Product review: Ava by Downunder

I see A Lot of vibrators in my line of work.  It’s pretty rare that a single product catches my attention and makes me think “Well, isn’t that something?”  That’s exactly what happened with the Ava by Downunder.  My fervent need to try Ava was mostly fuelled by the fact that from the second I saw it, I knew Ava would solve so many problems that I commonly see with other vibrators.


Ava is the product of extensive research into female anatomy and pleasure.  Downunder have done the grunt work to build a toy that delivers on pleasure and functionality.  Every aspect of the design has been carefully researched and thought out, and it shows.

I have had so many toys cross my threshold which are great in theory, but ignore a lot of fundamental anatomical facts.  I’ve seen strapless strap-ons that are impossible to keep in place when their wearer gets wet. I’ve seen vibrating butt plugs with their controls on the insertable portion of the toy.  I’ve seen “discreet” wearable vibrators that sound like a leaf-blower when they’re switched on.  When I picked up Ava, I breathed an actual sigh of relief because I could immediately tell that it has been built by someone who has clearly and carefully thought about how vaginas work and how real people like to masturbate.

Ava is intended to be used as a dual stimulator.  The handle at the top slides between your fingers and your thumb operates the buttons.  The stem is then inserted into the vagina and the rest of the toy lays against the labia and clitoris.

Dual stimulators are usually fraught with difficulties.  The problem lies in trying to reach two erogenous zones at the same time.  No two vulvas are alike, and there is a huge amount of variation in the distance between the clitoris and the vaginal opening from person to person.  A lot of people struggle to find a rabbit vibrator that reaches both their clit and g-spot easily.   If your rabbit doesn’t fit you perfectly, you spend most of your time alternating between g-spot and clitoral stimulation, never really finding that perfect balance between both. It’s frustrating and too many orgasms have been tragically lost this way.  But Ava solves this problem by being incredibly versatile and beautifully designed.


Ava’s shape makes dual stimulation a breeze.  The insertable stem is very flexible, so it’s easy to achieve the perfect angle of penetration.  The curve of the toy hugs the vulva and the little nubs on the underside simulate the clit.  The combination of the flexible stem, the swooping design and the nubbed texture mean that the distance between vagina and clitoris doesn’t matter.  Ava caters to a huge range of genital configurations, and makes it incredibly easy to hit both spots in perfect unison.

Sex superstar Midori coined the term “The Pussy Hug” to describe a hand-sex technique where you cup the entire vulva in your palm and apply pressure.  If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a Pussy Hug, you’ll know how amazing it feels. This toy replicates that sensation.  It spreads vibration across the entire vulva, and applies pressure along the labia. This type of broad stimulation is ideal for creating deeper, more satisfying orgasms.  I also love that you can rock the curve of the Ava against your body to create friction and pressure, which a lot of women enjoy as much as vibration.

Of course, you don’t have to use Ava as a dual stimulator if you don’t want to. If you prefer pinpoint clitoral stimulation then the rounded tip can be used directly on the clit.

The internal stem is tapered for easy insertion.  A lot of the time we’re told that “bigger is better” when it comes to penetration, but that’s not necessarily the case.  A lot of people with vaginas are intimidated by girthy toys, and some physical conditions makes it difficult to insert a larger toy.  This slimmer design is really easy to insert, and it feels fantastic when paired with the vibration.  The rounded tip is quite soft, which means that it’s not ideal for targeted g-spot stimulation.  It directs the vibration nicely to my g-spot, but doesn’t offer much in the way of internal pressure. If you know that you like larger toys or strong pressure on your g-spot, then this might not be the toy for you.


The word “ergonomic” gets thrown around a lot in the sex toy industry. Many toys that claim to be ergonomic are difficult to grip, heavy and awkward to use.  Ava actually meets the promise of being a truly ergonomic toy. For starters, it’s very lightweight and requires minimal strength to hold.  The handle slips easily between your fingers, and once it’s in place you don’t have to apply much pressure at all to grip it.  I can even let my hand go limp and Ava stays in place.  This toy is perfect for people who have arthritis, hand or wrist injuries or people who struggle to grip heavy toys.

Ava basically becomes an extension of your own hand.  During use you hold your hand at the same angle you would if you were masturbating manually.  You don’t have to twist your wrist to get it in the right spot.  For this reason, playing with Ava feels very intimate.  It works so seamlessly with my body that I sometimes forget that I’m using a toy.


The vibration quality is admirable.  Ava has three vibration speeds and two patterns.  You can easily increase the speed using the + and – buttons.  The vibration is quite rumbly although it does become a little buzzy on the highest setting.  My fingers don’t get itchy or numb from the vibrations.  Ava’s power is mid-range.  I usually need to use the highest setting to bring me to orgasm, while with a lot of other toys the medium setting will do.  If you like really powerful vibrators, this one might not satisfy you.


Another genius feature of Ava is the removable silicone sleeve.  The silicone slips off for easy cleaning (although the entire toy is waterproof).  Downunder is working on a series of different sleeves for this toy, so you’ll be able to use the same motor but switch out the sleeve for different sensations and body parts.


Ava comes beautifully packaged in a sturdy box and a travel bag and charging cable is included.

I cannot stop singing the praises of this unique little toy.  Ava by Downunder solves so many problems that commonly arise with dual stimulators.  It caters for a huge variety of bodies and is an accessible toy for people with hand or wrist issues.  It’s Australian made and designed and provides a versatile and pleasurable experience.  It’s a breath of fresh air for sex toy enthusiasts who are looking for something a little bit different.


    • Hmmmmm, it might seem a little pricey, but based on the quality of the toy and the performance I think it’s very reasonable. There are luxury toys that cost twice as much as this that perform half as well. You also have to remember that this has been created and distributed by an independent sex toy designer, not a large company that can afford to charge smaller prices.

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