Product review: The Original Bunny Kiss from CalExotics

As much as I love reviewing hot new toys and tech, I get a real kick out of trying out classic toys. The kind of toys that have been popping up on adult shops for as long as I’ve been visiting them. One such toy is the CalExotics original Bunny Kiss. I happen to know that this vibrator has the honour of being the very first vibe for a handful of my friends. The design is iconic and I’ve seen this toy in more sex toy stores than I can count. My sponsors, Lust Avenue, sent me a Bunny Kiss to review for you. (Note: Lust Avenue no longer stock the Bunny Kiss, so I’ve included a link to the CalExotics Butterfly Kiss, which is basically the same toy with a slightly different shape).

The Bunny Kiss is a rabbit-style vibrator, with a slim insertable arm and two fluttering bunny “ears” that stimulate the clitoris. It’s a battery-operated toy with a single motor and a simple push-button control. It has three vibration speeds and it’s waterproof.

The packaging for the Bunny Kiss states that it is “body safe”. When I pulled it out of the packaging, I instantly began questioning that claim. The shaft and clitoral stimulator are made from a translucent, flexible material that is quite soft. It has a slightly tacky feel to it, and reminds me a lot of the jelly toys that were popular in the late 90’s. The issue with jelly toys is that they are chock-full of pthalates, chemicals that can leech into your skin and cause a whole host of problems. Upon closer inspection of the packaging, I noted that the Bunny Kiss is made from ABS plastic (which appears on the handle) and TPR or Thermoplastic Rubber makes up the flexible portion of the toy. TPR is technically body-safe, in that it does not contain any pthalates or harmful chemicals. However, it is important to note that TPR is a porous substance, and for that reason it’s not a great choice for sex toys. This material has microscopic divots in which bacteria can lurk and multiply. It’s impossible to fully sanitize a porous toy. TPR toys are definitely not safe to use with multiple partners, as they can pass STI’s from one person to another. They’re also not ideal for solo use, because over time they can collect bacteria which can then cause infections and irritation in the vagina and vulva. I only used this toy a handful of times for testing purposes, and I’d be reluctant to use it again.

Another reason that I’m not pumped about toys made from TPR and other softer materials is that they’re not very durable I only used this toy a couple of times, and already one of the bunny ears has a little tear it it. I don’t think it would take very long for the ears to split or break, and the rough edges aren’t going to feel great against your body. I would also be concerned about bacteria getting trapped in any tears. One of the reasons that I recommend silicone toys is that they’re non-porous, easy to clean and they last a lot longer without getting damaged.

The Bunny Kiss is a battery operated toy. In my experience, battery-operated toys tend to be less powerful than their rechargeable counterparts. This isn’t always true though, and I have owned some pretty delightful battery-driven toys in the past. The packaging for the Bunny Kiss boasts that it has three “intense” speeds. While I will admit that the vibrations are fast, the vibration quality is very buzzy. The vibrations transmit well to all parts of the toy, but it’s a very weak, tickly kind of vibration rather than a deep rumble. Some people do prefer a buzzy sensation though, and if that’s your preference you might enjoy this toy.

One other thing I will note about the motor on this toy: it is loud. Like, crazy loud. I was embarrassed to use this toy late at night because I was worried that the person in the flat next to mine might hear it through the wall. The noise is high-pitched and whining, and even using it under the covers doesn’t dampen it’s intensity. The noise was a real buzzkill and I found it very distracting when I was using the toy.

The Bunny Kiss is a dual-stimulation toy, which has an insertable arm and a fluttering clitoral stimulator. The box states that it is “Perfectly Sized”, which honestly seems a little shamey to me. This is a pretty dainty vibrator, and I personally prefer something a little larger than this. I’m sure that there are some people that would find this to be the perfect size, particularly if you don’t like deep penetration or girthier toys. But I’d go out on a limb and say that for most people, it’s a little on the small side. The vibrations transmit pretty well through the body of the toy, but they’re a little too buzzy to really feel good internally. The fluttering bunny ears go absolutely wild until they make contact with your body and then they’re pretty much just sitting still, transmitting a weak vibration to your clitoris. The only way I could get the ears to work against my clitoris was to hold them so softly against it, so that only the tips were brushing it. The ears are so lightweight that any pressure from my body impeded their movement. I much preferred holding the bunny’s nose against my clit, and even then the vibrations weren’t powerful enough to bring me to orgasm. I actually never managed to climax with this toy, despite many efforts.

The Bunny Kiss is an iconic toy, and many of my uni friends had one of these stashed in their bottom drawers. I think the reason that they were so popular comes down to the fact that they were relatively inexpensive and they were available everywhere. If you were a poor uni student in the mid-2000’s, your options for sex toys were fairly limited. Nowadays though, there are loads of inexpensive, silicone toys with more robust motors and better designs. If money is a concern, I’d recommend spending a little bit more to get a silicone rabbit vibe that’s going to last longer. This B Swish vibe is only $10 more than the Bunny Kiss, but it’s made of silicone and has a sturdier design. If you opt for a battery-operated design over a rechargeable toy, that’s going to cut your costs and won’t necessarily diminish the quality of the toy. As I mentioned, I’ve tried quite a few battery operated toys that are still quite powerful. You’re better off spending a fraction more cash and getting a toy that’s body-safe and will last longer.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend the Bunny Kiss. Not only is it made from a porous material that will degrade quickly, it doesn’t perform well. The vibration quality is very weak, and this toy is as loud as a food processor. The Bunny Kiss may be a classic, but in my opinion it doesn’t really live up to the hype.

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