Wall to Wall Festival 2017

Art and culture aren’t things that one typically associates with country towns.  But that couldn’t be further from reality when one considers my hometown of Benalla, Victoria.  Benalla not only has an awesome art gallery and a stellar performing arts centre, but it is the home to the annual Wall to Wall street art festival.


Now in it’s third year, Wall to Wall is responsible for some incredible pieces of artwork that are dotted around the town.  Last week, artists began staking out their spots and sketching.  On Saturday I took my camera for a walk to take a look at the works in progress.


This year’s offerings are varied and colourful, with a number of amazing 3D pieces included in the mix.  If you have the means to travel to Benalla one weekend, I suggest you do so and take a long walk and gaze upon the amazing works of art that are dotted around the walls and pavements of this town.


As part of the festival, The Wall to Wall committee organized a giant community paint-by-numbers.  Everyone was invited to come along and join in to create an amazing painting.  Sadly, I’d forgotten that this was taking place and I was a tad too dressed up to muck in with the painters.  I wish that I’d worn jeans instead so that I could have joined in the fun.



Do you have a favourite piece?





Things I Love Thursday 5/7/2012

Howdy everyone!  This week’s Things I Love Thursday has a very geeky slant to it.  After going to Comic Con on the weekend, I have a lot of nerdy things that are tickling my fancy this fine Thursday.

This week, I love:

– Outland.  It’s a fantastic Aussie comedy written by the divine Adam Richards.  It’s about a gay science-fiction group, and it’s set in Melbourne.  So far, there’s only one season, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for another.

This picture of Ringo playing with Ross’s Star Wars figurines.

– Nerds.  I’m talking about the sour, crunchy little candies.  I’ve eaten way more than my fair share of them this week, after finding a jumbo box of rainbow nerds at the Reject Shop.

This Dr Who feltie that Ross bought me at Comic Con.  He came from the same lass who made my Jack Sparrow feltie.  Ross also got two commissioned felties from her- Skeletor and Hordack from He-Man.  They look incredible.  I’m so happy with my Doctor though.  I really feel that David Tennant is ‘my’ doctor.  He’s the one I enjoy watching the most, and the one I feel the strongest connection to.

– Discussing cosplay ideas with Ross on the drive home from Melbourne.

– Japanese food with lovely friends.

– The artwork of Stewart McKenny.  I bought a set of gift cards from him on the weekend, and they are fab.

One set of the cards has this design, with all eleven Doctors.

The other has the tenth doctor on his own.  Stewart had several more sets of these, including a Princess Bride set that I was drooling over.

– Surprise visits from my brother.

– Catching up with Violet and Jimmy for tea.

– Lovely blog comments

– Fantasia


What are you loving this week, doll-face?  Feel encouraged to leave a comment so that everyone can share in your gratitude!

26th birthday!

On Saturday, I celebrated my 26th birthday.  It was without a doubt one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had.  I got so many gorgeous presents, so many happy phone calls, so many hugs and kisses and so many birthday wishes.  I felt surrounded with love.  And really, in my opinion, that’s how everyone should feel on their birthday.  I count myself very lucky.

The day kicked off with breakfast in bed, followed by morning tea with my family at the art gallery.  Afterwards, I had much fun relaxing at home and being visited by various friends and family members.

That evening, I had a Harry Potter themed party.  I re-used my Luna Lovegood costume. We ate bucketloads of sweets and played so many games: Harry Potter trivia, charades, celebrity heads and Pin the Scar on Harry.  My birthday ended with me curled up in the lounge room with my boyfriend, my brother and some of my closest friends, watching The Muppets.  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.

I have plenty of photos to share with you as well!  Here we go!

My cake, made by Ross, was a total masterpiece.  I loved it.

The poster for “Pin the scar on Harry”.  Ross was the winner.

I got this beetle ring from my parents.

And this one was from Pernickity Pony.

Ross’s parents got me this adorable silver cat.  His head bobbles and his tail is a ring-holder.  Genius!

Ross got me a bunch of amazing commissioned artwork.  I got a bunch of Tank Girl drawings from a variety of different artists.  Ross sent them pictures of me in my Tank Girl costume, and they used those as reference material.

Chibi Tank Girl by Pou-Bee.


Drawn by Chris McQuinlan.  Coloured by Ross Campbell.

By Seonidas

By Eryck Webb


Tank Girl by Eryck Webb

Ross also got me a series of Avengers artwork, based on the Avengers Style post I did a while back, and a set of Muppets prints, based on this post.  Not all of them are finished though, so I’ll show you those ones once I’ve got the lot.

So all in all, it was a pretty incredible birthday.  Thankyou so much to all the lovely people who sent birthday cards, messages, hugs and gifts.  I truly appreciate it.

Things I Love Thursday 19/1/2012

Greetings to you on this gorgeous Thursday!  Is it just me, or is it still a bit strange to write ‘2012’ whenever you write the date?  I haven’t quite gotten used to the fact that we’re now well into the new year.


This Thursday, I love:

– Having time to catch up with my lovely friends before I move away.  So far this week, I’ve had a shopping date with my friend Mandie, brunch with my mate Tom and lunch with Violet and Jimmy.  I’ve got several more catch-ups planned over the weekend, and I can’t wait.  I’m going to miss being able to see these people whenever I want.

– Mocktails.  Mandie and I went to TGI Friday’s and treated ourselves to some decadent mocktails.  I can’t remember what these were called, but they had lime and cranberry juice and were the perfect way to refresh on a scorchingly hot cay.


– Cocktails.  Tom treated me to going-away drinks yesterday at The Toff on Swanston Street.  We sat on the balcony and sipped obscenely huge cocktails in the sun.  I felt very posh, until I tried to stand up and realised I was nearly too squiffy to walk down the stairs.  I had a Wonderland Fizz, which seemed remarkably similar to a Mint Julep, but with passionfruit pulp.  It was divine.

– Kermit-green nail polish.  This particular shade is called Tahitian Lime, and it’s an Ulta3 nail varnish.


– Cool baths on hot nights.


– Mao’s Last Dancer.  I read the book about a year ago and loved it.  I was a bit nervous to watch the film, in case it wasn’t as good.  I checked it out the other night, and I loved it.  The dance scenes are especially breathtaking.


– Teaching my housemate about Edie Segwick.


– Being able to vaccuum previously untouched sections of my floor, after my parents collected my desk and bookcases last weekend.

– This picture of Henry VIII as a cat that Sam drew for me as a going-away present.


What are you loving this week, sweetheart?