‘Tis the season to give

Christmas is just around the corner.  For me, Christmas is about more than just giving and getting gifts or putting up decorations.  For me, giving something to people in need is a really important part of the holiday season.


Each year, I save up a bit of cash throughout the year and give it to a charity of my choice.  This year, I’m planning on giving my donation dollars to the St Vincent De Paul Welfare Christmas Appeal.  The St Vincent De Paul society does tremendous work in a number of areas that I’m really passionate about.  They assist some of the most disadvantaged people in Australia, including the poor, people with mental illness, immigrants and Indigenous Australians.  The work they carry out includes:

– Working with people with mental illness to help them to reconnect with the community and receive help.

– Support and assistance for homeless people.

– Provision of food, clothing and assistance to those living in poverty.

– Campaigning to increase the welfare pension.

– Providing financial and information support to migrants and refugees.

– Working on achieving justice for Indigenous Australians.

– Protecting financially vulnerable people from onerous debt repayment requirements.

They also run loads of fantastic op-shops which I frequent.

This year, I’d like to ask you for your assistance.  If you’ve got a few dollars to spare, then it would be awesome if you could donate them to St Vincent De Paul.  You can make your donation here.

Also, from now until the end of December, I’ll be giving $1 from the sale of each of my e-books and my e-course to St Vincent De Paul.  You can purchase my e-books via this blog or through my etsy store.  

If you’re in Australia, you can also help by donating your unwanted clothing, books, toys and bedding to your nearest St Vincent De Paul store.

Have an awesome weekend, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  Thanks so much for your support.


1000 posts, and a huge thank you!

Would you believe that yesterday I posted my 1000th post on this blog?  I couldn’t believe it when I saw the numbers tick over.  It’s been four years since I began blogging, and I am so grateful for all the friends I’ve made, all the opportunities that have opened up to me and all the gorgeous people who read my blog every day.  When I started this blog, I had never dreamed that I would still be writing four years from now.  I absolutely adore writing for you, reading all your comments and getting in touch with you.

DSCF8523I want to say a massive Thank You!  to all of you. To everyone who reads this blog, whether on a daily basis, or whether you just pop over every now and again.  I am so grateful to each and every one of you.

I also wanted to thank all the fantastic people who purchased items from my etsy store in the lead-up to my move.  Thanks to you, I had enough money to buy myself a new fridge when I moved into my new flat, which is huge.  Every person who bought something from my store helped me out and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

As a small token of my appreciation, I’m having a sale on my e-books.  You can use the code MOVINGRIGHTALONG to get $2 off the price of each of my books.  That means that each one is just $3!

I currently have four e-books to choose from:


Nessbow’s Guide to Second Hand Shopping



Nessbow’s Guide to Developing your Personal Style


DSCF8169Nessbow’s guide to surviving college



Living Frugally without sacrificing your style


All four books are available for instant download via my etsy store.  They’re packed with practical real-world advice that you won’t find here on my blog.


Thanks once again for all your support.  Here’s to another thousand posts!


Freebies! For you!

Welcome to the weekend.  Since it’s been a very long and trying week, I thought that I’d treat you to a little something.  We all like free things, right?  Well, I’ve got something for you that won’t cost a cent.

DSCF6056If you head over to my e-books page, you can download a sample chapter from each of my four e-books.  For free.  Seriously.

And if you like what you read and you’ve got a spare $5, you might like to consider buying one of my e-books.  They’re all packed with exclusive content that you won’t find on my blog.  Each book is available for immediate PDF download to your computer.  They’ve all been re-edited with fresh content and a clickable table of contents, so it’s easier to navigate through the book.  How’s that for an awesome deal?

The four e-books I”ve currently got for sale are:

– Nessbow’s Guide to Second Hand Shopping.

– Living Frugally without sacrificing your style

– Nessbow’s guide to developing your personal style.

– Nessbow’s guide to surviving college.

Each of the e-books are available through the e-book page on this blog or via etsy.


Have a great weekend!

Let me help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions!

Hey there!  If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably set yourself some goals for the next year.  I’ve been busy evaluating the things I could do better  and making goals to help myself improve.

