In the style of: American Horror Story: Coven

With each season of American Horror story I’ve been utterly blown away by the costumes. But the two seasons that have inspired me most deeply were Coven and Freak Show.  I’ll devote another post to Freak Show at a later date, because right now I’m ready to get witchy.

Season 3 felt like the strongest season of AHS to me for many reasons, but one of the biggest was the solid fashion aesthetic that was woven through the show.  When the season ended I wanted to cover myself in black lace, massive hats and sky-high heels.  It could have been so easy for the costume designers to tread a very traditional path with the coven’s outfits but instead they threw in some unexpected elements and the end result is breathtaking.

Today I’d like to take a closer look at the wardrobes of several of my favourite characters from American Horror Story: Coven

Zoe Benson

Zoe’s wardobe seems to be filled with items that a person might have purchased it they were told that they were being shipped off to a witch boarding school.  Her clothes are mostly black and white, and everything has a very prim and proper vibe to it.  Her shirts are always buttoned to the neck and she rarely wears anything revealing.  My favourite item in Zoe’s closet is the amazing black wide-brimmed hat that she sports on numerous occasions.  I feel as though Zoe’s style is the least defined of all of the characters, as she regularly borrows elements from the style of the other three student at Miss Robichaux’s Academy.  This may be a wink to Zoe’s newly attained knowledge of her magical powers, a way to show that she’s still figuring out who she is.

Myrtle Snow


The two words that leap to mind when I think of Myrtle’s style are “Big” and “Bold”.  We’re talking big hair, bold patterns, bright colours, statement jewellery and voluminous layers.  Myrtle takes her fashion very seriously indeed and every item on her body is carefully curated.  She will wear colours and prints and textures that should all clash horribly but somehow the end result is a masterpiece.  She favours polka dots, embroidery, ruffles, gloves and blazers.  And no Myrtle Snow outfit would be complete without a pair of sharp cat’s eye glasses and a swipe of violently red lipstick.


Queenie’s look is the most casual of all the Coven members, but she always looks sharp and ready for action.  Queenie is a big fan of graphic tees and brash gold accents.  She dresses for comfort in jeans and leggings.  Her outfits are usually topped off with a flashy pair of earrings and sneakers.



Nan is like a psychic gothic lolita.  Her clothes have a very definite Victorian feel to them, with swathes of black fabric and her ever-present Peter Pan collar. Her dresses are always prim and feminine and are usually in shades of black, grey, white and navy.  She doesn’t wear much jewellery or makeup, just a well-placed swipe of blush and a headband to hold back her sleek hair.

Madison Montgomery


Madison’s style is probably the least “witchy” of all the students at Miss Robichaux’s Academy.  She is glamourous and sexy to the extreme.  Her incredible figure is usually bound up in a body con or bandage dress that shows every asset to perfection.  Madison will accessorise with bold heels and furs in dramatic shades.

Misty Day

It’s no secret that Misty’s biggest hero is Stevie Nicks.  Her style is very closely modeled on Stevie, with the floaty hippie dresses, tall laced boots and mountains of jewellery.  And of course, none of Misty’s outfits would be complete without a fringed scarf to twirl with. Her wardrobe is filled with earthy tones and shades of blue and green.
Were you a fan of AHS Coven?  Which character’s style would you most like to steal?

5 Fandom Friday: My favourite Halloween episodes.

Whoops-a-daisy!  I’ve managed to get well behind with Five Fandom Friday. When I finally got my butt into gear and sat down to check out the list of prompts, I noticed that there are no new ones past the 30th of October.  So while I wait for the next lot of prompts to be released, I’m going to backtrack to last week’s prompt and talk about my favourite Halloween episodes of television shows.  Ready?  Let’s do it.

  1. Friends: The One with the Halloween Party

This Halloween special ranks at the top of my list for a single reason.  It’s not because of the guest appearance by Sean Penn (although that’s fabulous).  It’s not because it features a stand-off between Monica dressed as Catwoman and Phoebe dressed as Supergirl (although that’s amazing).  It’s because this is the episode that coined one of the most ridiculous costume ideas, which in turn inspired a post on this blog that to this day gets a crazy amount of visitors.  That costume?  Slutty Leatherface.  Thankyou, Joey Tribbiani for an apt commentary on the pressures on women to be sexy at Halloween.



