Product review: Pure Aluminium Medium Pink by Pipe Dream

When it comes to sex toys, I’m always on the lookout for interesting materials and textures.  So when I saw the Pure Aluminium range by Pipedream I was instantly intrigued.  The range comes in five different colours: purple, pink, blue, silver and gold.  Each colour has three sizes: small, medium and large.  And each toy has a different shape.  There are ribs, bulbs, curves and bumps in a variety of configurations.  After much deliberation, I chose the Pink Medium to try for myself.


The first thing I noticed when I picked up this vibe is it’s weight.  This is one of the heaviest toys that I own, and that is a very good thing.  I like toys that have a bit of heft to them, and this one feels solid and weighty in the hand.  Despite being the colour of a Barbie convertible, this is one toy that means business.  The shaft of the vibe is rock hard and unyielding.  If you’re craving something that has absolutely no give, then this is the toy for you.

The texture of the Pure Aluminium Pink is one of my favourite aspects of this toy.  It has a defined head, which is ideal for pin-point clitoral stimulation.  In addition to that head, the shaft has another two large bulbs, which feel wonderful during thrusting. Although I’m a lover of textured toys, I find that often my vagina can’t feel small ribs or bumps.  The exaggerated curves and swerves on this vibrator are a whole other story.  I have no problem detecting each bulb as I move it inside me.  It’s a sensation that I love, and one of the reasons that I keep coming back to this toy time and time again.

Another textural feature of this toy is the slippery-smooth finish.  Aside from my glass toys, I’ve never found another vibrator that is as incredibly slick as this one.  It is also ideal for temperature play.  This toy starts out cold to the touch, and can give quite the shock when you first place it against your body.  It quickly warms up to body temperature, and actually feels hot after a short amount of playtime.  The metal holds temperature really well, so you can cool it down or warm it up to provide a variety of sensations.  I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the feeling of the cool metal against my skin, and although it’s a bit of a shock, it’s so much fun to play with a chilly vibe.

As a dildo for penetration, I love the texture, weight and temperature of this toy.  But what about as a vibrator?  The Pure Aluminium Medium range are all three-speed, battery operated vibrators.  When I picked this toy up, I had moderately low expectations for it’s vibration power.  In my experience, I’ve found battery-operated vibes to be fairly underwhelming in terms of power and longevity.  But I was shocked by how well this vibrator works.

I can scarcely believe that this toy runs on two measly AAA batteries.  The vibrations are strong and powerful, and generally fairly rumbly.  Although there is a touch of buzziness about this vibe, the heft of the material really help to conduct the vibrations, making it feel much stronger than if it were made of silicone or jelly.  The battery life is pretty great with this toy, and it lasts for ages before dying out.  I find it also gives a little warning, slowing down a tad a few minutes before it cuts out.  I’d much prefer this to a toy that just abruptly dies in your palm. The motor is also surprisingly quiet for a battery operated toy.  There are three vibration speeds and no patterns.  I personally quite like this, because i only rarely use the pattern functions on my toys for solo play. The vibrations do get a tad buzzier as they become more intense, but not by much.

The one drawback to this vibrator is the controls.  The Pure Aluminium Medium vibes are controlled with a single push-button on the base of the shaft. You press the toy once to turn it on, and press again to turn the vibration up.  Because of the positioning of the control button, it’s very easy to accidentally push it during play.  I find this really annoying, because I often wind up turning the toy up higher than I want it, or unintentionally turning it off at a crucial moment.  Additionally, I don’t like the fact that you have to cycle through all three speeds before you can turn the toy off.  I prefer toys that have a separate on/off switch so that you can turn it off in a hurry if you are interrupted, or if you want the vibration to cease immediately.

In addition to feeling amazing, aluminium is body safe and super easy to clean. It’s non-porous and can be used with water based or silicone lubricants safely.  The battery chamber of this vibe has a rubber seal, which makes it water resistant, but not water proof.  So you can safely clean it in the sink, just don’t submerge it in water.  I find a quick rinse is usually enough to get this baby sparkling clean.  There are no cracks or crevices where gunk can get caught, which makes cleaning an absolute breeze.

