Product review – OG PRO2 from Tracy’s Dog.

I absolutely love air-pulsating toys. I have quite a few in my collection and there is always one fully-charged and ready-to-go in my nightstand. For quite a while I’ve been curious about trying one of the dual-stimulator toys that have an air-pulsator in place of a clitoral vibrator. So when Tracy’s Dog offered to send me the OG PRO2 to review, I jumped at the chance.

The OG PRO2 is a dual-stimulation toy, with an insertable G-spot vibrator and an air-pulsation clitoral stimulator. It’s rechargeable, waterproof and comes with a remote control. The toy arrived on my doorstep beautifully packaged in a presentation box. There was also a satin storage pouch, which is great because I like to use these to store my toys with their chargers.

The OG PRO 2 is made from soft, silky silicone and has an ABS plastic ring around the controls. I have a few toys that use ABS plastic as an aesthetic feature, and I don’t love it. There’s a little lip where the plastic meets the silicone, and it’s always a hiding-place for lube and gunk. It’s a bit trickier to keep toys with this design clean. On the other hand, the ABS plastic is only on the handle of the toy, facing away from your body. It’s not going to come into contact with my genitals, so I’m less concerned about keeping this part of the toy perfectly clean. However, it could cause issues if you’re using this toy, and then using your fingers to stimulate yourself, because it could become a breeding ground for bacteria. The remote control is also made of ABS plastic, and it’s not waterproof. So the only way to keep it clean is to give it a once-over with an anti-bacterial wipe.

The OG PRO2 has two separate motors – one in the insertable portion and one in the clitoral stimulator. There are two buttons on the toy itself- one for each motor. This means that you can use one function at a time, or both simultaneously. I love it when dual-stimulator toys have separate motor controls, because I often prefer more intense vibration on my G-spot than what my clitoris can take. It’s great to be able to customise the speed to your preferences. You can control the toy using the buttons on the handle, or with the remote control. The remote is effective for up to 10 metres.

This toy is advertised as having 10 vibration modes and 10 suction modes. The G-spot vibrator has three vibration speeds and then seven patterns. The vibration quality is very deep and rumbly, which I prefer to buzzy vibrations. The rumbling nature of the vibes remains even on the higher speeds, which is impressive. I’m less impressed with the clitoral modes. You do have to click the button 10 times to move from the lowest speed to the highest speed, but I can’t detect 10 distinct speeds. There are a couple of the settings that feel identical to me. It could simply be that there are very small variations between some of the settings, but I would say that I can only feel 6 different speeds. At any rate, I personally wouldn’t use this toy above the second speed, because the higher speeds are really fast, and too intense for my clitoris.

One thing that I didn’t expect was that the vibrations were so powerful that they carry through to the clitoral stimulator. So even if you found that the air-pulsator was too intense for you, you could still use this as a clitoral vibrator.

My main concern with this toy is how effective it would be as a dual-stimulator. As I’ve said before about rabbit vibrators, they only work if both components line up perfectly with your erogenous zones. There is a lot of variation in genital shapes and sizes, and the distance from vaginal entrance to clitoris can vary up to 5 cm from person to person. That might not sound like a lot, but it’s actually a huge range of variation. This makes it particularly tricky to design dual-stimulator toys that work for everyone. I happen to know that my vaginal opening and clitoris are quite far apart, so a lot of toys tend to sit below my clitoris when inserted. Air-pulsators need to be placed precisely over the clitoris, otherwise they don’t really do much. So I was skeptical whether this toy would work for me as a dual-stimulator.

When I inserted the toy, it became obvious pretty quickly that it simply didn’t suit my body. As predicted, the opening for the clitoral stimulator was sitting well below my clitoris. The toy is quite flexible, so you can adjust the positioning a little, but it only allows you to move the stimulator close or further away from your body. In order to have the stimulator sit higher on your body, you have to insert the toy further. In order to get it to *just* hit my clitoris, I had to insert it all the way down to the hinge. That meant that the internal arm was way past my G-spot, and was inserted a lot further than was really comfortable for me. I know that at certain points in my cycle, when my cervix sits lower, I wouldn’t be able to insert this far enough to get both components into position. For this reason, I wasn’t really able to enjoy the clitoral stimulator. On the other hand, as the vibrations do carry through the whole toy, I was able to kind of grind against the clitoral stimulator while working my G-spot. It was serviceable, but not ideal.

That’s not to say that this isn’t a good toy, rather that it’s a toy that’s only going to work for certain people. If you’re one of the lucky ones that is able to line up both erogenous zones with the dimensions of this toy, then you’re going to be in for a wild ride. But for the rest of us, it’s a bit of a miss.

I had hoped that I might be able to flip the toy upside down, and use the clitoral stimulator without insertion. I did manage to do that, but in order to do it I had to bend the insertable arm quite far back. I think over time, this is likely to damage the toy.

Overall, there were a lot of impressive aspects to this toy. The silicone is really smooth, the vibration quality is top-notch and I really like the remote control. However, it runs into the same problem you get with most dual-stimulators in that it has to fit your body just right to hit the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. If it lines up just right, then you might love this toy. If not, then you might find it as frustrating as I did. Generally speaking, I don’t think that the OG PRO2 is a bad toy, but I do think that it’s only going to work well for a handful of people.

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