I read a metric butt-tonne of blogs.  Here are a list of my favorites.

❤ Elycia: Adorable outfit photos, pretty pictures and fab v-logs.  Elycia also has two of the cutest cats ever- Farva and Annakin.  The perfect place to visit if you’re in need of a cheer-up.

Adulting: Plenty of tips on how to behave like a grown-up.  V. helpful.

All The Pretty Ponies: A cashe of My Little Pony-inspired fashion and beauty tips.  Super-sweet and lots of fun.  A must-visit site for any lass that grew up in the 80’s.

Andi B. Goode: Mod fashion and a doll collection to die for.

Chronically Vintage: Sensational vintage photo shoots, gorgeous holiday inspiration and fantastic link round-ups.

Consider me lovely: A heady mix of fashion, positivity and body acceptance.

Creature Type: Michelle’s “Big Book of Cats” illustration project has completely won my heart.

Cutieful Christina: Sensational crafts from one of my online buddies.

Dragonflight Dreams: Amanda makes gorgeous tee shirts, reviews books and posts cute and comfy outfit photos.

Esme and the Laneway: beautiful, classic vintage style and cute-as-a-button photos.

Extra Large as Life: brilliant, colourful fashion, geekery and an excellent outlook on life, written by lovely Natalie.

Frock and Roll: Corrine writes a gorgeous blog all about travel, positivity and living life to the fullest.  And calzones.

Helga Von Trollop: Fact: Helga has the most sensational beehive in the andipodes.  She also wears brilliant vintage fashion and has excellent op-shopping luck.

Smaggle: Fashion and lifestyle blog with brilliant rants.

Le Fancy Geek: Geeky fashion, cute dog pictures and adorable adventures.

Life of Bun: Anouchka’s blog is filled with makeup tutorials, tips and fab tips for finding cruelty-free products.

Magic Cat Jenny: Jenny blogs about cosplay, crafting and geekery and also has a fantastic Youtube channel

The Militant Baker: changing the way we look at our bodies, one blog post at a time.

Miss Fairchild’s Charm School: A vintage fashion blog with a twist.  Includes information about self-care as well as vintage style.

My Edit: Jentine chronicles her forays into the world of thrifting and style.

My Milk Toof: The photographic adventures of two teeth named Ickle and Lardee.  Officially the cutest blog ever!

Nerd Burger: Caz is a self-confessed geek and kawaii aficionado.  She writes about toys, comics and fabulous fashion.

Nubby Twiglet: monochrome fashion, graphic design and sound business advice.

Pull Your Socks Up: Desiree is a gorgeous woman with a brilliantly eclectic sense of style.  Her motto is ‘Growing old disgracefully” which I adore.  She’s the blogger I want to be when I grow up.

Sarah Von Bargen: No-nonsense small business advice.

Steph Metal: The ultimate site for metal-heads.  Steff blogs about the origins of different metal subgroups and symbols.  A fascinating peek into the brutal world of metal.

Violet Blue: Open source sex blog.  Violet offers the ultimate in sex advice, from the tame to the extreme.  Frank, honest and to the point, this is a fantastic source for seeking answers to your tricky sex questions.

Violet LeBeaux: Sweet-as-pie nail art, hime gyaru fashion and excellent hair, makeup and craft tutorials.

XO Mia: Cosplay, geekery and self-acceptance.  I love this lass.

Yes and Yes: Authored by the adorable Sarah Von Bargen, this feel-good blog covers everything from travelling to self-care.  Fascinating interviews and interesting reads.


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