The Pure Aluminium toys are relatively inexpensive, with the Medium vibrators selling for around $40-$50 each.  Based on the performance of my pink model, I’d say this makes them an absolute bargain.  I own some significantly more expensive toys that don’t perform half as well as this one.  For a battery operated vibe that has strong vibrations, a unique texture and loads of possibilities for temperature play, this is a steal. This is a great quality toy that won’t break the bank, which can be used a multitude of ways for hours of sexy fun.


Toy review: Slick dildo by Tantus

Can you believe that Masturbation Month is nearly over and I haven’t written a single toy review?  Well luckily the sweet folks at Tantus sent me the Slick Dildo to test and review for you. So in celebration of Masturbation May, let’s get down to it.

The Slick is one of Tantus’ dual density toys.  This means that it’s got a firm inner core and a soft outer layer.  I’ve never tried a dual density toy before so I was rearing to give these a go.  And boy, they do not disappoint! The Slick is like the lovechild of a rock-hard toy and a jelly-soft dildo. It is firm enough to thrust vigorously but soft enough to feel comfortable and sensual.  It’s like the Goldilocks dildo: neither too hard, nor too soft.  It’s just right.

The Slick comes in two shades: Black and Purple Haze.  I got one of each colour and I adore them both.  I have several purple haze toys from Tantus, including my Silk dildos, and the pearly sheen on the silicone is so pretty.  The black is shiny and dark and looks utterly formidable.  I feel like such a badass when I’m wielding that midnight-hued cock in my harness.  I also adore the fact that this toy doesn’t look like a cock.  Many of Tantus’s dual density toys are realistic-looking dildos.  Which is great if you like realistic toys….but I don’t.  I much prefer toys that look phallic, but not like actual penises.

One of the first things I notice when I put these two toys side-by-side is the difference in sizes.  There is a big leap between the small and the large, and initially I wished that there was a size in between. But once I began playing with the Slick dildos, I realised that each size had it’s distinct advantages.

The small Slick has quickly become my favourite dildo for pegging.  The teardrop-shaped base makes it fit snugly into my harness.  The tapered tip is perfect for gradual, easy insertion and it’s a great size. It’s big enough to provide a good amount of sensation and fullness, but it’s not so massive that it’s intimidating to the person on the receiving end. If your partner has a prostate, the spade-shaped tip and slight curve are great for gentle prostate massage. Because the tip is soft and squishy, it provides a gentle sensation rather than a harsh poke.

When I opened the box and saw the large Slick, I shook my head with disbelief.  I truly didn’t think that this monster dildo would ever fit inside my dainty vagina, let alone feel good while doing so.  I’m on the petite side and I know that my pussy is a tight squeeze. In addition to that, I have a fairly low cervix so I was sure that this dildo would be far too large to be inserted very far.  But, as a dutiful sex geek I was determined to give it a red-hot go.

The Slick Large is the first sex toy to ever make me marvel at what my cunt is capable of.  I know that, in theory, a vagina is able to accommodate a baby, and that there are loads of ladies who love being penetrated by big toys.  But I never expected to be one of them. For years, I was deeply afraid of penetrative play, to the point where I saw a sex therapist. The thought that I would one day be tackling a toy of this magnitude, and loving it, would have been ludicrous to me a decade ago.

The dual density texture definitely helped me to enjoy the feel of this toy.  Even though it’s nice and firm, it has a gentle softness that means it doesn’t feel harsh during play.  The silicone is so smooth, the Slick lives up to it’s name, gliding in and out of your body. The head is nice and squishy, so it never once poked me in the cervix (a horribly un-fun experience that I’ve had with other, more solid, toys).

And that head….can we talk about the head for a second?  The spade-shaped head on this toy is genius. Not only does it make initial penetration easier because it’s tapered, but it is incredible for G-spot play.  If you’re new to G-spotting, I heartily recommend this toy.  The head is so bulbous that it’s nearly impossible to miss your G-spot.  And it’s so soft and malleable that it massages that spot so delightfully, moving with your body and gently compressing with your muscles as you orgasm.

