Product review: Root by Geeky Sex Toys

In the world of adult products, it can be hard to stand out from the pack.  With so many toy manufacturers churning out similar versions of the same designs, it’s rare to find a brand doing something entirely different.  But Geeky Sex Toys have completely broken the mold.  I heard the Hallelujah Chorus in my head when I stumbled across their store last year.  They’ve combined two of my favourite things, sex toys and geek culture, to create a product line that is entirely unique.

See, Geeky Sex Toys don’t just make ordinary, run-of-the-mill adult toys.  Hell no! Their store is choc full of dildos, vibrators, plugs and BDsM gear that’s inspired by geeky pop culture.  There’s pieces inspired by Star Wars, Marvel, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Dr Who and so many other favourites.  When the time came to choose a toy to add to my collection, I looked no further than my favourite defenders of the universe: The Guardians of the Galaxy.  After much deliberation, I selected Root.

Root is a firm density silicone dildo with an 8 inch insertable length.  It is heavily textured to look like it’s made of wood. It has a flared base and is semi-realistic.  Although it doesn’t look very much like a penis, the tapered tip and slightly defined head do give it an air of realism.

The first thing I noticed when I unpacked the Root was the attention to detail in it’s design.  This isn’t so much a sex toy as it is a work of art.  The silicone is a shiny bronze tone, shot through with darker threads of brown and black to give a realistic wood-grain finish.  The knots and runnels along the shaft are beautifully carved, and are so beautifully rendered that at a glance this toy truly does look as though it’s made of wood.

However, as soon as you touch the toy, it’s obvious that it’s not wood but medical-grade silicone.  It has a matte texture which I like because it doesn’t attract hair and lint the way glossier silicone does.  Root is probably the firmest silicone dildo I own.  The shaft has a small amount of flexibility, so it moves with your body as you change positions.  The rigidity of the toy has two important benefits.  Firstly, it makes the toy excellent for g-spotting.  Secondly, it makes the insane texture really prominent.  I often find it difficult to discern the texture of toys once they’re inserted, but because the Root is so firm, the knots and whorls stand out and offer extra stimulation during use.

For solo play, this has become one of my go-to dildos.  Even though it’s got a fairly modest diameter, the firm silicone and the raised textures make this toy a pleasure to play with.  There’s a raised knot just below the head that hits my g-spot easily, and the base gives a perfect grip to hold onto while you thrust.  The flat base stands up easily without a suction cup, so you could place it on a chair or bed and straddle the toy if you prefer.  Additionally, it’s harness compatible and anal safe, so you can use it for pegging or strap-on play.

One unique aspect of this toy (and indeed the whole Geeky Sex Toys range) is it’s potential to be used during cosplay role playing scenes.  If you’ve ever wanted to act out an explicit fantasy with your favourite super-hero or sci-fi star, Geeky Sex Toys gives you a bunch of sexy props to play with.  I love the idea of someone adding this toy to a Guardians Cosplay for some kinky roleplay.

There’s only one downside to all that texture, and that’s the fact that it makes Root a bit tricky to clean.  A lot of attention needs to be paid to make sure that no gunk is caught in any of the nooks and crannies.  I have to really scrub this one after use to ensure that it’s completely clean for it’s next adventure.

At $69, Root is an absolute bargain.  It’s rare to find well-made toys in quality materials for such a great price.  Geeky Sex Toys offer flat rate shipping worldwide and free shipping if you spend $100.

I am thoroughly impressed with the Root, and it’s definitely added a few naughty giggles to each viewing of Guardians of the Galaxy.  It’s a beautifully crafted toy that feels out of this world.

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  1. Awesome! This is a dildo i’ve had my eye on lately, thanks for reviewing it. It looks so much more detailed and bark-y up close compared to what you can see on the geeky sex toys site. I wonder if they’ll also release a ‘Treebeard’ version for lord of the rings:)

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