Things I Love Thursday 13/7/2017

This past week has been a real drag.  I spent Thursday and Friday completely bombed out with a migraine.  Which meant cancelling a trip to see my boyfriend on the weekend because I still wasn’t well enough to travel.  I’m trying to look on the bright side and come up with at least a couple of things that are worth smiling for.

This week I love:

  • My cats.  When I don’t feel well, they seem to intuitively know it and they are so loving.  Miss Jelly in particular gets really maternal with me when I’m not well.  She barely leaves my side and snuggles up to me when I’m napping.  It’s really sweet and it makes me feel a tiny bit better when a migraine hits.
  • Deep heat rubbed onto the points where my shoulders join my neck and my neck meets my skull.
  • This adorable 1960’s vintage purse that I got to replace my old wallet. The design reminds me of liquorice allsorts.  It opens from each end into two completely separate pockets.  It’s so slim and streamlined and it fits so well into my handbag.
  • Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday.  This movie was surprisingly adorable and really, really funny.  It co-stars Joe Manganiello as himself, and I have the hugest crush on him, which was another reason that I chose it.
  • Super soft cotton nightshirts
  • Black bean and beetroot burgers.
  • This GIF

  • Beauties of the Night.  It’s a Netflix documentary about several former showgirls who are now in their sixties and seventies.  It was really eye-opening.  When I started to watch, I felt quite sad for these women, because I thought that they were trying to cling to their youth.  But as I watched I understood that they aren’t sad in the slightest. They are passionate, majestic, colourful and creative beings.  I loved learning their stories and felt inspired by this movie.
  • Listening to my Offspring CDs from high school.

What do you love this week?


Things I Love Thursday 25/9/2014

Wooo-hooo!  We’ve nearly made it through another week.  I’m feeling pretty darn good as I sit here thinking about the things that I love.

This week I love:

– Treating myself to a facial after work.  I was so relaxed that I nearly drifted off to sleep.  The best part was that the woman who works at my beauty parlor knows I like spooky things, so she chose a soundtrack of forest noises, wolf howls, thunderstorm sounds and soft organ music to lull me into a trance during my appointment.  It was blissful.

– Chowing down on Indian food with my family.

– Playing Mario with my beau, even if I do suck at it.  I went through twenty five lives in four levels.  Good lord!

– Wario’s Smooth Moves.  If you’re looking for a fun game for the Wii, I definitely recommend this one.  It’s a series of ten-second micro-games and you have to figure out the object of each one with minimal cues.  It’s fast-paced and simple, but loads of fun.

-Channeling Joni Mitchell for a costume party I went to last weekend.

– Perfect timing.

– The fact that in one week October will be here and I can start watching all my Halloween movies.  (Although it does freak me out how quickly this year is flying by).

– Delicious free beer.

– Gabbing with my co-worker about boys.

– Finally making a start on some projects that I have been dragging my feet on.

– Hot chocolate

– Warmer weather and the feeling of the sun on my skin.

– Jelly sitting next to me and petting my face while I do yoga.

– This video


What do you love this week?  Jump on in and leave a comment!

Daily outfit 13/5/2014

I’m a fairly budget-conscious person.  I don’t like the idea of having a “Summer wardrobe” and a “Winter wardrobe” because I’m not prepared to shell out the cash for two entirely separate wardrobes.  Plus, I don’t like the idea of some of my favourite items languishing in the wardrobe until the right weather rolls around for me to wear them.

While not all items can be made to work double-time, I like to get extra wear out of my warm-weather gear by layering tights and long sleeved tops underneath them.  Today I’m wearing one of my favourite vintage dresses (which is definitely more suited to Summer weather) with some clever layers to make it work for Autumn.




I am wearing:

– Blue and white 1970’s vintage sundress from The Dookie Emporium.

– Black tights

– Black bodysuit from Remember Me.

– Black and white vintage mod flats.

