What I Wore: Dusty for a change

My old housemate used to joke that she could guess what music I’d been listening to while I got dressed based on what I was wearing.  Often, my choice of getting-ready tunes has a strong influence on the style I dress in for that day.  On this particular day, I’d been blasting a little Dusty Springfield when I chose which outfit to wear to watch my boyfriend perform in Melbourne.


I am wearing:

  • Bubblegum pink dress (vintage 1960s)
  • Black tights (Target)
  • Black ballet flats from Diana Ferrari (thrifted)
  • Art Deco locket (thrifted)
  • Silver hoop earrings
  • Black beret (Target)
  • Onyx ring from Lovisa

I had been wearing a lot of jeans and trousers in the week leading up to this outfit and I felt like dabbling in a more feminine style.  I felt so adorable in my pink dress and beret.   This outfit was perfect to travel in as the dress is super comfortable and doesn’t crease when you’re sitting down for long periods.

I did my makeup in a much more extreme 1960’s style than I usually wear.  Rather than going for my usual cats-eye eyeliner, I did a thicker, more rounded shape and added a cut crease with some grey eyeshadow.  I paired it with a carefully-defined nude lip and I was so happy with the result.  Sometimes I get stuck doing my makeup the same way over and over, and it’s so refreshing to break the pattern and do something completely different.

I have Dusty Springfield to thank for this fun and groovy outfit.  Her gorgeous tunes inspired me to wriggle out of my clothing rut and choose something that made me feel great about myself and eager to head out and socialise. And for a die-hard introvert like myself, that’s a pretty big deal.

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