Daily outfit 27/5/2014

I went shopping for the first time in ages this past weekend.  I was in Melbourne for a friend’s hens night and I had a couple of hours to kill before I had to catch the train.  I decided to pop into the outlet shops at Spencer Street for some bargain shopping, and I hit the motherload!

So today’s outfit is almost entirely composed of brand-new items.

I am wearing:

– Nirvana baseball tee from Cotton On

– Red skinny jeans from Cotton On

– Midi ring set from Louvisa

– Black biker boots from Big W.

So, can we take a moment to chat about these midi rings.  I am a bit obsessed with rings, and I’ve wanted to add some of these tiny rings to my collection for a while.  I found this gorgeous set at Louvisa for just $3 and I couldn’t resist them.  They’re so cute!  I worried that they’d be annoying to wear, but they really aren’t.

I’m also really stoked with this Nirvana shirt.  Nirvana are one of my all-time favourite bands and I’ve been on the lookout for a Nirvana shirt for a while now.  I love the slightly faded, grungy look of this one. I deliberately bought a few sizes up so that it would be nice and slouchy.  I also bought a David Bowie one, and they were a steal at $10 each.

These jeans were also $10.  I’ve been living in skinny jeans and biker boots of late, and I really love coloured denim.  I’m looking forward to wearing this bright red pair with lots of grey and black jumpers when the weather gets colder.

Have you had any awesome bargain buys lately?


Daily outfit 2/5/2014

It’s Friday again, which means that it’s time for another Fancy Friday post.  On Fancy Friday, a collection of awesome fashion bloggers dress up in their finery to celebrate the end of the working week.  Dapper Dolly is the gorgeous blogger behind this fab weekly tradition, and she always puts together an amazing blog post showcasing all the people who participate.  If you’d like to join in, just send a link to your Fancy Friday post to Dolly.

Now, onto my outfit.  Today I wanted to wear my comfy jeans, but I decided to dress them up with a printed blouse, a vest and some sophisticated loafers.




I am wearing:

– Blue jeans from Target

– Blue paisley shirt from Diana Ferrari

– Black Fletcher Jones vest (thrifted)

– Leopard-print loafers from Target

– Silver cross necklace (gift from my parents)

– Chain link ring from ASOS

– Diamond stud earrings (inherited from my grandmother)


I wore this outfit to when a couple of friends came over to have lunch with me.  It turned out to be the perfect outfit for a relaxed afternoon with friends.  I was so comfortable, but I still looked dressed up without overdoing it.



This blouse was unearthed during a trip to a factory outlet many years ago.  It was a steal at just $15.  The fabric is cotton and it is so soft.  Even after so many washes and wears, the print is still as bright as sharp as ever.  It fits me perfectly and I always feel great when I wear it.


Here’s wishing you a wonderful Friday!  I hope that you make it through the last little bit of the work week and start the weekend with a bang!


Daily outfit 14/8/2013

I’ve been busting out the jeans and jumpers to brave this cold weather.  This is a fairly casual outfit that I wore to go shopping with my brother and my mate Adam (who is practically like a brother).


DSCF8738I am wearing:

– Neon pink earrings (gift from Violet)

– Purple hair barrette (thrifted)

– Black and while houndstooth jumper (vintage, birthday present from my parents)

– Hot pink jeans from Jay Jays

– Black motorcycle boots from Big W

– Silver rings

– Black studded belt (gift from Ross)

– Purple glitter bangle (still hanging out in my jewellery box after 16 years of wear).


DSCF8739I do get a bit bored with the whole jumper-and-jeans routine, so I like to experiment with coloured denim.  It’s a really simple way to update your wardrobe and coloured jeans are so easy to wear.  They look so much more interesting than regular blue jeans and they’re so comfortable.  Every girl should own a pair (well, except for those girls who don’t like to wear jeans at all.  They probably don’t need a pair).


DSCF8740This jumper was a birthday present from my mum and dad.  Mum and I found it when we went vintage shopping before my birthday and I fell in love with it immediately.  Mum hates it, but she bought it for me anyway because I was so smitten.  I’m a sucker for hounds tooth check and anything black and white.


DSCF8742This was the perfect shopping outfit: colourful, warm and comfy enough to do high kicks in.  Superb.





