American Horror Story: Roanoke style

I have just finished season 6 of American Horror Story and I was completely blown away.  This season was so stylistically different from every incarnation of the show that has come before.  From the way it was presented, to the storytelling and the visual style, Roanoke was grittier, darker and more haunting than the last few seasons of AHS.  I also noticed that the costumes for this season were vastly different from what we’ve seen in the past couple of years from American Horror Story.  After the flash and panache of Freak Show and the vintage decadence of Hotel, Roanoke delivered a set of looks that seemed older, more careworn and somewhat grimier than it’s predecessors.  I thought I’d jump in and take a look at five characters from the series that I liked the most and create a look for each one of them. Starting with the baddest bitch of them all…

The Butcher

The Butcher

The Butcher was one of the most chilling villains AHS has produced.  She’s utterly brutal, single-minded and unconcerned about the prospect of getting blood under her fingernails.  Her look is utilitarian and harsh, with a few feminine flounces left behind from her former life as a proud lady of England.  Colours are muted and stark, boots are scuffed and accessories are few for this terror of the blood moon.






Shelby’s look is pure yoga chic.  Comfort is the name of the game, with relaxed cuts and breathable fabrics aplenty.  Choose a form-fitting tank top and yoga pants and layer over a poncho or wrap for adventures off your yoga mat.  Flat shoes are best to maintain contact with Mother Earth, especially if you find yourself traipsing through the woods.  Shelby doesn’t wear a lot of jewellery, but I couldn’t resist these molar earrings, which reminded me of one of the scenes that squicked me out the most.

Cricket Marlowe

Cricket Marlowe


Cricket is the epitome of minimalism.  His monochrome look embodies dark colours and body cuts and the end result is striking and powerful.  I’ve added the barest of nods to Cricket’s psychic gift with this horoscope-themed bag.  The blood red pendant is the perfect reference to the blood moon, which is the most dangerous time for the inhabitants of the Roanoke house, as Cricket finds out.  Rather than copy Cricket’s white shag haircut, I recommend topping off the look with a mystical turban.




One of the more mysterious characters in the Horror Story universe, Scathach has an earthy, feminine style.  Her clothes are old fashioned cuts, remnants left from her life before she became the witch of the forest.  Earthy tones and natural materials are woven together to create a look that is both arresting and slightly sexy.  The corset lacings and bare decolletage are enticing, but the long skirts and boots keep the look grounded.  Scathach wouldn’t be complete without her crown of antlers, and a still-beating heart to offer her subjects.

Audrey Tindall

Audrey Tindall


Audrey’s style is deeply romantic, with elements of 70’s vintage and Victorian era lace collars.  She tends to wear long lines, high necklines and sweeping sleeves and skirts.  Her makeup is minimal and shoes are pretty yet functional. She is utterly elegant, favouring drop earrings which show off her long neck and delicate features to perfection.  And of course, she wouldn’t even leave the horrors of the Polk farm without her wedding ring. What a romanic!
Have you watched Roanoke yet?  What did you think?  Did you have a favourite look from the series?
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Logan’s Run Style

One sweltering afternoon last month I stretched out on my loungeroom floor to watch Logan’s Run.  The 70’s sci-fi classic has been recommended to me so many times, that when I found a copy of the DVD at my local library I just had to check it out. There’s something quite special about 1970’s science fiction.  It was an era that had a real obsession with space-age costuming, and the outfits from this time always manage to look both futuristic and retro all at once.  There’s always this hint of disco-fabulousness mixed in with the shiny fabrics and eyes-forward cuts.
Another element that appealed to me was the monochrome styles in each “class” of costumes.  There are four different classes of people who live in Logan’s world and each one wears a very distinct colour palette.  I liked the idea of this kind of social uniform and the subtle differences between the styles of each.  I thought it would be fun to play around and create an outfit for each of the four classes shown in the movie.

