Product review: Curve by Crave

The G-Spot is an elusive beast.  It’s talked about in hushed tones, whispers of the unfathomable pleasures than can be unlocked by stimulating this one spot.  Just like a buried treasure, it’s rewards are all the more mysterious because it’s apparently so tricky to find.  These two factors have made the G-Spot something of a sexual holy grail, one that many fearless adventurers quest to find.


Luckily, the right tools can make this quest a whole lot simpler.  The G-Spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, usually a couple of inches from the opening.  While you can certainly use your fingers to find the G-Spot, it can be a bit of a reach for some.  It can also be difficult to provide enough stimulation to reach orgasm with just your fingers, especially if you’re on a solo adventure.  Don’t get me wrong, it can be done, but it can be a whole lot simpler and less tiring if you employ the use of a toy that’s specially made for G-Spot stimulation.

Enter the Curve by Crave.  The Curve is an exquisitely simple glass wand with a sweeping curve.  It’s made of borosilicate glass which is body safe and durable.  The Curve is double-ended, with one end measuring 3.2 inches around and the other 3.6 inches. That gives you two different sizes to play with, neither of which is super girthy or intimidating.  The Curve is an ideal girth to insert comfortably and play freely. It’s ultra-slick surface also makes for smooth insertion and easy thrusting.


If you’re a G-Spot newbie, and you’re not sure how to go about finding yours, here’s my G-Spot 101.  The G-Spot is made from erectile tissue, which becomes more pronounced and sensitive when you’re aroused.  So Step 1 is getting aroused.  Watch some porn, have a clitoral orgasm, make out with a partner, just do whatever gets you feeling hot and bothered.  Then, reach inside the vagina, either with a finger or your toy, and feel along the front wall.  You’ll have to curve upwards towards your bellybutton to find the right spot.  If you’re using a finger, you’ll notice that the texture of that spot is slightly different to the tissue around it.  In my experience, it’s usually a little spongy with light ridges, not unlike the roof of your mouth.  If you’re using a toy, I prefer to lay the toy against the front wall and then gently ‘sweep” it from side to side very slowly, gradually working higher until you feel something.  When you press on the spot, you might feel a lot of sensation, or only a little.  Like the clitoris, the G-Spot is more sensitive in some people than in others.  One common indicator that you’ve found the right spot is a sudden feeling like you need to urinate. That’s because the G-Spot is quite close to the urethra.  Once you’ve found the right spot, you can begin to work on stimulating it.

The curved shape is what makes this wand so perfect for G-Spot exploration.  Because the G-Spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, you need to have a tool that curves upwards to hit it.  Most straight dildos will just glide over it, rather than stimulating it directly.  Often the most pleasurable way to work the G-Spot is to press on it and then release, over and over.  With a curved toy, once you’ve found the spot you can easily achieve this sensation by rocking the toy back and forth, rather than thrusting it (although thrusting also works sometimes!).  With the Curve, I found that the shape made it easy to rock the toy against my G-Spot during play, with very little effort from my hand or wrist.  I could also gently hold the toy in place and rock my hips back and forth to create the same sensation.  This is great for folks who have difficulties with grip or dexterity, who might struggle to thrust a toy for an extended period of time. The Curve does most of the work for you.

The other thing that I adore about the design of the Curve is that both ends are smooth and rounded.  When you’re playing with very rigid toys, there’s a danger that you’ll get too excited and thrust too deeply and hit your cervix.  While this is never a fun experience, it is a lot less painful for your cervix to be prodded with a round surface than poked with a tapered tip.

The Curve by Crave will set you back about $90.  When compared with other G-Spot toys that hover around the $150 mark, this is a bargain.  It also comes with a zippered hard-case that will protect it during travel.  The case looks a lot like a sunglasses case, so it’s very discreet.   It’s a well-made, high-quality toy that’s perfect for anyone who wants a little help finding their G-Spot.  Even if you know exactly where yours is, the Curve is a great choice if you want something that’s going to effortlessly work your G-Spot, and look gorgeous on your bedside table.


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