My e-books.

If you’re still wanting more Nessbow, why not buy one of my e-books?  Each one is jam-packed with advice and wisdom from yours truly.  Each e-book costs just $5, and is emailed straight to your inbox, so you don’t have to pay any shipping fees.  Each e-book contains brand-new content that you won’t see on my blog.  With four e-books currently available on my site, you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

Each of my e-books have now undergone a re-boot!  They’ve been re-edited and new material has been added to each one.  The e-books are now available in PDF format, to make downloading and reading a breeze!

Nessbow’s Guide to Second Hand Shopping.

This is the ultimate how-to guide for thrift shopping.  It’s perfect for thrifting novices, as well as offering plenty of sage advice to advanced thrift-store junkies.  I’ve been op-shop-hopping for over ten years now, and have a wardrobe of gorgeous vintage and second-hand pieces to attest to my success.

This e-book covers all kinds of topics, including:

– A pre-purchase checklist

-Planning a budget

– Creating a wish-list

– The golden rules of thrifting

– Salvaging items that aren’t quite perfect.

– Where to shop

and a whole lot more.

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Nessbow’s Guide to Developing your Personal Style.

This handy guide tackles one of my favourite topics: personal style and expressing yourself through fashion.  It’s perfect for people who are just looking to dip their toe into the world of wild dressing, or experienced fashionistas who are looking for some inspiration.  It’s the perfect tool for helping you to pull yourself out of a style rut.

This guide covers such topics as:

– Finding style inspiration

-Getting out of a style rut

– Putting together a wishlist

– Organizing your closet

-Pulling an outfit off with confidence

– Debunking common excuses for not dressing the way you want to.

– Acquiring your dream wardrobe.

It costs just $5, and is an awesome resource to help you kick your personal style in the pants!

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Living Frugally without Sacrificing Your Style.

I’m a big fan of saving, and I hate paying full price for anything.  I’ve lived through some tough economic times, and still managed to look stylish while pinching my pennies.  This e-book is crammed full of practical advice to help you save cash without giving up your style.

This e-book covers topics such as:

– Creating a budget

– Finding joy in little luxuries

– Clothes shopping on a budget.

– Reducing your household expenses

– Eliminating the stigma of frugality

– Working out how to get the best value for money

– Resisting impulse buying

-Maintaining a social life on a budget

and a whole lot more!

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Nessbow’s Guide to Surviving College.

Some of the happiest years of my life were when I was living at college.  It was an incredible experience which has left me with loads of great friends and happy memories.  However, I realise that moving away to college can be a daunting experience.  With that in mind, I’ve written this e-book for all you would-be collegiates out there to help you navigate the social minefield that is on-campus living.

This e-book covers such topics as:

– Making friends

– College myths

– What to take with you

– Exploring a new city

– Overcoming homesickness

– Making your college room more ‘you’

And loads more!

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Nessbow’s Personal Style e-course

This 30 day e-course will walk you through the steps to exploring your own personal style.  With daily lessons, quizzes, videos and homework tasks to complete, you’ll be feeling inspired and excited to start dressing up in no time.

The course covers many basic topics such as creating a wardrobe wish-list, cleaning out your closet and styling tricky items.  I also cover subjects like body confidence, dealing with the fear of judgement, the importance of personal style and pulling yourself out of a style rut.  This course is perfect for those just beginning their style journey or experienced fashionistas who are ready to take a fresh look at their style.

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7 thoughts on “My e-books.

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    • Originally, I wanted to publish the books as zines, but then I realised that it would be simply too expensive to post them overseas. I decided to publish them as e-books so that all of my readers could access them for a low price, no matter where they are in the world. Each of them is about a topic I feel passionate about. The actual execution took a lot of work and planning, but it’s been totally worth it.

      • What do you mean by zines? How did you make it as online and go about being able to sell it, sorry I get so intrigued by the process and the how-to aspect because I think it’s so cool to find a blogger who has their own e-books!
        Ps. best of luck with your future e-books!

      • A zine is a hand-printed magazine. When I realised the cost of printing and posting a zine, I made the decision to just sell the content as an e-book. I already had an etsy store, so I set it up so that people could buy the book in my store. After the purchase is complete, I simply send the file to the buyers’ email address.
        Thanks so much for your interest.

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