What I wore: Wall to Wall 2018

Every year, my home town of Benalla holds a street art festival.  For one amazing weekend every year, artists set up their paints, brushes, dropsheets and spray cans to create masterpieces on buildings and fences all over the town.  In addition to the artwork, there is live music, food trucks, market stalls and guided walking tours.

The Wall to Wall festival weekend is one of my favourite weekends of the year.  It’s so exciting to watch the artwork taking shape and trying to guess what each piece is going to be.  Last Saturday I dressed up nice and comfy to take a long, lazy walk around the main street and soak up the artwork.

I am wearing:

  • Captain Planet tee shirt
  • Denim shorts from Target
  • Converse All Star sneakers (thrifted)
  • Apple headscarf (thrifted)
  • Mistress D and Master Rick pins from Geeky and Kinky

I was particularly proud of my makeup.  It had been so long since I’d worn a Tank Girl inspired ombre red lip so I revived that look for the day.  It’s such a 90’s trend but one that I still enjoy wearing.

In addition to the street art, this year the Wall to Wall festival also features an art installation by Callum Preston called The Milk Bar.  Mr Preston has build a milk bar inside the Benalla Art Gallery complete with a Telecom phone booth and Australia Post red post box out the front.  It’s really quite incredible, as you walk inside through the plastic strip curtains you’re greeted by shelves and shelves of colourful products all lovingly hand-painted, a rack of magazines and a counter staffed by a very sweet woman with pink hair and a pinny.  I had such fun reminiscing about all the lollies that I once loved which are no longer available (remember Snap n Crackle bars?) and lamenting the fact that Bubbalo Bill ice creams seemed so much bigger when I was a kid.

The Wall to Wall festival is even bigger in 2018 than in any other year.  Best of all, the street art remains up for a full year so if you’re driving through Benalla you can stop off and take a gander.  It’s well worth the trip if you like awesome artwork in unexpected places.


5 Fandom Friday: Geeky Tattoos I want

I’m playing catch-up on some of the 5 Fandom Friday posts that I missed.  This one in particular struck me because I adore tattoo art.  Although I don’t have any tattoos, and have no plans to get one, I enjoy coming up with clever tattoo designs and flipping through pictures of other peoples tatts.  So while I don’t intend to ever get one of these images inked onto my skin, they are all designs that I think are gorgeous.


  1. “Andy” tattoo on my foot.

I am a big Pixar fan, and I’m especially fond of the Toy Story films.  I’ve often thought that it would be cute to get the name “Andy” inked on the sole of my foot, in homage to that awesome collection of films.


2. The Addams Family credo

The Addams Family has been one of my longest-lasting fandoms, as I’ve been into it since I was about six years old.  I think that years of tireless devotion to the family Addams should qualify me as an honorary member, and worthy to bear the family motto on my skin.  Mortica states that the family motto is “Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc” or, “We gladly feast on those who would subdue us”.  Not just pretty words, mind you, and I think an important message about individuality and not being beaten down by the crowd.


3. The Great A’Tuin

Terry Pratchett is my all-time favourite author, and since his passing last year I’ve thought several times about a way to honour the man whose work changed my life.  I think a small tattoo of The Great A’Tuin, the tortoise who is the vehicle for The Disworld, which rides atop four elephants perched on her back, would be just the thing.


4. A pair of ruby slippers

To me, Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz are a very powerful symbol of self reliance.  As such, a constant reminder that I always have the power within me to get to where I’m going would be lovely.


5. Elvira pinup

I adore vintage-style pinup tattoos. But in order to put a geeky twist on an old classic, I’d like Elvira to be the subject of such a tattoo were I ever to get one.  She’s hilarious, ballsy and so darn sexy.


Do you have any geeky tattoos?  Are you planning any?

Things I Love Thursday 31/3/2016

I can scarcely believe that the month is over.  My fingers have only just grown accustomed to typing “March” as part of the date, and it’s practically over.  No doubt tomorrow I’ll be shaking my head with wonder as I type “April” and puzzling as to how the year can already be a quarter through when it’s scarcely begun.


This week I love:

  • Deadpool.  I saw it a second time on the weekend and viewing number two was even more hilarious than the first.  It’s so very different from every Marvel movie that’s gone before it, and I’m digging Ryan Reynolds in those red tights.
  • Maggie Smith.  I saw The Lady in the Van on Tuesday and I was blown away by her performance.  Truly, there is nothing that woman can’t do.  While watching, I was struck by the beauty of her aged face.  We are taught to only see beauty in young faces, but there really is something striking about the crinkles and cracks in an older visage.
  • Purple hair.
  • Theobroma hot chocolate.
  • My new Stormtrooper leggings.
  • Finding these Wizard of Oz toys in a box of my old stuff.  These originally came from a showbag, and I used to play with them non-stop as a kid.  I packed them away when I moved out of home, and then had never been able to find them.  I had figured that they must have been lost in one of my moves, or accidentally thrown away.  So you can imagine my excitement when they turned up last weekend.
  • Long weekends
  • Croissants with Camembert cheese.