Daily outfit 22/7/2013

I’ve run out of scheduled posts to tide me over my post-separation malaise.  Today I actually forced myself to get dressed, put on makeup and do something with my hair.  I thought it would be worth sharing this achievement with you.

DSCF8583I am wearing:

– Maroon Miss Shop jumper (thrifted)

– Blue jeans from Target

– Gold tone rock ring from ASOS

– Amber earrings (gift from my grandmother)

– Blue suede heels from Tony Bianco


I wore this outfit to do some painful relationship things like cry and write fourteen pages in my journal. Then I also did some nice things like watch Misfits and walk in the park.  Obviously, I didn’t wear these shoes for that portion of the day.

DSCF8586I’m not going to lie to you.  I feel pretty shitty right now.  I thought that getting dressed in something somewhat stylish might help.  Ha!  How silly of me.  When your ex-partner is half a world away and all you want to do is cry and rewind time, it takes more than a well-cut pair of jeans to make you feel better.  Oh well, at least I gave it a shot.

DSCF8587It feels so weird to write the words “break up”.  I’m not even sure what to call it.  I think I’m more comfortable using the term “separated” because at least that gives me hope that perhaps the situation isn’t permanent.  I don’t even really know what I should be doing right now.  Should I be hoping and praying that we get back together?  Should I be ranting and raving and focussing on all of his shortcomings?  Should I be pretending to be fine?  Should I stay or should I go?  I feel like my life is in shambles right now.

DSCF8583So this is probably the ranty-est daily outfit post I’ve ever done.  But at least it was honest.  Right now I’m just trying to pick myself up and do what I can to move forward, whatever that might mean.  And I do believe that I managed a hint of a smile in that last photo.  Do you see it?  It’s just a little one, but it’s definitely there.  That’s something at least.

Daily outfit 3/6/2013

Welcome to winter!  Normally I get really lazy with my outfits when the weather gets cold.  I get sucked into the trap of just wanting to wear pyjamas and trackie-dacks to escape from the cold weather.  It’s silly really because I have a closet full of gorgeous winter clothes that don’t get worn often enough.  So to pull myself out of this little slump, I’m going to aim to do outfit posts twice a week instead of just weekly.  That’s good news for you guys, because according to the reader survey I did at the start of the year, Daily Outfit posts are your favourite kind of posts on this blog.  Hooray!  Everyone wins!


Last weekend, my mother and I went on a vintage shopping trip.  Mum was at a bit of a loss for birthday-present ideas for me, so she decided to just give me money to spend on vintage clothes. It was quite nostalgic because we used to go clothes shopping every year on my birthday when I was a teenager.  It was great to spend some quality time with just the two of us.

DSCF8283Also, I got some incredible clothes.  I will show you some pictures of them tomorrow, but I’m not allowed to actually wear any of the things we bought until after my birthday (boo!)

DSCF8281I am wearing:

– Black beret from Target

– Red and white striped jumper (thrifted)

– Blue jeans (thrifted)

– Red mary janes from I Love Billy

– Silver signet ring (8th birthday present from my parents)

– Amethyst ring (gift from Ross)

DSCF8282I went for a kind of “so Frenchy, so chic” look.  I knew that I was going to be trying on a lot of clothes, so I didn’t want to wear anything that had too many buttons or frills.  I also needed to be comfortable, as there was going to be a lot of walking about.  Also, it was flippin’ freezing that day, so I rugged up with a coat and gloves as well.

DSCF8286I really loved my hair this way.  I’m having a bit of a love affair with French braids at the moment, so I started off with one of those to give the top of my hair some soft texture.  For the bottom of my braid, I tried out a new rope braiding technique.  I was inspired by Game of Thrones, as both Cercei and Sansa were wearing this style in the last episode.  Cercei is such a bitch, but she has fabulous hair. (Although I think Daenerys has the best hair of all, closely followed by Kahl Drogo.  Sometimes I imagine how amazing their baby’s hair would have been.  But I digress).


I had a really fun day shopping with Mum, and I can’t wait to show off all my vintage treasures tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to include them all in outfit posts when I’m finally allowed to wear them too!

