Product review: The Tiny Bouchon from Uberrime

I’m forever on the hunt for great beginner butt toys.  So many of my readers are eager to explore anal play, and I know that  good toy can be the difference between an amazing first time and “I never want to try that again”.  Up until now I’ve had a couple of first-time toys that I’ve recommended to people looking to dip a toe into the world of butt play, but none of them compares to the Tiny Bouchon from Uberrime.

At just 4.25 inches circumference and an insertable length of 2.25 inches, the Tiny Bouchon is the most diminutive toy in my collection.  It has a classic tapered tip, flaring out to a rounded plug and then swooping in to a narrow stem.  The wide, round base is easy to grip and comfortably keeps the toy in place during wear.

The Tiny Bouchon is quite firm, but the silicone has some give to it.  It’s the perfect texture for a butt plug, because the rigidity makes it easy to insert, but the softness makes it comfortable to wear.  It moves with your body and won’t cause discomfort if your muscles clench around it.  It’s firm enough to give you plenty of sensation, but still gentle for first-timers and those with delicate posteriors.

The shape of this plug is the reason that it’s taking the top spot on my list of Best Beginner Plugs.  The tapered tip and gradual widening of the plug makes it really smooth to insert.  The fact that it’s quite short means that it doesn’t venture too far past your sphincter, the muscular ring that guards the opening of the anus.  This point at the very entrance of the anus is packed with nerve endings. So having the plug sit right at this point gives lots of sensation.  It’s not as intense as a larger plug which is inserted further or which would stretch the sphincter more dramatically.  This plug sits right at the most pleasurable spot, applying a small amount of pressure. It’s just enough to feel amazing, and to draw your attention to your ass, without being super intense.

My second favourite thing about this plug is the base.  I have fairly ample buttocks, and often plugs with very wide bases dig into my butt cheeks and make extended wear uncomfortable.  The Tiny Bouchon has a round base, which has some squish to it.  It retains it’s shape, making sure that the plug doesn’t go in further than it should, while nestling softly against your cheeks.  I’ve worn this plug comfortably for up to two hours.

Uberrime should get an award for making the most gorgeous silicone toys around.  The Tiny Bouchon comes in six colour options: Mermaid Blue, Jack Copper Red, Glittery Gold, Rose Gold, Lavender and Luster Black.  I chose Jack Copper Red, because I have very few red toys in my collection, despite it being my favourite colour.  When I unwrapped the plug, I actually gasped out aloud as I saw the rich, swirling red finish with just a hint of glitter shooting through it.  The colour and swirls remind me of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.  I adore the fact that Uberrime make their toys in unconventional colours and that they’re absolutely stunning to boot.

The Tiny Bouchon is my new favourite toy to recommend to butt plug newbies.  Even if you’re an experienced connoisseur, The Tiny Bouchon might still hit the spot if you’re looking for a plug to wear for extended periods, or as a warm up for bigger toys.  It truly is a gorgeously designed toy that is worth every penny.

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