In addition to looking and feeling great, the Slick is made with gorgeously smooth silicone, which means it’s body safe and easy to clean.

I absolutely love the Slick, and it has quickly become one of my favourite toys in my toybox.  While I’m not yet ready to wear the title of Size Queen, I think the large Slick has at the very least made me feel like a Size Princess.

Product review: Woohoo Body deodorant paste

I recently came across the Woohoo deodorant paste at my local health food store.  I was in dire need of a new deodorant as my previous deodorant had all but given up the ghost.  The lass behind the counter recommended the Woohoo paste and I took it for a spin.


I don’t remember the last time I got this excited about a deodorant.  Maybe I’ve never been this pumped about something that gets rubbed on my armpits.  But I want to draw your attention to this product today because I’m hooked on it.



Image from Woohoo Body


Deodorant paste is not a concept I was really familiar with before I tried this product.  During my teen years I used aerosol body sprays.  When I started shaving my armpits I graduated to a roll-on to avoid the agony of spraying B.O-basher on my raw pits.  And last year I started using solid stick deodorant.  But this paste was entirely foreign to me.


The Woohoo paste comes with a teeny little spatula, which you use to scoop out a pea-sized bit of deodorant.  You then work the paste between your palms and as it warms up it softens up and spreads.  You then rub it into your armpits with your fingers.  Let me tell you, I felt really weird that first morning, massaging the paste into my pits.  But now it’s just a regular part or my morning routine.


Before I talk about how the Woohoo paste performs, I should take a time out to talk about the difference between an “antiperspirant” and a “deodorant”.  See, a lot of us use an antiperspirant, which stops you from sweating.  It does this by blocking your pores so the sweat can’t escape.  A deodorant doesn’t stop you from sweating, but it does stop the sweat from smelling bad.  Woohoo deodorant paste is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant.


It’s important to make this distinction because I am very used to antiperspirants.  So it was a bit of a shock when I experienced wet armpits while wearing this product.  My first thought was “oh crap, my deodorant’s failed” and I waited for the offensive stench to start wafting from my underarms.


But then….the stink never came.  Even though I was sweating, I didn’t smell.  It was fantastic.


Now let me tell you, I’ve put this deodorant to the test in some pretty harsh conditions.  I’ve worn it on 40 degree days while I’m hanging out with no air conditioning.  I’ve worn it to a performance review at work.  I’ve worn it to a 12-hour punk concert where I danced wildly for extended periods.  And in all of those situations, my armpits have been stink-free.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever found another deodorant that has held up as well.


I’ve never had any issues with the deodorant leaving residue or marks on my clothes.  Even when I’m wearing crisp white, it doesn’t leave any stains at all.  Once it’s rubbed into your armpits it’s invisible.


I also love the fact that the Woohoo deodorant isn’t heavily scented.  I like to wear perfume and it’s irritating when my deodorant interferes with my scent of choice.  The Woohoo paste has only the lightest scent, which wears off soon after you apply it.  I got the Urban variety, which smells really fresh and breezy, like clean linen.


The Woohoo deodorant is kinda on the pricey side.  It’s $17.95 for a 70g pot.  However, I’ve had my pot for three months and I’ve used about a quarter of it.  I reckon one pot will last me a year of daily use.  I usually go through a stick of roll-on deodorant every three to four months.  So this actually works out a tiny bit cheaper in the long run.


Best of all, this product is cruelty free and vegan.  So no animals have to suffer for you to be stink-free.  Everybody wins!


I really can’t recommend this product highly enough.  I’m so flipping impressed with how well it performs and I just had to tell you all about it.


Have you ever tried a deodorant paste?  Did it work for you?

Toy review: Tantus Rumble

While I love a range of sex toys, I’m definitely a vibrator girl at heart.  There’s something about the steady buzz of a vibe that gets my motor revving in a way that a dildo or a plug never could.  So when Tantus announced earlier this year that they were adding a wand-style vibrator to their line of toys I was chuffed.  The rad folks at Tantus were kind enough to send me the Rumble to test and review.


