What I Wore: Too pure to be pink

I think that pretty much everyone has a few “holy grail” wardrobe items that they’ve hankered for.  Things that might be slightly impractical or tricky to find, but that you want all the same.  For me, one thing I’ve always dreamed of owning was a Pink Ladies jacket.  Ever since I saw Grease for the first time, I longed to proudly wear one of those pink satin bomber jackets to proclaim my membership of the coolest girl gang ever.


So when a pre-loved Pink Ladies jacket popped up as part of Nerd burger’s annual Instagram closet sale, I nearly swooned with excitement.  I’ve been trying so hard to curb my spending on unnecessary items, but I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to own a Pink Ladies jacket.


The jacket is pretty lightweight, so I’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up enough for me to wear it.  I had so much fun styling the jacket.  I wanted the overall look to have a 50’s feel, but to be kinda punk-inspired as well.  I started with seamed stockings and a bodysuit, and added rough animal prints and dainty accessories.


I am wearing:

  • Pink Ladies jacket (purchased second hand from Nerd Burger)
  • Black bodysuit from Missguided
  • Black sheer seamed stockings from Voodoo
  • Silver ballet flats (thrifted)
  • Fairest of them All brooch from Erstwilder
  • Dice earrings from Equip
  • Silver signet ring
  • Tiger print mini skirt from Target


I opted for bold pink lips and strong winged eyeliner. I felt a little like Debbie Harry with this heavy eye makeup, but I also really enjoyed wearing strong lips and eyes together.  I felt sexy and tough and certainly not too pure to be pink.


What are your “holy grail” wardrobe items?


Birthday vintage haul

When I was a teenager, my mother used to take me clothes shopping for my birthday each year.  She’d give me a budget and we’d take the train to the city.  The day would be spent browsing, noting down prices and then meticulously adding and subtracting figures so that I could figure out how to get the most bang for my buck.  After lunch we’d go back and buy all the things I wanted to bring home.

That tradition carried on until I got a job and was able to buy my own clothes.  I have such fond memories of those outings with Mum.  This year, she wasn’t sure what to get me for my birthday, so she decided to take me on a vintage clothes shopping spree.  Last weekend we drove to Shepparton and did some serious shopping.

Today I’m going to show you all of the gorgeous things that I got on my birthday spree.  Most of them are vintage but some are just second-hand.  Sadly, I’ve had to make do with photographing the items on the hangers, because I’m under strict instructions that I’m not allowed to wear any of my new clothes until my birthday.  Eventually, I’ll have outfit posts featuring all of these items, but for now, we’ll have to make do with just pictures.


Our first stop was Threadsville, which is an awesome vintage clothing store off the Maude Street Mall in Shepparton. They have a huge range of vintage and retro clothing for sale and hire.  Their prices were very good and the layout of the store was gorgeous.


These 1970’s mega-flares are so gorgeous.  I spotted them from across the room and prayed that they were my size.  They are a great fit and I adore the gigantic flare.

DSCF8289The best part about them is that they are covered in butterflies.  I have a bit of a thing for butterflies.  Fun fact: Vanessa actually means ‘butterfly’.

DSCF8301I’ve been after a red pencil skirt to replace the almost-worn-out one that’s tucked away in my wardrobe.  When I saw this leather version, I knew that it had to be mine.  It’s a gorgeous fit, with a high waisted cut.  It’s going to be perfect for channelling my inner Rizzo.

DSCF8299I just love vintage clothing tags, don’t you?

DSCF8295Can we just take a moment to stare at this 60’s mini dress?  On the hanger, she doesn’t look too special, but once I zip her onto my bod? Oh baby!  I feel like Twiggy in this gorgeous dress.  I think this is the item that I’m most looking forward to styling.

DSCF8297I just adore the bow detailing.  My mum was actually the one who spotted this beauty.

After Threadsville, we grabbed a coffee and then headed to some op-shops in the CBD.

DSCF8303So, these next two shirts aren’t vintage.  But they are mighty pretty.  I love the sheer ruffles on this blouse.

DSCF8304I’ve been looking for the perfect tunic for a while now, and I think this one is just the ticket.  It’s originally from Sportsgirl, and for $5 I just couldn’t leave her behind.


DSCF8308This 1980’s jumper is going to be a perfect addition to my collection of Cosby sweaters.  My mother was very reluctant to buy this for me, because she hated it.  Oh well, you can’t please everyone.

DSCF8307Another gorgeous vintage tag!

On the way home we stopped off at the Dookie Emporium.  I hadn’t been there since this shopping spree.  There were a lot of fun things there, but a lot of the items were very expensive and I was running out of money.  Also, a lot of the vintage clothes at Dookie aren’t stored well, and I resent paying $55 for something that’s crumpled up and shoved into the bottom of a basket.  I wound up with just this fun wrap skirt:

DSCF8292Even thought I like yellow, I don’t normally wear it because it really doesn’t suit me.  I’m willing to experiment with this skirt to see whether wearing a different colour next to my face will make it work.

So now all I have to do is wait for my birthday to roll around.  Then the trickiest thing will be deciding which item to wear first…

Daily outfit: You look like a beautiful, blonde pineapple



Today I decided to dress as Frenchy, my favorite Pink Lady.  I had originally planned to dye a pink streak into my hair when I wore this outfit, but I had to go to work today, so I didn’t.  I figure, at one point in Grease, Frenchy is blonde, so it was technically accurate to remain blonde with this outfit.

