Product review: Gjack² from Gvibe

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I always say a good g-spot toy needs two things: a firm texture and a generous curve. The Gjack² from G Vibe has completely changed the way I think about G spot toys. It has neither of the “essential” features of a fantastic g-spotting toy, and yet it somehow manages to out-perform every g-spot toy I’ve tried.

The Gjack² is a vibrator from UK brand Gvibe. It has a relatively non-realistic design, with an intense rippled texture and a defined coronal ridge. The Gjack² comes in three colours, and my sponsor, Lust Avenue, sent me one in the shade Tiffany Mint. This toy has a looped handle which is easy to grip. I found the handle really comfortable, especially when I was using the toy for longer periods of time. The insertable length is 8.66 inches and the width of this toy is 1.46 inches. It gives a really full sensation without being too intense.

The thing that sets the Gjack² apart from other toys that I’ve tried is the texture. Gvibe have a patented type of silicone called Bioskin. It has the most amazing, cushiony texture that feels shockingly similar to real skin. Although that might sound a little creepy, it creates a sensation unlike any toy I’ve ever tried. The silicone is buttery soft and has a tiny bit of drag to it. You’ll want to use plenty of lube with this toy, because the softness can create a little more friction than smoother toys. The toy is dual density, which means that it has a hard inner core surrounded by a squishy exterior. I can easily compress the outer layer of the toy in my hand. The inner core stops about a half inch from the tip, so the end of the toy is very soft and pillowy.

For me, it was the dual-density design that made this such an epic g-spotting toy. I typically prefer a very firm toy for g-spot massage. However, I found that the Gjack² did a much better job of massaging my g-spot than some of the more rigid toys I own. The tip of this toy caressed my g-spot rather than pounding against it. This created a more gentle, melting sensation. It was like comparing a relaxation massage to a deep-tissue massage: they both feel great, but the relaxation massage is less intense and lets your muscles unclench rather than beating them into submission. The toy is still firm enough to provide enough pressure on the g-spot, but the soft exterior gives it some cushion.

The rippled texture of this toy was another thing I love. The vagina doesn’t have a lot of nerve endings, and most of them are concentrated at the entrance. That’s why many people with vaginas find initial penetration so pleasurable, but might feel less sensation during thrusting (unless you’re hitting the g-spot or a-spot). The deep ridges on this toy constantly stimulate those sensitive nerve endings while you’re thrusting, so it recreates that first-penetration feeling over and over again. The soft silicone works perfectly with the dramatic ripples to create a sensation that’s not too intense.

I was so impressed with the vibration quality of this toy. It has a very powerful motor and the vibrations start off very deep and rumbly, but get a little buzzy on some of the higher settings. The Gjack² has ten vibration speeds and six pattern modes. The motor is surprisingly quiet, and I found this toy to be nearly silent when I used it under the covers. It’s also completely waterproof, so you can take it in the shower or tub for even more privacy.

I really enjoy g-spot play, but it’s rare that I have an orgasm from g-spot stimulation alone. I usually have to warm up with a clitoral orgasm first before I can start working towards a g-spot orgasm. And often, I might have a lot of fun stimulating my g-spot but an orgasm never eventuates. If I do have a g-spot orgasm, it typically takes me quite a while to get there. Once I got the hang of this toy, that changed completely. This toy works perfectly with my body and I found that I was able to have g-spot climaxes without any prior warm-up. The combination of the rumbly vibrations and the gentle texture massaging against my g-spot creates the perfect recipe for a strong climax that makes me feel like I’m melting into the mattress. I can sometimes feel a little bit tender after g-spot stimulation, and I didn’t experience that with this toy.

The one thing that I would change about the Gjack² is the charging port. It has a magnetic charging port, which is my least favourite type of charger for toys. This one has a really poor connection, and it kept coming unstuck. It took me hours to fully charge this toy because the charger kept losing connection, which was so frustrating.

I was shocked by how much I loved the Gjack². I was blown away by the quality of this toy, and it’s quickly become one of my bedside table staples. The material is so unique and provides a sensation unlike any other vibrator I’ve tried. It is beautifully designed and is perfect for using on it’s own or with a separate clitoral vibrator. It’s fully waterproof and has a travel lock, so you can throw it in your luggage without any worries that I’ll start buzzing before you reach your destination. This was such an impressive toy, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for unique sensations, powerful vibrations and a softer approach to g-spot stimulation.

A huge thank you to Lust Avenue for sending me this toy in exchange for my honest review.

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