The first thing I noticed about the Rumble is how lightweight it is.  Wand vibrators have a reputation for being on the heavy-duty side.  I picked up a Magic Wand at Kink Fest earlier this year and nearly toppled over from the heft of it.  I can imagine my arm wearing out before I was even close to orgasm with one of those monsters!  But the Rumble weighs next to nothing.  It is easily the lightest vibrator in my toybox.  This lightness makes the Rumble ideal for people who have limited mobility in the arms or wrists.



The shape of the head is another thing I love about the Rumble.  While most wands have a rounded shape, the Rumble is flatter on top, almost like a hockey puck.  While I thought this was kind of odd at first, once I began playing I appreciated this shape.  Having a flatter head gives you a lot more options when it comes to sensation.  If you prefer a broader surface area for stimulation, then you can angle the entire top of the head on the area you’re playing with.  With a slight twist, you can use the edge for more pinpointed stimulation. I also like that the head is mounted on a swiveling base.  The base absorbs some of the movement and makes it great for grinding against.  Sometimes when I’m using a vibe for clit stimulation, it can feel like I’m just mashing it against my crotch.  But the Rumble feels more like a massage.  It stays on target and moves with you as you thrust and grind.


The Rumble has been advertised as ” A vibe for every body”.  It’s meant to be non-exclusive in terms of gender, and it can be used on a range of body types and genitals.  I do think it’s one of the more body-inclusive vibrators that I’ve seen.  It’s not as feminized as a lot of toys on the market, which come in only pink or purple and feature butterfly, floral or heart motifs.  I spent a long time playing with this toy, both alone and with my male partner. I usually use it for clitoral or labial stimulation, but it also feels lovely on nipples.  For folks with penises, it can be nestled snugly behind the balls or run along the penis.  It is light enough to hold against a clit for orgasmic fun during penis-in-vagina sex and it feels great when you buzz the base of an anal plug that’s firmly in place.  It’s also great for solo play with a dildo or on it’s own.


In terms of vibration quality, the Rumble lives up to it’s name.  The vibrations are really deep and rumbly.  This toy is relatively quiet, although it does get a bit buzzier on the higher settings.  I’ve read a few reviews that stated that the Rumble is not powerful enough.  Now, the amount of power you want in a vibrator is a very personal thing.  Nobody wants a wimpy little buzz against their clit.  But every body is different and the level of stimulation needed varies hugely across the board.  I’m sure that for some people, the Rumble may not offer the whallop they require.  But for me, it works beautifully.  There are three speed settings and I’ve never gone above “medium” during a play session.  The Rumble is plenty powerful enough for me, and I like quite a lot of stimulation.

Let’s take a moment to look at the control panel on this toy.  The controls are very simple and easy to use.  The power key switches the toy on and off.  The + and – keys allow you to turn the intensity up and down and cycle through the different vibration patterns.  I like having the option of moving back and forth through the patterns, rather than having to cycle through the entire range to get back to the one you accidentally skipped.  I am also a fan of the on-off switch, because it means you can quickly flip the toy off if someone knocks on the door, rather than having to hold down a function button for several seconds.  The controls are conveniently placed so that you aren’t likely to accidentally press them during play.


The only thing that disappoints me about this toy is that it doesn’t have a travel lock.  Most rechargable toys have a locking function, so they won’t accidentally start buzzing in your bag (causing embarrassment or worse: a flat battery when you reach your destination).  I am in a long distance relationship and I travel often to visit my partner.  Sadly the Rumble has missed out on every single trip, solely because it can’t be locked.


The other downside to the Rumble is that it isn’t waterproof.  While I rarely take my toys into the tub or shower, I do like waterproof toys for ease of cleaning.  It’s so much simpler to be able to dunk a toy in the sink rather than carefully wiping it off.  However, the buttery-soft silicone cover on the head of the Rumble slips off, so you can thoroughly clean this part in the sink.  The head is the bit that gets the dirtiest when I use it, so it’s awesome to be able to wash it under running water.  The handle does get a bit grimy but I’ve found a quick wipe with a cloth is enough to get rid of any residue.  The fact that there are no cracks or crevices for dirt to hide on the handle makes this a relatively easy toy to clean.