Daily outfit 28/1/2012: The Hobbit.

On the weekend, Ross bought tickets for the two of us to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at the Gold Class cinema.  I had expressed some hesitation at the idea of watching a three-hour film at the movies.  Ross thought that a more luxurious setting would make it easier for me to sit still for such a prolonged period, and he was dead right.

We were treated like celebrities.  Upon arrival, we were shown to a swanky lounge and given a menu.  A waitress took our order and asked when we would like each course brought to us.  We chose popcorn and soft drink for the beginning of the film, a roast pumpkin and pine nut pizza for the middle of the film and lemon tart for the final 1/2 hour.  We were seated in gigantic plush armchairs that reclined at the touch of a button.  There was even a private bathroom, complete with fresh flowers.

I had a really wonderful afternoon.  The movie was pretty good too.  I know that a lot of people have raved about it, but I wasn’t so impressed.  I thought it was good, but not great.  It was just so flipping long.  I loved the first two hours, but after that I got a bit bored.  There were several moments where I felt as though the story was wrapping up, only to have the action rev up again.  It wasn’t as bad as Return of the King for false endings (is it just me,  or did that film end about sixteen times?) but it got a bit tedious in the final hour.  I don’t know how I’m going to stay entertained for another two films.

Don’t think for a second that I didn’t enjoy myself though.  The visual effects were incredible, the story was brilliant and the costumes were brilliant.  It was a good movie, I just wasn’t as blown away as many people have been.

Anyway, this is the outfit that I chose to wear for our special day out:

DSCF7454I am wearing:

– Cream polka dot blouse from Target

– Floral embroidered jeans from Jeans West

– Brown studded Zu platform shoes (thrifted)

– Vintage silk scarf (thrifted)

– Rabbit brooch (gift from Ross’s parents)

– Silver charm bracelet (gift from my aunt)

– Water bracelet (gift from Ross’s grandmother)

– Brown resin ring (thrifted)

– Silver ring

DSCF7455It occurred to me that every time I wear this blouse, I always style it the same way: with a cute skirt, feminine heels and prim jewellery.  I decided to take it in a different direction by pairing it with some slouchy jeans and letting my black bra play peek-a-boo.



I used the sash from the blouse to keep my jeans up.


DSCF7457My makeup was slightly unusual for me because I went for a very trend-based look.  Sepia eyeshadow is going to be the next big thing.  Plus it makes blue eyes pop!



I wrapped the scarf around my bun to add a bit of colour and whimsy to my hair.

Have you seen The Hobbit?  What did you think?

Daily outfit 6/11/2012

I’ve been thinking lately about outfit photos.  Once upon a time, I was really prolific with my outfit posts.  It was truly a ‘daily outfit post’, because I used to show a picture of my outfit nearly every day.  Now, I don’t bother nearly as often.  Sometimes it’s because you guys have seen practically everything in my wardrobe, and I worry that you’ll get bored if I keep showing the same stuff.  Sometimes it’s because I’m wearing a supremely casual outfit that I don’t think is worth sharing.  And sometimes it’s because I’ve gotten really dressed up to go out to a party or event, but I’m in a rush so I don’t have time to take photos of my outfit as I scoot out the door (and I’m too knacked to take the pictures once I get home).  I’ve decided that I need to plan ‘photo taking time’ into my getting ready routine.

At least, that’s my plan.  These pictures were taken in a hurry before I headed off to meet my nana for coffee.  We drank foamy lattes and talked about babies, dogs, burritos and my nana’s distaste for ATMs.

I am wearing:

– Brown pucci print cape/vest thing from The Mill Markets

– Burgundy singlet top from 7 Angels

– Black Versace jeans (thrifted)

– Black and gold Zu platforms

– Red beaded choker (gift from my mother)

– Green bangle (thrifted)

– Burgundy beaded wrap bracelet (gift from my mother)

– Turquoise ring

– Amethyst ring

– Gold owl ring from Diva

 I love how billowy this vest is.  I bought it at the Mill Markets in Geelong several years ago, and I wear it pretty often.  Sometimes I will wear it as a wrap dress, and other times I will just let it hang naturally.  Today, I tied the front corners behind my back to make a little cape.

I hope you’re having an awesome week so far!