Although there are plenty of things I’m not so great at (such as doing my dishes in a timely manner, or going a whole day without running into anything) there are a few areas in which I’m awesome.  I’m a thrifting wizard, and I’ve got a great collection of second-hand goodies.  I have a good handle on my personal style and the confidence to show it off.  I’m brilliant at budgeting and saving money as well.


Perhaps one of the areas that I’m brilliant in is an area that you’re looking to improve in your own life?  If that’s the case, let me give you a leg-up towards achieving your new year’s resolutions.

Are you hoping to be better dressed in the 2013?  Have you vowed to be more confident in expressing yourself through fashion?

Then Nessbow’s Guide to Developing Your Personal Style is for you!

Do you hope to save up for something special in the new year?  Are you sick of having nothing in your bank account at the end of the week?  Has your lifestyle changed, leaving you with a smaller salary than you’re used to?

You might be interested in checking out Living Frugally Without Sacrificing Your Style!

Perhaps you’re itching to start thrifting?  Are you the kind of person who’d love to be a whiz at second hand shopping, but you have no idea where to begin?  

Then you’ll benefit from reading Nessbow’s Guide to Second Hand Shopping!

My e-books are all available through my Etsy store.    You can also buy them using your credit card or Paypal by following the links on my e-book page.

Here are a few things that you should know about the e-books:

– Each one contains mostly new content.  There is a small amount of overlap with my blog content, but most of the chapters are brand new.  That means that even if you’ve read every page of my blog, there will still be something new for you to learn!

– The e-books will be sent directly to your email address in PDF form, so you can download them and read at your leisure.

-Each one is filled with practical, real-world advice based on my personal experience.  They’re written for real people by a real person.

– Each book is only $5

– The books have been updated since last year.  They’ve been re-edited and some new content has been added to each one.

– If you purchase from my etsy store, then your book will be emailed to you within 48 hours of payment.  If you buy through the e-book page links on this blog, then you will receive your copy instantly!

If you’re hoping to be thriftier and more stylish in the new year, then you’ll love my e-books.  Don’t delay, get your copy today!

My Etsy store is ready for Christmas

I know it’s still a while before Christmas, but if you like to do your present shopping online, you should probably make a start.  That way, your packages should arrive with plenty of time to spare.  I’ve made a few updates to my etsy store to get it ready for the Christmas madness.

Gift wrapping is now available.

I’m happy to gift-wrap your purchases for you, to save you the hassle.  When you purchase an item, please send me a message to let me know that you’d like it gift wrapped.   I have loads of gorgeous holiday paper and trimmings to make your gifts look extra-special.


Featured items

I’ve started flagging some “featured items” in the store, to help give you some ideas about what to buy for your friends and family.  The featured items will be changing regularly in the lead-up to Christmas.


Here are some of the items that are currently featured:

This chunky pink ribbed scarf is an ideal winter warmer for those of you who are celebrating Christmas in chillier climates.  It has been hand-knitted from acrylic yarn and is 2 metres long.


My Thrifty-chic e-book bundle would make an ideal gift for a money-conscious friend, or a sibling who is constantly winging that they want to start thrifting.  This bundle costs just $8 and contains two of my e-books: Living Frugally without sacrificing your style and Nessbow’s guide to second hand shopping.  The e-books will be sent straight to their inbox shortly after purchasing (or at a later date if you specify a shipping date).


This hand-made fascinator is beautiful and unique.  It is a one-of-a-kind design that features feathers, pearl beads and silk flowers.


As I’ve recently started crocheting again, you can expect to see plenty of crocheted items in the store.  These fingerless gloves are warm and cute, made from super-soft yarn.  These are a small size, but I do have plenty more yarn, so I am happy to make a pair in your size if you get in quickly enough.


These items are just a small sample of what I have to offer in my etsy store.  With nearly ninety items in the store, you’re sure to find the perfect gift.  I have a huge range of scarves, e-books, hair accessories, jewellery and customised clothing.  I’m also going to be adding some new items in the lead-up to Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled.


Discounts for blog readers

From now until Boxing Day, I’m offering a 15% discount to all of my blog readers.  You can claim your discount by typing the coupon code: CHRISSY12

when you head to the checkout.  This code can be used off all purchases in the store, including blog advertising.


So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to my etsy store and begin your Christmas shopping today.  Remember, the early bird catches the worm, so don’t delay!