The Rumble is body safe and great quality.  It retails for $129.99 plus shipping, which is pretty average for a wand-style vibrator.  However, you can use the code NESSBOW15 at the checkout to get a bonus 15%  off your order. Tantus also have a few attachments for the Rumble, which are all made of body safe silicone and offer a range of different sensations.


The Rumble has quickly become my go-to vibrator for solo play.  I adore the lightweight design and the deep vibrations. The electric blue shade makes it stand out in my collection, and I really don’t own anything else quite like it.  I truly recommend the Rumble for vibe lovers, anyone who is keen to try a wand style vibe and folks with hand and wrist injuries that find traditional vibrators bulky and difficult to maneuver.

Product review: Doc Johnson Black Rose Blooming Ben Wah Balls.

Right now I’m betting that quite a few of you out there are thinking “What the heck are Ben Wah balls?  Isn’t that a song from the 90’s by Blink 182?”  Well yes, it was, but ben wah balls are more than a punk rock song.  Ben wah balls are basically like dumbells for your vagina. You insert the balls into your vagina and wear them for an extended period of time, using your pelvic floor muscles to keep them in place.  This is supposed to strengthen your kegels, which can lead to stronger orgasms and greater muscle control.  Being the curious little bean I am, I had to snag a set of ben wah balls to try for myself.

I picked up the Doc Johnson Black Rose Blooming Ben Wah Balls on sale quite some time ago.  I’ve had them for about a year now, and I’ve tried them a great number of times.  And I have to come right out and tell you that I don’t like them very much.


Let me begin by pointing out a couple of features that I do like about these ben wah balls.  Firstly, they’re silicone, which is my preferred material for sex toys.  It’s body safe, it non-porous, it’s really easy to clean and it feels great.  The silicone on these ben wah balls feels velvety and smooth, which is awesome for such an inexpensive toy.


That’s the second thing I like about these ben wah balls.  They aren’t super pricey.  I picked mine up for about $14, and generally they retail for around $27.  This is a good price for a toy that you’re just trying out because if you don’t wind up loving it you haven’t blown a lot of cash.  And ben wah balls are pretty basic, and not generally something that I’d want to spend a lot on.


The Doc Johnson Ben Wah Balls are very simple.  They are just two weighted balls each about the size of a marble. They only come in one colour: black.  They arrive packaged in a little velvet pouch.


They are also impossible to keep inside me.


Let me be frank.  I used these things a lot.  Like, a whole lot.  The first few times I lamented that my kegels must be as slack as a deflated balloon, as the darn things kept slipping out. I tried inserting them further, I tried squeezing my kegel muscles when I felt them slipping, but nothing worked.  It was only after trying another set of duoballs that I realised that  the problem wasn’t my vagina…it was these darn balls.


I think the issue is the size-to-weight ratio of these ben wah balls.  They are quite heavy, so when you insert them and then stand up, gravity takes hold and they start moving floor-wards.  The small size means that your vaginal muscles don’t have much surface area to grip onto, so they slip out really easily.  To work more effectively, I think the balls would have to be a bit larger so that your kegels could actually hold them in place or a little lighter so they don’t slip so easily.


Now, I know that there are other uses for ben wah balls besides improving your pelvic floor strength.  For example, if you’re into BDsM (as I am), ben wah balls can be a very fun tool.  If you’re a submissive with a vagina, it can be titillating to have your dominant order you to wear ben wah balls for an extended period of time.  Even more so if you are required to wear them while running errands or out on a date.  As fun as that can be, the Black Rose Ben Wah Balls aren’t ideal for this purpose.  They just slip out far too easily for me to be confident wearing them outside the house.  For around-the-house play they could work, particularly if you like humiliation as these are really difficult to keep in place.


