Product review: Icicles 76 glass plug

A little while ago, I got rid of my Princess Plug that I’d been playing with for a few years. Although I enjoyed the sensation it provided, the reason that I gave it the ol’ heave-ho is because I realised it wasn’t actually a terribly safe toy. After reading this article from The Submissive Feminist, I examined my Princess Plug and noted that the base was too small for the toy to truly be safe for anal play. Although I always talk about how important it is for all anal toys to have a flared base, one thing that I say less often is that the “flared base” needs to be wider than the widest part of the toy. Like so many princess plugs, the base of the one I had was only as wide as the widest point of the plug. So I jettisoned it from my toy collection and set out on a search for a replacement.

I wanted a replacement that was a hard, unyielding material like stainless steel. It needed to be heavy to replicate the weighty aspect of the princess plug, and I wanted something that looked pretty. There are plenty of basic plugs available, but I wanted something that was really going to stand out. And that’s when I found the Icicles 76 glass plug.

The Icicles 76 is a hand-blown glass plug with a gorgeous red rose worked into the base. For this reason, I refer to it as the “Rose Plug” and the Icicles 48 as the “Daisy plug”. It is 2.9 cm wide at the widest point and has an insertable length of 6.1 cm.

The Rose plug is definitely on the beginners’ end of the butt plug spectrum in terms of size. The insertable part of the toy is narrower than any other plug in my collection. It has a interesting shape, with a tapered tip widening to a rounded bulb and a slender neck. The shape is very easy to insert, which makes this a fantastic toy for beginners. The way that the plug sharply narrows at the neck allows your sphincter muscle to close around the neck of the plug and helps it to stay in place. It doesn’t provide the same fullness of sensation as my old princess plug, because the insertable portion is so much narrower.

The plug makes up for it’s diminutive size with some serious heft. Glass is a very heavy material, and the rose at the base of the toy is very weighty. This additional weight adds significantly to the sensation when you’re wearing the toy. The plug doesn’t give you a really full feeling, but the weight of the toy makes it feel a lot more substantial when you’re wearing it. The added weight in the base does make this toy a little harder to keep in place than other plugs that I’ve tried.

Another thing I love about glass plugs is that they’re really easy to insert. They’re perfectly smooth and they slide into place easily with a touch of water based lubricant. The Icicles 76 is no exception. The plug has no texture, and it just glides into place with very little effort.

Glass toys are wonderful if you’re into temperature play, because they conduct heat and cold very well. Although the glass does feel shockingly cold when you first insert it, it quickly warms up to your body heat as you wear it. You could also put it in a bowl of hot or cold water to really amp up the experience. If you’re new to anal play, warming the toy up a little before you try to insert it can make it a much more comfortable experience.

I was instantly drawn to the Icicles 76 because of the colour and shape. This plug is the most delectable shade of blood red, and it’s made from a combination of translucent and opaque glass. The pigment has much lighter swirls in the neck and tip of the plug, which reminds me of drops of blood dissipating in clear water. My inner goth was howling at the sight of this gorgeous toy, and I can’t help but think it would be the ideal addition to a Morticia Addams- themed BDsM scene.

Although the width of the base makes this a much safer toy than a princess plug, it does present one other issue. I found it very difficult to wear this plug under my clothing for extended periods, because you really can’t sit down while you’re wearing it. The elaborately-fashioned base is comfortable to wear for short periods, but not for longer sessions. If you’re looking for a plug to wear discreetly in public, this is probably not a great choice.

The smaller size of the plug means that this is a fantastic toy to wear during vaginal intercourse. It stays in place and leaves plenty of room for fingers, a dildo or an average-sized penis. Wearing a plug during intercourse is a great way to create extra sensation and direct the penis towards the g-spot for more intense orgasms. If your partner’s penis is on the small side, wearing a plug can help create a tighter fit during vaginal penetration, which means more sensation for both of you. The Icicles 76 would be a good plug to try if you’re looking to experiment with double penetration.

One of my favourite aspects of the Icicles 76 plug is the price. It’s very inexpensive, and retails at under $70 most places. I snapped mine up on sale so it was only $35, which is an absolute steal for a high-quality toy like this. The lower price point means that it’s a good option if you want to try anal play but aren’t certain it’s for you. At least if you don’t like it, then you haven’t wasted a tonne of money on a toy you’re never going to use again.

Overall I think the Icicles 76 was a fantastic replacement for my old princess plug. Not only is it safer, but it is a much higher quality toy, and it cost about the same amount. It’s a great beginner-level plug as well as a fun choice for anyone who wants a really beautiful plug to play with.


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