2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Halloween

Although Buffy had a range of fantastic Halloween specials, I enjoyed this one the most.  I adore the concept of all of the characters becoming their costumes.  Willow becomes a ghostly spectre of her former self (although dressed in a pretty provocative outfit that she covered with a sheet because she was too shy around Zander) and Zander turns into a tough-as-leather army commando (providing important training and knowledge that will stand him in good stead for the rest of the series).  The best part though is seeing the intensely capable Buffy turn into a simpering Victorian maiden for the whole episode.  It’s just such a departure from her usual character and makes for very entertaining viewing.

3. Freaks and Geeks: Tricks and Treats

The reason I adore this episode is that it’s the reason I fell head over heels for Mrs Weir from the Freaks and Geeks series.  Mrs Weir became one of my favourite characters, because I could relate to her anger at the state of the world and the way it had changed since she was a kid.  Who among us hasn’t felt a pang of sadness when we look at how things have altered since we were little?  In addition to that, this is the episode that highlights the beautiful relationship between Lindsay and her mother, which grew as the series progressed.  Also, it’s impossible to watch this episode without giggling at Bill’s Bionic Woman costume.



4.  American Horror Story (Coven): Fearful Pranks Ensue

While the whole lot of American Horror Story is blood-curdling, this episode takes the cake.  I’m a zombie fan, and Marie Laveau’s zombie minions are seriously creepy.  Rather than just a pack of mindless living corpses, Laveau’s zombies are more like undead puppets.  She owns something belonging to each of them, and can control them so that they carry out her wishes.  When she sets them upon the Miss Robichaux’s academy, it is a terrifying moment.  In addition to that, we also see the grisly background story for Spaulding, the mute butler, which I find chilling.



5. The Office: Costume Contest

As someone who adores Halloween parties and dressing in costume, I’m always a tiny bit peeved by that party pooper who tends to wear the lamest, laziest costume possible.  In The Office, that person is always Jim Halpert.  Jim seems to go to great lengths to avoid dressing up in costume, even when everyone else is done up in elaborate Halloween getups.  So it’s a great victory when his wife finally gets him to dress up in an actual costume.


What are your favourite Halloween TV specials?


Halloween 2014: Welcome to Pleasantville.

I know it’s still a few day’s before Halloween, but as usual I got into the spirit early.  I held my annual Halloween party last Saturday.  It was a fairly subdued affair, with only a few guests.  But those who attended had an awesome time scoffing lollies and playing Silent Hill with the lights out.  Spooky!

This year I opted for a more glamorous Halloween costume than what I would usually go for.  The past few years I’ve dressed as The Joker and Corpse Bride, so it was a nice change to wear something that wasn’t quite so gruesome.

I took my inspiration for this year’s costume from the film Pleasantville and also from the work of drag queen Detox iCunt.  I have been playing around with special effects makeup a lot lately, and I wanted to see if it was possible to make it look like I was in black and white using only makeup and clever wardrobe choices.

I’m pretty flippin’ happy with how this turned out.

My costume didn’t photograph all that well.  While I still like the pictures, I feel that the effect was much more striking in person.

I did have loads of fun putting this outfit together.  I had originally thought that I would use a wig, but I couldn’t find one that I really liked.  In the end I twisted my real hair up into victory rolls and a french roll at the back and they sprayed the heck out of it with black hairspray.  It didn’t budge all night, but my hair did feel awfully helmet-like.

For the makeup, I mixed a very light grey body paint and used this over my face and any exposed skin.  As is typical of store-bought face paints, it was extremely difficult to apply a smooth and even layer.  One day when I’m rich, I’d love to try this look again with some professional quality products to see the difference.  I set the paint with a generous layer of Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder.

Then came the fun part.  It was so weird doing my makeup all in shades of black and grey.  I started with my eyes, creating a slightly smoked eye with a selection of blacks and greys.  I used a gel liner to create a big wing at the corner of my eye.  I was very generous with my mascara and was sure to add a lick of waterproof grey liner in the waterline of my eye to cover up the skin there.

