Product review: Icicles No. 48 glass plug

When I began venturing into the world of butt plugs, the ones I owned were all very similar.  Small, black silicone with T-shaped bases, they were all much of a muchness.  I began to crave something more unique, maybe a fun new material or a prettier colour.  The problem is that a lot of the more interesting looking butt-plugs only came in large sizes.  I prefer my plugs to be on the smaller side of the spectrum, so I continued searching in the hopes that I’d find something that was both gorgeous and beginner-friendly.  And that’s when I found the Icicles No. 48.

The Icicles No.48 is a hand-blown glass plug with a sweet daisy base.  It only comes in one shade- a transparent candy pink.  It’s made of borosilicate glass which is non-porous and body safe.  The insertable length is 7.5cm and the width of the widest point is 3cm.

The petite size of this plug instantly drew me in.  If you’re a beginner to anal play, then this is the ideal size to start with.  3cm of girth is enough to give you plenty of sensation, without being too intimidating.  The tapered tip makes it easy to insert and the narrow neck allows your muscles to close around the plug, holding it in place.


Glass is one of my favourite materials for anal toys.  Because it’s so sleek and smooth, there’s no friction or drag on the surface.  Once you’ve lubed this plug up, it is easy to slide into position.  Despite the diminutive size of this plug, it offers a fair amount of sensation once it’s in place.  That’s one of the benefits of glass over silicone.  The weight and rigidity of the material give the illusion of fullness and girth, even with a toy that’s as slender as this plug.  When worn while moving around, the shifting weight of the plug feels amazing.

Another thing I adore about glass toys is their ability to warm up to the body’s temperature.  Initially this plug feels cool and smooth, but it takes no time for it to heat up.  If you sometimes struggle to insert anal toys, try warming the plug up with some warm water before you start to play.  The warmth helps the muscles to relax and open more easily.  The fact that this plug stays so warm after it’s been inserted also makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

My favourite thing about this plug is the base.  Generally I’m not a fan of butt plugs with round bases because I find that they’re uncomfortable to wear.  In my experience, round bases tend to put a lot of pressure on the skin around the anus, and press against the inside of the buttcheeks in a painful manner.  I don’t find that at all with this plug.  The moulded daisy has wide, raised petals, which distribute the pressure evenly and comfortably. It doesn’t dig in or begin to feel sore after it’s been worn for a while.  The base is also heavy, which helps to create a subtle downwards pressure which feels very pleasurable if you’re wearing this plug while moving around.

There’s been a lot of controversy lately about the safety of “Princess Plugs“.  For those not in the know, a “Princess Plug” is a stainless steel anal plug with a jewelled base.  The main issue with many princess plugs is that while they do have a flared base, the base isn’t wider than the widest point of the plug.  This means that the base might not be effective at keeping the plug from being sucked inside the body during play.  The Icicles plug, on the other hand, has a base that is wider than the widest part of the plug, which means it’s anal safe. It’s a cute alternative to Princess Plugs.  If you’re on the lookout for an adorable looking plug, but don’t feel comfortable with Princess Plugs, then this might be a great option for you.


I spent $30 on my daisy plug, which is an absolute steal.  If you want a great beginner toy that won’t break the bank, then I recommend giving this one a go.  If you’ve tried plugs before but you’re looking for a cute design or unique sensation, then the Icicles No. 48 might be the plug for you.  It offers both delightful sensation and long-wearing comfort, is well-made and adorable to boot.

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