The Cubs



The cubs are the youngest of the four classes, all of them are aged under fifteen.  They wear a palette of yellow, mustard and brown.  These earthy, golden tones are so evocative of the 1970’s, when such bright colours were popular.  The Cubs’ clothes have a playful, childlike element to them, and tend to be somewhat distressed and  torn.




The character Jessica represents the next age group, loosely between the ages of  15-25 (this is not specifically defined in the film).  The citizens from this age group wear shades of green, and their outfits are more revealing than most.  Many of the citizens who are a part of this age group are preoccupied with sex and hedonism, and as such their outfits are the most overtly sexual of all.  Short skirts, transparent fabrics and bare limbs are hallmarks of the green-wearing youths.  Their outfits feature adornments and jewellery to highlight bare wrists and ankles.  Few members of this group wear an ankh charm, a symbol of the idealistic utopia of Sanctuary.

Last Day



The eldest inhabitants of the city wear red, and their clothes are more mature than their younger counterparts.  Although still sexy and form-fitting, they tend to be less revealing than the greens.  Silky, slippery fabrics and gorgeous textures abound, as well as the ever present red life-timer: a jewel fixed into the palm of the hand which turns red upon your thirtieth birthday.




The Sandmen are the law enforcement, and it is their job to catch “Runners” who attempt to flee to avoid being killed once they turn 30.   The Sandmen wear minimalist, utilitarian outfits of black and silver.  The lines are sleek and smooth, fabrics are industrial and adornments are few.
As you can see, each category is distinct in palette and style, and yet all manage to look both retro and futuristic at the same time. This blending of elements makes the costumes from this film so appealing and visually striking.  Any of the uniforms is easy to replicate, and work into a modern-day outfit that evokes the sexuality and starkness of the film’s story.
Which outfit do you think you’d be most likely to wear?

In the style of: American Horror Story: Coven

With each season of American Horror story I’ve been utterly blown away by the costumes. But the two seasons that have inspired me most deeply were Coven and Freak Show.  I’ll devote another post to Freak Show at a later date, because right now I’m ready to get witchy.

Season 3 felt like the strongest season of AHS to me for many reasons, but one of the biggest was the solid fashion aesthetic that was woven through the show.  When the season ended I wanted to cover myself in black lace, massive hats and sky-high heels.  It could have been so easy for the costume designers to tread a very traditional path with the coven’s outfits but instead they threw in some unexpected elements and the end result is breathtaking.

Today I’d like to take a closer look at the wardrobes of several of my favourite characters from American Horror Story: Coven

Zoe Benson

Zoe Benson


Zoe’s wardobe seems to be filled with items that a person might have purchased it they were told that they were being shipped off to a witch boarding school.  Her clothes are mostly black and white, and everything has a very prim and proper vibe to it.  Her shirts are always buttoned to the neck and she rarely wears anything revealing.  My favourite item in Zoe’s closet is the amazing black wide-brimmed hat that she sports on numerous occasions.  I feel as though Zoe’s style is the least defined of all of the characters, as she regularly borrows elements from the style of the other three student at Miss Robichaux’s Academy.  This may be a wink to Zoe’s newly attained knowledge of her magical powers, a way to show that she’s still figuring out who she is.

Myrtle Snow

Myrtle Snow


The two words that leap to mind when I think of Myrtle’s style are “Big” and “Bold”.  We’re talking big hair, bold patterns, bright colours, statement jewellery and voluminous layers.  Myrtle takes her fashion very seriously indeed and every item on her body is carefully curated.  She will wear colours and prints and textures that should all clash horribly but somehow the end result is a masterpiece.  She favours polka dots, embroidery, ruffles, gloves and blazers.  And no Myrtle Snow outfit would be complete without a pair of sharp cat’s eye glasses and a swipe of violently red lipstick.




Queenie’s look is the most casual of all the Coven members, but she always looks sharp and ready for action.  Queenie is a big fan of graphic tees and brash gold accents.  She dresses for comfort in jeans and leggings.  Her outfits are usually topped off with a flashy pair of earrings and sneakers.




