heart-attack, Cheesy Blasters combine all of my favourite junk foods: pizza, hot dogs and copious quantities of melted cheese.  Thanks Meat Cat!

What are your favourite fictional foods?  Are there any I’ve forgotten that you think should have made this list?



Things I Love Thursday 22/10/2015

Weeee!  It’s Thursday again.  The weekend is almost here and I’m pumped to get into another Things I Love list.  Let’s goooo!


This week I love:

  • Please Like Me.  This show has been a breath of fresh air to me.  There are so many bland and boring TV shows on at the moment and this one just blows them all out of the water.  It’s written by Josh Thomas, who is a sensational Aussie comedian and it touches on some really important things like family feuds, relationships, homosexuality, mental illness and suicide.  But it manages to talk about those things in a really honest manner while still being funny and chatty.  It’s such a great show and I highly recommend that you check it out.

She is the prettiest kitty ever. #hashbrownnofilter

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  • This kitty.  She is an absolute sweetheart.


  • Reading in the sunshine on a Sunday afternoon.
  • My new yoga class.  A gym has opened up just around the corner from my house and they have cheap yoga classes.  Even though I practice at home daily, I thought it would be good to expand my horizons and try something new.  Boy, am I glad that I did.  I have learned so much and have really overcome some fears I had about certain poses.  It’s been amazing.


  • TARDIS blue sequins.
  • Gin and tonic
  • Finding vintage Shiapirelli stockings in the thrift store for a dollar.  They are divine.
  • Getting psyched for Halloween.
  • Gremlins.  I watched it for the very first time last weekend and I thought it was great.  I want my own Mogwai.
  • Throwing shit out.  I have so much old furniture and broken down crud in my flat and it’s been driving me insane. So last week I ordered a skip bin from our local rubbish removal service. I filled it up in no time and it’s so wonderful to have all that clutter out of my house.
  • Getting all excited for a date this weekend.

How about you sweetheart?  What do you love this week?  Don’t be shy, go ahead and share!

5 Fandom Friday: Fictional vehicles I’d like to travel in.

This week’s prompt asks us geeks to make a list of five fictional vehicles we’d love to travel in.  I can think of quite a few fictitious vehicles I’d love to take for a spin, but here is my top 5…




Oh, the places you could go if you had all of time and space at your disposal!  I think my first stop would have to be Tudor England, followed by a swift journey to San Francisco in the 1960’s.  And then perhaps a quick peek at an alien planet, just for funsies.


2. The Mirthmobile

It’s been my dream since high school to own a bright blue mini with flames painted down the sides, just like Garth’s car in Wayne’s World.  But it would be even better to ride in the Mirthmobile with Wayne and Garth, singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody and munching on doughnuts from Mikita’s.



3. The Delorean.

It’s no accident that there are two time machines on my list.  I’m a total history nerd and I would jump at the opportunity to visit some of my favourite old timey places.  I’d love to gun this baby to 88mph and shoot back to the 1950’s for a good ol’ fashion sock hop.


4. A Hoverbike

Ever since my original viewing of Star Wars, I’ve longed to be able to ride on a hoverbike.  I love the feeling of riding a motorcycle, and I imagine that a hoverbike would be like that, only better.  I’d be thrilled to take one of those babies for a zoom through the forest, feeling a rush of air through my hair as I zipped past the scenery at a blinding speed.  Awesome.


5. Tank Girl’s Tank

As a person whose physical appearance is less than intimidating, I’ve often thought it would be pretty cool to ride around in a vehicle that was massive and scary.  And what could be better for that than a souped-up stolen tank?  I’d have a ball thrashing that bad boy around the outback and shooting beer cans at any wanker that tried to tell me to slow down.


Which fictional vehicles are on your would-travel-in list?  I’d love to hear which ones you’d love to take for a spin if given the opportunity.