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  • Street art.  Benalla has just wrapped up our second annual Wall To Wall street art festival, and there are now a bunch of colourful new paintings around the town.  I don’t have a favourite, but I see this rendering of Ghandi each day on my way home and it’s so touching.

What do you love this week?  Don’t be shy, leave your own Things I Love Thursday list in the comments.


Things I Love Thursday 31/10/2013

Happy Halloween!  No matter where you are in the world, I hope you have a truly awesome time.  Whether you’re getting right into the Halloween spirit with costumes and trick-or-treating or if you don’t celebrate it at all, I hope your day is amazing.

This week, I love:


– Finding out that one of my favourite comic artists, Stewart McKenny has created an amazing Luna Lovegood portrait and named me as one of his sources of inspiration.  I could not be more flattered.

– Getting into my pyjamas the moment I arrive home from work.

– Cous cous salad with pumpkin and green beans,


– Celebrating Ringo’s birthday.  He turned four yesterday.  We marked the day with loads of cuddles and a special dinner of fancy mince.

– Looking forward to my Halloween party in a couple of weeks.

This video that one of my friends sent me of cats stealing dogs beds.  It’s so funny but so sad all at once.

– Starting my Christmas shopping.

– Taking Jelly outside with me while I do some gardening.  She’s such a good girl and always stays inside the yard.

– Emails from gorgeous friends.

– Painting my nails bright red.

– Yoga

– Lemon cake with Earl Grey tea.

– I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett.  I love Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching books.  She’s one of my favourite characters and she’s so beautifully written.  I loved this quote from I Shall Wear Midnight:

“Only time and tears can take away grief.  That is what they are for”.


DSCF8630-Enjoying how healthy my hair is since I cut it.  Although I loved my long hair, I had so many split ends and the lengths of my hair were so dull and dry.  Now that it’s been cut much shorter, my hair is much shinier and softer.  I’m really enjoying wearing it out, because it looks so healthy at the moment.


– Flipping through an album of long-lost family photos and remembering places and people that I haven’t seen for decades.


What do you love this week?


Things I Love Thursday 11/7/2013

Welcome to another Things I love Thursday!  It’s been a really big week, so I’ve got a lot to write about.

This week, I love:

– The Hollywood Costume exhibit at ACMI in Melbourne.  Ross and I took a trip to the city last weekend to see this exhibit and it was incredible.  ACMI have a fantastic display of costumes from loads of awesome Hollywood movies.  You know how obsessed I am with costumes and films, so you can imagine how excited I was.  The costumes are all displayed on posed mannequins, which really helps to bring them to life.  We spent ages strolling through the exhibit, marvelling at the costumes.  Some of the highlights for me included:

– The costumes worn by the members of The Addams Family in Addams Family Values, particularly Morticia’s dress.

– Dorothy’s blue and white gingham dress from The Wizard of Oz

– Marilyn Monroe’s iconic white dress from The Seven Year Itch

– Cruella DeVil’s houndstooth suits from 101 Dalmatians

– The dress Meryl Street wore in A Series of Unfortunate Events

– Sweeny Todd’s costume.

– Scarlett O’Hara’s “curtain dress’ from Gone With The Wind

– The spectacular red robe worn by Gary Oldman in Dracula

It was all great, but those costumes in particular really took my breath away.  Ross was really taken with the superhero costumes, which include Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman suit, Michelle Pfeiffer’s cat-woman suit and Christian Bale’s Batman suit.  If you’re in Melbourne before the 18th of August, I highly recommend you check this exhibit out.

DSCF8572-These gorgeous prints that arrived for me from Megan Lara Art.  They were late birthday presents from my parents and Ross.  This Allonsy print was from Ross.


This one is called Just as Sane as I am, and it was my parent’s choice.  I love them both.  The art deco style is gorgeous and they’ve got so many beautiful hidden details. I’m planning on getting them framed and hanging them in my loungeroom.

– Parsnip gratin.  So delicious.

– My changing work schedule.  My work roster has been shuffled again, which means that I’m working a few longer days (which is not so great).  But it also means that I get a day off every week, which is brilliant.

il_170x135.421660624_s6f0-These black cat earrings from Sisunyak.  These were another birthday present from my parents, and I just love them.  I’ve worn them at least ten times since they arrived, and I’ve gotten so many compliments every time.  They’re so quirky and brilliant.

– Mad Men. I’m currently watching season 5 and it’s great.

What do you love this week, sweetheart?  Leave your Things I Love Thursday list in the comments or send me a link to your own post.

How to be creative.


Recognise the look and feel of inspiration.  When you feel that tingle of a good idea, don’t let it slip away.

Always be prepared with a way to record your ideas for new projects.  Be sure to jot down more than just a couple of vague words that become a mystery when you look back on your notes.  Detail is key.

