If you’ve flicked through my archives and you’re hungry for even more reading material, why not check out some of my favourite blogs?  Here’s a list of some of the blogs I visit on a regular basis.


Or maybe you’re hunting for something to watch to pass the time?  I’ve also added a section featuring my favourite Youtube channels for your viewing pleasure.

Blogs I adore


Adulting: Plenty of tips on how to behave like a grown-up.  V. helpful.

Autostraddle: An online magazine for queer ladies.  Includes great link round-ups, monthly playlists, tarot advice, fashion, sexuality and activism.

Chronically Vintage: Sensational vintage photo shoots, gorgeous holiday inspiration and fantastic link round-ups.  Although this blog has been retired due to personal circumstances, it’s still an incredible resource for vintage lovers.

Consider me lovely: A heady mix of fashion, positivity and body acceptance.  Sadly Consider Me Lovely is no longer publishing new posts, but her archive is sensational.

Cutieful Christina: Sensational crafts from one of my online buddies.

Dragonflight Dreams: Amanda makes gorgeous tee shirts, reviews books and posts cute and comfy outfit photos.

Natatree: brilliant, colourful fashion, geekery and an excellent outlook on life, written by lovely Natalie.

Hey Epiphora: Snarky sex toy reviews and cute kitties.

Smaggle: Fashion and lifestyle blog with brilliant rants.

Le Fancy Geek: Geeky fashion, cute dog pictures and adorable adventures.

Magic Cat Jenny: Jenny blogs about cosplay, crafting and geekery and also has a fantastic Youtube channel

The Militant Baker: changing the way we look at our bodies, one blog post at a time.

Nerd Burger: Caz is a self-confessed geek and kawaii aficionado.  She writes about toys, comics and fabulous fashion.

Ninja Sexology: A self-confessed size queen who writes honest dildo reviews and moving essays about sex.

Nubby Twiglet: monochrome fashion, graphic design and sound business advice.

Oh Joy Sex Toy: A quirky comic about sexuality with incredible sex toy reviews.

Pull Your Socks Up: Desiree is a gorgeous woman with a brilliantly eclectic sense of style.  Her motto is ‘Growing old disgracefully” which I adore.  She’s the blogger I want to be when I grow up.

Red Hot Suz: Gorgeous photographs and sex toy reviews all the way from Canada.

Steph Metal: The ultimate site for metal-heads.  Steff blogs about the origins of different metal subgroups and symbols.  A fascinating peek into the brutal world of metal.

Sunny Megatron: Hilarious advice about BDsM, polyamory and sex toys as well as a new American Sex Podcast.

Violet Blue: Open source sex blog.  Violet offers the ultimate in sex advice, from the tame to the extreme.  Frank, honest and to the point, this is a fantastic source for seeking answers to your tricky sex questions.

Violet LeBeaux: Sweet-as-pie nail art, hime gyaru fashion and excellent hair, makeup and craft tutorials.

Yes and Yes: Authored by the adorable Sarah Von Bargen, this feel-good blog covers everything from travelling to self-care.  Fascinating interviews and interesting reads.


Youtube Channels I love

ALB in Wonderland: ALB is a cotton-candy-haired, Harry Potter- loving, hilarious pixie who lets you peek into her magical world.


Erika Lynae: Frank sex education videos and succinct toy reviews.


Evie Lupine:  Detailed and clever videos about BDsM, pet play and power dynamics.

Harmony Nice: This channel covers a range of topics from Wicca to beauty tutorials but I personally enjoy her coverage of unsolved mysteries and  ghost stories.

It’s Black Friday: amazing goth fashion and makeup tutorials.  I’m addicted to watching Friday tease her hair.


Jenny Mustard: Jenny’s minimalist style and tips for a simpler life are set to a dreamy, relaxing tone.


Keira Rose: vegan food, creativity, cosplay, beauty and adorable rats.


Laci Green: Laci’s quirky sex education channel offers bite-sized snippets of vital information about sexuality and sexual health.


Lovehoney: The youtube channel for the Lovehoney sex toy store, this channel has so many brilliant videos about choosing, caring for and playing with toys.


Magic Cat Jenny: A video diary of a Broadway-obsessed cosplayer with plenty of candid chats.


Nerdburger: Comic books, horror movie reviews and tours of Caz’s many op shop adventures.


Pop Culture Detective: Long-form video essays that examine misogyny and masculinity in popular culture.  Fascinating.


Sexplainations: Dr Doe is a personal hero of mine.  Her videos are short, punchy and will teach you so many fascinating things about sex.


Sunny Megatron: Sunny makes videos reviewing sex toys, teaching you about different aspects of BDsM and discussing the merits of humour in the bedroom.  She also has an amazing podcast called American Sex which you should definitely listen to.


Super Carlin Bros: Hilarious pop culture theories and movie reviews. A must for Harry Potter, Disney or Marvel aficionados.


Vegan Voyager: Loads of great tips for new vegans and vegan who love to travel.


Vintage or Tacky: Mindblowing makeup tutorials for those amoung you who aren’t afraid of colour.


Watts the Safeword: BDsM education presented by two adorable best friends (and one of their owners).


Yoga with Adrienne: Hands-down the best yoga channel on the internet.  Free workouts for all levels with a side of quirky banter.

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