Product review: Icicles no. 12 glass rose wand

The mental images that are conjured up by the term “BDsM” are usually quite dark.  Black leather, silken latex, whips and floggers of midnight suede.  But not all kinky things are dark and dangerous.  Some are sweet, pretty and delicate. And yet those items can pack just as much punch as the darkly erotic.

Glass toys are appealing to me from a kink perspective.  There’s an element of danger in using something we perceive as fragile inside our bodies, the fear that at any moment it could shatter and  hurt us.  The rock-hard texture is both tantalising and intimidating because we know that our flesh is going to have to yield to accommodate this rigid item.  And then there’s the temperature, the icy chill as the glass glides across the skin, quickly warming as we play.

With Oz Kink Fest just around the corner, September seemed like the perfect time to test out a kinky toy.  Passionate Jade were sweet enough to send me the Icicles No. 12 rose wand to test and review.

When I unwrapped the box I was delighted by how utterly pretty the No 12. is.  Shaped like a delicate pink rose, this massager is like a glass sculpture.  You could display it in your home and it would masquerade as a feminine ornament without anyone suspecting it’s more nefarious purpose.  The detail in the petals is beautiful, and it gives way to a slender shaft with several rounded bulges.

You might be a little concerned about the safety of a glass toy, especially as I mentioned shattering in an earlier paragraph. The beauty of glass is that it plays with our minds, challenging our fear of harm, when in actual fact toys of this kind are quite safe to play with.  These glass wands are made from Pyrex or Soda Glass (which is the same stuff your Nan’s casserole dish is crafted from) and are incredibly sturdy.  They can withstand a lot of force without breaking.  For bedroom play they are very safe and extremely unlikely to break.

The shape of this toy really lends itself to a variety of different kinds of play.  It’s great for stimulating the g-spot even though it’s completely straight.  The material is so glossy and smooth which makes for easy insertion and the bulges along the shaft gently massage the g-spot as you stroke. If you find direct pressure on the g-spot a tad intense, this might be a better choice for you, as it gently glides over that sensitive area rather than pounding at it.  I found the No. 12 so easy to manipulate and thrust because it’s a generous length and has a nice rounded base.  It fit easily into my hand and wasn’t awkward to thrust with.

The ridges created by the petals are lovely for external stimulation.  With the help of a little lube, the head can be gently stroked along the labia or massaged against the clitoris or perineum.  This is perfect if you know your genitals prefer pressure and friction rather than vibration. The hard surface feels amazing on the clitoris, and because the glass is seamless it glides over your skin without tugging or catching.

The flared base makes this toy safe for anal play.  I thought the idea of using a rose to play with my rosebud was kind of cheeky and cute.  Glass is compatible with all kinds of lube and the silky texture makes it ideal for butt play.  Just as the ridged tip felt great on my clit, it also created a really pleasurable sensation against my anus.  If you’re experienced with butt play and are looking to try something a little bit different and daring, I’d definitely recommend giving this toy a try. Again, the longer length of the shaft gives you plenty of room to hold and manipulate this toy.  I did find the super-straight design a little more awkward for anal play but in the right position it works perfectly.

The one downside to the No. 12 is that it’s slippery to hold onto.  Because the surface is so slick, if you’ve got lube on your hands or the toy it’s really hard to get a good grip on it.  It’s a good idea to have a towel nearby to remove any excess lube before you start thrusting to make sure that the toy isn’t going to skid out of your hand.

If you’re into BDsM this would be a great toy for you.  Not only does it look gorgeous but glass makes an ideal material for temperature play.  The wand can easily be warmed up with a heating pad or warm water or cooled down in the freezer for a unique sensation.  The contrast of the ultra feminine design with the rigid glass makes this toy both beautiful and intimidating, perfect for femme-domme scenes.  It also fits very nicely into a harness if you want to try pegging or strap-on play.

At $55, the Icicles No 12 is a bargain for a good-quality dildo.  It’s non-porous and body safe, waterproof and easy to clean.  If you’re interested in trying a glass toy this would be a great option as you could give it a shot without spending a lot of money.  It’s a great quality toy that will last for years with proper care.

I truly adore the Icicles No. 12.  It’s a versatile toy with a multitude of kinky uses.  The romantic design is both practical and gorgeous, and it’s a great choice if you want a dildo that doesn’t look overtly phallic.  It’s unyielding texture is such a contradiction of the delicate appearance and it’s perfect for playing with the mind as well as the body.

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