What I wore 10/1/2017

Summer is here in earnest and the temperature has been scorching.  Between the humid days and the sultry nights all I want to do is laze about in floating layers, read while stretched on on green lawns and wait for a breeze to lift the hair off my neck.


I am wearing:

    • Sportsgirl maxi dress (thrifted)
    • Tan sandals from Rubi Shoes
    • Snake bangle from Tilka
    • Drop pearl earrings from Louvisa
    • Floral hair garland (handmade by me)
    • Resin ring (thrfited)

My mermaid pedicure.

I went with super light makeup, because I knew that a full face wouldn’t last in the heat.  Just a swipe of BB cream, a touch of concealer where needed, cream blush and eyeshadow and nude lipgloss for a dewy look.

I’ve had snakes on the brain lately.  The night before last, I took a walk to my parents house and nearly stepped on a red-belly black snake as I crossed the road.  It took a moment to realise that the snake was dead, and by that time I’d already had a mini heart attack.  Snakes are a big problem here in summer time, although now that I live right in the heart of town, I rarely see any.  They tend not to venture where there are too many cars or people, but this slithery dude must have been on the move, probably looking for water.  I’m so pleased that I didn’t run into a live one, because they really frighten me.  The closest I want to come to a snake is these two brass ones wrapped around my wrist.




  1. That cuff is stunning! Snakes, well, pythons are my favourite animal! I still wouldn’t like to stumble across a live red belly though. You look absolutely gorgeous *as always*. You look like a stunning wood nymph faerie! ❤

    • Oh thank you so much! I didn’t realise that you loved snakes so much! I would never have guessed. I find them fascinating but I’m kinda frightened of them.

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