Product review: Snug Plug 1 from B-Vibe

I find it tricky to find butt plugs that bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate. Most brands have a range of plugs that increase in size, from small to large. But what happens if you feel ready to step up from a beginner plug, but aren’t quite ready for a medium sized plug? The Snug Plug might offer the perfect solution.

The Snug Plug from B-Vibe is a weighted silicone butt plug. It comes in 6 sizes ranging from 2.2cm diameter up to 5.5cm diameter. Lust Avenue were kind enough to send me a Snug Plug 1 to try.

The Snug Plug 1 is the smallest plug in the range. It is 2.2cm in diameter, with an insertable length of 8.65 cm and it weighs 54 grams. The Snug Plug website says that this plug is “finger sized” which is a little tricky given that everyone has different sized fingers. For me, this is more like a finger and a half. It’s still one of the narrowest plugs that I’ve ever tried. The plug has a bullet-shaped design, with a tapered tip and cylindrical body. It narrows to a very slender stem and has a curved T-bar base.

Personally, I really like the shape of the plug. It’s easy to insert and stays in place very well. The Snug Plug is designed to be worn for an extended period, and the design reflects that. The narrow neck allows your sphincter to close around it, and doesn’t leave you with any uncomfortable stretching sensation. The T-shaped base nestles between your cheeks, so you can walk around and sit down without feeling any pressure . The whole plug is made from soft silicone and it’s very comfortable to wear. This would be an ideal choice if you want to experiment with wearing a plug out in public. I was able to wear this for several hours without any discomfort.

The size and shape of this plug make it ideal for beginners. It’s easy to insert and doesn’t shift around once it’s inside. The thing that really sets the Snug Plug apart from other beginner plugs is the weight. The Snug Plug has a metal weight inside it, so although it’s tiny it gives a satisfyingly full sensation. For this reason, I think it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to graduate from a beginner plug to something slightly more advanced. It’s still a small size so you don’t have to worry about trying to accommodate a larger toy. The weight gives a more intense sensation than a regular small plug, so it’s a good step up from a beginner plug. The Snug Plug range increase in size quite gradually, but the difference in weight between each size is significant. So you could easily go up a size for a stronger sensation, without a giant leap in diameter.

The Snug Plug is perfect for wearing as a preparation for anal play, or during penetrative intercourse. It’s a great choice if you’d like to experiment with double penetration with either a partner or a toy. Wearing a plug during vaginal sex can narrow the vaginal canal and angle the penis or dildo towards the g-spot. Because the Snug Plug is so tiny, it doesn’t take up too much space and can make double penetration more achievable.

The one thing I didn’t love about The Snug Plug is the stem. While it’s very comfortable during wear, it does make the toy a little bit challenging to insert. The neck of the toy is very thin and flexible, and tends to bend when you’re inserting the plug. When your hands are covered in lube, and you’re reaching behind you to work the plug into place, this can be a little awkward and frustrating. It’s a minor issue that you can get around with practice, but I did find it a little annoying the first couple of times I used this toy.

The Snug Plug is well-packaged and comes with a detailed users guide, a guide to anal play, a storage bag and an “Anal is Magic” sticker. The two guides that come with this toy are exceptional, and give in-depth information about insertion and removal, cleaning and care, and suggestions for how to use your plug. I don’t think I’ve ever had a toy that came with such comprehensive educational materials and I was so impressed.

I would recommend the Snug Plug to beginners who want to try anal play for the first time. It’s also a great choice for anyone who wants something a little more intense than a regular small plug, but doesn’t feel ready to try something larger. It’s perfect for people who like to wear their plugs for extended periods as well.

A massive “Thank you!” to the folks at Lust Avenue for sending this toy for me to review.

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