– Black beret from Target

– Black beaded drop earrings (a gift from my aunt).

-Liquorice allsorts ring



Wow. I didn’t realise what a terrible job I did of ironing my dress until I looked at these photos.  Let’s just move right along, shall we?

Can you tell that I’m pretty chuffed about my fishtail braids?  I’m pretty smitten with this style lately.  It’s so easy to do and my hair seems to stay tidier in fishtail braids than a regular plait now that I”ve cut it short.


Even though this dress is from the 70’s, I feel like the checkered print on it has a bit of a mod feel to it, so I decided to play on that with my graphic flats and huge earrings. I love mixing eras and playing around with all different styles that appeal to me.  I’m not the kind of person who will try to faithfully recreate vintage looks, but rather I prefer to draw inspiration from all the different styles of the past that I feel drawn to.  In this way, I feel that my style is more my own, rather than a facsimile of someone elses’.



Fancy Friday outfit 31/1/2014

Today I’m joining in with Dolly of Substance and Style’s Fancy Friday series. The idea is to encourage people to dress up on a Friday, rather than dressing down.  It flies in the face of the idea of “casual Friday” and is all about kicking up your heels at the end of the week.


Each week, I’ll be sharing an outfit on Fridays that’s a little bit fancy.  If you’d like to join in, that would be awesome.  You don’t have to get all gussied up in a ball gown each Friday, just wear something that’s special to you.  Feel free to interpret the concept of Fancy Fridays in a way that works with your style.


DSCF9357My first Fancy Fridays outfit is special for a few reasons.  Firstly, it’s features a lot of new-to-me items that I’ve never worn before.  Secondly, it’s almost entirely comprised of vintage items.  Thirdly, all those items come from one of my favourite decades to steal inspiration from: the 1960’s.


DSCF9358I am wearing:

– 1960s vintage dress from Threadsville

– 1960’s vintage hat (thrifted)

– Vintage gloves (thrifted)

– Black ballet flats from Rubi

– Turquoise vintage earrings (Nana’s)


This dress has been kicking about in my wardrobe since June.  It was a birthday present from my parents and I was so excited to unwrap this.  I’ve been wishing for a 1960’s shift dress forever, and this one was perfect.  It’s very short, but I’m perfectly happy to show off my legs in this lace beauty.

The only thing that worried me a bit about it is that it only just fits me.  Although I love 1960’s styles, my slightly hippy figure means that I don’t always fit into them.  These straight-up-and-down shift dresses were designed for more boyish figures, which is part of the reason that I’ve struggled in the past to find one that will fit me.  This one clings quite tightly to my hips, but not uncomfortably so.  When I was trying it on, I realised that if I gained ANY weight in the future, then this dress wouldn’t fit anymore, so I debated whether or not to get it. I didn’t want to ask for an item that I might only be able to wear for a year or so.  But then I noticed that at some stage, the previous owner had taken the dress in quite a lot, and didn’t cut off the excess material.  This means that in the future, if I do gain weight then I’ll be able to let the seams out with ease and the dress will still fit.  Awesome.


DSCF9359My pillbox hat was an op-shop find.  Again, I’ve been after a vintage pillbox hat for years and I was ecstatic to find this one for just $7.  The gloves turned up in a different op-shop three weeks later, for $2.  They match the hat perfectly and I couldn’t wait to wear them together.


What are you wearing this Friday?




Daily outfit 25/11/2013: Oh Beehive!

Sometimes the music I listen to while I’m getting dressed has a profound impact on the clothes I decide to put on.  This morning, for example, I was listening to the Hairspray soundtrack.  Then this happened:


I don’t think that I’ve worn a beehive since I cut my hair.  I love the volume and bounce that the bottom half of my hair has when I put it up like this.  If I’d wanted to, I could have made the pouf really massive, but I had to go to work later in the day, so I kept it on the small side.

