The perfect G-Spot toy: Icicles No. 17.

A few years ago, I couldn’t even have told you what the “g-spot” was.  I thought it was a mythical erogenous zone made up by women’s magazine; a sexual holy grail that we were supposed to be hunting for.  When it came to pleasure, my attentions were always firmly focussed on the clitoris.  I knew exactly where to find that and how to work it.  The clit was always a reliable source of orgasmic bliss.


That is, until one day when I actually experienced g-spot stimulation for myself.  It was at the hands of a partner who knew exactly what they were doing, and the sensation shocked me a little.  It felt completely different to clitoral stimulation. More like a slow, spreading warmth than a bright electrical zing.  It was a more mellow sensation, rooted deeply inside my body.  In that instant I knew that the g-spot was a) definitely real and b) worth exploring further.  I began my search to find toys that would work harmoniously with my g-spot and allow me to find new ways to explore my body.


In the years that followed, I built up a list of features that I believe a toy must have to be a successful g-spot toy.  And the Icicles 17 wand ticks every last box.  Allow me to run through my g-spot dildo must-haves.

Firstly, a g-spot toy must be firm.  While softer toys can be great for penetrative play, if you’re really hoping to lavish attention on your g-spot you need a toy that’s nice and rigid.  That’s because most g-spots prefer firm pressure to soft massage.  For me, I find that the best way to work my g-spot is with a rhythmic press-and-release technique, either by tapping the fingers in a “come hither” motion or by rocking a toy back and forward.  For this technique to work well, my toy of choice needs to be fairly hard.  My preferred material for g-spot toys is glass.  They’re rock-hard and super smooth.  Plus glass warms up to the temperature of your body, which adds to the thrill of g-spot stimulation.  The Icicles 17 is made of hand-blown glass, which makes it rigid as can be while also being body safe and easy to clean.

The best g-spot toys have a curved design.  There are two reasons a curved dildo is perfect for g-spot play.  First of all, the g-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, and it’s so much easier to reach the right spot with a curved handle.  Dildos that are perfectly straight tend to glide over the spot, rather than slamming right against it.  Secondly, a curved handle makes it so much easier to do that press-and-release technique, because you can gently rock the toy in your hand, and the curve does most of the work for you.  The curve also allows you to get more leverage so that you can apply the perfect amount of pressure.  The No. 17 has a gentle curve which works perfectly for this.  The stem of the toy is really sturdy, and easy to hang onto while you play.

I prefer g-spot toys with a rounded tip, like the large bulb on the end of the No 17.  A lot of dildos are tapered to make them easier to insert, but when I want to focus on my g-spot I steer clear of a tapered toy.  If you’re hunting for your g-spot, you might need to delve quite deeply into the vagina, and sometimes you can accidentally poke yourself in the cervix.  This really hurts if you’re using a tapered toy, but a rounded toy isn’t as startling if you thrust too deeply.  Also, when you find the g-spot, a rounded tip will massage the area, while a pointed toy will poke and prod at it.  This can be really unpleasant, especially if you’re using a toy in a rigid material like glass.  A bulbous shape is a little more difficult to insert, but it will be much more pleasurable to work against your g-spot.

A final thing I look for in a great g-spot toy is beauty. I know that the way a toy looks has little bearing on how good it’s going to feel, but I do prefer gorgeously designed toy. I love that the Icicles 17 is like a stunning glass sculpture.  I could easily leave this on my coffee table and pass it off as an artsy glass flower.  Nobody would guess that it’s actually an ideal g-spot massager.  The deep blue shade and jaunty yellow flower give this wand an extra kick of joy.


Unfortunately the Icicles 17 is something of a rarity now.  Very few retailers still stock this toy as the design is almost ten years old.   I went for a hunt to find something similar and I noticed the Icicles 70, which still ticks all my g-spot toy boxes and has a fun ripple texture along the shaft.  I reckon the No. 70 would be an admirable substitute for the vintage No. 17.

The Icicles 17 is pretty high on my list of perfect g-spotting toys.  It’s one of the most reached-for toys in my collection and never fails to disappoint.

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