What I wore: Off the shoulder

I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect off-the-shoulder wiggle dress for some time now. There’s no sexier silhouette than a dress that hugs every curve, swooping down in the front and hugging coquettishly around the shoulders.  While a lot of attention is paid to bare cleavage and shapely legs, I think that shoulders are seriously overlooked as one of the most alluring body parts. I wanted a dress that would show off my shoulders to perfection.

The problem is, a lot of off-the-shoulder looks just aren’t comfortable.  The ones I’ve found are either very tight across the neckline or far too loose.  You wind up either feeling like you can’t move your arms more than an inch from your body, or that any shift in posture will cause your top to end up around your waist.  I struggled to find something that was a good fit, while still being comfortable.

Luckily for me, a friend gifted me a huge bag of her old clothes, and inside was this awesome dress.  It’s the exact shape I wanted, it fits perfectly and there’s a couple of narrow shoulder straps to keep the whole thing secure.  I couldn’t be happier.

I wore this dress for the first time with red wedges and vintage starburst earrings.

I am wearing:

    • Off-the-shoulder dress (gifted)
    • Red “Starkers” wedges from Django & Juliette
    • Starburst earrings (vintage)
    • Black bangle (vintage)
    • Silver art deco ring (antique)

I felt like a total bombshell in this dress.  It fits like a glove, is comfortable enough to wear all day and I never have to fiddle with the shoulders to get them to sit in the right spot.  I feel like it’s sexy without being too showy and gives a gorgeous 1950’s pinup vibe.


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