DSCF9137I am wearing:

– Green printed vintage dress from The Dookie Emporium

– Chiffon headscarf from my grandmother’s closet

– Purple platform shoes from Shoe Biz

– Purple beaded bracelet from Tree of Life

– Jade beaded bracelet from some random hippie store

– Onyx ring (gift from a friend)

– Crystal ring from ASOS

DSCF9138I haven’t worn this dress in quite a while, and I thought that it was about time I took it for another spin around the block.  I think it looks like something that Edna Turnblad might wear after her make-over.




DSCF9142I had loads of fun with my makeup too, although it doesn’t really show under my glasses.  Miss Fairchild gave me a set of incredible eyeshadows as a gift, and today I played around with a gorgeous iridescent purple shade.  I added a flick of liquid liner and cut my crease with a darker purple shadow.


DSCF9141Here’s a closer look at the print on my dress.  Would you believe I found this gorgeous thing shoved down the bottom of a basket of ancient tea-towels?  I love this dress so much.  It’s so comfortable, and the half-length sleeves make it ideal to wear in the in-between climates of spring and autumn.  Sometimes I wear it as a tunic over jeans, sometimes I’ll pair it with tights and sometimes I’ll go bare-legged to show off my stems.






When the op-shop fairy smiles upon you…

Some days you go thrift-shopping and you walk home with empty hands and a defeated spirit.  It’s maddening when hours of trawling through the racks at your local oppy turn up nothing but faded tee-shirts and stretched-out knits.

But then there are days like last Saturday, which make up for all those disappointing trips.

Last Saturday the sun was shining and I decided that it was too nice a day to stay in bed.  It seemed like the perfect morning to take myself out to the library and then for a spot of op-shopping.

After a sun-drenched walk to the centre of town, I visited my three favourite op-shops.  There are actually only four op-shops in town but I’d visited the other one on Wednesday and I didn’t feel like going there again for a while.  At the first op-shop I found quite a few treasures in only a few minutes:

DSCF8872I’ve been after a pair of heels that have bow ties at the front just like these for quite a while.  They’re a great fit and super comfortable.  The lovely burgundy shade will go well with lots of my dresses, and I imagine they’d also look quite cute with shorts in summer.

DSCF8875I’m a bit obsessed with vintage nightwear.  I have been meaning to replace some of my saggy-baggy PJs with slinkier versions, and I found a couple of perfect items.  Like this peachy-coloured nightdress.

DSCF8877This frothy 1960’s confection is divine.  I’ve wanted one of these for years, but whenever I saw them in vintage shops they cost an arm and a leg.  I paid just $3 for this baby.

DSCF8876I also got this salmon-pink dressing gown.  Although it would make a very pretty nightdress, I’m thinking of adding a slip and wearing it during the daytime.  I think it’s just too pretty to only wear around the house, and I love the colour.

After the amazing haul I got from the first op-shop, I actually considered not going on to the other two.  I’m so very glad I did though, because I found even more treasures at each of the other charity shops in town.

DSCF8873I’ve wanted a pair of 1960’s mod flats for as long as I can remember.  While I’m not sure if these are actually from the 60’s (they probably aren’t) their geometric design will make them perfect for wearing with my vintage dresses and tights.  I think Twiggy would be proud.  They set me back a whole fifty cents.

DSCF8874These funky pumps were too cute to leave on the shelf.  They’re in great nick and I can’t wait to wear them with some of my 90’s nostalgia items.

DSCF8878I’m a big fan of the whole “underwear as outerwear” look, and I just adore this midnight blue slip.  I’m going to wear this with jeans and gypsy skirts in the summer time.

DSCF8879Another item on my must-have list was a set of vintage one-piece underwear just like this soft pink number.  I’m planning on wearing this as nightwear when the weather warms up a bit.

DSCF8880I also got this funky little slip top to add to my collection. I get the feeling this will get a lot of wear in the warmer months.

