Product review: Icicles No. 7 Glass Wand

It’s no secret that I adore glass toys.  I’ve reviewed quite a few on this blog, and I’ve mentioned how wonderful they are for temperature play, how the sturdy material feels amazing for g-spotting and how aesthetically pleasing glass is.  But I haven’t talked much about the incredible potential for textured glass toys.

You see, with any rigid material, textures become more pronounced and noticeable during use.  On softer toys, beautiful ribs and bumps can become undetectable because they get lost in the softness of the toy.  But if you craft a textured toy in something like glass or steel, the texture really stands out and gives you a whole new sensation to play with.  I bought the Icicles No. 7 wand to test this theory.

I chose the Number 7. because I loved the raised bumps on the shaft.  I wanted to see how such a dramatic finish would feel during play.  I was also attracted to this toy because I am a sucker for anything hot pink, and the picture on the packaging showed the little bumps on the shaft were tinted a gorgeous bright pink that popped against the clear glass of the wand.

When the package arrived, I was somewhat let down. In person, those hot pink dots are almost non-existent.  In some lights, the tint is almost imperceptible.  On a white background, you can detect the softest pink tint.  While this doesn’t have an impact on how the toy performs, it’s disappointing to unwrap an item that looks dramatically different to the promotional images.

Not living up to expectations became a theme with this toy.  When I chose it, I’d imagined that those bumps would feel incredible when the toy was thrusted.  I had this fantasy of them rubbing along my g-spot, treating it to a host of intense sensations.  However in practice, the first few thrusts were a disappointment.  The raised texture was barely perceptible, and it wasn’t any more stimulating than any other glass toy I owned.  I was ready to relegate this wand to the back of my toy chest when I had a revelation.

It turns out that the key to getting the most out of this toy is twisting it, rather than thrusting it.  Using a traditional “in and out” motion causes the texture to kind of get lost, because the bumps are small and evenly spaced.  But when you gently twist the shaft after you’ve inserted it, it’s like fireworks.  The bumps are arranged in staggered rows along the shaft, so by twisting the toy you let every single one strum against you.  It’s a pretty intense sensation, especially if you angle the toy towards your g-spot.  It creates the perfect pressure and release, over and over again.  It’s like someone pressing their fingers into the g-spot and releasing them, only faster than the human hand can manage.  Once I got the tempo right, my g-spot was singing.

The Number 7 is also reversible, so if you want something more targeted you can flip it around and use the bulbous end on your g-spot instead.  While this does feel good, the fact that the shaft is completely straight makes it slightly tricky to really zone in on your g-spot during thrusting.

Once I figured out how to use it properly, I fell in love with the Icicles Number 7.  It did have a bit of a learning curve, but with some experimentation and patience I feel like I unlocked a whole new kind of sensation that my body adores.  It was definitely worth the frustration to figure out how this toy works best.  It just goes to show that sometimes it’s important to let go of expectations and just play, try new things and see what works for you.  Sometimes, when you’re able to just experiment with a new toy, that’s when the real magic happens and you find a way to pleasure yourself that you didn’t know about before.


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  1. I have a love of glass toys as well! So elegant and pretty. I might have to try this one…thank you for the tip about twisting rather than thrusting. Another great review!

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