I am wearing:

– Chiffon scarf (thrifted)

– Pink mother of pearl drop earrings (gifted)

– Amethyst ring

– Mauve blouse

– Pink pencil skirt from Supre

– Silver glitter  heels from I Love Billy.


I was really happy with this outfit, and a lot of people complimented me on my hair today.  I think I might do a video tutorial on how to achieve this look.  There’s already a Rizzo tutorial in the works.


Frenchy: Sandy, men are rats.  They’re worse than rats, they’re fleas on rats.  Even worse than that, they’re amoebas on fleas on rats.  They’re too low for even the dogs to bite.  The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy.

Daily outfit: Bite the weenie, Rizz.

Continuing with my Grease theme, I am wearing my Rizzo outfit today.  When I first saw Grease, I really didn’t like Rizzo.  I found her to be abrasive and a little mean.  Now, I ‘get’ Rizzo a bit more.  Even though she acts tough and fiesty, she is really quite vulnerable.  I like that her character has quite a bit of depth.  Plus, who could go past Kenikie?  Not me, that’s for sure.

The hardest part of Rizzo’s outfit for me was the hair.  Rizzo has very short hair, and I certainly do not.  I decided to try and fake short hair with a French roll and some pin curls.

I am wearing:

– Black Playboy polo shirt

– Red pencil skirt from Christopher Ari

– Red plastic flats from Steve Madden

– Black Studded belt (gifted)

– Amethyst ring

– Target sunglasses.

Rizzo: You hauled your cookies all the way to the beach for some guy?

Sandy: well, this one was kinda special

Rizzo: honey, there ain’t no such thing.

Grease Style

Every time I watch Grease, I just want to throw on a poodle skirt, do the hand-jive and sing vaguely dirty songs about a car. It’s such a great musical with a fabulous score and enviable costumes.



The fashion in Grease draws on the styles of the 1950’s. This was a time where prim prettiness was beginning to mingle with rebelliousness and sexiness. The 60’s hadn’t yet exploded onto the scene, but sexual liberation was starting to come to the boil.



The Pink Ladies give us an interesting glimpse at the spectrum of styles for young women in the 1950’s.  They run the gamut from prim and proper to downright sizzling.  Whether you’re feeling more reserved or are ready to unleash your inner sex kitten, there’s a Pink Lady style to suit every mood.




Rizzo is spunky, sexy and a little crass. Her harsh exterior is really just a front for her vulnerable inner self. Plus, Rizzo has Kenikie, who is rather delicious. Rizzo’s clothes are always tight and sexy. She favours shades of  black and red. Rizzo’s sexiness is different from Marty’s feminine style. She never wears bows or flowers, and her clothing is quite severe. She gives the impression that she is just one of the boys, with her short curls and flat shoes. Rizzo doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, save for a little blusher strategically applied to bring out her perfect cheekbones.


To channel Rizzo, squeeze yourself into a skin-tight black pencil skirt and add a figure-hugging red blouse. Accentuate your waist with a wide belt and wear red flats. Leave your hair tousled and messy and get ready to party with the guys.



Jan is the most child-like of the Pink Ladies. She is quite self-conscious, and rather sweet. She isn’t afraid to laugh at herself.

To get Jan’s look, pull your hair into a pair of messy pigtails. Then, wear an oversized jumper or tee shirt with a short, flared skirt. Always wear sneakers, never heels. Jan’s makeup is practically non-existent. When she does wear makeup, it is soft and natural. The look is cute, sweet and innocent, not sloppy.




Frenchy has always been my favourite Pink Lady. She is sophisticated and tough, but she’s not as bitchy as Marty and Rizzo. She is quite a kind soul, with no qualms about helping out a friend in need.

Frenchy is a lot more adventurous with makeup and hairstyles than the other pink ladies. Throw on a pair of false eyelashes, sweep on some brightly coloured eye shadow or sport a highly teased coiffure. It might also pay to grab a wig in a colour vastly different to your natural hue. Frenchy’s style is quite feminine, but not prim. She wears a lot of neck-kerchiefs and floral corsages. She likes full, flowing skirts and tight pencil skirts. Cute sweaters are also a winner for Frenchy. She mainly wears shades of yellow, peach and pink. She prefers heels and flats with pointed toes.




Sandy is almost “too pure to be Pink”. Her clothes are prim and proper and in muted pastels. Her hair is always perfectly styled and her makeup consists of little more than a healthy flush of blusher and a swipe of lip gloss. Sandy prefers full skirts, sweet blouses and flat shoes. Her clothes are neither skin tight nor baggy, but perfectly fitted to her frame.


Marty dresses years ahead of her age. She is siren-sexy and has the boys chasing after her at every turn. Marty favours tight pedal pushers, figure hugging dresses and low cut sweaters in rich jewel tones. She often accessorises with a well-placed scarf, brooch or corsage. Marty’s makeup is rich and sexy, with fluttering eyelashes and pouty pink lips. Her hair is always curled under at the ends and smoothed with a little pomade. Mary wears flats to school, but at night time she breaks out a pair of silver heels to complement a slinky cocktail dress.


Which of the Pink Ladies is your favourite?