DSCF8881And finally this cute little repro cotton dress.  At first I thought it was a tunic top, but it’s actually a mini dress.  I’ll wear it with leggings or jeans underneath (it’s a tad too short for me to feel comfortable going bare-legged).

And altogether I spent just $22.  Seriously.  I can scarcely believe it myself.  It seems as though the Op Shop Fairy was smiling on me last Saturday!

Birthday vintage haul

When I was a teenager, my mother used to take me clothes shopping for my birthday each year.  She’d give me a budget and we’d take the train to the city.  The day would be spent browsing, noting down prices and then meticulously adding and subtracting figures so that I could figure out how to get the most bang for my buck.  After lunch we’d go back and buy all the things I wanted to bring home.

That tradition carried on until I got a job and was able to buy my own clothes.  I have such fond memories of those outings with Mum.  This year, she wasn’t sure what to get me for my birthday, so she decided to take me on a vintage clothes shopping spree.  Last weekend we drove to Shepparton and did some serious shopping.

Today I’m going to show you all of the gorgeous things that I got on my birthday spree.  Most of them are vintage but some are just second-hand.  Sadly, I’ve had to make do with photographing the items on the hangers, because I’m under strict instructions that I’m not allowed to wear any of my new clothes until my birthday.  Eventually, I’ll have outfit posts featuring all of these items, but for now, we’ll have to make do with just pictures.


Our first stop was Threadsville, which is an awesome vintage clothing store off the Maude Street Mall in Shepparton. They have a huge range of vintage and retro clothing for sale and hire.  Their prices were very good and the layout of the store was gorgeous.


These 1970’s mega-flares are so gorgeous.  I spotted them from across the room and prayed that they were my size.  They are a great fit and I adore the gigantic flare.

DSCF8289The best part about them is that they are covered in butterflies.  I have a bit of a thing for butterflies.  Fun fact: Vanessa actually means ‘butterfly’.

DSCF8301I’ve been after a red pencil skirt to replace the almost-worn-out one that’s tucked away in my wardrobe.  When I saw this leather version, I knew that it had to be mine.  It’s a gorgeous fit, with a high waisted cut.  It’s going to be perfect for channelling my inner Rizzo.

DSCF8299I just love vintage clothing tags, don’t you?

DSCF8295Can we just take a moment to stare at this 60’s mini dress?  On the hanger, she doesn’t look too special, but once I zip her onto my bod? Oh baby!  I feel like Twiggy in this gorgeous dress.  I think this is the item that I’m most looking forward to styling.

DSCF8297I just adore the bow detailing.  My mum was actually the one who spotted this beauty.

After Threadsville, we grabbed a coffee and then headed to some op-shops in the CBD.

DSCF8303So, these next two shirts aren’t vintage.  But they are mighty pretty.  I love the sheer ruffles on this blouse.

DSCF8304I’ve been looking for the perfect tunic for a while now, and I think this one is just the ticket.  It’s originally from Sportsgirl, and for $5 I just couldn’t leave her behind.


DSCF8308This 1980’s jumper is going to be a perfect addition to my collection of Cosby sweaters.  My mother was very reluctant to buy this for me, because she hated it.  Oh well, you can’t please everyone.

DSCF8307Another gorgeous vintage tag!

On the way home we stopped off at the Dookie Emporium.  I hadn’t been there since this shopping spree.  There were a lot of fun things there, but a lot of the items were very expensive and I was running out of money.  Also, a lot of the vintage clothes at Dookie aren’t stored well, and I resent paying $55 for something that’s crumpled up and shoved into the bottom of a basket.  I wound up with just this fun wrap skirt:

DSCF8292Even thought I like yellow, I don’t normally wear it because it really doesn’t suit me.  I’m willing to experiment with this skirt to see whether wearing a different colour next to my face will make it work.

So now all I have to do is wait for my birthday to roll around.  Then the trickiest thing will be deciding which item to wear first…