Logan’s Run Style

One sweltering afternoon last month I stretched out on my loungeroom floor to watch Logan’s Run.  The 70’s sci-fi classic has been recommended to me so many times, that when I found a copy of the DVD at my local library I just had to check it out. There’s something quite special about 1970’s science fiction.  It was an era that had a real obsession with space-age costuming, and the outfits from this time always manage to look both futuristic and retro all at once.  There’s always this hint of disco-fabulousness mixed in with the shiny fabrics and eyes-forward cuts.
Another element that appealed to me was the monochrome styles in each “class” of costumes.  There are four different classes of people who live in Logan’s world and each one wears a very distinct colour palette.  I liked the idea of this kind of social uniform and the subtle differences between the styles of each.  I thought it would be fun to play around and create an outfit for each of the four classes shown in the movie.

The Cubs



The cubs are the youngest of the four classes, all of them are aged under fifteen.  They wear a palette of yellow, mustard and brown.  These earthy, golden tones are so evocative of the 1970’s, when such bright colours were popular.  The Cubs’ clothes have a playful, childlike element to them, and tend to be somewhat distressed and  torn.




The character Jessica represents the next age group, loosely between the ages of  15-25 (this is not specifically defined in the film).  The citizens from this age group wear shades of green, and their outfits are more revealing than most.  Many of the citizens who are a part of this age group are preoccupied with sex and hedonism, and as such their outfits are the most overtly sexual of all.  Short skirts, transparent fabrics and bare limbs are hallmarks of the green-wearing youths.  Their outfits feature adornments and jewellery to highlight bare wrists and ankles.  Few members of this group wear an ankh charm, a symbol of the idealistic utopia of Sanctuary.

Last Day



The eldest inhabitants of the city wear red, and their clothes are more mature than their younger counterparts.  Although still sexy and form-fitting, they tend to be less revealing than the greens.  Silky, slippery fabrics and gorgeous textures abound, as well as the ever present red life-timer: a jewel fixed into the palm of the hand which turns red upon your thirtieth birthday.




The Sandmen are the law enforcement, and it is their job to catch “Runners” who attempt to flee to avoid being killed once they turn 30.   The Sandmen wear minimalist, utilitarian outfits of black and silver.  The lines are sleek and smooth, fabrics are industrial and adornments are few.
As you can see, each category is distinct in palette and style, and yet all manage to look both retro and futuristic at the same time. This blending of elements makes the costumes from this film so appealing and visually striking.  Any of the uniforms is easy to replicate, and work into a modern-day outfit that evokes the sexuality and starkness of the film’s story.
Which outfit do you think you’d be most likely to wear?

Things I Love Thursday 5/1/2017

Happy Thursday gorgeous-face!  I hope that the first week of 2017 was smashing and that you’ve got lots to be smiling about.  Because I sure do!  Here we go…

This week I love:

  • Grill’d.  I have been a fan of their burgers for years, but this past week they won me over completely.  I called into Grill’d at Southern Cross Station to grab some dinner on New Years Eve.  I chose the Field of Dreams burger, minus the cheese and mayo, and sat down to wait for it.  While I was waiting, one of the chefs approached me and asked if I was vegan.  She had noticed my docket and wanted to check because the pesto on the burger also had parmesan cheese on it.  She made a bunch of vegan-friendly suggestions and together we build the most delicious burger on the planet.  I was so appreciative of her assistance.  As a new vegan, it can be hard to know what to order in restaurants and so it was awesome to have someone help me out.
  • Rogue One.  Wowza, I was not prepared for the amazingness of that film.  David and I went to see it last week (on the same day that Carrie Fisher’s passing was announced.  *sob!*) and I was blown away.  It was crazy good.
  • Kitty head-boops
  • American Horror Story: Hotel.  I’ve been blazing through this series and I’m enjoying it a great deal.  I’m addicted to Gaga’s glamorous costumes and the art deco styling of the Hotel Cortez is making me drool.  The story is pretty good so far, and reminds me more of season one in the way it’s been jumping around in time.  I plan to finish it off over the next day or so.
  • Yarn shopping.
  • My herb garden.  I’ve got three plants growing strong, and I can’t wait for them to get big enough for me to start using them in my cooking.
  • Frozen cola slurpees
  • Raspberries
  • Crop tops
  • Throwing away a stack of threadbare bed sheets and frayed towels.  I no longer need to fight my way into my linen cupboard every time I need something.
  • Cool breezes through the open windows of an evening.

What do you love this week?