These ben wah balls can also work nicely if worn during sex in certain situations.  If you are having penis-in-vagina sex with a partner who is not well endowed, popping one or both of these into your pussy first will give you that full-up feeling, as well as being very stimulating for your partner.  They also work nicely for providing extra stimulation during strap-on sex or fingering.


Overall, I’m not terribly impressed with the Doc Johnson Black Rose Blooming Ben Wah balls.  They just didn’t work well for my body, and I’ve found a number of better sets of ben wah balls and duo balls.  On the plus side, they are well made and inexpensive, but they just don’t perform as well as I’d hoped.

Product review: Lelo Ina Wave

At the beginning of the year I reviewed my then-favourite vibrator, the Lelo Soraya.  After that review went live, I was contacted by the awesome folks at Lelo asking if I’d be interested in reviewing some of their other products.  Naturally I jumped at the chance.  The representative I spoke with suggested that as I like rabbit-style vibrators, the Ina Wave might be a good fit for me.  Fast-forward to a few weeks later and I was sitting in my kitchen with a brand-new Lelo Ina Wave compliments of the good folk at Lelo in my hot little hands.




Upon opening the box, I was greeted with a a contraption that looked more like Dr Zoidberg’s claw than any sex toy I’ve ever seen in my life.  However I was impressed with the hot-pink shade and the gorgeous packaging.  I was curious to try the Ina Wave out, but  I also felt a tiny bit afraid of the extreme shape.


Upon removing the Ina from the box, I was taken aback at how awesome it felt.  The silicone is velvety and super soft, and even the handle is silicone.   There is a slight lip where the handle meets the rest of the toy, but it’s very tightly closed so it’s a lot easier to clean than the Soraya.  The buttons are set into the handle, and the overall look is very smooth and modern.

The Ina Wave promises a “blended orgasm” by simultaneously stimulating the clitoris and the g-spot.  Now, a lot of rabbit-style vibrators offer this kind of dual stimulation, but the Ina Wave has something extra special going for it.  The insertable portion of the toy does this unique ‘wave’ motion, curling upwards to apply pressure to the g-spot.  I have been experimenting with g-spot play recently, so I was very keen to see if I could use the Ina Wave to achieve the coveted blended orgasm it so confidently promised.


Let me begin by saying that this toy has a real learning curve.  To begin with, I found it a little tricky to insert.  The insertable part is quite girthy, and has a large bump on the front edge.  Initially I found it difficult to maneuver that shape past my pubic bone.  I also had difficulty with the clitoral arm, which is a much tighter fit than any rabbit vibe I’ve ever owned.  The arm was really hampering my ability to insert the toy, until I realised that the arm is very flexible and can be bent back quite easily.  Once I figured that out and found the right angle, the toy slid in easily.


Once I had the toy inside me, the tight fit of that clitoral stimulator became all the more apparent.  I mentioned in my review of the Lelo Soraya that the clitoral arm on that toy was too widely-set to hit my clit squarely.  This toy was the exact opposite.  The clitoral stimulator sat perfectly on my clitoris.  In fact, the tightness of the toy caused it to kind of clamp down on my clit, applying a lot of pressure to that area.  I’d never experienced that sort of pressure in that spot before, and I actually really liked it.  But if you know that you prefer a lighter touch on your clit, this might not be the toy for you.  Similarly, if you know your clitoris and vaginal opening are more widely-set, then you might have difficulty getting the toy to reach all the important zones.  But for me, it was a perfect fit.


The Ina Wave has a good variety of settings, and it’s very easy to use.  The arrow buttons cycle through the settings, and the + and – buttons control the intensity.  The button in the centre turns the toy on and off.  I liked this immediate-off switch, which was missing from the Soraya.  I find that once I have an orgasm, I become quite sensitive and it’s nice to be able to switch the toy off quickly to rescue my poor genitals from over-stimulation.  The Ina Wave has a variety of internal and external vibration patterns without the wave function, so you can use it like a traditional rabbit vibe.  But you can also cycle through several wave functions, which combine vibrations in the shaft and clit arm in different ways.  You can also just turn on the wave function with no vibration.  There are a lot of settings to choose from and play with on this toy.  The vibrations are very deep and rumbling and the toy is one of the quietest I’ve used.