For my lips I used the NYX cosmetics Macaraon lipstick in Chambord.  I am head over heels with this lip colour, and I now want to wear it as part of my every day look.  My only complaint is that it is a very emollient lipstick which tends to slip and slide all over the place.  I used a black eye liner to line my lips and a lip fixer over the top, but it still shifted all about.  Ah well, it was only $4 so I really can’t complain.

I coloured in my brows with a black eyeshadow and a stiff angled brush.  Then I used a mid-grey colour to contour my cheeks, jaw and brow.  I added a well-blended swipe of MAC chromagraphic liner to the bridge of my nose, my brow bone and the tops of my cheeks for a bit of highlight.

Even though my party wasn’t big or elaborate, I had a brilliant time.  It was awesome to catch up with some of my favourite people and just chill out.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?  Are you having a party this year?

Armageddon Expo Melbourne 2014

I made the joke recently that Armageddon is like geek Christmas for me.  It’s the last convention of the year that I attend and there’s always a strong sense of anticipation beforehand.  Also, Armageddon was the first convention I ever went to, so for me there’s a feeling of nostalgia and homecoming that surrounds Armageddon.

Last Sunday I was awakened by a rat-a-tat-tat at the door.  It was 5am and my mate Luke was at my place, super-excited and eager to make a start on our costumes.  After a hearty breakfast, a quick shower and several hours of makeup, we were ready to head out the door and make the drive to the city.

Luke had decided to dress as Zombie Superman and I’d offered to help him out with his special effects makeup.  We had loads of fun splattering his costume with fake blood and scruffing it up.  Here’s a picture of Luke waiting on a pretty pink towel for his blood to be dry enough that it wouldn’t rub off on the interior of the car.

I had so much fun with this makeup.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve experimented with horror makeup.  The eye-socket was a real challenge but I am pretty darn pleased with how it turned out.  Luke got a lot of compliments on his costume (and scared quite a few kids as well)

I opted for a re-booted version of my old faithful Tank Girl cosplay.  I’d intended to dress as Susan Sto Helit from The Hogfather, but then I read the weather report.  I didn’t feel like sweltering  in a wig and full-length gown and cape, so I chose to don my cutoffs and combat boots once again.

I made a few small modifications to my costume this time around.  I made a ‘target’ tee shirt like the one that Tank Girl wears in the film and dyed my hair green for the occasion.  I actually really liked the way my green hair looked!

The con itself was just sensational.  Some of the highlights included:

– Meeting up with Caz from Nerdburger.  Caz and I have been blogging buddies for years.  I even interviewed her way back when my blog was just a baby.  She is so sweet in real life and it was fantastic to finally meet her.

– Catching up with Stewart McKenny and Chris McQuinlan, two of my favourite comic book artists.  It was especially awesome to meet up with Chris when I was wearing my Tank Girl costume, because Chris did an awesome Tank Girl pin-up commission for my birthday a few years back.

– Seeing a little kid in a stroller, happily munching through a pack of trading cards.  I’m not even kidding.  He was eating those things like they were chips!

– Getting my mug shot taken by the Gotham City police department.

– Seeing a giant dancing Groot.

– Getting photos taken with this life-sized Jabba the Hut.

And of course, there were some incredible cosplayers.  Here are some of my favourites:

Groot!  I nearly hyperventilated when I saw him towering above the crowds.  His costume was so detailed and he loved to dance.

I went mad for this pink Darth Vader and her Storm Trooper pal.  Although I didn’t notice until afterwards that he was carrying Jar Jar Binks’ head around (embarrassing fact: I actually like Jar-Jar.  Let me hang my head in shame while we move onto the next picture)….

Howard Moon and Vince Noir from The Mighty Boosh!  These dudes were incredible.  That synthesizer actually worked, and they performed Future Sailors just for me.  I was one happy fangirl.

I found another Tank Girl!  And she was flippin’ adorable!

What horror-lovin’ gal wouldn’t love a free smoosh from Michael Myers?

And it’s pretty cool and Freddy and Michael were able to put down their weapons and get cosy for the camera.

Tank Girl got a little pick-me-up from Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.  Don’t fret, it’s just candy!

