Product review: Trysta by Svakom

I am always intrigued when I find a toy that does something out of the ordinary. As someone who has seen a million toys that vibrate and pulsate, my attention is caught by toys that have unusual features. And so it was when I first stumbled across the Trysta from Svakom.

Trysta is a dual-stimulation toy that features a rolling g-spot massager. The insertable arm has a little marble in the tip that rolls back and forth to stimulate the g-spot. One of my favourite g-spot toys is the Lelo Ina Wave, which moves back and forth to apply pressure to the g-spot. While I adore that toy, sometimes it can be a little bit too intense for my body. I really enjoy it when my partner massages my g-spot with a finger, and I thought that this toy might be able to replicate that sensation.

My Trysta arrived beautifully packaged in a hard-cover box with a slipcover over the top. Inside, the toy was nestled in a bed of foam and a suede-finish carry bag, the charging cable and the instruction manual were tucked underneath. Like so many sex toys, Trysta comes in two colours- pink and purple. I opted for the purple, which is a lovely rich violet shade. The toy is mostly silicone except for a small silver plastic cap at the very end of the handle.

My first impression of Trysta was that it was smaller than I anticipated. Even though most toys are advertised with their measurements, I have very poor spatial intelligence and am terrible at imagining how big items are based on dimensions alone. With an insertable length of 10 cm and a maximum girth of 9 cm, Trysta is the smallest insertable vibrator that I own. This isn’t a bad thing, particularly if you’re new to insertable toys and feel intimidated by the size of the other rabbit vibes on the market.

Trysta’s shape is also unique in that the inertable tip is tapered, but the area that lies against your g-spot is flat. I like this for three reasons. Firstly, it makes it very easy to insert the toy. Secondly, the flat surface makes the rolling massager really stand out. And finally, the flat shape lines up perfectly with the anterior wall of my vagina, meaning that it lies right against my g-spot. The clitoral arm is fairly long, relative to the rest of the toy. It’s very flexible which makes it easy to maneuver it into exactly the right position. The flexibility of the toy means that it will work well for a wide range of bodies, regardless of the distance between your clitoris and the vaginal opening.

Trysta has two motors, one in the clitoral arm and one in the insertable arm. The motors can be controlled separately, which is a feature I love in dual-stimulator toys. You can enjoy the clitoral massage without switching on the g-spot stimulator and vice-versa, and you can have them both going at different speeds. This makes it so much easier to make sure that you’re getting exactly the right amount of stimulation where you want it. Personally, I like pretty intense g-spot stimulation and less intense clitoral stimulation. When I play with toys that have a single set of controls for both motors, I either have to settle for g-spot stim that’s not quite as strong as I’d like, or clitoral vibrations that feel jarringly intense. I love the option to control each motor separately.

The G-spot massager has two speeds and the clitoral arm has five. You can also use the centre button to cycle through different patterns. I like that you have the option of controlling the intensity of vibrations while using the patterns if that’s your jam. I don’t often use the pattern settings on my vibrators, because they usually have a default speed which is too slow or too fast for my preference. I actually enjoy some of the patterns on this toy because I have the ability to set how intense I want the vibrations to be. Again, it allows you to really customize your play to your preferred level of intensity.

I absolutely love the clitoral stimulator on this toy. The vibration quality is deep and rumbly. The dual controls make it easy to set the vibration speed and the flexibility of the clitoral arm ensures that you can direct the vibrations to exactly the right spot. As a clitoral vibrator, Trysta takes the cake.

I am a lot less excited about the g-spot massager. For starters, that thing is loud. Like, so loud I worry that my neighbours can hear me. It has a very unsexy high-pitched whine which isn’t muffled much when the toy is inside my body or when I’m under the covers. The toy is waterproof, so using it in the bath or shower might be a good way to cover up the intense sound it makes when you’re using the g-spot massager. I find the noise super distracting and it’s a challenge to drown out that incessant drone when you’re trying to masturbate.

I could forgive the sound if the sensation it produced was amazing. But it really isn’t. There are very few nerve endings in the vaginal canal itself, which is the reason why most people with vaginas can’t orgasm from penetration alone. (And if you think this is unfair, consider the fact that one of the vagina’s primary functions is giving birth and then you’ll realise that it’s actually a blessing that it isn’t packed with nerve endings!). When the toy is inserted, I have to really concentrate to even detect the motion of the massager against my g-spot. The sensation is pretty underwhelming. I’ve found that I experience the best results if I’m really turned on, and if I’ve already had at least one clitoral orgasm before I try the g-spot massager. Once the area is fully stimulated, the g-spot tends to swell and is a lot more sensitive to touch. If I use the toy on a well-prepped g-spot, it does feel a lot more pleasurable, but it’s still not enough to bring me to orgasm on it’s own.

The Trysta by Svakom definitely has some pros and cons. On the plus side, it’s a compact toy with superior clitoral vibrations and an excellent range of speeds. On the down side, the feature that drew me to the toy in the first place – the g-spot massager- is pretty underwhelming and offputtingly loud. I’d recommend Trysta for anyone who is looking for a petite rabbit vibrator. If you have a particularly sensitive g-spot then this toy might also work better for you than it did for me. I really like this toy as a dual-stimulator without the g-spot massager. I would be interested to try some of Svakom’s other vibrators to see how they measure up, as they have several dual-stimulators in their collection which have the potential to be amazing.

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