Style icons: Harley Quinn

I was pretty rapt with the Suicide Squad movie.  Even though the critics have kinda panned it, I really enjoyed the film. There can be no doubt that a huge part of my love for the film came from the presence of one of my favourite DC characters, Harley Quinn.  After seeing the film, I was so inspired by Harley’s awesome sense of style, and I wanted to dedicate a Style Icons post to the mad clown queen of Gotham City.



Mod Harley


There can be little doubt that Harley is the queen of colour blocking.  She likes large panels of bold colour, usually in a half-and-half style.  Her favourite combos are red and black and blue and red with splashes of white thrown in for good measure.  Her two-tone look even extends to her hair, often worn in pigtails with dip-dyed tips for dramatic effect.
Casual Harley


Harley’s outfits are usually form-fitting or scandalously brief.  She loves being the centre of attention so eye-grabbing pieces are a must.  But although you might want to touch, you’d better keep your mitts to yourself.  Harley’s relationship with The Joker is anything but open.  He keeps her on a tight reign, and while their relationship is pretty dysfunctional, there are also strong elements of dominance and submission present.  I really liked the way that bondage gear and winks to Harley’s BDsM relationship with Joker were woven into her costumes.  Her “Puddin” collar, ”Yes Sir” cuffs and “Property of Joker” bomber jacket all speak to her submission to Mr J.
Daddy's disco princess


It’s the tiny details that are key to Harley’s outfits.  She particularly partial to diamond shapes, which harken back to her harlequin-inspired costume in the original cartoon.  Jagged edges and circus-goth finishings are also perfect for a girl who is more at home on a tightrope or aerial silks than with her feet firmly planted on the ground.
Rev her up


Interestingly, a large number of items in Harley’s wardrobe are inspired by sporting apparel. From her triple stripe sneaker stilettos to her baseball tees, Harley likes to blend a bit of activewear in with her outfits.  This possibly has to do with the fact that her weapon of choice is a baseball bat (when she’s not wielding her comically-huge mallet).  Harley likes to match her baseball jacket with teeny tiny shorts and a liberal application of bling.
I’m head over heels in love with Harley’s look, and it’s so tempting to sprinkle a bit of madcap circus-gal fun into your own wardrobe.  You could quite easily add a few small touches, or go for the full-shebang in two-toned gear, a collar and booty shorts.  It’s up to you how far you take the look, but once you get going, it’s hard not to go a little bit nuts.
Are you a fan of Harley’s look?  Which parts would you like to incorporate into your own wardrobe?

What I wore: 29th March, 2016

I’m a big fan of lingerie.  I have quite a collection of pretty underthings.  Most of the time I’m perfectly happy to keep them to myself, and wear them like a gorgeous secret next to my skin.  But then there are other times when it seems a shame to hide them, and I like to wear my underwear as outerwear.  This was one of those times.

I bought this amazing longline floral satin bra from Best and Less just after Christmas.  I’ve worn it a few times but on this particular occasion I didn’t want to hide her under a shirt or dress.  So I made the choice to throw something sheer on over the top, and let her peek out at the world.


I am wearing:

  • Floral satin long line bra from Best and Less
  • Black sheer blouse from Bardot
  • Black floral trousers from K Mart
  • Reversible brocade jacket (thrifted)
  • Black studded motorcycle boots from Big W
  • Pirate earrings from Equip
  • Silver swirl ring
  • Moonstone ring from Lovisa


I wanted a slightly cheeky outfit to wear because I was heading out to see Deadpool at the cinema.  It seemed appropriate to have something a bit raunchy for such an occasion.



Please excuse my messy bedroom.  I snapped these photos quickly with my camera before my bestie showed up.  I didn’t quite have time to set up my proper camera, but I still wanted to share this outfit because I was really chuffed with how I scrubbed up.



And in case you were wondering, the movie was fantastic.  I’ve never really gotten into Deadpool before, but I was blown away by this movie.  It was completely different to any Marvel film I’ve seen before, completely tongue-in-cheek, vulgar and with a good dash of sweetness thrown in.  The special effects were  mind blowing and the jokes were hilarious.  To top it off, I reckon it held the very best Stan Lee cameo to date.  If you haven’t seen it yet, I definitely recommend that you check it out.


Have you seen Deadpool?  What did you think?

5 Fandom Friday: Fandoms I’m thankful for.

This week’s prompt gave me pause for thought.  I have so many fandoms that I enjoy, but how many of them am I thankful for?  Hmmmm.  Once I put my mind to it I realised that there have been some wonderful things that fandom has brought into my life, and once I noticed those things it was easy to put together this week’s list.