I ran into this awesome Prince Oberyn Martell who I met at Comic Con earlier in the year.

He was positively lickable!


WOMAN!  WOMAN!  There just aren’t enough Muppets cosplayers.  It was so awesome to see this guy dressed as Animal.

Apparently severed heads were all the rage at Armageddon. This time is was Amy Pond with a Cyberman head.

Jane Lane!  She likes having low self-esteem.  It makes her feel special.

This Snow White was just too chipper for my taste  (haha!  She was actually super sweet).

Astrid and Hiccup from How to Train your Dragon.

I was totally smitten with this Flynn Ryder.  He was pretty dashing.

But not as dashing as Gaston!  Swoon!  What girl could resist those biceps?

This Elsa was so stunning.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her gown, it was just so beautiful.

We had a fair bit of Superman-on-Superman action.  This Clarke Kent was the slickest non-zombie Superman I saw all day.

I had a fantastic time this year and it was awesome to meet so many brilliant cosplayers.  I am a bit sad that the cons are all over for this year, but I’m already thinking about what I’m going to wear to next-years conventions.

Daily outfit 8/10/2014

It’s been such a long time since I’ve done an outfit post.  With all my Liptember selfies, I just ran out of time to take proper outfit shots.  But now we’re into October and I’ve got more opportunities to record my outfits.

I’m really feeling the Halloween vibe at the moment.  I wore this witchy outfit to go out for dinner with my family.

I am wearing:

– Black sequinned dress from Living Doll

– Black and white striped jacket from Cotton On

– Black fishnet tights from Leona Edminson

– Ruby slippers from Betts

– Studded belt (gift from my ex-boyfriend)

– Green vintage cocktail ring (Faye Bella on Etsy)

This look actually began with my makeup.  Miss Fairchild sent me a huge care package filled with the spoils from her latest beauty clear-out.  There was a beautiful emerald green eyeshadow in the package that I was instantly smitten with.  It is one of the Bourjois intense eye pots in 05 and I just adore the colour.  Sadly, the pretty green didn’t show up on camera.  The rich green shade instantly put me in mind of the Wicked Witch of the West and the rest of the outfit started falling into place.

I created a smokey eye using the green and some soft grey shades.  In keeping with the witchy theme, I used my Urban Decay lipstick in Theodora from the Oz: the Great and Powerful collection.

Then I added black on black, playing with texture.  I threw on this stripey jacked for a bit of lightness.  And of course, I couldn’t resist wearing my ruby slippers to complete the look.

I’m looking forward to adding some more Halloween-inspired outfits to the blog this month.  I’ve definitely started embracing my dark side now that Halloween is on it’s way.

Things I love Thursday 2/10/2013

It’s been another long, rough week with a few little rays of sunshine peeking through. Here’s a look at what’s been making me smile this week.

This Thursday, I love:

– Figuring out how to crochet lego blocks.  I’m making a whole bunch of them, which will either be used to make a bunch of scarves or one big blanket, depending on how I feel when I’m done.

– Driving to Beechworth Gorge and looking out over the drop.

– My incredible friends.  I don’t know how I would have gotten through this week without them.


– Findind a pair of my favourite jeans in the op-shop (in a different colour to the ones I already own) for just $4.

– Helping my mum to pick out some new bathers for her holiday next month.

– Glass grapes.  I know some people think they’re the height of tackiness but I can’t help but like them.

– Wearing a tee shirt with no jacket quite comfortably.  The weather has been glorious this past week.

– Managing to miss every last bit of the football on AFL grand final day.  I couldn’t care less about it.

– Dr Pepper

– Sleeping soundly after many restless nights

DSCF6615-Halloween anticipation.  I’m so excited this year.  I’ve begun working my way through my Halloween movies and preparing a soundtrack for my Halloween party.  I also had a trial run of my makeup for this year and I am so pleased with the result.  I also had fun looking back over Halloween makeup from years past…like this zombie makeup I did a couple of years back.

– Facing up to things that frighten me, and feeling strong enough to push ahead anyway.

– Mario Kart.

What do you love this week?  I’d love to hear all about the things that have been bringing joy to you, so share a comment if you please.