Realise that inspiration comes from unexpected places, as well as places where you’d typically search for it.  Explore the mundane as well as the unknown.

Don’t give up if your first attempt isn’t as good as you’d hoped.  Always push yourself by asking the question, “Is this the best I can do?”  Don’t push yourself so hard that you become paralysed with doubt.

Think outside the box.  If your work doesn’t look, sound, taste or feel the same as others in your field, that’s O.K.  In fact, that’s awesome.

DSCF7678Comparing yourself to others is the fastest way to fall into disappointment and despair.  No two people are the same, so you’re comparing apples to oranges.  Relax, and recognise your work for what it is and their work for what it is.  Just because one is good, doesn’t mean the other isn’t.  There isn’t a finite amount of talent in the world.

Make time for your work.  Creativity doesn’t always just ‘happen’.  Sometimes, you have to push yourself to make a start.

Whenever possible, take advantage of inspiration immediately.  Use your creative energy while it lasts. It’s an elusive bitch sometimes, so catch it while you can.

Learn to take criticism on the chin.  Try not to get defensive. Think about the feedback you’ve received and ask yourself whether it’s fair, whether you can take a lesson from it, or whether it’s too harsh.  Learn what advice is valuable and what is not.  This takes practice.  See criticism as a chance to improve your craft, rather than a personal attack.

DSCF7096Spend time with other creative people.  They don’t necessarily have to work in the same field as you.  If you’re a writer, you’ll still benefit from hanging out with painters, designers or musicians.  Creativity begets creativity.

Step away from your work regularly.  Do something completely different.  Go outside, go to the movies, visit an elderly relative.  You won’t find a spark of inspiration during your sixteenth straight hour of work.  It’s waiting for you just outside your front door.

You can’t please everyone.  So make sure that you please yourself because your opinion is the one that matters most.

DSCF6396Stay curious.  As time passes, you’ll start to regard yourself as an expert at your craft.  This is a mistake.  There’s so much still to be learned, so keep your passion for discovery and experimentation alive.  Never stop learning.

My Little Pony decorating party

Last Sunday, I paid a visit to my good friend Pernickity Pony, who blogs over at All the Pretty Ponies.  She’d invited me to her place for a My Little Pony decorating party.  So I headed to the city with an arsenal of glitter, paint and faux hair extensions and a head full of ideas.


When I was putting together my outfit for the party, I had a very clear aesthetic in mind.  I wanted to wear something that was somewhat cutesy, with a bit of a rough edge.  A ‘naughty-but-nice’ outfit if you will.  I wanted to use my ‘Afternoon Delight” tee shirt as the basis for my outfit, because I know that Pernickity Pony always gets a kick out of that shirt.


I am wearing:

– Red sequinned hat from Dangerfield

– Red and white striped top from Cotton On

– Afternoon Delight tee shirt from Threadless

– Red pencil skirt (thrifted)

– Fishnet tights from Sportsgirl

– Ruby slippers from Payless Shoes

– Leather corset belt (gift from Ross)

– Red rose earring from Miss Evil Kitty

– Ear cuff from Sportsgirl

– Leopard print ring from Diva

-‘Lucky’ nameplate necklace


The party was a load of fun.  We scoffed cupcakes and sipped sparkling wine.  We spent several hours painting and decorating our blank ponies until they  were real masterpieces.  Well, some of them were…


You see, I’m good at a lot of things.  It turns out that painting My Little Ponies isn’t one of them.  Those little horses are really fiddly, and it can be super-hard to navigate the tiny details on them.  I had a run of disasters with mine.  First of all, I mixed the wrong shade of blue for her skin and she turned out a lot darker than I had hoped.  Then her eyeliner went on very crooked.  Then the blue streak I put in her hair was far too long.  It was just one thing after another.  In the end, I wound up with a supremely mediocre-looking pony.



At the moment, the pony is sitting on top of my fridge, and I can’t help but laugh every time I look at her.  I think it’s her giant eyes that make her look so incredibly creepy.


Ah well, at least I no longer have to wonder if there’s a career for me in the My Little Pony design arena.


It didn’t help that my fellow pony-painters were a My Little Pony aficionado, a professional artist and a costume queen.  Their efforts seriously put my sad little pony in the shade.


This Queen of Hearts-themed pony was painted by my friend Bree.  Bree works at an awesome costume store and has a real flair for dressing up.



I particularly love her eyes:


This pony was painted by Nadia of Wayward Creations.  Nadia is a professional artist with a penchant for other-worldly designs.  Her pony had the most intricate designs and details:




I think my favourite pony of all was this one, which was decorated by Pernickity Pony herself:


She’s gorgeously creepy.  Her name is Meat-cute!


I particularly love the meat-cleaver detail on her flank:


All in all, it was a really brilliant way to spend an afternoon.  I had a great time, even if my pony looks a wee bit strange.


Have you ever painted a pony?  Which one is your favourite?