Product Review: Dix- The Destroyer from Geeky Sex Toys

After two years of writing about sex and reviewing sex toys, I feel like there’s very little that can shock me. So I was pleasantly surprised when Dix The Destroyer fell into my hands and I uttered a breathy “What the hell?”  This toy was unlike any I’ve seen before, and the sheer weight and detail of it stumped me for a while.

Dix The Destroyer is part of Geeky Sex Toys’ “Orgasms of the Galaxy” collection. It’s a hefty, highly textured dildo inspired by Drax, the loveable oaf from Guardians of the Galaxy.  Now, I can honestly say that not once in all my multiple viewings of Guardians of the Galaxy did I ever wonder what Drax was packing in his trousers.  But I believe that the folks at Geeky Sex Toys have created a fairly accurate approximation of it.


From the outset, let me note that Dix is absolutely gorgeous.  It’s a bright, spring-day-sky blue with whorls of pearly red over the top.  When I opened the package, I was a little bit taken aback because my Dix is a lot less red than the picture on the website, which looks to have a strong russet shade.  I put this down to the fact that Geeky Sex toys make all their silicone toys by hand, so there are bound to be small variations between products.  Dix is very heavily textured, with veins, spirals, furrows and even a couple of skeletons worked into the finish.  The detail on this toy is phenomenal, an absolute work of art.

Dix is not for the faint of heart.  The insertable length is a modest 7 inches, but the circumference is 6.5 inches, making it one of the thickest toys in my collection.  Dix is definitely not a beginner’s dildo, and it’s one that takes a fair amount of warming up to.  It’s not a toy you pull out for a quickie, it’s the one you save for a night when you can take your time, when you want to work your way up to something dramatic.


Dix’s significant girth is somewhat tempered by the fact that it’s made from soft, medical grade silicone.  This toy is very squishable and this softness is both a pro and a con.  On the downside, I’ve found that because this toy is softer, it’s a little bit challenging to insert.  It’s much easier to insert a toy that gives you a little bit of resistance, but Dix’s softness means that it kind of wriggles out of your grasp, compressing down on itself when you’re trying to get it into position.  Once it’s in place though, the squishy texture is a definite bonus.  I feel like if a toy this size was completely rigid, it would be painful and uncomfortable to play with. The soft texture makes Dix much more forgiving, and it gives a feeling of being full up without the sensation that you’ve been impaled.  During play, it compresses with every clench, and massages you from within.


Dix is one of the few dildos I own that has balls, and I’m a little bit torn on whether I like them or not.  On the plus side, they provide a stable base to stand the toy up.  This allows you to lower yourself down slowly onto the toy, planting your feet to control the depth and speed if you want to thrust.  On the other hand, the balls are kind of an encumbrance.  They make it awkward to hold the toy during play, and hamper your ability to fit the toy into a harness.  Not only that, but I’ve noticed that the silicone between the balls and the shaft is beginning to tear a little, which is a real shame.  Honestly, I think this toy would be better without the balls, but equipped with a suction cup instead.

The texture and squishability of Dix are also fantastic if you like to masturbate by “squishing off”.  Squishing Off is a term coined by Ninja Sexology to describe the act of rubbing something textured or squishy around and against the clitoris as a means of self-pleasure.  If you prefer external stimulation to penetration, or if you’re just in the mood for some serious grinding, Dix is the perfect squish-off companion.  It’s lovely and soft so it won’t scratch or poke your clit, and there are a good variety of textured or smooth areas to play with.


Overall I like Dix the Destroyer, but I don’t love him.  While it’s an absolutely gorgeous toy, the overall design is a little bit awkward and tricky to use.  On the flipside, I’ve had some truly phenomenal fun with Dix, and I always have a feeling of accomplishment when I successfully conquer him.  If you like girthy toys, cosplay or intense texture, then Dix is probably a great toy for you to try.

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  1. I hope you are recovering well and not getting too much stress thrown at you. I like the raccoon the best from Guardians of the galaxy… and Gomorrah. Thanos didn’t show strength in sacrificing his ‘daughter’. It was the act of ultimate stupidity thinking it is clever.
    What about a sex toy with infinity stones? No play on words… I was thinking that as each new stone were put on, it could transform or upgrade

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