What I wore: Headless Horsemen and harem pants

Sleepy Hollow is one of my favourite Halloween stories.  It also happens to be my favourite Tim Burton movie.  I never get tired of watching Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane, attempting to use logic and science to solve the mystery of a Headless Horseman that defies all reason.  The highlight of the movie for me is Christopher Walken as The Headless Horseman, with his filed-down teeth and crazed eyes.  Today I chose to pay tribute to Mr Walken with my awesome Christopher Walken cameo necklace.

I am wearing:

  • Christopher Walken necklace from Lost at Sea Accessories
  • Taupe “Mimic” jumper (knitted by me)
  • Black bamboo long-sleeved tee shirt from Uniqlo
  • Black harem pants (thrifted)
  • Leopard print loafers from Target
  • Floral painted bangle (thrifted)
  • Onxy ring (thrifted)
  • “Love” script ring (thrifted)
  • Derek Cardigan glasses from Clearly

I chose to pair my Walken necklace with this Mimic jumper that I knitted for myself.  I am so proud of this jumper as it was a fairly challenging pattern for me and it turned out really well.  I was hesitant to make it because I tend not to wear short-sleeved knits very often.  But I’m pleased that I did because it’s comfortable and very easy to wear.  I love the wide neckline and the asymmetrical hem.  I think I’ll probably make another one in a different shade at some point.

I kept my other accessories fairly earthy and relaxed.  I love this pretty floral-painted bangle that I got from the thrift store for $1.  I don’t wear bangles often because they clang against my keyboard while I’m working and get in the way.  But this one is really lightweight and isn’t as bothersome as some of the larger bangles I own.

I wore this outfit for a morning of writing and blog work, and then an afternoon watching horror movies with David.


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