Product review: Traveler by Satisfyer

I have been on a roll testing air-pressure stimulators. Last month I published a review of the Free by Romp, a budget clitoral stimulator that retails for just $70. I had hoped that the Free would be a toy that I could recommend to readers who wanted the experience of an air-pressure toy like the Womanizer, without the whopping price tag. While the Free was good, there were some features that I found underwhelming. It’s a decent option but it definitely isn’t up to the same level as some of the more luxe air-pressure toys I’ve tested.

No sooner had I published my review of the Free, then a parcel from Nikki Darling arrived on my doorstep containing the Traveler by Satisfyer. The Traveler ticks a lot of the same boxes as the Free, in that it’s a compact air pulsating stimulator intended to be portable and discreet. It is also at the more affordable end of the price spectrum, retailing for around $75. I wondered if the Traveler could impress me where the Free by Romp had failed to do so.

The Traveler is a hand-held clitoral stimulator that uses waves of air pressure to create a sucking sensation on the clitoris. It comes packaged in a flip-open box with a clear plastic window so that you can see the toy inside, nestled safely in it’s packet. I was very impressed that the box had a tear-open tab on the panel holding the toy, so that you can see that it’s never been handled or touched. I’ve never seen a sex toy packaged this way, and it’s such a simple but fantastic idea.

The toy itself is very compact, and sits snugly in the palm of my hand. The casing is made of ABS plastic with a velvety silicone coating on the outside, which feels lovely and provides some grip. The cover has a magnetic closure holding the two halves together. The nozzle and buttons are made of body-safe silicone. The outer case is a gorgeous deep purple colour with rose gold accents, and looks pretty luxe. At a glance, it looks more like a makeup compact or an airpod case than a sex toy. If you are looking for a toy that you could toss into your luggage when you travel, the Traveler would absolutely fit the bill. It won’t raise any eyebrows should it happen to tumble out of your bag.

The Traveler is a rechargeable toy, with a magnetic charging port. As you may remember from my Free by Romp review, I often shy away from toys with magnetic chargers because they’re often difficult to use. The Free lost a lot of points with me because it was so difficult to get the charger to maintain contact for long enough to get a full charge. I did not have that problem with the Traveler. The charger connected effortlessly and remained in position.

Pressure wave stimulators have a reputation for being very intense, and I’ve often found this to be the case. Because they provide targeted clitoral stimulation, the sensation is very strong and can be uncomfortable if you’re not used to such precise attention on your clit. One thing I love about the Satisfyer air pressure toys is that the lowest setting is really gentle, and there is a gradual increase in sensation as you work your way up through the settings. The Traveler has 11 speeds, which range from a soft flutter to an intense pounding. This would be a great toy for anyone who is a bit shy about direct clitoral stimulation, because it’s easy to find an intensity that feels good for you.

The controls on this toy are pretty simple, there are just two buttons: a + and a – button. You press the +to switch the toy on and then use the + and – to increase or decrease the speed as you want. The one thing I found a bit frustrating with this toy is that to switch it off, you press and hold the + button. I find this counter-intuitive, as most toys use the – button as the off switch. Literally every time I’ve used this toy, I’ve held down the – button before realising nothing was happening. While this is a minor annoyance, it could be a problem if I ever need to switch the toy off in a hurry.

One of my favourite things about the Traveler is the shape and size of the nozzle. It’s got the widest opening of any pressure-wave toy I’ve used. It’s incredibly easy to position this toy over the clitoris, as you don’t have to be quite as precise to get it in the right spot. It would also be a fantastic option for any folks who take testosterone, as the wider nozzle would work well with enlarged clitorises. The shape and size of the Traveler means that it will work for a much wider range of clit sizes, which means more pleasure for more clits!

One issue that I’ve had with some air-pressure toys is the difficultly in getting them in the right spot, and ensuring that they maintain full contact so that you don’t lose sensation during play. The nozzle on the Traveler made it so much easier to focus the stimulation on my clit, and it didn’t matter as much if I shifted position because the wide nozzle kept perfect contact with my clit. This is the only air pressure toy I’ve managed to use during penetration, because it’s not as finicky about position and movement.

The Traveler is definitely one of the quietest air pressure toys I’ve played with. It does make a noise when you switch it on, but once it’s pressed against your body it’s extremely quiet. It’s also waterproof so you can take it in the bath or shower for a perfectly private pleasure session.

In a side-by-side comparison, I’d say that the Traveler by Satisfyer knocks Romp’s Free out of the ball-park to take top spot as my favourite budget air pressure toy. For just $5 more you get a better charging port, longer battery life, a better design, more range of power and a quieter toy. If you’re looking for a less-expensive clitoral stimulator that still feels a bit spesh, the Traveler by Satisfyer is the one I’d recommend.

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