Product review: Nu Sensuelle Baelii

I tend to go through cycles with the type of stimulation I prefer, and at the moment I’m in a real g-spotting phase. I’ve been revisiting all of my g-spot toys and looking for new ones to try. So when Aphrodite’s Pleasure offered to send me the Nu Sensuelle Baelii to test and review, I was extremely chuffed.

Baelii is a slimline g-spot vibrator. It is very lightweight and slender, only about the width of one-and-a-half fingers. Most g-spot toys I own are quite bulbous, so I was very keen to see if a slimmer toy could create the same impact. Baelii is covered in a silky-smooth silicone, and comes in two colours: magenta and navy blue.

When I first opened Baelii, I was surprised at both the size and the shape. As I mentioned before, it is a very slim vibe, closer in size to a bullet vibrator than to any g-spot toy I’ve ever used. The toy is fairly straight, with a sharp hook in the end. The end of the toy is tapered for easy insertion and has a rounded tip for comfort. The tip is firm but quite squishy, which is good for g-spot massage. I know that my g-spot likes a toy that offers plenty of resistance, but isn’t too rigid.

Baelii is advertised as a “flexi-toy” which I’m guessing means that it’s supposed to be quite flexible and bendy. I think this is a bit of a misnomer. The middle portion of the toy is completely rigid. The only spots that have any give to them are the end with the button and the insertable tip. I can bend the tip fairly easily with my finger, but it’s a completely different story when it’s inside me. The walls of the vagina are very soft, and don’t really offer enough resistance to be able to flex or bend the toy. When using it internally, there’s no way to get enough purchase to take advantage of the toy’s bendiness.

When I saw the shape of the Baelii, I was pretty skeptical that it would be effective as a g-spot massager. For starters, it’s very slim and the g-spot is a fairly wide target. All of my favourite g-spotting toys cover a fairly broad surface and I know that my g-spot isn’t a fan of pinpointed stimulation. When I have a partner stimulate it with a finger, I prefer that they use the pads of two fingers lying flat against the spot. The tip of the Baelii is about the same size as the tip of my index finger, and it really does feel like it’s poking my G-spot during play. The extreme hook shape also makes it very uncomfortable to insert. The tip scraped along the front wall of my vagina in the hunt for my g-spot, like the over-enthusiastic finger of an inexpert lover. It reminded me a little too much of fumbling high school boyfriends. I gave it a valiant attempt, but eventually abandoned any hope of using Baelii as a g-spot toy.

I had hoped that Baelii might work as a clitoral vibrator instead. The flexible tip is nice and soft, and would be perfect for pinpointed clit stimulation. The hooked shape makes it easy to reach your clitoris and the slimline toy fits neatly in my hand. I thought that it might be a fantastic toy to use during penetration with a partner, because it would easily be held in place during penetrative sex.

Baelii has a pretty powerful motor, with very rumbly vibrations on the lower settings. The vibrations do get a bit buzzy as the speed increases. It’s a very quiet toy as well, which is important to me as I find loud vibrators can really ruin the mood. As good as the motor is, there is a single flaw that frustrates me deeply. The motor itself seems to be mounded towards the handle of the toy, rather than near the tip. This has two unfortunate consequences. Firstly, it means that the handle of the toy vibrates with such intensity that it makes my fingers go numb just minutes into my play session. Secondly, the thick silicone of the body muffles the vibrations so that they barely reach the tip of the toy, resulting in a perfunctory buzz in the very spot where you most want to feel the vibrations. I found it really difficult to get close to orgasm using this toy on my clitoris, because even on the highest setting it really wasn’t strong enough for me.

All of this would have been enough for me to continue testing Baelii, hoping that I’d find a way to use it that worked for me. But then one fatal flaw made me hurl this toy against my bedroom wall. The first time I used it, just as I was approaching orgasm, the motor cut out and the toy died. I was baffled. Had it overheated? No, I’d been using it for barely ten minutes. Was it fully charged? Yes, the charging light indicated that it was. I was stumped, and set Baelii aside for the night. When I tried it again a few days later, the very same thing happened. After just a few minutes of play, the toy lay dead in my hand. I switched it back on and tried again, and right before climax it stopped in it’s tracks. I’ve tested it over and over, and every time the motor just stops suddenly. Sometimes it lasts less than a minute, sometimes nearly ten minutes. Worst of all, Baelii seems to have a sixth sense for when I’m about to orgasm, and always chooses that moment to sputter out. It’s like a sadistic top in an orgasm-denial scene that I didn’t sign up for. I thought it might be just an unfortunate coincidence, that maybe I’d gotten a dud toy. But I did a little googling and it turns out that quite a few people have had issues with the motor on this toy.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend the Nu Sensuelle Baelii. If you’re looking for a great bullet vibe, I would suggest giving the Nalone Ian a go. It’s very lightweight, powerful for it’s size and won’t break the bank. For a fantastic g-spot vibrator, you can’t go past the Pillow talk Sassy. The broad, lightly padded head is ideal for g-spot massage and it has a powerful and quiet motor that I love.

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