Nan is like a psychic gothic lolita.  Her clothes have a very definite Victorian feel to them, with swathes of black fabric and her ever-present Peter Pan collar. Her dresses are always prim and feminine and are usually in shades of black, grey, white and navy.  She doesn’t wear much jewellery or makeup, just a well-placed swipe of blush and a headband to hold back her sleek hair.

Madison Montgomery

Madison Montgomery


Madison’s style is probably the least “witchy” of all the students at Miss Robichaux’s Academy.  She is glamourous and sexy to the extreme.  Her incredible figure is usually bound up in a body con or bandage dress that shows every asset to perfection.  Madison will accessorise with bold heels and furs in dramatic shades.

Misty Day

Misty Day


It’s no secret that Misty’s biggest hero is Stevie Nicks.  Her style is very closely modeled on Stevie, with the floaty hippie dresses, tall laced boots and mountains of jewellery.  And of course, none of Misty’s outfits would be complete without a fringed scarf to twirl with. Her wardrobe is filled with earthy tones and shades of blue and green.
Were you a fan of AHS Coven?  Which character’s style would you most like to steal?

Style inspiration: Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Every now and then I watch a film with s brilliant sense of style that lights a fire in my belly.  I find myself gazing at the screen, dreaming of recreating every outfit and drooling over the costume choices.  This was definitely the case with Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Hedwig has such an incredible sense of style that I would love to copy.


Hedwig is the lead singer of a band, “The Angry Inch”.  Although her on-stage outfits are slightly showier than her day-to-day wardrobe, everything she puts on has a definite air of drama.  Her style is the perfect mish-mash of 70’s glam rock, Americana, punk and 90’s rave wear.  Every outfit is topped with a dramatic blonde wig, glittery blue eye shadow and the wettest red lips you’ve ever seen.


If, like me, you’re longing to steal a snipped of Hedwig’s sex-appeal for yourself, then you’re in luck. I’ve decided to devote an entire blog post to her look today to inspire you.



Wicked little town.


“Wild” is the best way to describe Hedwig’s wardrobe.   Everything is overtly sexual and there is always plenty of skin showing.  Hedwig likes to experiment with interesting necklines and there are loads of halter-necks, off-the-shoulder blouses and cowls in her collection.  Fur is also an absolute must, whether it’s a cape, a coat or a whole dress made of sewn-together wigs.
angry inch


Bold prints are a cornerstone in Hedwig’s wardrobe.  Animal prints of all kinds make an appearance, as do tartans and pretty heart prints.  Don’t just stick to traditional tones, but break the mould with hot pink, gold and coral.  Try animal prints in an array of electric colours.  Hedwig is partial to a bit of heavy metal, and gold seems to be her favourite.  These gold high-heeled boots would be ideal for stomping around a Bilgewater Diner during a performance.
Sugar Daddy


Texture and movement are key to creating an interesting on-stage look.  You have to imagine how you’re going to be seen by the audience when those bright lights hit you.  Hedwig chooses items with fringe, tassels and sequins for maximum effect when she gets shimmying on stage.  Although she usually wears heels and boots, her punk-rock sneakers also make an appearance.  I adore the “Sugar Daddy” scene where Hedwig prances around wearing a black fringed mini skirt, fishnets and a pair of black Converse hi-tops.  Textured tights are ideal for highlighting your gorgeous legs and adding a bit of punk-rock flair to your outfits.
Tear me down


When building your Hedwig-inspired look, don’t forget to add some denim.  Whether it’s a pair of hip-hugging flares, some cheek-skimming hotpants or a fitted jumpsuit, denim is at the core of Hedwig’s wardrobe.  Denim is hard-wearing and great for rock tours, as well as being sexy as hell.
Have you seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch?  Were you as obsessed as I was about Hedwig’s wardrobe?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Style.

Cowabunga dudes!  Today I’m taking a bit of style inspiration from my favourite crime-fighting quartet: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  These four rad guys were dramatically different, from their personalities to their training styles.  In spite of their differences, they also had a lot in common: they all adored pizza, they all liked hanging out with ladies in yellow jumpsuits and they all banded together as a family.

