Is your sex life vegan?

Veganism is gaining popularity.  In 2017, Live Kindly reported that around 2.1 million Australians identify as vegans.  People who live a vegan lifestyle do not consume any animal products or by-products.  They don’t eat meat, dairy or eggs and avoid all cosmetics, clothing and household products that come from animals.  Veganism can also extend to the bedroom, impacting the adult products that a person chooses to purchase.  


If you’re considering going vegan, you’ll need to take a peek inside your goody drawer and see if the things inside have come from animals.  A lot of items that are essential to happy, healthy sex lives may contain animal products.  However there a loads of vegan alternatives available that are just as awesome.  If you’re looking to veganize your sex life, here are a few things to consider… 



Most people are astonished to find out that condoms may not be vegan. Lambskin condoms, which are made from sheep’s intestines, are obviously not vegan.  Surprisingly, many latex condoms don’t fall under the “vegan” umbrella.  Often, latex is processed with casein, which is a dairy by-product.  Such condoms are not suitable for vegans and may also cause irritations in people who have issues with lactose.  There are plenty of vegan latex condoms available, many of which can be purchased from the supermarket or chemist.  If you’re unsure, non-latex condoms such as polyurethane and nitrile are also suitable for vegans. 


Sex shields such as dental dams, gloves and internal condoms may also be non-vegan if they’re made from latex that contains casein.  Just like condoms, all of these items are available in vegan latex or non-latex versions. 

I wrote an article a while back about vegan condoms which provides a lot more information about choosing vegan sex shields.



Lubricant is a vital ingredient to satisfying, safe sex.  Some lubricants contain lactoperidioxase which is an enzyme derived from dairy products and several flavoured lubricants use honey for sweetness.  Even if a lubricant doesn’t contain any animal products, if it has been tested on animals then it falls on the no-no list for vegans.  Not to worry!  Some of the most effective and popular lubricants are suitable for vegans.  You can still indulge in slick, slippery play without buying animal products. 


Fetish gear 

Here’s where things get a little bit murky for us kink folk.  A lot of fetish gear, such as restraints, impact toys, collars and clothing is made of leather, suede and silk.  These materials are not suitable for vegans because they come directly from animals.  Some vegans choose to discard all items that are made from animal products and buy all-new gear when they go vegan. Others think this is wasteful and opt to continue using the items they have, but ensure that all new purchases are made from non-animal products. 


Regardless of which route you choose, there are plenty of fetish materials that work for vegans.  Rope that is made from cotton, jute and hemp as well as synthetic fibres are all great.  For restraints, look into neoprene, satin, bondage tape and even metal.  Vegan leather has come a long way, and good-quality items feel soft and strong.  Any BDsM item that comes in leather will definitely have a vegan leather counterpart that looks and feels close to the real thing.  The only thing that vegan products can’t replicate is the intoxicating smell of leather. 


When it comes to vegan fetish fashion, the possibilities are endless.  Although a lot of the fabrics that are ubiquitous in the kink world are not vegan, there are plenty of animal friendly alternatives.  Vegan leather and latex are readily available for lovers of tough and shiny materials.  Faux fur has become standard in most fashion brands and it can be hard to tell the difference between the imitation and the real thing.  Rubber, neoprene and softer, floatier fabrics also fall into the vegan category. 


If you’re thinking of going vegan it’s important that you take a look at all the products you consume, not just the food you eat.  This includes peering into your sex supplies to see which items are made from animal products.  Then it’s up to you how you proceed, whether you throw out everything and start fresh or commit to buying only vegan products from now on.  If you’re feeling a bit boggled right now, try not to panic.  There are loads of resources online for new vegans which are dedicated to helping you veganize your sex life.  Arm yourself with as much information as possible so that you can make informed choices about the products you’re bringing into your bedroom. 

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