Product review- Miss Bi by Fun Factory

I have a love/hate relationship with rabbit vibrators. When they’re good, they can be so darn good but it’s so difficult to find one that hits the spot. When you have a dual stimulation toy, there are twice as many things that can go awry. Both motors have to perform well, the controls have to be easy to navigate and it has to be the right size and shape to hit two erogenous zones at once. I’m always eager to try a new rabbit vibe, so I was delighted when Aphrodite’s Pleasure sent me the Fun Factory Miss Bi to test and review.

Miss Bi is a petite dual-stimulation vibrator. Miss Bi has a curved shaft to target the g-spot and an external arm for clitoral stimulation. It has a looped handle to allow for a comfortable grip and it’s made from body safe silicone. Miss Bi is also safe to use for anal stimulation, as the clitoral arm acts as a flared base.

When I unboxed Miss Bi, my first impression was one of adoration. The shape and size are just gorgeous. The insertable shaft has a wave shape, with a tapered end that curves upwards to hit the g-spot. The clitoral arm is quite wide and very flexible. A lot of rabbit-style vibrators have a fairly small clitoral arm, to offer more pinpointed stimulation. I prefer broader-surface stimulation so the wider shape of this toy appealed to me. The insertable shaft is firm, but has plenty of squish to it. It gets softer towards the tip, which is perfect for comfortable g-spot massage. The insertable length is only 3 inches, which is on the shallow side. I appreciated the size of this toy, as I’m fairly petite and find that a lot of rabbit vibrators have very long shafts that bypass my g-spot and are uncomfortable to thrust with. Miss Bi was a perfect fit for me, and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who doesn’t want deep penetration. If you’re reading this and thinking “Well, I do like deep penetration, and 3 inches just doesn’t seem like enough!”, then you’re in luck. Fun Factory make another version of this toy called Lady Bi, which has a longer insertable shaft for deeper penetration.

Miss Bi is made from body safe silicone, with an ABS plastic handle. Fun Factory make beautiful, velvety silicone that works well with water-based lube. My one beef with this silicone is that it’s like a magnet for fluff and lint. As a self-confessed cat-lady, this is a problem. I have to rinse this toy off before I use it because even if it’s been carefully stored, it just attracts every bit of lint and fuzz from the air. It’s so hard to keep it clean.

All of Fun Factory’s toys use magnetic charging ports which I love. The connection is really strong so you’re not likely to accidentally disconnect it if you give it a bump. Another great thing about Fun Factory is that their chargers are universal, and they’re all bright red. When you own as many toys as I do, it’s fantastic to be able to quickly locate a red charger in a sea of black cables and know that it’s the right one. It saves the intensely frustrating process of having to try charger after charger to find the correct one for the toy you want to play with. Miss Bi also has an ingenious charging system, where the buttons on the toy illuminate in sequence to show you how much your toy is charged. This toy also comes equipped with a travel lock, so it won’t accidentally turn on in your luggage (and you won’t arrive at your destination with a dead vibrator).

I prefer dual-action toys that have separate controls for the two motors. My g-spot and clitoris prefer two different speeds of vibration, and it’s fantastic when I’m able to adjust each motor separately to find just the right speed. Miss Bi has easy-to-use controls. You press the large red button to turn the toy on and off, the button with the big circle controls the insertable shaft and the smaller circle controls the clitoral arm. The buttons all light up so you can see them in the dark, which is helpful. A press of the button will cycle through the different speeds and modes, and there’s a “favourites” mode so that you can save your favourite pattern as the default. I did find it slightly frustrating that the button for the internal shaft is located above the button for the clitoral arm. When using the toy under the covers, I would instinctively press the button on top, expecting that it would increase the clitoral stimulation because it’s located at the top of the toy. It took some mental gymnastics to get used to the controls because they felt the wrong way around to me. (But maybe that’s just me and my weird brain!)

My biggest gripe with the Lady Bi is the motor in the clitoral arm. The motor for the internal shaft is incredibly rumbly and powerful. But the clitoral arm is weak and buzzy. Even on the highest setting, it wasn’t strong enough for me. I like pretty rumbly vibes on my clit, and this was a bit wimpy. However, the sensations on my g-spot were out of this world. The vibration quality was so deep and rumbly, and the shape of the toy directed the sensation perfectly onto my g-spot. As a g-spot toy, Miss Bi is fantastic.

For me personally, if I want to have a g-spot orgasm, I need some clitoral stimulation first to get really aroused, and once my g-spot is primed, then I can target it with a strong vibrator or massage. And Miss Bi wasn’t really enough to get me there on her own. I usually had to use another toy as a warm-up, and then once I was ready I could have a g-spot orgasm with Miss Bi. The clitoral vibration wasn’t strong enough to get me to a blended orgasm, which is the main purpose of a rabbit vibrator. However, if you prefer lighter clitoral stimulation then this might be a great fit for you. It’s also a fantastic toy if you want to target your g-spot but aren’t too fussed about clitoral stimulation.

Overall, I felt that Miss Bi is a well-designed toy with a lot of fantastic features. It would make a great toy for anyone who isn’t looking for deep penetration, and who wants to really focus on g-spot penetration. If you’ve got a petite pussy and you find most rabbit vibrators are too long for you, it might be worth giving Miss Bi a shot.

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