After a bit of playing, I switched on the wave and was instantly aware of the handle of the Ina flapping about between my legs.  As the toy was lodged firmly in my snatch, the motion of the wave transferred to the handle.  Like I said, this toy has a learning curve!  I quickly learned that I had to hold the handle quite firmly to steady it so that the shaft had enough leverage to stimulate me internally with the magical “come hither” motion.



And it is magical indeed.  If you’re looking to experiment with g-spot stimulation then this is the toy for you.  That bulge in the front is perfectly angled and hits my g spot effortlessly.  If you’re not sure where your g-spot is, I’m confident that this toy would be a great help in finding it.  One thing I’ve learned over time is that my g-spot, and indeed many g-spots, prefer pressure to vibration.  And that gorgeous wave motion is like a couple of strong fingers pressing firmly into that sensitive spot over and over.  Couple that with the deep, rumbly vibrations and you’ve got a recipe for a delicious orgasm.  I got that coveted blended orgasm on my very first try, and countless times since.


(Psst!  If you are intrigued by the idea of the come-hither g-spot stimulation, but don’t like rabbit vibes, then you might enjoy the Mona Wave.  It’s basically the Ina minus the clitoral arm)


As I mentioned, the Ina Wave does put a lot of pressure on my clit.  But one thing I really like is that the flexibility in the clitoral arm perfectly accommodates the shaft’s motion.  So instead of pinching your clitoris, it gives this gorgeous massage.  The best way I can describe the sensation of this toy is that it’s like having my clitoris massaged from the front and back all at once.  It feels so pleasurable.


Another awesome feature of the Ina Wave is that it’s waterproof!  It can be submerged up to 1 meter.  This makes cleaning a snap, because you can wash it off in the sink.  It also means that you can take your toy into the shower or tub for extra fun.  This is great if you have roommates and the only private time you have is in the shower or bath.

One feature that I’m less than thrilled with is the memory function.  This function remembers the last setting that you used, so when you turn the toy back on, it defaults to that setting.  This is good if you’re jacking off and you get interrupted, but for regular use I find it a tad annoying.  Like most people, the setting my vibrator is on when I begin masturbating is not the same setting I like it to be on when I finish.  Usually I start on a low setting and work my way up to a dull roar.  So if in my orgasm-addled state I forget to turn the Ina Wave down before I switch it off, I get one hell of a shock when I flip the switch on my next play session.

The Ina Wave has a travel lock feature too, which is essential for rechargeable toys, because you can’t simply remove the batteries.  The battery life on this toy is phenomenal.  I’ve had it for several months, have used it a couple of times a week and I’ve only charged it twice.


The Ina Wave retails for $279 on Lelo’s website.  At this price, it is definitely a luxury vibrator.  However based on it’s performance, I think the price tag is reasonable.


I would most definitely recommend the Lelo Ina Wave, particularly to those who enjoy g-spot stimulation, those who are looking for a twist on the traditional rabbit vibrator, and those who have petite vaginas that usually find most rabbit vibes a poor fit.


Another huge thank you to the folks at Lelo for sending me this toy to review.


Product review: Tantus Silk

Tantus have a great reputation for making some of the best insertables in the sex toy industry.  So when I saw that they were having a massive sale at the beginning of the year, I naturally decided to snap a few things up.  My first two purchases were the Silk dildo in small and medium.  And now, after months of rigorous testing I’m ready to bring you my review!

Where do I even begin?  Well, I think the obvious place to start would be with the appearance of the toys.  The Silk lives up to it’s name, with it’s super smooth texture and graceful curve.  There is not a ridge or seam in sight on these toys, which are made from Tantus’s premium blend of silicone.  The Silk comes in three colours: pink, black and this gorgeous pearlescent purple.


