Product review: Tantus Perfect Plug

I’m always a little skeptical when a product’s marketing seems overly confident. When I saw that this product was called the “Perfect” Plug, my cynical brain stepped in and scoffed, “We’ll see about that!” I have been keen to try the Tantus Perfect Plug for quite a while, and I was so grateful when the awesome folks at Nikki Darling kindly sent one to me.

The Tantus website states that the Perfect Plug is “The perfect place to begin with anal exploration”. It’s designed to be the ideal beginner butt plug. It’s a relatively small plug, barely thicker than a finger, with a tapered tip for easy insertion. It has a wide, t-shaped base with a slight curve to it and is made of velvety silicone. The plug itself is quite firm, but has a high degree of flexibility for comfort during wear.

Right off the bat, I was intrigued by the shape of this plug. Most traditional butt plugs have an “Ace of Spades” shape, with a tapered tip which swells out to a round plug, before narrowing again at the stem. The Perfect Plug is a little different, in that it is very tapered at the tip, and increases in size very gradually, not flaring out much at all. It then pinches inwards before flaring out again in a rounded shape. It has kind of a double-swell, with a longer-than-average stem. When I used this plug, I quickly understood why it has this shape. Firstly, the gentle tapered tip is incredibly easy to insert. The girth increases so gradually that it doesn’t create any sudden stretching sensations which can be unsettling to beginners. Of all the plugs I’ve tried, the Perfect Plug is hands-down the easiest to insert.

Once inserted, the second swell acts as a kind of anchor, to hold the plug comfortably in place. Your anal sphincter can close behind the bulb, hugging the stem and ensuring that the plug doesn’t wiggle or shift while you’re wearing it. A lot of plugs I’ve tried will slip out of position if you move around a lot, but the Perfect Plug stays in exactly the right spot. I wore it for a couple of hours, walking around, doing chores and such, and it didn’t move. It felt very secure and comfortable.

The base is the other feature that makes this plug so comfortable to wear. The Perfect Plug has a nice, wide base, which is exactly what you need in an anal toy. The base is firm with a little flexibility, and has a slightly curved “T” shape. During wear, the base snuggles right in between your cheeks without digging in or putting any pressure on the outside of your anus. You can comfortably sit down or walk around while wearing the Perfect Plug.

The plug on it’s own doesn’t offer a huge amount of sensation during wear. It’s not really thick enough to give the sensation of fullness that many plug enthusiasts enjoy. Because it’s perfectly straight, it’s not going to provide stimulation of the prostate or g-spot either. If you’re looking for a plug that’s going to feel intense, or stimulate your hot spots, this probably isn’t one that I’d recommend. However, the silicone is very dense, and conducts vibrations very well. If you hold a vibrator to the base of the toy once it’s inserted, it can be used to transmit those sensations internally.

As the Perfect Plug stays in place so well, it’s a great toy to wear during partnered play or penetrative sex. If you’ve ever been curious about trying double penetration, this toy would be an ideal way to explore that. The vagina and anus are separated by a thin wall of tissue. When you insert an object into either hole, the other hole becomes narrower. Inserting even a narrow plug into the anus before vaginal penetration can create a tighter fit. This is a more intense sensation for both partners and can also assist with directing a penis or dildo towards the g-spot for more pleasure for the receptive partner. The Perfect Plug is the ideal size for first-time DP play, and you can always graduate to something larger if you want.

The Perfect Plug is also an excellent choice for power exchange or BDsM scenes. It’s a very comfortable toy to wear for extended periods, so you could slip it in while you do the grocery shopping, or wear it out to dinner as a cheeky secret between you and your partner. As I mentioned before, it doesn’t give you a lot of stimulation, but what it does do is make you a lot more aware of your butt. When you’re wearing a plug, it draws your attention to that part of your body, and every tiny movement brings your mind back to the fact that you’re wearing a butt plug. This can be an excellent way to get yourself in the mood for some sexy play later in the day, or simply to help you feel more in touch with your sensuality. The Perfect Plug is also a good starter toy to help you warm up for more intense anal play or bigger toys.

The Perfect Plug only comes in one size, and is available in two colours: black and purple. If you love the shape of the Perfect Plug, but are craving something a little larger, Tantus also makes the Perfect Plug Plus. The Plus is a larger plug which comes with a vibrating bullet for additional sensations. Nikki Darling sell the Perfect Plug on it’s own for $45 and in a kit with the Perfect Plug Plus for $90.

So, is the Tantus Perfect Plug actually perfect? Well, I’d say it’s definitely the best beginner plug that I’ve tried. It’s incredibly easy to insert and very comfortable to wear. It’s a versatile plug that can be used in a multitude of different ways. And it’s got a very reasonable price tag to boot. I’d say if it’s not perfect, then it’s pretty darn close.


  1. Great review, Nessbow! I am intrigued by the shape of this plug. Over the years, I’ve switched to only buying glass or stainless steel plugs , with cleanliness in mind. Did it feel like the material of this plug came totally clean after use? Some end up with a smell over time, no matter how much you wash them (as the material is too porous). I will be glad to hear your thoughts 🙂

    • That’s an excellent question. All of Tantus’s toys are made from 100% premium silicone. This material is non-porous, so it can be thoroughly cleaned and no smells will seep into the toy over time. I have quite a few Tantus toys, some of which I’ve been playing with for six years, and all of them look and smell exactly as they did when they came out of the packaging.

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