  1. Friends

Friends was one of my earliest fandoms.  I really got into it once the show had been running for quite a while, and ended up watching the first few seasons as reruns.  When I moved away to university, my boyfriend surprised me with a box-set of all ten seasons of Friends.  That box of DVDs became my lifeline over the coming year.  I would watch episodes when I got stressed or homesick and I invited my new college friends to my room for Friends nights.  That show got me through my first year at uni, and kept me afloat during some other tough times.

2. Harry Potter

Harry Potter provided me with some common ground when bonding with some of my now-good friends.  People like Natalie, Nina and so many others.  I have loads of friends who are into Harry Potter, and who are also socially awkward geeks.  Harry brought us all together and gave us something to chat about when we were feeling shy and weird.



3. Tank Girl

Tank Girl has given me many reasons to be thankful.  Not only did she give me a kick-ass role model to look up to in my teens, but she also provided a talking point when I met my ex-partner, Ross.  He and I were both big Tank Girl fans which was super exciting to me because until that point I’d never met another person who had even heard of Tank Girl.  In addition to that, Tank Girl was my very first cosplay, and I’ve made loads of friends while wearing my Tank Girl costume.  So I’m very grateful indeed to that fandom for opening so many doors for me.



4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror has brought me so much joy, whether it’s in the form of cosplaying as Columbia or having epic Rocky Horror parties with my friends.  The tagline for the film, “Don’t Dream it, Be it” has become something of a personal motto for me.  I like to do my best to make dreams a reality, to live the life that makes me happy and to embody those things that mean a lot to me.  And I’m grateful to Rocky Horror for bringing that motto into my life.

5. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones holds a special place in my heart because it’s a fandom that has brought my Dad and I closer together.  He is a huge GoT fan and we can spend ages rehashing our favourite moments, talking about character interactions and imagining what’s coming next.  It’s awesome to be able to have those moments with Dad.


Which fandoms are you grateful for?  I’d love to hear your answers to this week’s prompt, because it is such an inventive one.


Personal heroes: Bill Cunningham

I finally got around to checking out Bill Cunningham: New York.  Boy oh boy, was that movie a revelation for me.  As soon as it began to roll, I felt an instant tug of recognition and respect for Bill and his philosophy towards fashion.

Bill is, first and foremost, a street fashion photographer.  Although he does work taking pictures of runway shows and high life parties, his real love is bare-bones street photography.  His belief is  that “The best fashion show is on the street”, and he spends most of his time documenting the stylistic adventures of everyday New Yorkers.

Bill’s outlook is a breath of fresh air to me.  Although I adore fashion, there is a cloak of cattiness that tends to surround the fashion world.  When you talk about fashion, inevitably the conversation turns to what you should or shouldn’t be wearing, who wore an outfit better and the “rules” of fashion.  And that has always grated on me, because I feel that fashion shouldn’t be about The Rules and Should and Should Not.  To me, fashion is a beautiful form of self expression.  And it was wonderful to see that one of the most respected fashion photographers felt the same way.

Bill Cunningham’s work is a joyous celebration of fashion.  It’s about weeding out a gloriously stylish individual from a crowd and capturing them on film.  It was such a pleasure to watch this strange little man cavorting about the streets of New York, snapping people of all ages, all sizes, all colours and with a rainbow of styles.  For him, fashion isn’t limited to the young and rich, fashion is a living, breathing entity that lives in the people on the street.  Like me, Bill Cunningham believes that fashion is for everyone.

Another things I thought was brilliant about Bill is his approach to trends.  Ordinarily, trends in fashion are used to dictate what we “should” be wearing.  A fashion magazine or designer chooses an item, a colour, a fabric and decrees that this is The Thing To Wear.  Bill’s approach is the exact opposite.  Rather than telling people what they should wear, Bill looks at what people actually are wearing.  He spends countless hours on the streets, looking for patterns in what the passers-by are wearing and reporting on them.  In this way, he keeps fashion on the ground, giving the everyman the power to dictate the trends simply by wearing what appeals to them.

Bill’s fascination with the style of real people spoke to me on a deep level.  It tickled my own adoration of fashion and caused a spark of realisation.  Like Bill, I’m not terribly interested in celebrity fashion, in people who follow the fashion rules wearing what they’ve been told to wear.  What I want to see is what real people with similar paycheques to mine who have access to similar stores put on their bodies.  I want to see what real people are wearing, and marvel in the creativity and beauty of actual men and women.  And that’s why I love fashion blogging.  Because it gives you a peek into the wardrobes of genuine people and allows you to peek at what they live their lives in.  Part of the reason that I began taking outfit pictures and sharing them via this blog is that I wanted to showcase my own style, and show people that you don’t have to be rich or particularly clever to express yourself through fashion.  And I wanted to encourage others to take that leap and find their own sartorial path.