The silicone that these toys are made from is some of the nicest I’ve ever felt.  A lot of silicone toys in my collection have a velvety texture, which is nice but it tends to drag on the skin.  But Tantus use this gorgeous silicone that is super smooth and silky.  I’ve found that you need very little lube with these toys, as they glide easily over the skin.  Silicone is one of my favourite materials for insertable toys because it’s non-porous and so easy to clean.  You can throw them in the sink with a bit of mild soap and you’re done.  Or, if you need to give them a more thorough cleaning, you can boil them or throw them in the dishwasher.  As these have no cracks or crevices, there are no places for gunk and bacteria to get trapped so they are very hygienic.

The Silk has a great in-between texture that makes it ideal for beginners.  It’s firm enough to thrust with but not so stiff and hard that you’re going to painfully poke yourself during play.  As the small Silk is thinner, it is slightly bendy so it won’t stand up to vigorous thrusting, but it’s nice for a slow glide.  Both of them are satisfyingly squishy when pressed into your palm.

You’ll notice that the Silk has a great round base.  This base makes them perfect for harness use.  In fact, Tantus sells the small and medium Silk dildos with a harness in their Bend Over Beginner Kit.  I’ve worn both and they are very stable in my harness.  The base also makes them safe for anal use and is nice to hold onto when using them on yourself.

Of the pair, I’d say that the Medium Silk is my favourite.  It’s a nice size, neither too big nor too small, and is ideal for using on it’s own or with a separate clitoral vibrator for extra stimulation.  The length of it is perfect for my body, as I’m quite petite and a lot of dildos are too long for me to use comfortably.  If I’m perfectly honest, I’d say that it is a little thinner than the toys I usually prefer, as I like my insertables on the girthy side.  But if you aren’t into thicker toys and want something simple and smooth to play with, then the Silk medium might be ideal for you.

The small Silk was a bit of a disappointment to me…at first.  When I took it out of the packaging, I wilted a little when I saw how small it was.  It’s only slightly longer and thicker than my middle finger, as you can see from the picture above.  When I used it vaginally during one of my play sessions, you could practically hear the sound of sad trombones as I inserted it.  It was just too small to offer much benefit to me during penetration.  It sat in my toy chest, alone and dejected until one day I decided to try a different path.

You know what the Silk small is brilliant for? Butt play!  Seriously!  If you are into anal play this is a toy that you might want to add to your collection.  And in my humble opinion, it’s ideal for anyone who is interested in trying anal stimulation.  Why?  Well, aside from the fact that it’s got a flared base, so it won’t get sucked up inside you, and the aforementioned ease of cleaning, the shape and size make this a great beginner butt toy.  The Silk has no seams or texture that will irritate your virgin ass and the silky smooth finish makes it really easy to insert.  Plus, it’s quite small and not as intimidating as many of the beginner plugs on the market. The flexibility of the small Silk makes it really comfortable when inserted. The fact that you can use it in a harness also make it ideal for pegging, if that’s something that you’ve been keen to try out.

The Small Silk might also be a good toy for you if you’re new to insertable toys or if you are anxious about penetration.  I know that personally, I struggled with penetrative sex for years due to anxiety and stress about sex.  So if you’re looking for a gentle toy to ease into penetrative play, the Silk would be a great choice.

Tantus make extremely high-quality toys for excellent prices.  The Small Silk sells for around $37 and the Medium is about $47.  Tantus also sells a large version of the Silk for $57.  While these aren’t cheap, I do think that these prices are very reasonable for the quality of the toys.  Plus Tantus regularly has discounts off their range, so if you keep your eyes peeled you’ll be able to get a great deal.

So, are there any downsides to the Silk dildos? In my opinion, not many.  I think my only criticism is that the smooth texture doesn’t offer a lot in the way of sensation.  While they are nicely filling and fun to play with , the Silk isn’t a good toy if you like to be tantalized by texture.  Also, the tubular, rounded design lacks a pronounced head, which means that the Silk isn’t a great toy for g-spot stimulation.


Overall I really like the Tantus Silk, and I’d heartily recommend them.  They are an ideal first-time dildo, whether you’re experimenting with vaginal penetration, anal play, harness play or pegging.  They are well-made, good quality and very versatile.