I was inspired to put together an outfit for each of the turtles, which all had common elements running through them.  I tried hard to capture each turtles’ personality while still keeping a sense of continuity in this collection of outfits.  Each outfit features the colour green, as well as a hidden turtle.


Leonardo leads.


Leonardo is the leader, so I wanted an outfit that exuded power.  I decided to look to the 80’s for ideas, as this was the era when the Turtles were created.  The 80’s Power Dressing trend seemed the perfect way to capture Leo’s strength and poise.  Deep shades of blue and classic accessories are accented with a crisp blazer and perfectly manicured fingernails.  You’d certainly look like a leader in this ensemble.


Donatello Does Machines.


Donatello’s outfit is pure geek chic.  Futuristic fabrics hint at his love of science fiction, but are tempered with chunky knitwear and casual shoes.  A big backpack is a must for lugging around all your nerdy gadgets.  No nerd should be without a pair of funky glasses, and I think that Donatello would approve of this purple pair.  Finish off the outfit with some knit socks and a cyber-style watch.


Cool but rude


Rough and tough, Raphael’s outfit has a punky edge to it.  The ripped tights, Dr Martens boots and bold tartan add a rebellious flavour to this ensemble.  Accessorise with tough studs and knuckle rings for maximum impact.  Don’t forget to add a slogan tee with a biting message: you may be cool, but you’re also rude.



Party Dude


Mikey’s laid-back attitude comes across in this outfit.  From the flowy fabrics to the bohemian accessories, this ensemble has a super-chilled vibe to it.  The surfer beannie and bright sunglasses are perfect for masking bed-hair and droopy eyes when you’ve had a big night out, while the sandals add a sprinkling of surfer-chic style.
Who is your favourite turtle?  Which one of these outfits do you think suits your personality?

Style icon: Daenerys Targaryen

To celebrate the fact that Game of Thrones season 4 begins today, I wanted to talk a bit about one of my favourite characters from the series: Daenerys Targaryan.  Not only is Dany a fierce competitor for the Iron Throne, and a super-duper female role model (in my opinion) but she has some rocking personal style.  I adore every single thing that Daenerys wears, and I love the way that her style has evolved with each season.  Today, I’m going to take a look at each of the different styles that Dany has worn, and show you how you can interpret them in a modern, real-life way.

Dany's wedding
When we first meet Daenerys, she is a shy young girl on the verge of womanhood.  She has spent her early life sheltered and protected.  Her clothes are usually soft, flowing and somewhat transparent.  The colour palette of her dresses is very pale, running from soft pink to light blush tones.  Her silvery hair is usually left flowing in gentle waves down her back and her skin is very pale from so many years in hiding.  To copy Dany’s early look, choose a flowing, diaphanous maxi dress in a pretty shade of cream or blush.  Slide your feet into some delicate sandals and add a delicate bracelet, pushed all the way to the top of your arm.
Not a princess, a khaleesi
After Daenerys marries the Dothraki king, Khal Drogo, her look undergoes a dramatic transformation.  She begins to dress more like her Dothraki people as she takes on her role as their Khaleesi, or Queen.  The Dothraki are a nomadic people who ride their horses from place-to-place.  Their clothing is very functional and practical, and uses a lot of natural fibres.  Dany’s Dothraki outfits have a rough, earthy look to them.  They incorporate heavy leather bodices and long riding trousers.  Boots are a necessity.  Some of her outfits during this period have a hand-woven look to them.  All of Daenerys’s Dothraki clothes look well lived-in and worn.  The common addition to each of her outfits during this period is her wedding ring, a knotted leather ring worn on her left index finger.  In the Dothraki tradition, her hair is woven into a series of complicated braids and her skin has become more tanned from riding in the sun.
Dany on Qarth
The story then follows Daenerys to Qarth, an opulent desert city.  During her time in Qarth, Dany’s outfits gain a softer, more flowing quality.  Her colour palette brightens at this stage, incorporating shades of bright blue, turquoise and pink.  During this period, her jewelry becomes more elaborate, and Daenerys is often seen sporting in intricately-wrought gold belts, bodices and neck-pieces.  Although Dany continues to incorporate intricate braided arrangements into her hairstyles, her hair is usually left quite soft and flowing, with the braiding confined to the back and sides of her head.  Channel this look with bright blue dresses and tunics that feature gold braiding or beading.  Gold sandals and a beautiful dragon ear cuff are the perfect tribute to the Mother of Dragons.
At the end of season 3, we left Daenerys in Astapor, a slave port, where she was attempting to raise an army.  Her outfits during her visit to Astapor seem to combine many of the elements of her previous styles.  She continues to wear the blue dresses and tunics from Qarth, although the colour has deepened to a richer navy and the silhouettes are more structured and less flowing.  Once again, we see Dany wearing boots and pants underneath her dresses.  When the weather becomes cold, she slips a blue cape over her shoulders.  As with her Dothraki clothing, the clothes Daenerys wears in Astapor have a rough, undone quality to them.
In contrast to the rough, more severe outfits she wears, Dany’s hair becomes looser and more undone during this period of the show.
To emulate this look, choose a deep blue dress with strong lines and structured shoulders.  Slip it on over a pair of neutral-coloured trousers and flat boots.  The addition of a simple choker and a chunky cape in a rough fabric like denim complete the look.
I’m eager to see what Daenery’s is wearing in season 4.  Her style is one of the most changeable of all the Game of Thrones characters, so it’s hard to predict what she might be wearing during the next season.
Are you a Game of Thrones fan?  Who’s your favourite character?  Which of Dany’s style incarnations is your favourite?