Something that has always stung me about the fashion industry is the pressure it places on women to look a certain way, and the scathingness towards those who do not fit the mould.  In this film, a friend mentions that Bill’s work isn’t about comparing people.  It isn’t about talking about “who wore it better”, it’s about celebrating people and style.  I was heartened to hear one of Bill’s colleagues tell of how he left a magazine that used a series of his photographs of everyday women in designer clothing to poke fun at how the women didn’t measure up to the runway models in those same styles.  I couldn’t help but smile as Bill swatted away a young man who tried to edit the ageing decolletage of one of his subjects, saying that she was beautiful and it would be a shame to cover her up.  This is a man who sees beauty in all sizes, ages and colours.  And that is such a far throw from what’s usually presented in a documentary about fashion.  It gave me cause to cheer.

Bill Cunningham is a hero of mine because he has paved the way for fashion bloggers like myself.  He is a positive force who promotes what I believe to be the true essence of style.  And he’s just so darn cheeky.  It’s hard not to like him, really.

5 Fandom Friday: My favourite fictional teachers.

This week’s 5 Fandom Friday post is dedicated to the educators of the fictional world.  I have a soft spot for teachers in general.  Growing up, I was lucky enough to have some fantastic teachers who encouraged me to develop my interests and made me feel proud to excel.  Now that I’m older, some of my best friends have chosen careers in teaching and it makes me so happy that they are out there in the world, offering advice and education to the next generation.  It takes a very special person to be an amazing teacher, and I think that the teachers of the world are highly underrated.


And on that note, let’s jump in and take a look at my 5 favourite fictional teachers.

  1. Rupert Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Does Giles count as a teacher?  He works at Sunnydale High and he runs the library but he doesn’t really have a class of his own.  Hmm, maybe he doesn’t really qualify.  But I’m going to sneak him into my list because he’s brilliant and I adore him.  Giles is mild-mannered and so very British but with a cleverly-disguised wild streak.  You just know that under that tweed jacket is a heart that’s hard to tame.  He’s an excellent mentor to Buffy and knows when it’s time to let go and give her a chance to stand on her own two feet.


2. Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter.

Like Giles, McGonagall is very two-sided.  In the classroom she is strict and proper, but in her own time she can be deliciously witty and bold.  I like the fact that McGonagall doesn’t take crap from anyone, and she has a mischievous nature that’s impossible to dislike.  Although she is fiercely committed to the education of her students, she managed to develop quite close relationships with Harry, Ron and Hermione and shares several quite sweet moments with each.

3. Professor Keating from The Dead Poets Society

I think we’ve all longed for a teacher like Mr Keating.  One who encourages us to think outside the box and introduces us to a world of possibilities.  One who steps outside traditional teaching methods and shows us that learning is sexy and fun rather than dry and dusty.  For the students who feel trapped inside the straight-laced boarding school, and believe that they will graduate into traditional straight-laced lives, Professor Keating provides a glimmer of hope, and dares them to push the boundaries to find what makes them truly happy.  And that’s the mark of a great teacher right there.

4. Mr Bergstrom from The Simpsons

The episode Lisa’s Substitute always resonated with me.  Without wanting to sound too up-myself, I was a precocious little girl who loved learning and who was well ahead of most kids her age in terms of intellect and ability.  So often I found myself bored in class and it was a rare treat when I found a teacher who would challenge me rather than just wanting me to work at the same level as everyone else.  When you are in that boat and a teacher comes along who actively tries to find ways to broaden your learning it’s incredibly refreshing.  A teacher who treats you like your thirst for learning is something to be embraced and expanded rather than an annoyance is worth their weight in gold.  So I completely understand why Lisa was so excited to find an educator like Mr Bergstrom who gave her a chance to reach outside the bounds of her second-grade classroom and sample the delights of learning for the sheer joy of it.

5. Mr DiMartino from Daria

Ok, so Mr DiMartino wasn’t a good teacher.  Perhaps he was once upon a time, until years of teenage boneheads wore down his resolve until he became a bitter, cynical man with an epic facial tic.  But I like him all the same.  Mostly because he’s super entertaining to watch, but also because a tiny part of me wishes that I could sometimes behave with the kind of unbridled sarcasm that is Mr DiMartino’s trademark.

Do you have a favourite fictional teacher?  Is there anyone I’ve left out?  Please leave your answers in the comments section below.