Adventure Time style

Adventure Time is one of my favourite cartoons at the moment.  Not only is it ridiculously cute, but it’s slightly off-centre humour really appeals to me.  Plus, it’s stylistically gorgeous. Are you ready to pay tribute to your favourite character?  Well c’mon!  Grab your friends and let’s get started.

Finn the Human

Finn the Human
Finn is always outfitted in shades of blue.  For a girlier take on his style, try a skater skirt and a cute pussy-bow blouse.  Remember to wear a hat (preferably with ears) to keep your hair out of the way when you’re adventuring.  A two-toned clutch rounds of this mathmatical ensemble.

Jake the Dog

Jake the Dog
Experiment with a sweet combination of mustard and black to channel that most awesome canine: Jake the Dog.  Keep the ensemble playful with a flippy skirt and a cute print.  A funky cloche is the perfect way to finish off.

Princess Bubblegum

Princess Bubblegum
This sickly sweet ensemble is fit for the princess of the Candy Kingdom.  Mix and match shades of bubblegum pink and throw on some purple accessories for a bit of contrast.  Don’t forget to pop a golden crown atop your flowing locks for a royal touch.


Marceline’s style is part punk-rock princess and part rodeo sweetheart.  A sexy wiggle dress in a tough denim fabric is the perfect way to channel this style.  Add a touch of punky tartan and Marceline’s signature red cowboy boots and you’re good to go.  If it’s sunny, cover up your vampire skin with a big floppy hat.

Peppermint Butler

Peppermint butler
Red and white stripes are a staple if you want to pay tribute to The Candy Kingdom’s most dapper resident.  Combine your stripes with a pair of tailored trousers and a smart blazer in a bright blue.  High-laced boots are the perfect way to finish off this fresh outfit.

Lumpy Space Princess

Hey girl!  Show off your lumps in a pair of short shorts and a cut-out top (all in LSP’s signature purple, of course).  Accessorize with a smattering of stars and some space-age fabrics.


You’ll look totally algebraic if you take a leaf out of BMO’s style book.  This look is all about sleek lines and bright primary colours (just like BMO’s buttons).  Start with a basic blue dress in a mod cut, and add accessories that are red, green and yellow.  Patent leather and graphic shapes are the perfect nod to BMO’s cybertronic nature.
Who’s your favourite Adventure Time character?  How would you incorporate their look into your wardrobe?